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October 23, 1970 - Image 55

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The Detroit Jewish News, 1970-10-23

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Americans Are Vulnerable to Extremism,
'Lipset-Raab Analysis for ADL Discloses

Oil Industry Organ Denounces
Nasser for Misleading Arabs

and Gas Journal, the leading pub-
lication serving all segments of the
American petroleum industry, has
denounced the late President Ga-
mal Abdel Nasser of Egypt for
misleading the Arab world and
dissipating its resources in a quest
for the "mirage" of Arab unity.
Frank J. Gardner, international
editor of the weekly, said in a
column published here last week
that Nasser was "a strong and
capable leader, but a leader who
misleads can be worse than no
leader at all."

had" to prod the Arabs into "more
misadventures. The individual Arab
countries may turn to the tasks at
home and tensions may ease,"
Gardner said. The unflattering
opinion of Nasser and the Arab
world generally was surprising,

Ing "new areas, new industries,
within each party, "the chief
new migrant groups, new ethnic
practical bulwark" against a
groups" encroaching upon the
right-wing extremist takeover.
Dr. Lipset is professor of gov- old.
The analysis makes the follow-
ernment and sociology at Harvard.
emanating from the organ of an
Raab is executive director of the ing points:
industry long regarded as the
• Extremist movements are not
San Francisco Jewish Community
bastion of pro-Arabism In the
primarily composed of "evil-
Relations Council
United States.
Tracing right-wing extremism structured types" but rather of
In London, Mayor Teddy Kona
from the early Anti-Masonic Party ordinary people caught in certain
of Jerusalem, remarked recently
through the Know-Nothings, the kinds of stress.
"one was amused" at the
• Some of the more dramatically
Ku Klux Klan, the hate movements
"meat hypocritical" tributes "la
of the 1920s and 1930s, the Mc- diabolic aspects of extremism, such
gamier," following the
Carthy "syndrome" of the 1950s, as bigotry and a conspiracy theory,
death of Nasser.
Gardner questioned whether
to the John Birch Society, the are not so much the source of
the widespread pessimism over
George Wallace campaign and the extremism as its baggage.
"After all," he told members of
sr Right-wing extremist move- Middle East peace prospects that the British ORT. at its 90th anni-
current scene, the authors declare
that rightist movements "have ments in America have all risen emerged after Nasser's death on versary dinner, "the late President
been more indigenous to America against the background of eco- Sept. 28 was Justified. "With Nasser has caused the death of
and have left more of a mark on nomic and social changes which Nasser gone, the Arab lands may more Arabs than any other ruler
have resulted in the displacement
have the opportunity to get on before him." Kollek also declared
its history" than leftist ones.
They note that extreme rightist of some population groups from with their individual internal de- that "Jerusalem should be, must
velopment problems," he wrote.
movements have risen primarily former positions of dominance.
be and will be a united city for
• When segments of the popula- "The time, energy and money -ever more."
in reaction against the displace-
ment of power and status accom- tion feel the press of displacement that has been funneled into the
(He added that an ecumenical
panyng change, while left-wing and dislocation, traditional loyal- pursuit of Arab unity may now university will be opening next
extremism tries to impel social ties to social and political institu- be diverted to more productive year in Jerusalem. It will be a
change and in that course attempts tions are loosened, and the low channels in the absence of the junior college, established by ORT
to overthrow old power and status democratic restraint most preva- messiah of Pan-Arablnm."
and located on the grounds of the
lent among the less privileged is
Gardner claimed that Nasser was Hebrew University that will train
Calling extremist politics "the exposed.
personally responsible for the June engineers on the technological
• When the natural economic 1967 war. "It was he who ordered level.
politics of despair," Upset and
Raab assert that "the politics of interests of the "elite" and the dis- withdrawal of United Nations
(Gabriel Sacber, chairman of
despair in this country has typically affected lower strata conflict, peacekeepers from the Gaza Strip. British ORT, reported that ORT
Israel Refuses to Cast
been the politics of backlash right-wing political movements It was he who closed the Strait of was currently training 55,000 per-
(right-wing extremism) rather have to make a political appeal on Tiran, and it was he who called sons, almost all of them young-
Vote Commending
than that of thwarted progress." other than a class basis. At this for the destruction of Israel," sters, at 657 ORT schools and
