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August 14, 1970 - Image 2

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The Detroit Jewish News, 1970-08-14

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Purely Commentary

A 27 Year Old Tradition Emerges
to Grant Realism to Enrollment



Program of Zionist Federation

By Philip

lessness and that in the process of its fulfillment it does not seek to
harm anyone. On the contrary, given a chance, it will prove its aim
welcoming the kinship of our Arab cousins and of assisting in rais-
Apparently there is nothing new under the sun. When the newly- of their standards of living as Israel's valuable and respected neigh-
created American Zionist Federation adopted a plank to ask mass en- ing
(as fellow-citizens in Israel).
rollment of congregations and organizations into the Zionist movement,
The new idea of enrolling congregations and organizations as
there were skeptics who doubted whether it could be done. But it al- members of the American Zionist Federation needs widest support.
ready has a precedent. It was done as early as 1943.
It is urgent, therefore, that the example that was set by Shaarey
Here is the proof—in the reproduction of an article that appeared Zedek in 1943 should be turned into a pattern for action by all our
in The Detroit Jewish News, May '1, 1943:
existing movements and organizations.
Friday, Pay 7 P943

History Reconstructed ... When Shaarey Zedek
Established Precedent for Zionism Affiliation

Shaarey Zedek Membership
Pledged to Zionist Cause

600 of Congregation's Members Already Enrolled, Others
Joining; Blumberg Re-Elected as President
At Annual Meeting

Congregation Shaarey Zedek, in a strongly worded reso-
lution adopted at the annual meeting on April 28, definitely
identified itself with the Zionist movement and called upon
all members to join the Zionist Organization of America or
some other Zionist body of their choice.
The resolution, unanimously adopted, was presented by
Lawrence Crohn after Rabbi./
Morris Adler made a plea that
the stand proposed should be
taken by Shaarey Zedek. Abra-
ham Cooper, president of the
Zionist Organization of Detroit,
seconded the resolution.
600 Are Zionists
Abraham Srere led a group of
members of the congregation who
urged that the members go fur-
ther and that membership in a
Zionist organization should be a
requisite for membership in
Shaarey Zedek. Such action was
deferred for future consideration
when it was pointed out that
close to 600 of Shaarey Zedek's
812 members already are affili-
ated Zionists and that the rest
are rapidly joining Zionist ranks.
The action taken by Congre-
gation Shaarey Zedek is a con-
tinuation of a new procedure fol-
lowed by many Conservative and
Orthodox congregations to enroll
their memberships en masse in in our prayer book have always
had real meaning for us. From
the Zionist Organization.
the pulpit the principles of
The Resolution
Modern Zionism have been
The resolution adopted by Con-
gregation Shaarey Zedek follows: preached zealously and ardent-
ly for many years.' A large
Congregation Shaarey Zedek
number of the leaders of the
affirms its adherence to the
local Zionist district always
principles of Conservative Ju-
came from this congregation.
daism. For over three-quarters

of a century our synagogue has
maintained its allegiance to a
Judaism which emphasizes re-

ligious beliefs and practices

Sense of Duty
Be it, therefore, resolved,
that, moved by a sense of duty

movements in Jewish life. Of
these, Zionism is foremost.
From the earliest days Much of
the leadership of this great
cause has come from this
branch of the Jewish Syna-
New Songs of Hope
The Jewish religion is rooted

wealth in Palestine.
Be it further resolved, at
this annual meeting, that we
call upon the members of this
Congregation to join the Zion-
ist ranks by affiliating with the
Zionist Organization of Amer-

that stem from a living tradi-
tion. A great love of the Jew-
ish Past has not made for
stagnation, but on the contrary,
Conservative Jews are in the
forefront of the progressive

in the life cif the Jewish people.
Such a faith cannot forever

and solemn responsibility in
this tragic hour in the life of
our peop 1 e. Congregation
hereby ex-
Shaarey Zedek
presses its wholehearted sup-
port of the Zionist movement,
which aims for the establish-
ment of a Jewish common-

