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February 26, 1971 - Image 44

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The Detroit Jewish News, 1971-02-26

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Supporters Threaten Brussels Unity

faction, Maki, headed by Dr. Moshe
Sneh, adopted a resolution calling
on Russia to "open its door for
those Jews wishing to go to Israel
and grant those Jews who would
stay behind all national rights in
religious and cultural fields, the
Arthur J. Goldberg, former pro-Soviet Rakach faction, headed
justice of the U. S. Supreme by Meir Wilner, condemned the
Court and former U. S. ambas- Brussels convention as "organized
sador to the United Nations, de-
the Israeli government and the
livered the keynote address at by
World Zionist Organization against
the opening session of the confer- the interests of peace and of im-
ence Tuesday night. He said: proving relations with Russia."
"We feel a common and united
The Wittier faction convened
bond with the Jews of Israel and especially
on Saturday—apparent -
with the Jews of the Soviet Union, ly, observers
believe, upon instruc-
and we believe that these at-
from Moscow—to adopt this
tachments and loyalties are com- tions
same time, there
pletely compatible without deep were reports the
from Moscow that
attachments and loyalties to our the Soviet government
respective countries."
protested to the Belgian Embassy
Undercurrents of tension were in Moscow that Belgian' authorities
felt on the eve of the opening of "are not taking measures to pre-
the world conference.
vent the holding of an openly anti-
After Moscow protested formally Soviet act."
to the Belgian government, Foreign
This protest, released by Tass,
Minister Pierre Harmel summoned followed a two-part series in
the Soviet ambassador and handed Pravda, the Communist Party
him his government's reply.
newspaper, which contained the
According to a communique is- warning to Soviet Jews that any-
sued afterwards, Harmel pointed one advocating Zionist views would
out to the Soviet envoy that the "automatically become an agent of
conference was organized by a international Zionism and hence an
private body which assured the enemy of the Soviet people." This
Belgian government that it would was seen as an ominous threat to
respect its hospitality. He said his those Soviet Jews who have been
government was not interfering campaigning for emigration. Izves-
and did not expect the event to tia, the government paper, how-
harm its relations with the USSR. ever, asserted that Soviet authori-
(In Washington, State Depart- ties would continue to permit Jews
ment spokesman Robert J. Mc- to emigrate to Israel.
Closkey refused to comment when
Denies Gun Seller Was
he was asked at a press briefing JDL
if the United States supported the Member of Organization
YORK (JTA)—The Jewish
Belgian government's rejection of
Defense League denied that a
the Soviet protest.)
arrested for supply-
Nobel Peace laureate Rene
weapons to two alleged JDL
Cassin of France called on the ing
with that
Kremlin to recognize the right of
Soviet Jews to emigrate from the organization.
JDL executive director, Law-
Cassin noted that the Soviet rence Fine, told the JTA that he
"no knowledge" of the man.
Union had been one of the sponsors
Gilbert Laurie, 26, who was seized
of the United Nations Convention by Treasury Department officers
on the Elimination of Racial Dis- at Kennedy International Airport
crimination, which guarantees the
right of emigration. He noted that as he was boarding an Israel-
El Al jet.
the internalional treaty required bound
At an arraignment in Brooklyn,
each signatory to eliminate racial Laurie
was charged with supply-
discrimination and to grant ethnic
or national groups full equality of ing arms 'to Avrum and NancY
JDL members arrest-
rightS and "the right to be dif-
ed last September for allegedly
hijack to Israel: a
In Tel Aviv the opposition be-
- ,
factions London-to-Cairo plane of United
Born in Russia, Leonid Rigerman (right) visits the Lincoln tween the two Communist
The couple was
In Israel intensified last weekend charged with carrying
Memorial in Washington with Rep. James Schemer, Riger-
four loaded