World Youth Assembly
The typical wellsprings of point, "low-status backlash" be- Gardner said.
centers in 24 countries. He said
UNITED NATIONS (JTA)—Is- right-wing extremism, they go comes critical to the development
Perhaps it is well, he went on, the equivalent of $192,000 had been
rael, critical of "the manner in on to say, are situations involv- . of extremist movements:
that there is no longer any "Gala- raised from the dinner.)
which the World Youth Assembly
was conducted," abstained on a
16-point resolution that briefly Detroit Rabbi, Marshall Goldman, Realizes His Dream, Settles in Israel
commended the assembly's efforts.
multiplied" when he goes to Israel they would be attending daily. bassadoi, to persuade businessmen
The General Assembly's Third
All three forms of Judaism live
What would cause a well-estab- on his own, explained the rabbi.
to join the kibutz. The Neve Ilan
Committee (Social, Humanitarian
"As a group we share these in harmony, showing "great group would like to enlist 25 more
and Cultural) approved the resolu-
We don't feel alone," he understanding of each other," families next year, he said.
tion by a vote of 98-0, with four with three growing children, to problems.
said Goldman.
abstentions — Israel, Costa Rica, leave a comfortable life in the De- said.
Should every middle-class Amer-
Hadassah's and the Israel gov-
troit area for the uncertainties of
The rabbi seemed quite impress-
Malawi and Portugal.
ernment's backing of the project ed by the people he had met in ican Jew move to Israel as he did?
Ambassador Netanel Lorch of
He conceded, "Not all can
Rabbi Marshall Goldman, for- "to the hilt" has been a definite Israel. He recalled the kindness of leave a home in Southfield with
Israel explained to the Jewish
merly a teacher in Jewish schools help for the 30 families (50 by a Moroccan man who brought
Telegraphic Agency that the
bedrooms and all the mod-
here, did just that two months ago, year's end) currently involved. The chair from his nearby house for four
Youth Assembly was conducted
Americans are living for two years Goldman, when he was waiting for ern conveniences." (His group is
"in a manner that was certainly transplanting wife, Miriam; daugh- in the Mevaseret Yerusbalaim a bus.
awaiting telephone installation
ters Esther, 19, and Shandy, 16;
not -conductive to youths' respect
Remarking that the bus wouldn't and has ordered ears.) "Besides,"
and son David, '13, to the site of Absorption Center while their per-
for human rights." Israeli dele-
added, "those who contribute
the Neve Ilan Kibutz, near Jeru- manent homes are being built in arrive for another 45 minutes, the he
gates to the Youth assembly in
nearby Neve Ilan.
stranger invited Goldman into his funds to Israel are needed here."
July complained then that its
The current dwellings are a far home.
In general, Goldman said, his
On his return here recently to
operations were controlled by
from the tents where early
"He made sure I'd have com- philosophy for would-be pioneers
conduct Yom Kippur services for cry
Soviet, Arab and pro-Arab blocs.
"You can find in others what
Ambassador Loreto recalled that the Jewish Center, Rabbi Goldman mans reside in a three-bedroom and cold drink," said Goldman.
you find in yourself. If you don't
several delegates "were refused seemed plainly satisfied with his duplex with 11/2 baths.
the milk of human kindness
the floor and physically prevented decision to immigrate: "You're
"It's really modern," Goldman invitation to attend his nephew's in yourself, you won't find it in
from speaking." He said that Is- looking at a happy man," he said. said. "My wife cried with joy when
The rabbi said he had thought she saw IL"
rael thus felt constrained to vote
offend the officiating rabbi. In-
For further information about
against the resolution, even though of moving to Israel for years. Like
The Jewish Agency provides stead, Goldman said,- he was Neve Ilan, Goldman suggested call-
"it has many positive elements." his children, he felt "If I didn't these
Zev Ben David, representative
One plank in the resolution try it, I wouldn't know."
though the settlers must provide and asked to help officiate.
for the Jewish Agency, at the Jew-
But not until group Aliya was
recommends "effective steps to
ish Center's Hebrew department.
combat propaganda in favor of conceived—a plan to help suc-
"The people work outside (in received upon arrival in Israel also
unjust wars, as well as to com- cessful American businessmen,
heartened him.
the city) at their respective pro-
bat racist, Nazi and similar ideolo- with some Israelis, settle a new
jects," said Goldman. Those who
"Israel's favorite pastime is to Comay New Israel
gies." Another plank endorses kibutz—did Rabbi Goldman see
work contribute to help families go to the docks and airports to
"liberation movements of peoples a way of realizing his dreams.
immigrants, friends and Envoy to Britain
"The individual's problems are
still under military occupation."

