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February 05, 1971 - Image 39

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The Detroit Jewish News, 1971-02-05

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21111 , VItiodward—WO 144N
A- Classic story el: slavery'



Plus .



Hew powerful b "pet"?
Beth In color. .
WEDNESDAY :Ladles' Day
Late S
Igor Schedule information
- call WO 14917

MI. & Gramfbid Rd.

Amenc ijuk


Reserved Seat Engagement'
Matinee performances WED. a SAT.
at 2:14, SUN. at I311. Evening pen
thrmanals MON. thna WED. 5:15
SUN. at 5:1111 a5:15.

On Plymouth Rd., VG 5411311
3 Mks. W. of Gremtield
All color Mutt entertainment



WK. DAYS 7:15, MIS. SAT. a SUN.
7:40, MM.
Suzy Kendal In


WK. DAYS MO only. SAT. a SUN.
Metre a entertainment coupons accepted


12 Mile-Cmildee, Li 24330
Brian Keith in


FRI. & SAT. EVE. open ialS shown
7215, 7040. SAT. - & SUN. remain 6:45
shown 710, Mil& MON. & TUES. men
in45 shown 11:40 only.
Plus Weedy Alien comedy


FEL & SAT. Vie only. SUN. &• *ley.
MON- a TUES. 7:10,
Sot. lime, Claildran's Matinee open 1:011.
Cartoon feature "SNOW QUEEN" plus
Starts Wed. Mk for ens weak only.
Apia & cormody) "MARRY ME MARRY


uem s.

Woodward at Maple
MI 44333
Exmlosive Arm Engagement


MON. thou FRI. at 7GS, 11:15. SAT. at
LIS, SAS, SGS, 111GL SUN. at 210, 3:51,
SAS, 731, 11311.

BwomnaD Vrward

2 bike. S. 15 MI.
MI. 440114
Exclushre Enliallemen7
David Lean's


Robert Mitchum, Sara Miles,
Chnstoplwr Jones
Schedule of Performances
Matins SAT.-& WED. 2 p.m. Evenings
at II p.m. SUN at Silt a 710. All
ether evenings at S.M.
Not recommended for children.
Tickets, for "Ryan's Daughter" may be
purchahe In advance_

arm or:

Warren at Miller Read
sure bolt for on Oscar


WED. LADIES DAY AT lab only $1.

"CROMWELL" Stmls Wed.

Advance student rate tickets now

MN, ROYAL OAK Mai nVige halle








Plymouth Rd.
at Farmington Rd.
Kt 44111111


PEI., SAT. a SUN. Said, 7311, 1111111.
WK. -NIGHTS MOIL-THURS. 711, 9:311.


Ifigke• Rating, Rewarding Ezporience
- O1g, Twang, Anne Jadoen

"LOVERS a on


WAS. SAT. & SUN. 7310,
111a40. WEEK NIGHTS S:35 only.
Also Weedy Allen In


FRI. IND only SAT. a SUN. LIS.
1231. WEEK NIGHTS 7215, VIGIL -
E ragglat back by popular request
Deere Man 12 neon 2 full length can
than features THE MAN CALLED

With half an hour's reading in
bed every night as a- steady prac-
tice, the busiest man can get a
fair education before the plasma
sets in the periganglionic spaces
of his grey cortex.--Sir William

