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October 19, 1973 - Image 48

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The Detroit Jewish News, 1973-10-19

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Mishpaha Ahad-One Family -Marks ilesponse
of Detroit Jewish Community at Israel Solidarity Rally

The blowing of the shofar as a call to Community Council, which convened the
unity of the Jewish people, to action on rally, said he had received expressions of
Israel's behalf and to conscience—of the support from many Christian leaders, rep-
world—climaxed a Peace Convocation Sun- resenting such bodies as the African Meth-
day evening at which close to 2,000 persons odist Episcopal church (AME), Baptists,
jammed the sanctuary of Cong. Shaarey Lutherans, Salvation Army, United Church
. of Christ and Episcopal, Eastern Orthodox,
The audience, which included a large Congregational, Presbyterian and Disciples
percentage of young people, gathered pri- of Christ churches.
Al Dunmore, past president of the Inter-
marily to demonstrate their solidarity with
Israel, although some fund raising took faith Action Council, and Claude Young,
president of the Michigan branch of the
Again and again it was noted that the Southern Christian Leadership Conference,
Middle East War has become known as were among the black leaders who came
Milhemet Yom HaDin, the War of the Day out strongly for Israel.
Sidlow said that Congresswoman Martha
of Judgment in which Israel's people were
compelled to violate the sanctity of the _ Griffiths had stated in a message her posi-
tion that the U.S. ought to replace the Phan-
holiest day of the year.
tom jets that Israel had lost in fighting.
"It is
Gov. Milliken sent a telegram deploring
ner, "the sanctity . . . of the Jewish faith
itself were under attack." He said that the "the tragedy of war" and expressing hope
Jewish community, often torn into religious for an early "honorable peace."
Yaakov Keinan, consul for press and
and ideological factions, has demonstrated
that "today we are one people—Mishpaha information at the Israeli consulate in Chi-
Ahad . . . Despite the pain and the blood- cago, warned that the Arab propaganda
shed and the fighting, nothing will deter mill already is churning out material to
the Jewish people from the task before justify its actions. "Does anyone really be-
us . . . to raise the banner of peace," he lieve the aim of this attack was to retake
land taken in 1967?" Would the attack have
Members of the Christian community been halted had the Arabs retaken that
also expressed support for Israel, and the land, "would they have stopped at Nitzana
Rev. Robert L. Kincheloe, executive direc- and not gone on to Tel Aviv?" he asked.
Cantor Harold Orbach of Temple Israel
tor of the Metropolitan Detroit Council of
Churches, expressed his own "deep sense drew loud applause with his singing of
of grief and sorrow at the outbreak of "Masada Shall Never Fall Again," accom-
panied by Bella Goldberg, a former De-
Hubert Sidlow, president of the Jewish troiter now living in Israel. Cantors Orbach

and Louis Klein of Cong. Bnai Moshe led
in the national anthems, and the Jewish
War Veterans formed a color guard. Robert
Sidlow blew the shofar.
Rabbi Israel Halpern of Cong. Beth
Abraham-Hillel led in the responsive read-
ing of Psalm 27—"Now shall my head be
lifted up victoriously/Above mine enemies
round about me," and pronounced a prayer
for the Defenders of Israel, from all eras
in Jewish history. "In remembering them,"
said Rabbi Halpern, "we shall work for
the welfare of Israel."
Lewis Grossman, co-chairman of the
Allied Jewish Campaign, reported that as
of the preceding Friday, the Detroit Jewish
community had sent $3,500,000 to the Israel
Emergency Fund.
He called these donations and purchases
of Israel Bonds the best way that the com-
munity could express its solidarity with
Israel. Both the IEF and Bonds had tables
set up in the lobby.
Young people also were circulating can-
isters for Magen David Adom, Israel's coun-
terpart of the Red Cross. Their effort bore
testimony to Sidlow's comment that "Is-
rael's great strength is the army of 6,-
000,000 American Jews." -
Rabbi Richard C. Hertz of Temple Beth
El said that John Cardinal Dearden asked
the rabbi to tell the Jewish community
that the prelate had sent word to "every
church in the Catholic Archdiocese- in De-
troit, asking them to say prayers for Is-
rael." Rabbi Hertz urged everyone to write
to the President and to their congressmen
in support of the beleaguered state.

