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November 13, 1970 - Image 4

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The Detroit Jewish News, 1970-11-13

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Sabbath Scriptural Selections
This Sabbath, the 14th day of Heshvan, 5731, the following scriptural selections
will be read in our synagogues:
Pentateuchal portion, Gen. 18:1.22:24. Prophetical portiion, II Kings 4:1-37.

Candle lighting, Friday. Nov. 13, 4:34 p.m.


No. 9

Page Four

November 13, 1970

Balfour Name as Symbol for Good Will

Nov. 2, 1917, was an historic day. The and to the people and government of Israel
date was appended to the famous Balfour to convince the Arabs that they are neigh-
Declaration, without which, many believe, bors, that there must be friendship, that their
there might not have been a Jewish State. Jewish cousins are as much entitled to breath-
Factually, because Zionism was not born ing space on earth in a small area compared
with Balfour, because the aspiration for na- with their vast territories in which they
tional redemption is rooted in Jewish, history should enjoy a good life as citizens of 14
and in the spiritual legacies that have been Arab nations.
We, too, must remember Balfour and the
handed down to us through the ages, there
would, have been statehood regardless of the historic declaration. The Balfour name is in-
state papers supporting it. But in Herzlian erasable from Jewish history, and while Brit-
ideology as embodied in the Basle Program ish governments have rendered great harm
adopted by the First World Zionist Congress, to the Yishuv, the antagonists were negating
the Zionist aim always was to attain reality the glories that elevated earlier administra-
for the dream with the consent of the na- tions to humanitarianism.
History has proven, as emphasized in
tions of the world.
This is exactly what had occurred, and scriptures, that weapons forged against us
the Balfour Declaration issued over the sig- can not prosper. But while enmities are being
nature of Arthur James Balfour was the created we must counteract them with evi-
beginning of the redemption. dence of the justice of our position and the
For many years, before the emergence benefits that accrue from Jewry's perpetua-
of the state of Israel, Jewish communities tion of an Israeli role in the Middle East to
celebrated Balfour Day. With Israel a reality, all of Israel's neighbors. What is needed is
such celebrations have been abandoned. peace, and then the standards of downcast
There were years during which the anniver- people who are now being led into unjust
sary of the death of Theodor Herzl also was wars against Israel and who are degraded
observed as a day to be remembered. That, in the process will be immensely elevated.
too, was forgotten. The Zionist Organization of Detroit for-
But Arabs are remembering Balfour. tunately remembers Balfour, and its annual
They demonstrated on Nov. 2 to protest the concert has become an event to remember
existence of Israel. There were years during an historic occasion and a great name. The
which Arabs rioted and instigated animosity community's response to the occasion is
against Jews and Israel on that day. What proof of a link with history that is uninter-
they did serves as a challenge to world Jewry ruptible.

Distortions Threaten New Race Issue

Responsible leaders in the black commu- genocide and extermination of human beings!
nity, rejecting extremist views on Israel and —the residents who have built a modern
the Middle East that are all too evidently anti- society for the benefit of the entire Mediter-
Semitic in nature, are exerting a measure of ranean area.
influence to overcome the damage that is
The situation created by the New Left,
being caused in the split-the-community the Kremlin-inspired, the black extremists,
methods of ' the hate-mongers. There is no calls for action to prevent greater danger to
other way of describing those who would the peace in our communities. In defense
deny Israel the right to live and to negotiate of Israel, a highly respected Negro leader,
a lasting peace with its neighbors: it is Whitney Young Jr., executive director of the
hate mongering that also harms the good National Urban League, who learned about
relations between blacks and whites. Israel's position at first hand during a visit
But the rational and the moderate ele- to that country, stated:
"Arab history and culture is replete with in-
ments have not gone far enough to refute the
stances of racial prejudice. Today, the Arab
antagonism that is setting in. There have been
of the Sudan are waging a merciless war
entirely too many incidents that lead to
against the Black people of the southern region of
divisiveness in our midst, and is time to
and Arabs in Chad are at war with
call a- halt to suspicions and to
to hatreds.
the Black government of that country.
Israel's position is clear enough for a
"If the Arab nations had really been concerned
general understanding of the issues. There
with improving 'the social, economic and political
is a state in the Middle East, whose existence
existences' of their people, they would long ago
was internationally guaranteed. That state
have ceased threatening to push Israel into the
sea and concentrated their energies on improving
now has 3,000,000 inhabitants. Anyone tam-
the lives of their people.
pering with that nation's existence threatens
"It is their failure to provide opportunities for
the lives of that many people whose popula -
the Palestinians, their greed in annexing the
tion includes, in addition to 2,500,000 Jews,
Palestinian state decreed by the UN in 1947, and
about 150,000 Christians and 350,000 Arabs.
their aggressive adventurism that has made them
All of them live in peace. The Arab minority
unable to effect a real revolution for their people.
enjoys as much freedom as the Jewish ma-
"The Oriental Jews of Israel came to that

jority. For all there is religious freedom.

