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April 10, 1970 - Image 42

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The Detroit Jewish News, 1970-04-10

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Israelis Split Over Goldmann-Nasser Meeting

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chairman of the Jewish Agency 30 minutes, was followed by a since the Communist countries 1 Dr. Prinz described as "fright-
official in Paris who laid down Executive.
lively debate in the chamber in broke off diplomatic relations with I ening" the pro-war, pro-Israel
President Nasser's conditions fo r
In an article in the April issue which the government's action was Israel during the June 1967 Arab - rally in Washington on Saturday.
such a meeting. The condition s of Foreign Affairs Quarterly, Dr. both supported and criticized Israeli war. They include Anatol ' He re-emphasized that he did not
were that it would have to be with Goldmann proposed that Israel Premier Meir took the floor to F. Dobrynin, Soviet ambassador to think the "reactionary forces of
the knowledge of the Israeli Cabi- neutralize itself in international rebut the critics and explain why the United States and Marshal the world" were rallying behind

net and that all public announce- affairs and reconstitute itself as a
ments of a meeting were to be left Jewish cultural and spiritual home-
to the Egyptians.
land under permanent internation-
Mrs. Meir claimed that Dr. Gold- al protection. In that article he
mann told the Egyptian that he refrained from criticism of the Is-
might be appointed as a roving rael government. But in the
ambassador of the Israeli cabi- Haaretz series, Dr. Goldmann
net. She conceded that Dr. Gold- charged "Inflexibility on the part
mann had approached her with of Israel's leadership, lack of un-
Nasser's purported offer to meet derstanding of the Arab psy-
with him but rejected his charge chology: a mistaken policy of re-
Monday night that she had "tor- prisals against Arab attacks; and
pedoed" his mission by bringing an incompetent approach toward
it before the 22-member coalition the Soviet Union."
cabinet. Mrs. Meir contended that
Dr. Goldmann also claimed in
there was no invitation in the first Haaretz, as he did in Foreign Af-
place and that she could not ap- fairs Quarterly, that "If Israel
prove or disapprove Dr. Gold- persists (in its inflexibility) its In-
mann's plans without consulting ternational position will become
with the cabinet.
, increasingly untenable . . . We are
Dr. Goldmann said Monday that losing the support of the progres-
he was disappointed over the cabi- sive elements in the world."
ent's rejection, observing that a
Dr. Goldmann described him-
meeting with Nasser "might have self in Haretz as "belonging to
been the beginning of some way
the small minority which always
to avoid another war or escalation took the Arab problem very
of the Mid East conflict." He re-
seriously." He claimed that Is-
fused to disclose who was instru- rael was "never ready to com-
mental in arranging the "sugges- promise but always demanded
Lion" that he meet Col. Nasser. all of the land of Israel.
Diplomatic observers here say
"The main reason for our failure
Marshal Tito' of Yugoslavia, with to understand the Arab position

she had brought the issue before
the cabinet.
In the course of her remarks
she contradicted an assertion made
by Eban only a short time before
that Dr. Goldmann had asked for
the status of an emissary.
"There is no precedent in the

annals of relations between na-
tions to an effort to force a
sovereign state into being repre-
sented in a first historic con-
tact—open or covert—by a per-
son who rejects the basic tenets
of its policy," Eban said.
He said Israel is ready to meet

Arab representatives at any time,
anywhere, at any agreed level, and
any subject may be brought up.
"But Israel cannot agree that the
other side should dictate who
should represent her and what
views would be stated on her be-
half." He spoke of efforts made by
Israel in the past 30 months and
especially of late to initiate nego-
tiations with Arab states, includ-
ing Egypt.
He said some were conducted
openly, through the United Na-
tions special envoy, Ambassador
Gunnar V. Jarring, and others
were made secretly. "However, all
'initiatives have been rejected,"
Eban said.
In the debate that followed
Eban's remarks, Gideon Hausner
of the Independent Liberal faction
said Israel must be ever ready
for new approaches and new initia-
tives to break the present dead-
lock. "Dr. Goldmann may not
hold the same views as the ma-
jority in the government and the
Knesset," Hausner said, "but he
certainly cares more for Israel
than do U Thant or Dr. Jarring."

