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May 01, 1970 - Image 35

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The Detroit Jewish News, 1970-05-01

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Report of Soviet-Manned Planes Spurs Plea for Jets to Israel

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reports of Russian assignments to
pilot Egyptian war planes are cor-
rect is expected to lead a change
in President Nixon's attitude and
his abandonment of deferrals in
providing Israel with additional
Phantoms to assure the state's
The Israel government has of-
ficially informed the United States
government of this development.
PI-oilier GoIda Meir has report-
edly sent a message to President
Nixon requesting urgent recon-
sideration of his decision last
month to withhold action on Is-
rael's request for more . Phan-
tom and Skyhawk jets. Israel
has reportedly told the U.S. that
so far the Soviet-piloted Egyptian
planes have kept out of the Suez
Canal Zone and there has been
no combat contact between
them and Israeli pilots. But
over the last 10 days, Russian
pilots have been scrambling in-
to attack formations at almost
every potential approach by an
Israeli plane into Egyptian air
space beyond the canal zone,
the Israelis informed Washing-
ton. They reported that two of
their planes were pursued by
eight Russian piloted Egyptian
5HG fighters on April 18, the day
the new pattern of Soviet opera-
tions was detected. (In Moscow
on Wednesday, Soviet Foreign
Ministry officials declined to
confirm or deny the Israeli
charges. They said "we have
no information on this."
(It was reported in Washington
Wednesday that U.S. officials were
still studying their own intelligence
reports in an atmosphere of mount-
ing concern. Washington sources
said the Israelis have been re-
porting daily for more than a week
the new' role of Soviet pilots in
Egypt. The Israeli reports were
said to be based on intercepted
radio messages. Russian pilots
flying Egyptian MIGs appeared to
be communicating in Russian de-
liberately to let Israeli pilots know
of their presence. So far they are
said to have scrupulously avoided
the Suez Canal zone where Israeli
jets continue almost daily to
pound Egyptian military positions.
But their presence has apparently
deterred Israel from new air
raids inside Egypt. The last an-
nounced raid on the Egyptian in-
terior occured April 13.)
The gover nent's radio an-
nouncement Wednesday said "The
operational activity of the Soviet
pilots has not extended so far
to the cease-fire line, and they have
not been involved in air combat
in this region." The announcement
noted that in March the Russians
began installing SAM-3 anti-air-
craft missiles in Egypt manned by
Soviet personnel. "Now there is a
further step of Soviet operational
participation at the side of Egypt
in the military campaign which
Egypt is waging against Israel.
Israeli military sources