The American population is
"highly vulnerable to political ex-
tremism; the American political
system is less vulnerable but
scarcely fail-safe," warns a prize-
winning analysis of American
right-wing extremism from 1790
through 1970.
The = analysis, just published
as a book, "The Politics of Un-
reason" (Harper and Row)• by
Seymour Upset and Earl Raab,
was awarded the first $10,000 Gun-
nar Myrdal Prize established for
books of distinction in the study
of human behavior.
It was published as the fifth book
in the "Patterns of American
Prejudice" series produced under
a grant from the Anti-Defamation
League of Bnai Brith to the Uni-
versity of California Survey Re-
search Center.
Upset and Raab declare that
while right-wing extremist move-
ments have failed to achieve po-
litical power in this country, they
have succeeded in affecting public
policy through the major political
The authors call the two-party
system, with cross pressures

Mayor Kollek Welcomes Hamburgers

Mayer Teddy Leak of Jerusalem (left) weliceseed 'Mr. and Mrs.
'Maisel Hamburger of Dank on theit_reeemt.lese 4 Israel. The
Hamburgers, who met with tap Israel gmernment and Military
Maim, are active in many muses, especially en - behalf of Israel
and Israel Bonds.

5.—Mllay, edify 23, Mil-



as strictly coperative settlement,
relatives," he said. "They had
he said.
juice and cookies waiting for .us,
The group includes many skilled but-we were stuffed on the El Al
professionals, among them social plane."
workers, teachers, electronics engi-
Goldman said he was not lone-
neers, economists, businessmen, a ly In his new land. "I see Detroit
friends on the street, and people
plumber and an electrician. Gold-
drop is anytime." He said Ms
man said he feels this diversity of
talent is one reason Neve Dan has
children had made new friends,
been so well supported by the gov-
his daughter Esther found some
she already knew at the univer-
"Israel needs us as badly as
jets," he said. "A successful busi-
The rabbi also has relatives in
nessman here will be successful the country, including a cousin in
Israeli Customs—one reason, Gold-
Goldman took courses in business man joked, that his group bad no
and hotel administration to develop "red tape" on entering . Israel.
new skills for Israel, only to learn
Goldman said he feels it is "like
that he is much in demand as a fate" that he lives in Israel today.
"I sold my home and car without
"In Israel, you're needed," he trouble, and the trip went smooth-
said. "If there were two or three ly—as if it were meant to be," be
of me, we could still get jobs."
Goldman said "living Jewish" is
"I've found the spirit is great
no problem in his community. here. My kids wouldn't get on a
Kashrut comes easily there, even bus (in Detroit) but do so here.
to those who had never practiced It's a different feeling — my 13-
it before.
year-old found his way around here
He said the group is a hetes,- immediately," he said.
geneses mixture of Orthediei,
For the time being, Goldman
Camervative and Referee -Jews. said, be is content that "For ones
The emblem of what kledEof- in any life, I can live in an ulpast
11 711agolMe to have was decided
and perfect my Hebrew." Ho also

I. favor et the Orthedetrillace

Mr ail Saul Coney has as-
sumed: the pest of envoy to the
Court ef St. James. He fermerb'
served as Israel's came . gen-
eral_ ha the U.S., mialmarador to
the United Nations and &abases--
doe to Canada.

-"Never, never shall we 'return
the vulnerability and the dan-
ger from which w6 have enierged."-
jalsritel Foreign Minister Abbe
said he hopes, as an unofficial am- B UM.

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