Jewish body to implement the
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that the conference was preferring principle . that all people have a
right to leave a country, including
no charges against him. The state-
ment said the Belgian authorities Soviet
Just before Brafman gr'a'bbed
had been so informed.
the microphone, Howard Adelson,
Rabbi Arthur Lelyveld, presi- professor of history at the City
dent of the American Jewish Con- College of New York, said it was
gress, who presided at Wednesday a "cruel mirage" to think that
morning's session, said: "I hear Jews could have a better life
that Rabbi Kahane has been ar- within the Soviet Union." Without
rested allegedly without cause. If mention 'Rabbi Kahane, he said,
so, efforts are sure to be made "We must exclude no one, we must
that he is properly represented and mentioning Rabbi Kahane, he said,
we are certain he will have a fair heard."
hearing in this free country."
Acclaiming the "awakening"
Reportedly arrested with Kahane
of Soviet Jewry and affirming
were his press aide, Sam Shoshan,
that silence has ended,and that
w and Dov Sperling, a Russian Jew-
"it is too late to suppress Rus-
ish emigre from Israel who sup-
sian Jewry," recent emigres
ports the JDL. Sperling was re-
from Russia joined with the more
portedly freed after police ascer-
than 800 delegate; representing
twined that he is an Israeli citizen .
Jewish communities in 50 coun-
Kahane arrived at Brussels air-
tries in. proclaiming the unity of
port early Wednesday morning
the Jewish people with the Jews
only hours after he was convicted
of Russia and in emphasizing the
in Manhattan Criminal Court on
conference plea: "Let My Peo-
charges of obstructing govern-
ple Go."
mental operations and disorderly
With the first session Tues-
conduct. He will be sentenced April day, the delegates heard a
13 but was permitted to leave the proposal made by Mrs. Raya
country on his own parole. Kahane Yaglom, president of World WIZO,
was stopped in the lobby of the that a delegation be sent to Russia
Palais de Congress and prevented to discuss the status of USSR Jews
from entering the auditorium. A with Soviet government officials.
conference spokesman had said Even if such a delegation is barred,
earlier that he would not be admit- Mrs. Yaglom said, the attempt
ted because his "tactics rare re- should be made to attain such a
pugnant to the members ' ..of the dialogue
Jewish organizations present at the
The opening
session heard from


But spokesmen emphatically
denied charges that the confer-
ence was responsible for Ka-
hane's arrest. The charges were
made by Bertram Tzveibon, the
JDL's legal counsel who accom-
panied Kahane to Belgium. At a
press conference held by JDL
supporters, Tzveibon claimed that
Kahane was arrested because
the conference had asked police
to keep him away from the gath-
ering. Tzveibon also read a state-
ment which he said Kahane had
planned to make to the confer-
-- ence delegates. It demanded ac-
tive measures against Russia
such as an economic boycott,
harassment of Soviet officials
and other militant; acts. The JDL
- supporters charged that the con-
ference leaders had panicked
over the possibility that Kahane
might deliver his speech and in
desperation asked the Belgian
police to detain him.

The official conference explana-
tion for denying Kahane admission
was that he did not possess a
delegate's credentials or a visitor's
card. A statement issued by the
conference presidium said: "The
Jewish Defense League stands con-
demned as a handful of reckless
men whose actions do serious
harm to the courage and dignity
of Soviet Jewry who are appealing
for their human rights. The actions
of the JDL can only repel the vast
majority of men and women of
all faiths."
Menahem Begin, Gahal Party
leader in Israel. said he would in-
tervene with the conference on
Kahane's behalf, asking for his
release and permission to address
the conference.
A dispute developed on the con-
ference floor Wednesday when Dr.
Morris Brafman of New York,
president of the International
League for the Repatriation of Rus-
sign Jews. charged that Rabbi
Alo Herschel Shachter had reneged on
a promise that his group would be
given the floor for the five mM-
utes normally allowed delegates.
Rabbi Schachter, chairman of the
American Jewish Conference on
Soviet Jewry, told the Jewish Tele-
graphic Agency that he never made

Maj. Grischa Feigin, former Soviet
air force officer, Vitaly Svechin-
sky, noted scientist, and Dr. Men-
del Gordin, biochezpist, all recent
arrivals in Israel from Russia.
They gave testimonials to Jewish
self-assertiveness in Russia. Feigin
said the Soviet regime was bound
to pay heed to world public opinion.
He said the solidarity of world
Jewry with Russian Jews "is very
vital to them. They are now awak-
ening and they draw great com-
fort and power from this soli-
Rabbi Israel Miller, president of
the American Zionist Federation,
stated: "We have not come to
Brussels to dispute the Soviet sys-
tem of government, or its economic
and political philosophy, nor have
we come here to debate with the
Soviet authorities over the extent
of the anti-Semitism which exists
in Russia, for they will only deny
its existence and try to convince
the world that Jews are treated
fairly there.
"We have come here from 50
countries to tell the world of our
concern for our brothers and sis-
ters who today live unhappily un-
der Russian rule. We have come
here also to say to the Russians:
Live up to your solemn obligation.
Uphold the Soviet Union's obliga-
tion to the principles of the Uni-
versal Declaration of Human
Rights wherein you agreed that
every human being has the right

to leave the country of his resi-
dence if he wishes to do so, for
whatever reason. Before this in-
ternational forum and for all the
world to hear we say: grant free-
dom to those who wish to leave."

man, a 30-year-old computer programer, came to the United States
to be with his Brooklyn-born mother after a long struggle to obtain
his exit visa from Moscow.

as both officially adopted opposite
positions on the world conference. .