'Cease Fire Deadline E

Continued from Pagel)
completed and no such activity
was reported Tuesday.
The officials said they were con-
fident thitt. the Israeli units would
have "the- right • answer" to any
contingency that may deVelop Fri-
They also reported that the
Egyptians had concentrated sev-
en armor and infantry divisions,
totaling some SUM troops,
along the front line of the canal,
which they called "a dense de-
ployment." They reported that
some 1,300 Russian-made tanks
were in position along the canal,
as well as more than 1,000 ar-
tillery pieces ranging from the
huge 203mm guns to heavy mor-
Anti-aircraft now in firing posi-
tion consist of SAM-2s operated
by Egyptian personnel and SAM-3s
operated by Soviet personnel, the
officials said. The missiles cover
almost the entire canal area and
in some places as deep as eight
miles into the Israeli side of the
They reported substantial as-
semblies of canal crossing equip-
ment at several points where spe-
cial sites had been prepared. cut
into a high rampart that runs
along the canal's east bank. There
are special approach roads to
those landing sites.
Troopg on the Israeli side report-
ed seeing jeeps with senior Egyp-
tian officers coming and .going on
the front line and for the first
time Egyptian soldiers were ob-
served wearing helmets and car-
rying arms. -
(U.S. Secretary of Stirte Wil-
liam P. Rogers said in Washing-
ton last Friday that he was "con-
vinced that the (Mid East) parties
are on the verge of entering seri-
ous negotiations" and that he hoped
the cease fire would be extended
beyond Feb. 5. Replying to a ques-
tion at a press conference by the
Jewish Telegraphic Agency cor-
respondent, Rogers said the re-
cent series of notes exchanged
between Israel, Egypt and Jordan
through Jarring indicated new
"areas of agreement" He cited
as an example, Israel's willing-
ness to use the word "withdrawal"
and the Arabs' willingness to agree
specifically to Israeli sovereignty.)
The flight of a Soviet-made
Egyptian fighter-bomber over Is-
raeli positions on the east bank of
the Suez Canal Saturday was re-
garded here as another attempt
by Cairo to wage a "war of
nerves" against Israel. Israeli
sources said it was also intended
for home consumption, to back
up the diehard position of Presi-
dent Anwar Sadat on ending the
cease fire. The sources expresked
hope that "good sense" would pre-
vail in Cairo but warned that
Egypt's - leaders could become the
victims of their own saber-rattling.
Political sources in Jerusalem
told the JTA that if the Egyptians
resume shooting Lsrad will not
permit them to wage their kind
of warfare. Israel cannot afford a
war of attrition and will inevitably
turn it into an active war of move-
ment, the sources said.
It was learned here Mat, con-
trary to reports appearing. in
New York, the Nixon administra-
tion has not asked Israel for any
concession as the price for ex-
tension -of the tease fire. The
sources said the administration
has in fact expressed. "great
satisfaction" with briers itti-
hide on the Jarring tents and
is unwilling to yield to any
Egyptian pressures to demand a
political gesture tram Israel.
It was also reported that if
peace can be reached with Jordan,
Israel would be willing to yield
part of its sovereignty over Jeru-
salem's Temple Mount; the area
in the old city on which the He-
rodian Temple once stood. Part
of that area now is the site of the
Dome of the Rock and the El Aksa
Mosque, which together constitute
the third holiest place of the Mos-
lem faith. According to a plan,
reportedly worked out at the high-