He noted that Soviet Jews continue to
arrive in Israel, and "they won't be sent
back to Russia with a note: Sorry we're
too busy to take you now." The Jewish
community must continue to meet their
needs, he said.
"The snirit of Klal Yisrael, the unity of
the Jewish people," was illustrated by Dr.
Hertz in the Sukkot symbol of the lulay.
When the date palm, myrtle and willow
"are each held individually, they can be
bent and broken," he said. "When bound
together, they are a strong and binding
thing. So we learn with the Jewish people:
They can be mauled and bent, but they
cannot be broken in two."
(Donald Lobsinger, leader of the ultra-
right Breakthrough and similar causes, also
was present at the rally—but for his own
reasons. The following day, he and
other men filed a federal suit asking
court order against collection of funds for
Israel by the Israel Emergency Fund and
Israel Bonds. He claimed that they are
collecting money to aid a foreign govern-
ment without being registered as "foreign
agents . . . or as propagandists."
(In fact, the IEF is registered with the
city, county and state as a fund-rasing
charitable group. Israel Bonds represents
an investment organization similar to those
which operate out of other countries. In-
vestments are not tax-deductible.
(Organizers of the rally were aware of
Lobsinger's presence, but they assigned
"guardians" to keep an eye on him—and
protect him. There were no incidents.)