ica, or some other Zionist body
of their choice;. and thus to

pledge themselves to supp.ort
to the utmost the sacred project
for the National Restoration of
Israel, in the land of Israel.
Blumberg Re-elected -
Morris H. Blumberg was re-
elected president of Shaarey Zedek
Israel." The centuries - old
at the annual meeting. Harry
longing for Zion now could be
Cohen was re-elected vice presi-
translated into active support
dent, and David S. Friedman again
for the upbuilding of modern
was chosen treasurer.
Palestine. Into the lives of our
Charles A. Smith was elected
ancient a n d long-suffering secretary, and the following were
people came new songs of Hope elected members of the board of
and of Rebirth.
trustees for a three-year term:
Judge Harry B. Keidan, Abe Kasle,
Congregation Shaarey Zedek
has always been closely identi- Abraham Srere and Morris S. Ja-
fied with the work for Pales-
cobs. Jacob H. Sonenklar was re-
tine. The references to Zion
elected cantor of the congregation.
A 27 - year - old tradition now emerges as an apparent encourage-
ment to the newest effort to enlarge the Zionist community.
For a number of years now, Zionism bad been used as a term of
abuse, as a sort of bogey to frighten people into believing that an incre-
dulous force exists to undermine other peoples' rights. There is need

live on the momentum of the
past. Small wonder, therefore,
that from Palestine have come
new and vigorous ideas to sus-
tain that concept of the Jewish
People which Solomon Schech-
ter has termed a "Catholic

German-Israel Ties
Undergo Change

BONN — The new emphasis by
Chancellor Willy Brandt's govern-
ment on "normalization" of foreign

relations is not to Israel's advan-
tage, observers agree.
While the center-left coalition is
by no means anti-Israel, it does
hope to improve relations with the
Arab states, 10 of which severed
relations with Germany over its
aid to Israel.
Brandt, himself an early political
Unjust Proceedings Must End With the Advent of Peace
In our hopes for the coming of peace, and for a lasting better rela- refugee from Nazism, does not
tionship between individuals and peoples, in the Middle East and every- have a guilt complex as did some
where on earth, we also hope there will be an end to injustice in the of his predecessors who had been
members of the Nazi Party and
UN and its various agencies.
We join in calling attention to the following revelations that have later felt the need to compensate
just been made by the American Physicians Fellowship for the Israel for that wartime role.
The man who worries Israelis
Medical Association:
the most is Walter Scheel, who
The World Health Organization, an integral part of the United
has led the talk about "normal-
Nations, is being used as a political tool. The record is precise and
ization" of relations with Israel.
Observers suspect that Scheel, a
Dr. Raphael Gjebin, a delegate to the 23rd annual WHO meet-
leader of the Free Democrats, is
ing in May 1970, was most impressive in his annual report, describing
trying to lure voters from the
Israel aid to the health activities of the occupied Arab areas.
National Democratic P art y,
New drugs and vaccines were introduced and extensively used;
which until its last unsuccessful
oral polio vaccine introduced in Gaza in 1967 and measles vaccina-
political try was a haven for the
tion accomplished in 1968; improved and additional equipment had
diehard Nazi vote.
been installed—such as the artificial kidney unit in Ramalla. Mobile
Bonn still classifies Israel as an
clinics were introduced in the Sinai Desert. The Gaza area demon-
underdeveloped country, so she is
strated a considerable diminution of the TB mortality rate. Patients
eligible for special types of govern-
from the West Bank and Gaza who required open-heart surgery, chest
ment aid; in addition, Bonn has
surgery and complex medical investigation, unavailable in the past,
strongly supported Israel's bid to
received free medical and surgical care in Israeli hospitals. The West
get preferential status with the
Bank had finally reached a point of effective malaria control. These
Common Market.
costly health improvements by the Israeli government are a generous
However, direct economic aid is
contribution to humanity when one realizes the financial plight of the
down slightly, and secret military
state of Israel in her 21-year war against tremendous odds.
aid ended five years ago. Al-
The reaction to this report was startling. Arab
though individual reparations con-
accused Israel ("The Zionist authorities") of "torturing babies"—
tinue, the special restitution agree-
being "worse than Nazis," "child murderers" as well as "castraters
ment is over.
of prisoners of war." This last complaint was the repetition of a
Some Israelis feel that "normal-
similar charge made at the Boston meeting in August 1969. Again
ization" is not a term to be used
the name of Mohammed Mohammed Dirbas, a native of Gaza, was
this generation when memories
mentioned as the war prisoner involved.
of Hitler Germany still haunt
This time the phony charge was exposed. A document was pro-
many Jews.
duced by Dr. Gjebin from the University Hospital of Cairo, dated
7 - 26 - 66. (10 1/2 months before Israel occupied the Gaza area.) The
document, describing a hospital visit by Dirbas, read, "We found . Center for Emotionally
that the patient was operated upon and his testicles were removed.
Disturbed Joins Agency
For that reason he came to Cairo with a request that his testicles
NEW YORK (JTA) — The Jew-
be implanted. We see that this request is unrealistic and that it is
ish Child Care Association of New
impossible to carry out," signed Dr. Zafot Mohammed. Incidentally,
York has absorbed Childville, a
Mohammed Dirbas was never a prisoner of war but an employe of
residential treatment center for
the Gaza Health Department, and his unfortunate condition was the
emotionally disturbed children, it
result of TB orchitis.
was announced by Norman Rosow,
While Israel's "friends" were diplomatically quiet (the result of
and Jacob L. Trobe,
orders from their governments), a political resolution was passed at
executive director of the associa-
this World Health meeting, condemning the Israelis by a vote of 40 to
with 41 absentations. This resolution recommended:—a)
refugees be immediately afforded the right to return to their homes,
The facility will be known hence-
in accordance with the relevant resolutions of the United Nations."
forth as the Childville Division of
b) Israel be called upon to safeguard the life and physical and mental
the Jewish Child Care Association,
health of the inhabitants of the occupied territories and to abide by
the announcement said.
The association, a beneficiary of
its obligations under the fourth Geneva Convention, relative to the
the Federation of Jewish Philan
protection of civilian persons in time of war.
thropies, annually serves about
The passing of this political resolution at a health
meeting is regarded by the Arab-Communist bloc as an outstanding
1,500 New York children and youth
victory in its international propaganda war against Israel.
in need of residential care be-
History will record these shameful proceedings with perplexity!
cause of family breakdown or emo-
There have been many abuses of Israel in various UN functioning
tional problems.
committees. The above statement reveals one such abuse of truth.
Childville, a nonsectarian agen-
We pray for peace—and for truth and justice. Peace—a lasting cy, now serves about 45 severely
one—also can end such abuses in UN ranks.
disturbed boys and girls from 6
The revealed statement pinpoints the exaggerations in Arab to 14 years old at its new resi-
fantasies, the failure by our Arab cousins to recognize the many
dence in Manhattan and 13 other
benefits that stem from Jewish creativity in Israel and from the youngsters at its home in Flush-
readiness of Jews there to render services and to help people of all ing.
faiths. How else is a society based on our ethical teachings to be
Childville's Manhattan r e s
built? That is why there is such great need for peace and an end dence, remodeled and furnished
to warfare—so that the realities of a good life should be accepted at a cost of $1,000,000, replaces an
by all who live in the ancient areas where religious faiths found old building in the Williamsburg
section of Brooklyn.
their roots.