Tito. Observers here said the Israel.
Egyptian government apparently
wanted to talk but to avoid the ' Knesset Votes Down Motion
on Problems of Peace
description of such talks as direct.
They would have been direct if a Introduced by Uri Avneri
government representative h a d
been chosen for the task by Israel. da motion to debate "the problem
peace" was voted down by the
Some sources here claimed that
Knesset last week. It was intro-
Egypt had no intention whatever
' duced by Uri Avneri of the Hao-
to really seek a settlement and
the meeting with Dr. Goldmann lam Ilazeh faction.
Foreign Minister Abba Eban,
was chosen as a propaganda in-
strument. Cairo radio meanwhile replying to the motion, said the
has held far-ranging dis-
denied that there were any pro-
posals for a Nasser-Goldmann cussions of the topic of peace, es-
meeting. The denial, on its foreign pecially during the past few
language broadcast monitored here months, but that the Arabs have
u as made by Dr. eui
,, , the offi- rejected every initiative toward
cial Egyptian government spokes- , peace and understanding made by
man. It was not carried on the Israel over
He said that until the Arabs
, Egyptian home radio broadcast.
Israel is
Dr. Joachim Prinz, chairman
of the governing council of World a fact, "Middle East peace will
Jewish Congress, expressed dis-


agreement with the' statements
by Goldmann that Israel is at-
tracting increasing support from
rightest groups.

