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May 29, 1970 - Image 8

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The Detroit Jewish News, 1970-05-29

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Israel in Anguish (her Brutal Murder of Children

TEL AVIV (JTA)—All Israelis their car overturned as they were
shared the anguish of the families speeding to the Safad hospital.
of eight school children, aged 6 to Premier Golda Meir read a
by Arab terrorists in the cial cabinet statement on the am-
of a school bus near the bush attack that Israel placed full
Lebanese border Friday morning. responsibility for the outrage on
Four adults were also killed in the Lebanese government and would
bazooka and small arms attack. not stop demanding that Lebanon
Twenty-one other passengers, most. exercise its authority to halt "acts
ly children, are in hospitals in of aggression from Lebanese ter-
Haifa and Safad Sunday, eight of ritory."
them in serious condition. The
Deputy Premier Yigal Alton,
in : speaking at the funeral in Safad
young victims, five from one fa-
ily. were buried at Safad late Fri- for the dead children, said the
day amid scenes of uncontrolable „ arm of the Israeli army is long
weeping and despair. Thousands of enough and Lebanon will not
persons from all over Israel at- escape with impunity." According
to newsmen at the scene, his words
Defense Minister Moshe Dayan were interrupted with shouts of
at the graveside holding one "revenge." He Warned in an inter-
of the bereaved fathers. Chief of view earlier that Lebanese author-
Staff Gen. .Haim Bar Lev was ities should not succumb to illu-
there and Deputy Premier Yigal sions they would always be im-
AlIon, who quoted the words of mune to Israeli punitive measures
Israel's poet laureate, the late because the May 12 action was
Chaim Nahman Bialik, "Even directed exclusively against guer-
Satan has not yet invented the re- rillas. He said that "it depends on
venge for the blood of a child." the Beirut government on whether
Scores of doctors and nurses were the May 2 raid was the last one of
in the crowd administering tran- first in a new series. Our forces
quilizers to the mourning relatives can inflict heavy punishment on
the Lebanese which would even-
of the slain.
tually force those responsible for
All of the youngsters and two
the conduct of their policies to
of the adult victims were from
weigh once again whether the dam-
Avivim, a settlement in Upper
age resulting from an Israeli de-
Galilee near the Lebanese bor-
fense reaction is not a great deal
der. They were traveling to their
heavier than that which might en-
district school at nearby Hovey
sue from confrontation with the
in a bus that picked up children
from Avivim and neighboring
World leaders continued to ex-
settlements each morning. The
press grief and shock at the am-
victims were: Yehuda Ohayon, 9,
bush by Arab guerrillas on an Is-
a third grader; Alisa Peretz, 14,
raeli school bus near the Lebanon
an eighth grader; Haviva Biton,
border Friday.
7, first grade; Shimon Biton, her
Pope Paul VI, through the
brother, 9, third grade; Shulamit
Papal Delegate, Msg. Pio Laghi,
Biton, 7; Mimon Biton, 7; Hanna
sent a message to Foreign Min-
Biton, 8; Yaffa Batito, 6; Shimon
ister Abbe Eban declaring "His
Ezran, 35, a member of the
heartfelt sentiments and sym-
Avivim settlement committee;
pathy both to your government
Mahlouf Biton, 25; Rammi Yar-
and to the families of the inno-
koni, 35, the bus driver; and
cent victims" killed and wounded
Esther Avicnzer, 20, a teacher.
by an Arab terrorist assault on
There was no indication of
a school bus. The Papal mes-
whether Mahlouf Biton was re-
sage, however, even-handedly
lated to the Biton children.
condemned violence by both sides
According to eye-witnesses the
in the Mid East conflict. It stat-
bus was travelling slowly in line
ed: "The Holy Father deplored
with other civilian traffic along a
all acts of violence no matter
road that skirts the Lebanese bor-
what their source which do seri-
der some 500 yards away. The ter-
ous harm to innocent people and
rorists, lying in ambush, allowed
which only deepen the rift be-
the other cars to pass and then
tween one people and another.
fired four bazooka shells and bursts
His Holiness prays that such acts
of small arms fire at the bus. The
will come to an end and im-
driver was killed and the bus ca- plores the Almighty to send
reened off the road and turned peace and tranquility to the en-
over. Other motorists halted and
tire Middle East for the benefit
rushed to the aid of the bus pas-
of all of its people." The Vatican
sengers. Helicopters arrived soon
does not recognize the State of
to fly the seriously injured to hos. Israel.
pitals. Others were rushed to hos-
Mayor John V. Lindsay of New
pitals in private cars. The bus floor York condemned the Arab ambush
was covered with blood and lit- as an "unspeakable act of terror
tered with torn school books and ist violence." He also condemned
lunch kits. Police said the terror- ' the apparent reprisal beatings of
fists knew the bus they attacked three Arab nationalists in New
was filled with school children. It , York on Friday. declaring that all
was painted bright yellow, its iden- violence is
tity was unmistakable and it pass "serves no decent cause." Britain's
ed over the same road every moth- Foreign Secretary, Michael Stew-
ing at the same hour. The Popular art, said "I, am profoundly shock-
Front for the Liberation of Pales- ed at this cruel act of terrorism
tine, a terrorist group headquar- which I unreservedly condemn. I
tered in Beirut, claimed credit for wish to express my deep sympathy
the attack in a message to Presi- with all those who have suffered,
dent Gamal Abdel Nasser, appar- particularly those who have lost
ently soliciting a commendation children." The British Foreign
from the Egyptian leader. Posters , Office issued a somewhat longer
appeared in Beirut Friday an- statement
asserting that "Her Ma-
nouncing that the Popular Front jesty's government have repeated-
had ambushed the school bus. This ly deplored attacks, by whomso-
is the same group that claimed, ever committed, which have caus-
but later denied, responsibility for ed so many casualties and con-
the Feb. 21 explosion of a Swiss' tributed to the further deteriora-
airliner that killed all 47 aboard. tion
of the situation in the area."
Dr. Moses Rosen, Chief Rabbi of
An Israeli police officer com-
Romania, said at the World Jew-
bing the area after the ambush
had part of his leg blown off ish Congress governing council
meeting in Montreal that he was
when he stepped on a mine.
"overcome with grief" at the am-
Shortly afterwards five parents
bush. "The lives of innocent chil-
of Avivim children were injured,
were senselessly sacrificed."
three of them seriously, when
he said, adding he hoped the "ter-
THE DETROIT JEWISH NEWS , rible conflict" in the Middle East
8 — Friday, May 29, 1970
I would end "as soon as possible."