guns and a live grenade. They

While the anti-Soviet Communist pleaded guilty last mouth to baying

falsified their passports.
_ Federal authorities charged in
court that a raid ea a JDL bead- _
quarters in Brooklyn last October
-had uncovered "a number of
engineering degree from Tech- guns" that were traced to a Vir-
ginia dealer allegedly linked with
. nion University in Haifa.
Pinto first became interested in Laurie.
Fine insisted to the-JTA: that his
opportunities for business expan-
sion in Israel when he attended organization does not' dvocate use
the Metal Industries Conference of guns. He said he considered the
in Haifa last November. The alit . - alleged link between Laurie and
tude and vitality of the people, the JDL to be a "dead issue."
Laurie was held in $50,000 bail
as well as the dynamic, moving
economy in Israel, convinced him pending a preliminary hearing. If
he could receive up to
Pioneer should be operating in
five years in prison and a $5,000
that country.
The government of Israel en- penalty.
couraged the establishment of the invite, Ribicoff Cable
new - firm. A recent meeting was Support to Conference
held in Detroit to complete organi-
zational structure and those at- Jacob K. Javits and Abraham
tending included: Pinto and Yakir; Ribieoff Tuesday expressed deep
Irvin A. Lewis, manufacturing regret that they could not attend
vice president; Norbert M. Butiey, the World Conference on Soviet
corporate secretary, and Arthur -Jewry in Brussels. The two sena-
R. Karstaedt, marketing manager tors, who bad been scheduled to
of Pioneer; Dan Meiry, consiitlor attend, issued a joint message to
economic affairs from the:704- -the_ conference noting that •"pre-
*us commitments here -prevent
cago Office, Consulate Geridial -
of Israel; and Frank L._,Theyleg, our joining the conference." The
a Detroit engineer who serves as telegram stated:
"It must be made clear to the
a 'member of the Israel prime min-
ister's economic conference, co- Soviet government by all -govern-
chairman of the Metals Committee ments and peoples that the fate
for Michigan and chairman of the of Jews in the USSR is a world
technical assistance committee for problem that will not be ignored.
the American Technion..Society. If the Soviet Union will not permit
Avarham Asheri, manager, Metal, its Jewish citizens to enjoy even
Industries Division, Investment those religious and cultural rights
Authority for the Government of guaranteed by the UN Charter,
Iirael in New York, has been a- human decency demands that they
key figure in the formation of be permitted to go to and to live
elsewhere in freedom."
Pioneer, Ltd., in Israel.

Engineering Firm Expands Services to Israe

A new firm headed by Detroiters sonnel in many countries.
Pioneer President Pinto is en-
and Israelis, Pioneer Engineering
thusiastle about this latest ex-
and Manufacturing Co., Ltd., has
pansion to Israel. "Through our
been established in Haifa, Israel.
multi-national organization, the
The heads of the new corpora-
client can be provided with the
tion include Michael Pinto, presi-
best 'blend' of expertise and
dent of Pioneering Engineering and

Manufacturing Co., Inc., of De-
troit, and Joseph Yakir and Uri
Baratz, owner-directors of Marine
and Industrial Engineering Ltd. of
, Pioneer Co. will offer complete
contract engineering and technical
consultation and services, includ-
ing product design, development
and styling as well as industrial
engineering - architectural design,
plant layout, processing and de-
sign of special machinery and
special equipment. In addition to
concept design-drafting, the com-
es intends to have shop facili-
ties in Israel to fabricate models
and prototypes and to build spe-
gauges, automation and other spe-
cial equipment. It will in some
such a promise to Brafman. He ways duplicate the capabilities of
said he .had promised only that the the Pioneer organization in the
group's views would get a hearing

which, he said, it did.
The engineering activities of
Brafman told reporters that his
league believes there is no future Pioneer in Haifa will cover that
for Jews in Russia and therefore country as well as serve clients in
appeals to the Soviet government Africa, Europe the Middle East
are useless. He said the, confer- and Asia. Pioneer has facilities,
ence should esetablish a world corporations, affiliates and per-
44 — Frifley, Feinvery 24 1971, -

technology from our world-wide
operations," he said.

Internationally, Pioneer has pro-
vided services on projects in the
truck, automotive, bus, transporta-
tion equipment, appliances; aero-
space and aircraft, primary met-
als, electrical machinery, instru-
mentation and scientific equipment
and ordnance industries. Sales in
1970 exceeded $10,000,000.
Yakir and Baratz will be the op-
erating management for Pioneer
in Israel. Their firm. Marine and
Industrial Engineering. Ltd. was
founded in 1964._ and sales volume
in 1970 was approximately $800,000.
Marine and Industrial has handled
a number of important projects:
design of all types of civilian and
naval ships and marine hardware;
commercial vehicles, including
tank trucks, railroad cars and con-
tainerization; electronic equip-
ment; and complete industrial en-
gineering, including "turn-key"
plant operations and manufactur-
Yakir is a graduate of the

University of Michigan and
served in the Israeli Navy for
many years. Baratz earned his


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