Jordanian border -once a peace' litical moves for .the- period after hotel - where thi premier spoke.,
treaty with Jordan is signed. The Feb. S. - Despite growing world at- Members of Israel's "new left,"
rest of the Temple Mount would tention as the date neared, officials they said they were protesting
be leased to the Jordanian gov- here said, there appears no special against Israeli "atrocities" in the
tension on the Egyptian side of the Gaza Strip. They were released
Asked about rumors that Gideon truce line. Egyptian soldiers have for later charges of illegal demon-
Rafael intended to resign as for- been seen walking along the, canal strations.
eign ministry director general, pur- without helmets or weapons al- 'Soviet Presence Won't Deter
portedly because he has not been though concentrations of artillery Israel if Egypt Starts Shooting'
consulted on decisions regarding and armor have been reported
LONDON (JTA)—Israel's chief
Israel's participation in the Jar- from Cairo.
of staff, Gen. Haim Bar Lev, said,
ring talks, Israel Foreign Minister
President Sadat's political ad- that the . intervention of Soviet
Abbe Eban said, "Mr. Rafael is
viser, Hussein Sabry, charged forces _on_ the side of Egypt if
today director general of- the for-
during a visit to Lima that the fighting breaks -out when the Suez
eign ministry. There is no change
weaponry Israel is receiving cease fire expires, will not
which I wish to announce now
from the United States "can de- deter Israeli forces from carrying
and such things are not done in
stroy my country easily." He out their objectives. He said those
the press." Rafael firnily denied
added that he hoped "a third objectives were to prove to the
press reports that he had sub-
world war can be avoided," but Egyptians that they can gain noth- , _
mitted his resignation. But he de-
said he was "seriously preoccu- ing by force and to hold on to Is-
clined to comment on reports that
pied" with the possibilities of rael's positions on the Suez Canal's
relations between him and Ebau
such a war. At a press confer- east bank. - Gen. Bar Lev was inter-
had recently become tense. The
ence he called for complete Is- viewed on the BBC television pro-
first serious friction between Eban
raeli evacuation from occupied gram "Panorama." "We may have
and Rafael occurred three weeks
Arab territories, hot also men- to combat the forces that might
ago, when the director general
tioned the right to existence of interfere with our objectives," he
thought it unnecessary for Ambas-
all nations in the area. Egyptian said. When the interviewer men-
sador Yosef Tekoah to accompany
agreement to an extension of the tioned the Russians specifically, he
Dr. Jarring from the United Na-
Kiddie East cease fire after replied, "if they will be there, it
tions to Jerusalem. But Premier
Feb. 5 without progress to the might be. If they are not, it will
Golds Meir ruled that Tekoah
peace talks "would mean that not be. Our aim is not to fight the
should come. Two assistant direc-
we abandon our territories," Soviet Union."
tors general of the foreign ministry
Sabry insisted, adding that Is-
Gen. Bar Lev conceded that the
— Aviezer Chelouch and Moshe
rael's "Intransigence" has been
Bitan — resigned last year be-
bolstered by American arms cease fire, which has lasted since
6, enabled Egypt to greatly
cause of differences with Rafael,
that have converted Israel into
and a third assistant — Gershon
a "branch of the Pentagon" that improve/its military position in the
zone.- "They have anti-air-
Avner — has reportedly wanted to
threatens Egyptian security with
craft missile and gun systems dose
resign for some time. Rafael, 57,
an overpowering arsenal.
canal and along almost its
has held his current post since
Premier Golda Meir said last entire length which they would
1960. Eban became foreign mini- Friday that while Israel-did
had without the cease
ster in 1966.
pect the Egyptians to start shoot-
The Lebanese government has ing if the Suez Canal truce expired fire," Bar Lev laid. On the other
Israel's position was
turned down an Israeli offer to
on Feb. 5, "we are ready" if they not relatively weaker. He replied
negotiate a permanent peace
did. She told a student meeting that "Oh, yes." when asked if any sup-
treaty on the basis of the present "we have the fullest confidence"
plies had reached Israel from the
boundaries between the two
and that Israel was "stronger now
countries. The Lebanese reply to than when we decided to go back United States. Bar Lev said that
Soviet control of Egypt's armed
the Israeli note was conveyed to
to the talks" at the United Na-
the government here by United tions under UN emissary Gunnar forces was "very substantial to-
Nations mediator Gunnar V. Jarring last November. She added day." He added that Moscow's po-
Jarring in the form of a "verbal that she was not happy over the litical control over Egypt was not
so tight as to preclude the latter
"slow progress" of the Jarring from embarking on military ad-
The Lebanese reportedly said
talks "but these must be given a ventures without Russisai approv-
that they had no territorial claims chance to continue." She explained
al. Bar Lev said Egyptian man-
against Israel but would not ne-