country to flee the most brutal kind of religious

There is the right to freedom of expression
oppression and social and economic discrimina-
on all issues.
lion. While it is just that their current status be
An appeal to hatred for Israel, which was
a matter of concern, I have yet to hear of anyone
moving back in disappointment to Egypt, Iraq
signed by a sizable number of Detroiters,
or Yemen."
apparently is unconcerned about the right-
to-live principle and the threat their ven-
The threats from the black extremists
omous misrepresentations directs not only who have aligned themselves with New Left-
against Jews but also Moslems and Christians. Kremlin-Arab enemies of Israel and - the Jew-
Whatever comfort may be given to backward ish people spell danger not for Jews alone
Arab extremists also overlooks the fact that but for all Americans. It is akin to the cam-
it is in Arab countries that slave markets paign against the United States and it under-
still are permitted. Those who are striv- mines good relations and the most serious
ing for just rights on humanitarian levels for tasks for peace in the Middle East. Amity is
all peoples surely must understand the dan- not built on distortions, and there is too much


Dr. Werner Explains Liturgical
Synagogue and Church Parallels

Hebrew Union College Professor of Liturgical Music Eric Werner
emerges as historian as well as musicologist in "The Sacred Bridge"
in which he shows the liturgical parallels in synagogue and Early
Church sacred music.
Schocken Books has just reissued the first volume of this scholarly
work which first was published by Columbia University Press.
The common heritage in vital Jewish ideology and ethics is indi-
cated here, and the Jewish soil is depicted as the "unforgotten home-
land" of both.
Dr. Werner considers that "there is an organic link between litur-
gical texts and their chants" and that historical knowledge of that link
is more desirable than ever because of the radical changes that have
taken place in Catholic liturgical chants and texts because of the
new ecumenical spirit fostered by Vatican II.

According to Dr. Werner, "although , the Hebrew idiom has
remained unalterably the language of all Jewish cults, many ancient
liturgical forms have vanished, yielding to new ideas, for liturgy
always reflects the tides of changing ideologies."
He declares that "we really must abandon the long cherished

conception of a 'typically Christian' versus a 'typically Jewish' liturgy.
There is but one principle that can be considered 'Christian' regardless
of Church-or denomination: the Eucharist. And likewise there is one
nucleus around which all Jewish liturgies have evolved: the Slims
(Deut. 5:6). All other parts of the services have undergone radical
changes, in Judaism and Christianity alike."
Very richly annotated, containing parallelisms of various prayers
in the liturgies analyzed in this volume, Dr. Werner's study takes into
account the prayers on several holidays, the comparisons in Easter
and Passover and other festival services and the hymnodies and
.doxologies related to the themes that are treated here with such great
Typical examples in Dr. Werner's research are the texts juxtaposed
to show the use of Hebrew passages. From the long list of such
comparative examples we select the following few from his selections:


Christian Texts
O Thou holy God . . . who didst
make man after Thine own im-
age and didst endow him with

Hebrew Texts
Thou favourest man with knowl-
edge, and teachest mortals un-
derstanding' . . . 0 favour us
with the spirit of knowledge,
Thy gifts, and didst teach him to
understanding, and discernment
seek wisdom and good under-
from Thee . .
He made excellent Aaron ... he
adorned him in glory . . . all of
Elect of God, 0 happy and bless-
the vestments did He devise,
ed priest. Likened unto Aaron
and He girdled him with golden
and the prophet Moses, who de-
bells that resounded when he
vised the vestments which Aaron
turned about. (Sirach 45, 7-10.)
always wore . . . At the motion
Eccles, 45:7-10.
of the heels the earth resounded
Then the Tabernacle rejoiced.
and the Tabernacle rejoiced-43
(Midrash Tanhuma III.)
It is meet and right .. .
It is meet and right-44
Holy, holy, holy is the Lord of
Holy, holy, holy is the Lord of
hosts; full of His glory is the
hosts; full of His glory is the
heaven and earth.--46
He who maketh peace in His
heights, may He make peace
We pray for heavenly peace,
for us . . .
and God's benevolence; and for
May salvation from Heaven,
the salvation of our souls. We
with grace and peace be grant-
pray of the Lord, for the peace
ed and this holy congregation be
of the entire world, and the con-
blessed, together with all other
cord of God's churches.-47
Have mercy upon us, 0 God,
Our Father, our King, have
ruler of all!-48
mercy upon us!
Dr. Werner's "The Sacred Bridge: Liturgical Parallels in Syna-
gogue and Early Church" is valuable for liturgical students and as a
guide to complete understanding of the interfaith relationships which

gers to the liberty-loving elements in the of that in the drive against Jews by Blacks
Middle East if those who seek war and the who speak for a very small minority of their
destruction of basic rights for their neigh- people. Moderate black spokesmen must
bors succeed in destroying an existing not be silent in their repudiation of dastardly
state and in banishing-from it--which spells ,attempts to - inject hatred into our - society.' - are - assuming new roles in our time.- - - . -

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