How Bill Mauldin
Views the Fiasco

„ ;t't

viding Israel with the jets need- , red to by Thant included the cease-
noted a resurgence of Egyptian This latest development is a con-
fire resolutions and the Nov. 22,
ed to maintain a power balance
military activity in the air and tinuation of the policies of the So-
1967, resolution which called for
could tempt the Russians into a
on the ground after a comparative viet Union and of its consistent
Israeli withdrawal, peace under-
lull during the winter months. identification with Egyptian aggres- grave miscalculation. Such a con-
by the Arabs and set-up of
While Soviet-piloted planes so far sion before the Six-Day War."
The statement accused Russia of than the present limited conflict the Jarring peace mission to the
have not interfered with Israeli re-
with a danger of nuclear show-
Mid East.
taliatory air strikes at Egyptian supporting President Nasser's ab-
positions in the canal zone, their rogation of the cease fire and en-
Asked if Dr. Jarring's return to
"Moscow has moved to intensify his mission can be expected in
activity has freed Egyptian pilots couraging him to reject appeals by
for attacks on Israeli positions on Israel and other states to rein- the Middle Eastern crisis despite light of latest developments, the
the waterway and deep inside the state it. It said Russia further en- the restrained policy of the United UN spokesman said there was no
couraged Egypt to adhere to the States. Russian intervention has ' indication that the Swedish diplo-
Sinai Peninsula.
"(According to American sources decisions of the Khartoum summit brought about 'a change in the I mat would be coming back to New
all Soviet-piloted Egyptian jets meeting of Arab states—no recog- power balance. Moscow has reject- ' , York from his post as ambassador
have come from one air base at nition, no negotiations and no ed the peaceful overture contained to Moscow.
Ben Suef, about 60 miles south of peace with Israel. "Israel will in the President's foreign policy
Thant met earlier Wednesday
Cairo. But other diplomatic continue to defend itself against message of February. Mr. Nixon with Mohammed Hassan EI-Zayett,
sources have suggested that the all aggression which violates the told Congress, that "this adminis- the Egyptian ambassador to the
Russians are flying out of several cease-fire arrangements and which tration has shown its readiness to UN. There were no details of their
bases in the Nile Delta. Diplomat- aims at renewal of a war in the work with Soviet Union in cooper- discussion and no indication that
ic sources have estimated the num- area," the government said.
ation with nations in the area it was prompted by or included
* * *
ber of newly arrived Russian pilots
in pursuit of peace. But the United , Israel's report on Russian pilots.
at 50 to 100 and speculate that
States would view any effort of , AJCommittee Wants Nixon
Broomfield Urges
their orders are to intercept and
the Soviet Union to seek predomi- to Sell Phantoms to Israel
shoot down Israeli planes over More Jets to Israel
nence in the Middle East as a mat-
NEW YORK (JTA)—The Ameri-
central Egypt. Such orders would
WASHINGTON (JTA) — The ter of grave concern."
can Jewish Committee warned that
be tantamount to a Soviet com- White House disclosed Wednesday
Rep. Broomfield said that he the "most recent intervention" in
mitment to defend Cairo, Alexan- that President Nixon had ordered was "informing the proper au- I
the Middle East—the presence of
dria, the Aswan High Dam and an immediate and full study of thorities that an immediate an-
Soviet pilots in Egypt—would in-
the newly installed SAM-3 missile intelligence reports dealing with swer to the Soviet escalation is
dicate a shift in the balance of
launching sites. Past Israeli sorties the presence of Russian pilots in required before the Israelis and
nower there. It therefore urged
into central Egypt have been in- Egypt.
the Russians become embroiled in President Nixon to give "new and
tended to demonstrate to Presi-
Ronald Ziegler, the President's open warfare. If the United States serious request for authorization
dent Nasser the vulnerability of spokesman, said that "President displays firm resolve to honor its
to buy more Phantom' and Sky-
Egyptian cities and vital tar- Nixon has ordered an immediate commitment, to supply Israel
ha•k jet planes in the United
gets. According to reports and full review and evaluation of with the necessary jets and other
from "defense sources in London, the strategic balance in the Middle arms, the Russians would think
"Just last month, Secretary of
the Russians have decided to use East."
twice before tangling with the State Riigers stated that if steps
the Middle East as a testing
Immediate reconsideration of Is- courageous, capable Israelis. We were taken that might upset the
ground for the SAM-3s and for their rael's request for more Phantom credibility, restabilize a deterio-
current balance of power in the
new, highly sophisticated MIG-23 jet fighters is required in response rating situation, avert the spread
Middle East, the President would
fighters. Up to now there have to the emergence of the Soviet air of war and serve notice that we