14. killed




adopted a "grossly one-sided reso- tion adopted last week which con-
The Israel Students Associa-
lution" that condemned Israel for demned Israel's May 12 incursion
tion mailed 100,000 pamphlets in
its incursion into Lebanon but into Lebanon. The resolution did
several languages to student or-
"ignored" Lebanese terrorism. not mention the terror attacks
ganizations all over the world
Tekoah labelled the bus attack a against Israel. The mission spokes-
describing the massacre and
"grave act of aggression" by a man said that the council is evid-
containing the photograph of a
ently stacked against Israel. "The
"terror squad."
child on a stretcher. The inscrip-
council has not passed a single
tion reads, "A day in Israel—
UNITED NATIONS (JTA) — A resolution condemning Arab ag-
murderous attack on children,
spokesman for the British mission gression in the 22 years since Is-
Russian pilots in Egypt, a nation
to the United Nations told the Jew- rael's establishment-” Since the
fighting for survival. Can you
ish Telegraphic Agency that Am- Six-Day War, the council has slap-
remain indifferent?"
bassador Lord Caradon met with ped Israel nine times for cease-
Israel's Sephardic Chief Rabbi, Security Council President Jacques
fire "violations." Meanwhile, the
Yitzhak Nissim, called on the lead- Kosciusko-Morizet on Friday "to
Big Four were scheduled to meet
ers of the Moslem faith "to act consider possible action being
with all means at their disposal to taken by the United Nations" re- with no indication that the latest
tragedy will have any effect on
halt and put an end to the criminal garding the Arab guerrilla attack
their continuing sluggish talks to
murders perpetrated by members Friday on an Israeli school bus.
establish a guideline for the re-
of their religion."
A spokesman for the Israeli mis-
sumption of Ambassador Gunnar
sion said Israel has not called for
Urged to Call
V. Jarring's Middle East peace
a council meeting "because it is
to Condemn Ambush
pointless" in view of the resolu-
NEW YORK (JTA)—Shock, hor-
ror and revulsion was expressed
by Jewish and non-Jewish leaders
throughout the nation at the wan-
ton attack by Arab guerrillas on an
A phone
Israeli school bus. A United Na-
tions spokesman issued a statement
on behalf of Secretary General U
Thant in which Thant declared that
this "deplorable attack" by "Arab
irregulars, presumably Palestinian
refugees" has provided an "espe-
cially ominous warning as to what
the future may hold if decisive
steps toward ending the Middle
RES. 358-5192
East conflict are not soon taken."




Yosef Tekoah, Israel's ambassa-
dor to the UN, sent a letter to
Security Council President Jacques
Kosciusko-Morizet of France de-
claring that the tragedy came only
two days after the council, by a
vote of 11-0 and four abstentions,

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