Zionist Leader Says
Mid East Peace More
Remote Now Than Year Ago

In an interview with the Jewish Leaders of the Zionist Organiza-
Telegraphic Agency, Dr. Prinz tion of America were told last
labeled the allegations "lacking in weekend that the chances of peace
clarity and substatiation," noting in the Middle East are further
whom Dr. Goldmann has met, en-' was our lack of comprehension of
the neo-Nazi National Demo- 'away than a year ago and that
gingered the plan, and the Yugo, ,
their psychology," he wrote.
cratic Party in Germany is "vio- there is "no chance for peace in
slavian ambassador in Cairo was "There are some objective prob-
opposed to Israel."
;the very near future."
an intermediary.
lems like territories and refugees,
Dr. Goldmann, in Foreign Af-
Ehud Avriel, chairman of the
Several opposition splinter but with a certain measure of good
fairs Quarterly, had asserted that actions committee (General Coun-
parties attacked the govern- will and common readiness to find
one "negative consequences of cil) of the World Zionist Organi-
ment's decision in the Knesset a solution, it will not be difficult
(the) permanent state of war" in zation, added that in spite of the
Monday. More significant was an : to solve them."
the Middle East was that "in many victory of the Six-Day War, the
, editorial in Davar, organ of
Dr. Goldmann continued, "I al-
parts of the world it is the reaction- Arabs and their Soviet "sponsors"
Premier Meir's Labor Party,
ways claimed that t'rne is not in
ary, nationalistic groups which had not learned to live in peace
which criticized the brusque
Israel's favor. From this view-
have become the sponsors and ad- with Israel.
manner in which the government
point I oppose thinking not only of
of Israel, whereas large
But Avriel told the more than
rejected Dr. Goldmann's plans.
(former Pr, inier) David Ben-
of the progressive world 100 leaders of the ZOA that Israel
Independent and left-wing stn.
Gurion but of most of Israel's
disappointed and an- now has better strategic borders
dents demonstrated outside the
present leaders. No one can pre-
tagonistic to Israel."
and that a new war will be "in the
hall where Gen. Dayan spoke
diet how long it will take the
Two opposition factions, Han- ; Dr. Prinz noted that "progres- middle of Arab countries and not
Monday night.
Arabs to reach Israel's level of
lam Hazeh and the New Com- ' sive elements," including antiwar in Jewish villages or towns."
One placard read, "You've got technology, especially in respect
munists, have introduced mo- protesters and civil rights activists,
Avriel called on the ZOA to aid
the telephone call you've been , of armaments. Many of the young-
tions of no confidence in the have been solidly pro-Israel.
Israel in bringing even more
waiting for—answer it." The ref- er Arabs are now receiving high-
government. The Agudat Israel
Dr. Prinz disclosed a cable, re- ' American students to the Jewish
erence was to a statement by Gen. level scientific training. We lack-
has introduced an agenda mo- ceived from Dr. Goldmann in Jeru-
state. "We believe," he said, "Is-
tion on the same issue, and the
Dayan that Israel was waiting for ed the sense of responsibility for
salem, stating: "My article in For- rael must find new avenues to
a phone call to make peace but what they considered the great
Independent Liberal Party has
eign Affairs, as well as a series of make it easier for Jews to come to
it never rang.
wrong committed against them,
asked for further clarification
articles now being published by Israel."
Dr. Goldmann criticized what that the country where they were
because its cabinet minister,
me in Haretz, are the expression
has been described as Mrs. Meir's in a majority was stolen from
Moshe Kol, is abroad.
of my personal opinion. The WJC
"wall-to-wall coalition." He said them."
Dr. Goldmann told the Le position, as confirmed by its recent Carswell's Defeat
"The government is based on a
Dr. Goldmann said the reprisal Monde editor, who revealed the executive committee meeting in
decision not to decide, because policy which he claimed was de- ' story on the Paris meeting, that he
r as Urged by Clergy
Tel Aviv, is unreserved support for V
the moment they do so, that's the veloped by Ben-Gurion "only suc- thought the suggestion had been
NEW YORK—The Senate defeat
Israel, whose government alone is
end of the big coalition."
ceeded in intensifying Arab hos- serious, "I don't believe Nasser responsible for its foreign policies. of Judge G. Harrold Carswell as
Premier Meir remarked only tility. I have no doubt that every would have just looked at my I have always fully accepted and Supreme Court nominee, by a vote
last week that peace was more im- reprisal raid served to deepen eyes," he said. He said no Rus continue to accept this position. of 51-45, drew statements o' re-
portant than the coalition. She enmity." he wrote.
sian mediation was involved but The W.IC comprises Jewish groups. lief from a number of Jewish or-
told an audience at a police offi-
when asked if the Yugoslav am- agencies and communities from all ganizations that had expressed
In the third article of his
.. cers' graduation that if the Arabs series, Dr. Goldmann wrote "I
bassador in Cairo had been a mid- over the world holding different opposition to the Southern con-
ever made an acceptable peace
see no reason why a contractual dleman, he replied, "no comment." ' opinions, and it has therefore servative's nomination.
offer on which the cabinet could
Dr. Goldmann has had many never taken a position on Israel's
peace treaty is a better guaran-
Two American rabbis who ex-
not agree she would disband the
tee for Israel than an official meetings with Communist leaders foreign policy."
pressed their "unalterable opposi-
announcement of the cessation
tion" to the nomination of Cars-
In his remarks to students Mon-
of beligerency, which Nasser is
well were Rabbi Maurice N. Eisen-
day night, Defense Minister Dayan
ready to make." Dr. Goldmann
drath, president of the Union of
rejected the idea that the govern-
argued that Israel has lost world
American Hebrew Congregations,
ment had missed a chance to open
sympathy because "of the in-
and Rabbi Henry Siegman, execu-
peace talks with Egypt. He said
flexible line taken by its lead-
tive vice president of the Syna-
that if Dr. Goldmann was really
ers." He warned of weakening
gogue Council of America, which
invited to Cairo it was because. of
American support for Israel.
represents the lay and rabbinic
his recently publicized personal
bodies of Reform, Conservative
Dr. Goldmann maintained that
views which are not the views of Israel's insistence on, direct talks
and Orthodox Jewry. With five
the government.
Christian clergymen, they signed a
with the Arabs was a mistake and
telegram addressed to senators
"Let us for a moment think that "completely unrealistic" just as'
Goldmann would have come to an the Israel government's opposition
who indicated their support of the
agreement with Nasser" he said. to the Two- and Four Power talks
nomination or who were still un-
"Would that mean peace? It is "wrong and unrealistic."
might mean peace between Nas- He criticized Premier Meir and
The telegram said, in part: "We,
ser and Goldmann, but the con- her cabinet for failing to yield
American religious leaders, wish
flirt is between Nasser and Israel," to the pressure of friends to change
to express our unalterable opposi-
Gen. Dayan said.
the present "stubborn stand."`V)
tion to his (Carswell's) nomina-
Dr. Goldmann's personal views some delude themselves that Is-
tion. Such an act would, in our
on how to resolve the Middle
rael can stand for another 20
judgment, be an affront to our
East conflict aroused widespread years, they are wrong. The Arabs
national black citizens, and deal
interest here Tuesday.
won't let us. The world won't let
a serious blow to the pursuit of
A series of four articles in the us. We have to break the ice and
racial justice. Carswell's nomina-
Daily Haaretz constitute the most sacrifice the national unity gov-
tion and/or confirmation would
serious and detailed criticism of ernment for it. Israel must break
further deepen the cynical malaise
Israeli foreign policy ever to ap- its silence and Rresent its mini-
with which so many of our citizens
pear here by a man who is both a mum demands for a settlement,"
now view the future of our coun-
Zionist leader and an international he wrote.
try and intensify their conviction
Foreign Minister Abba Eban
that America is speedily sliding
Champagne is forgotten as the Gist shipment of Jaffa oranges into moral decadence."
Dr. Goldmann is president of criticized Dr. Goldmann in a Knes-
the World Jewish Congress and set speech Tuesday defending is sampled at a reception aboard the S/M Bruno in Philadelphia.
The other signatories of the
for many years president of the the government's rejection. The Samplers are (from left) Ezra Shayo, consul and trade commissioner,

affas,.. 'Nectar Of Gods ,

World Zionist Organization and speech, which lasted more than

42 — Friday, April 10, 1970


government of Israel; Harry Gordon of ATID; Ron Beit-Or, Israel's
commercial attache to the U.S.; and Art Fisher, president, Fisher
Brothers, Inc., importers of Jaffa oranges. (See story, Page 29)

telegram were Dr. John Bennett,
Bishop William Crittendon, Dr.
Dana McLean Greeley, Rev. David
Hunter and Rev. Robert B. Moss.

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