that if Israel had not returned to power was no better thin in 1967
gotiate as long as the Palestinian
the UN talks, there "would have but their planning was better "be:,
refugee problem remains unsolved.
been a danger of our arms sup- cause it is Soviet planning."
. Sources here said Israel planned
plies drying out."
no further notes to Lebanon and
Some 15 young persons, includ- Harriman Says Soviets
as far as it is concerned the talks
Strongly Desire' Real -
with Lebanon through Ambassa- ing three girls, were detained Peace in Middle East
while demonstrating outside the
dor Jarring remain "frozen."
Israel's 50-mile border with
rell Harriman, a former United
Lebanon is identical to the inter-
States ambassador to Moscow, be-
national boundary drawn during
lieves that the Soviet Union
the mandate period before World
"strongly desires a real peace in
War II. Lebanon insists that its
the Middle East" and is "con-
1949 armistice agreement with Is-
cerned over the possibility of a
'reel is still in force. Israel has
TEL AVIV (JTA) — Dr. Nahum United States-Soviet confrontation.
_rejected the claim on grounds that
Lebanon declared itself at war Goldmann left Israel Monday, an- The veteran diplomat and former
governor of New York expressed
with Israel in June 1967. There gered by what he said were leaks
was no fighting between Israel and to the press of confidential reports a meeting of the Jewish Theologi-
Lebanon during the Six-Day War. he made to Premier Golda Meir. those views over the week-end at
cal Seminary of America which
Goldmann denied a report that
Israelis Make Two-Pronged,
conferred its Eternal Light Medal.
appeared in the newspaper Maariv
Strike Against Guerrillas
on him and on Nathan Appleman:
TEL AVIV (JTA) — An Israeli Sunday that he had Intimated to of New York, chairman of -the
officer was killed and three sol- Israeli government leaders that board of trustees of the American
diers were wounded in a bloody Russia would permit large-scale ' Jewish Committee. Ambassador
assault on' a terrorist base at El Jewish emigration if Israel with- Harriman's remarks were his first
Kh ' am village about six miles in- drew from the occupied Arab ter- in public since he and Sen. Ed-
side Lebanon Sunday night. The ritories.
mund S. Muskie of Maine. talked
Dr. Goldmann said that he no two weeks ago with Soviet Premier
assault was part of a two-pronged
Israeli commando attack on terror- longer bothers to deny reports that Alexei N. Kosygin in Moscow.
ist strongholds- north of Metullah. present his views and activities Harriman expressed the belief
The second target was • the Leb- in a "distorted manner" but that that Kosygin was as much for
anese village of Kfar Kila. A mili- he felt it was necessary to deny peace today in the Middle East as
tary spokesman said at least 10 this one.
he was for an end to the fighting
"Whatever I said was my own
terrorists were killed in the double
in Vietnam in 1965 because in both
assumption and I did not cite
action and their bases blown up.
instances Russia wants to avoid a
any Russian source or author- confrontation with the U.S. "This
The dead soldier was Lt. Dov Ad-
ity" he declared. "What I said time it is the Middle East that is
der, 21, of Tel Aviv. The spokes.
was a personal evaluation. I giving the Soviets their major con-
man said Lt. Addar was killed
have had hints that if there was cern," Harriman said. Despite the
as he led his men against the
peace In the Middle East there Kremlin's criticism of the U.S. "for
terrorist base located on a hilltop.
will be increased immigration giving full support to Israel" and
The three wounded soldiers were
evacuated to hospitals by heli- from Russia. I never linked the its "tough stand" in support of
question of immigration from Egypt, Harriman said, "substan
copter. • -
At Kfar Ella, Israeli forces Russia with withdrawal from the tial progress has been made" in
occupied territories and I have recent months in backing away
evacuated civilians before proceed-
ing to blow up the guerrilla bases.
always stressed that the slogan from "earlier positions." Ambassa-
A communique released after the
'territories for immigrants' is dor Harriman said "One gains the
commando raids listed 10- serious
impression that the Soviets have
incidents' during the past three
Dr. Goldmann said be has re- used their influence to induce
weeks involving terrorists based at quested Foreign Minister Abba Egypt to move toward a peaceful
Ey Khyam and Kfar Ella.
Eban to cancel the diplomatic solution. No longer does Egypt
President Anwar Sadat of Egypt passport he holds. "I do not wish talk of pushing Israel into the
has ordered his National Security to impose another problem on Mr. sea, and she appears ready to ac-
est Israel government levels, Is- Eban who even without this is cept freedom of navigation in the
rael would cede to Jordan sover- under the heavy burden of prob- Suez Canal and the Gulf of Aqaba,"
eignty over the two mosques and lems."
Harriman said.
a road from the mosques to the
Friday, Febreery 5, 1971-39
Council to discuss military and po- THE DETROIT JEWISH NEWS

.`Leak' of'Report
to Mrs. Meir Draws
Gold.mann's Ire

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