not hesitate to reconsider sending
been no reports of operational force in a combat role in Egypt, keep our word to nations threaten-
additional planes to Israel," Philip
MIG 23s in the area. The Russian Congressman William S. Broom- ed by overt Soviet pressures."
AJComm'it ee presi-
pilots are flying the slower, short' field of Michigan said Wednesday.
He pointed out that the Soviet dent declared. "Despite the re-
range MIG-21 which gives credence
Rep. Broomfield, a ranking mem- air' defense of Egypt has freed straint shown by our government,
to the theory that their mission ber of the House Foreign Affairs Egypt's air force for raids against the Russians have chosen to esca-
is defensive for the time being.)
Committee, said that "Instead of Israel and has provided a privi- late their penetration in the Middle
(New York Times Washington limiting its military aid to Egypt leged sanctuary.
East. We therefore urge the Presi-
correspondent James Reston said to stabilize the Middle East, fol- Thant Reports No Receipt
dent to give new and serious. con-
Wednesday that diplomats in the lowing the refusal of Israel's jet of Soviet Pilot Report
sideration to the request of the
capital differed in their interpre- request, Moscow has escalated ten-
UNITED NATIONS, N. Y. (JTA) Israel government to purchase
tation of the meaning of the new sions. Our restraint has been an- —A United Nations spokesman additional Phantoms and Sky-
Soviet involvement in Egypt : "The swered by a cynicial Russian build- said Wednesday that Secretary hawks."
most alarming interpretation is up, which has moved from intro- General U Thant has no official
Ambassador Yosef Tekoalt of
that the Soviets, seeing President duction of additional Russian statement on Israeli reports that
Israel sharply criticized the
Nixon in trouble at home and in . troops into Egypt to sophis- Russian pilots are flying missions
statement on the Middle East
Southeast Asia, are stepping up , ticated weaponry including SAM-3 over Egypt. The spokesman said
situation issued by Thant and
the pressure in the Middle East missiles, to the most recent emer- the secretary general could not
declared it was proof that the
while the administration is pre- gence in a combat role of Soviet comment on press reports. How-
UN could not deal objectively
occupied elsewhere," Reston wrote. jet fighter squadrons."
ever, Thant did issue a "general
with the Arab-Israeli conflict.
"The more moderate interpreta-
The congressman said that
"To condone outside military in-
view" of the Mid East situation.
tion is that Moscow is not engaged
American policy "clearly indi-
He said "So long as the relevant tervention in the Middle East con-
in a major play at all—having
cated the actions required. The
resolutions of the Security Council flict on any grounds whatever is
economic troubles and Chinese
Russians have seized on a mo-
are not implemented by the par- a misguided attitude courting dis-
preoccupation of its own—but is
ment when we are pre-occupied ties, the situation in the Middle aster," Tekoah asserted. "The
merely warning the Israelis to with Cambodia to test our re-
East will continue to deteriorate United Nations statement is furth-
stop their deep aerial penetrations
solve in Middle East." He made with all the dangerous conse- er evidence that the UN is unable
of Egypt or risk the fire of the
clear that "Israel neither seeks
quences, including outside involve- to view objectively the Israel-Arab
Soviet pilots and technicians."
nor desires direct American par-
ment which will inevitably follow.
conflict and to contribute con-
According to Reston, even the
ticipation. But the delay in pro-
The "relative resolutions" refer- structively to its resolution."
latter interpretation worries the
Israelis lest President Nasser mis-
judge his power, as he did in 1967
and stumble into another war.
(New York Daily News cor-
respondent Henry Maule reported
from London Wednesday that
massive Soviet economic and mili-
tary aid to the Arab states is one
of the major causes of Russia's

present economic difficulties, may
lead to the fall of the present
Kremlin triumvirate — Brezhnev,
Kosygin and Podgorny — with
Communist Party boss Leonid
Brezhnev assuming full power. Ac-
cording to Maule, one possible
outcome would be a more accom-
modating attitude on settling the
Middle East conflict to improve
the economic picture at home.
(Reston reported that Wash-
ington is concerned that if Soviet
pilots go beyond their implied
threat of force in Egypt to actual
shooting, the Middle East balance
of power will clearly be upset, a
development President Nixon has
committed himself to avoid. The
Washington Post quoted an un-
named U.S. official as saying that
Be sure your relatives and friends are not left out either .
Israel was using the growing Soviet
pressure to try to build a case for
more U.S. help. "They're trying
to make it our problem," the Post
reporter said.)
Wednesday's government state-
ment said "The escalation of
Soviet involvement in Egypt must
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cause concerti not only to Israel
but to all freedom-loving peoples.

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