Detente-a Myth Going Up in M. E. Flames

the Syrian front, is using
and has been "disruptive" of paratus is discounted at the newsmen at the White House Occupied territories.)
(Continued from Page 1)
American equipment, Mc-
to achieve
that myth has been strangely "opportunities
cease fire and an immediate nothing compared with the ministers of four Arab coun- was held at the request of Closkey said the U. S. re-
ambivalent: The White House
gretted that Jordan or any
r etoric in 1967—as if that is tries, declared Wednesday the Arab ministers.
talks tough while the State settlement."
that "our goal' in the Middle
Before the meeting, Mr. country would enter the con-
Department demonstrates al-
A showdown is seen cer- East is "a fair, just and Nixon told the Saudi foreign flict in a way that could en-
most infinite patience with the White House were tail-
within the next few days, peaceful settlement, and we minister that he will visit the large the war.
Moscow's blatant aid and en- ored to much softer lines at either
He said he was not sure
by a decisive military are dedicated to that goal." Arab nation but did not spe-
couragement to
there was legal recourse to
The President described cify when.
machine. was pictured as being without
They were closeted with prevent Jordan from using
by a Soviet move back tow- this objective as a "major
It is conceivable that both any authority in the Middle and the principles of detente. goal and an urgent goal at Secretary of State Henry A. U. S. equipment.
Asked if the U. S. was
of these reactions are a care- East.
The question will be how this time which we believe Kissinger and Assistant Sec-
Showing the world, espe- far the Nixon administration, can, must and will be retary for Near Eastern Af- sending technicians to Israel,
fully calculated part of Amer-
ican strategy in the new cri- cially Moscow, that it is try- i t s elf eager for an accomo- achieved."
fairs Joseph J. Sisco for 45 McCloskey said he didn't
sis, intended on one hand to ing to save the framework of dation
The Saudi Arabian Foreign minutes before the group know. He said the U. S. has
with the Arab states,
not introduced any personnel
warn the Soviets against consultations with the Soviet will be willing to pressure Minister, Omar Al-Sakhaf, joined the President.
wrecking detente and on the government and detente, the Israel into retreating from its saying he was speaking for
As the Moroccan minister into the fighting.
other to keep detente from department, led by Secretary insistence on defensible bor- 18 Arab countries, declared was getting in his car to
President Nixon said Mon-
freezing back into the cold Kissinger, continues appeals ders, custody of Jerusalem in English that the hour-long leave the White House, Kis- day that U.S. policy toward
for restraint even while So- and direct negotiations with meeting -between the Presi- singer was overheard saying the current Middle East con-
No doubt exists in political viet bellicosity increases and its Arab neighbors that she dent and the foreign minis- to him: "I'll be seeing you in flict is "like the policy we
five months." There was no followed" in 1958 and 197u
circles here that detente no more Arab countries join the rightfully
believes is essen-
when Lebanon and Jordan
explanation given.
Five Arab gunmen in-
longer is what the pronounce- war against Israel.
tial for a lasting peace.
Thus, on the third night of Meanwhile the State De-
ments following the Soviet-
vaded a branch of the
State Department spokes. were involved, respectively.
American summit confer- the war, Dr. Kissinger de- partment disclosed that the
Bank of America in Bei-
man Robert J. McCloskey on
In the 1958 incident, Presi-
ences in Moscow 17 months voted almost his entire major United S t a t e s and Soviet
rut Thursday and took
Tuesday refused to comment dent Eisenhower put 10,000
ago and last June in Wash- speech to a defense of full Union have discussed "ideas"
some 30 hostages with a
on Egyptian President An- marines into Lebanon to re-
U. S. trading concessions to nn a nnc.-sible resolution for demand for $10,000,000
ington represented it to be.
war Sadat's threat, that store order after Lebanon's
for the war against Israel,
Egypt would launch its long- President Camille Chamoun
The question is the deeree the Soviet Union without a United Nations Security Coun-
it was reported.
range Zafer missiles against was threatened by a radical
to which this door to hope guarantee of emigration free- cil action on the Mideast con-
the heart of Israel unless the opposition.
for a lasting peace has been dom. flict. but no specific presenta-
Before beginning the resup- tion has been formulated.
Israelis agree to withdraw
In 1970, Mr. Nixon himself
unhinged by Soviet words
Abba Eban, Israel foreign Morocco and Kuwait was from all occupied Arab terri- reportedly directed U. S. sea
and deeds in recent days and ply of weaponry to Israel, he
forces in the Mediterranean
whether it can be repaired waited five days for the So- minister, declared Wednes- "fruitful."
viet Union to relay its "mas- day that "in return for a
without calamities.
He described the Soviet to be ready to help Jordan's
Thus, the Americans for sive" airlift, which Moscow cease fire Israel will give a isters were " well received" airlift to Egypt and Syria as King Hussein when he was
. peace, Israel will
Democratic Action (ADA), did not.
will give
ghoe "sub-
sub- and had a "very good" dis- still "massive" and said the faced with an upsurge by
Seven days after the Kis- peace, Israel
who have strongly supported
cussion, the Saudi added We delivery of war materiel to Palestinian Arab guerrillas.
detente "and still do," noted singer speech, the Soviet gov- stantial compromises."
think a man (Nixon) with his those countries was continu- In both cases the Lebanese
that "Russian behavior brings ernment pledged, during Al-
Speaking at a luncheon of achievements for peace all ing at the same pace as de- and Jordanian leaderships
into serious question what gerian President Hourari Bo- the UN Correspondents Asso- over the world can easily be scribed Monday when he said prevailed.
Press reports that ,rael
Russia means by detente, for medienne's visit to Moscow, ciation, hestressed the re- able to play a good role in that roughly 4,000 tons of ma-
if detente does not mean pre- to assist in every way the turn of Israeli
i pnsoners
of having peace in our area in terial had been delivered on twice rejected U. S. warnings
serving world peace, what Arab offensives, but the ion,, is an "absolute condi-
that Syria and Egypt would
condi the Mideast."
approximately 280 flights.
does it mean? The ADA lea- State Department refused to tion" for a cease fire. Eban
(Other U. S. officials esti - attack and that Israel also
When a reporter asked al-
dership decried Soviet actions comment on that pledge.
said Israel will consider an y Sakhaf if oil was discussed at mated Tuesday that the Rus- spurned a U. S. offer before
The theory is that "quiet cease-fire proposal "when the meeting, Mr. Nixon inter- sians so far have flown about hostilities erupted to try to
in support of Egypt and Syria
s "especially reprehensi- diplomacy," which did little
vened to say: "it is not fair 5,000 tons of supplies to the (dissuade Cairo and Damas-
to help Soviet Jewry, will one Eban
cus from going to war were
said the only cease- to ask him. He speaks for 18 Arabs in 300 flights.)
In their approaches to the help Soviet leader Brezhnev fire proposal
Asked if it was fair to say denied by a high congres-
roosal so far was countries" Mr. Nixon told
Soviet wreckage of the prin- and his friends ward off "re
called by the U.S. for re-es- reporters gathered on the that Soviet actions have been sional source.
It was also disclosed that
ciples of detente as Ameri- hardliners like Defense Min- tablishing the pre-Oct. 6 White House lawn that "all "disruptive" of the Middle
cans had understood them, ister Marshal Andrei Grech - ceasefire line. He said he was aspects" of the situation were East situation, McCloskey re- the Pentagon and the Atomic_
the White House and the ko who have no liking for aware of U.S. contacts with discussed at the meeting, and plied, "No, I would not make Energy Commission had for
State Department seemingly Soviet
the first time issued written
This liberalization.
appeasement policy the USSR on the Mideast their conversations will con- that assertion."
are in clashing- public posi- has long been used by pro- crisis but did not believe the tinue. There was no elabora-
He said that in official "shoot to kill" orders to their
tions, probably by design.
channels no threats have personnel handling nuclear
Mr. Nixon's chief domestic Moscow elements in the West U.S,
will repudiate its corn- tion (At
of these
points. of the Or- been received from oil-pro- weapons reportedly in re-
t to Israel and its
adviser, former Secretary of to wring concessions from
ganization of Arab Petroleum ducing Arab countries to cut sponse to the war, to the suc-
Defense Melvin Laird, de- Western governments. The security.
Exporting Countries, 11 oil- off oil to the U. S. because it cess and recklessness of Arab
Glared bluntly that the Soviet bullying of Israel at the Just Settlement, Nixon
producing nations agreed to is resupplying Israel with terrorists and the fear that
Union "has not been per- United Nations and through
some terrorist group might
With Arabs cut down oil production by 5 military equipment.
forming as if detente is here" the Moscow propaganda op- Says
After Talk
(JTA) — per cent each month until Asked if Jordan, which has attempt to steal an atomic
THE DETROIT JEWISH NEWS President Nixon, speaking to Israel pulls back from the sent troops against Israel on
Friday, October 19, 1973


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