1,900 Years After the Destruction of the Second Temple

Much too little was said in the past couple of weeks about the 1.900th anniversary of the destruc-
tion of the Second Temple in Jerusalem, in the year 70 CE—on Tisha b'Av.
The First Temple was destroyed by Nebuhadnezzar in the year 586 BCE. Titus destroyed the Second
Temple in the year 70 of the present era.
Other sad events occurred on Tisha b'Av:
In addition to the two above-mentioned trage dies, three other sad occurrences are recorded in
the Mishna as Tisha b'Av events: the fall of the fortress of Betar, the defeat of Bar Kokhba and the
massacre of his followers and Hadrian's ploughing up of Jerusalem in 135 CE.
Subsequent historical events contain a long record of sad events that took place on Tisha b'Av:
The expulsion of the Jews from England was dated in the decree of King Edward I in 1290; one
of the saddest results was the commencement of the exodus of 300,000 Jews from Spain, under the leader-
ship of Abarbanel, on Tisha b'Av, in 1492; World War I, which marked the inauguration of a long series
of terrorism against Jews in Eastern Europe, broke out on Tisha b'Av. Dirges in the Kinot that were
read on Tisha b'Av after the reciting of the Ekha — the Book of Lamentations — on Tisha b'Av — especially
commemorate the destruction of the Temple, and the closest date is that of the year '70-1,900 years ago.
There were scores of other events that made the Tisha b'Av date a sad one on the Jewish calendar.
Collectively, there is the consolation to be recited in the Haftara of this Sabbath—Nahamu, Nahamu Ami-
Comfort ye, comfort ye, My People . . . from Isaiah.
The month of Av has been designated as Menahem Av—the month of Av the Comforter. There is
a legend that the Messiah will be called Menahem, the Comforter, and that he will be born on the ninth
of Av.
Thus we have a perpetuation of an ancient tradition—that misery and suffering is always followed
to re-establish a basic truth: that Zionism is a libertarian movement, by faith in redemption, in the power of being comforted by the positive powers that envision the coming
that it is the inspirational idea that had led to ending Jewry's home- of better days—in Israel's case they are days of we
take note of the 1,900th anniversary of the destructi=
It is well to acquire that faith anew as
THE DETROIT JEWISH NEWS of the Second Temple.
2—Friday, August 14, 1970

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