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March 27, 1970 - Image 34

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The Detroit Jewish News, 1970-03-27

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Decision Made: No Jets for Israel 'at This Time'

WASHINGTON ..ITA) — Secre- concerned." R o g e r s told the persuaded him to change his deci•
tary of State William P. Rogers news conference that the decisions sion. He said that, "as of the pres . Israel only in the short-term sense cations are that they will not –
formally announced Monday that which the administration has taken ent time, and considering our pres . that it will not get more jets at it the present diplomatic climat
the United States has rejected regarding Israel's requests for ad- ent evaluation (they), do not indi • this time. "Fundamentally, how- prevails." Selover said that th,
Israel's request for additional air- ditional planes and its warning cafe a significant shift in the bal • ever, the administration addressed Nixon decision is in essence al a
craft -but that the U. S. will "make that it will maintain a close watch ance." Nixon warned the Soviet the issue of whether Washington attempt to move the Four Powe
renewed efforts in diplomatic chan- on the situation "are taken with Union, however, that any effort tc i should continue to ensure that Is- Mid East talks off dead center
nels" to "engage the other major the strong conviction that ultimate upset the present balance woul d I rael maintains enough of a mili- where they have remained sine
suppliers to the Middle East in security for all concerned lies in bring a swift U.S. response. He • tary advantage to deter full-scale the Soviets rejected the latest in
early arms limitation talks." Prior peace. They are taken in the be- said that in the absence of a gen • war. On this crucial question the itiatives last year.
to the news conference at which lief that the current trend of events eral Mid East settlement, the best answer was yes," the Post com-
The Monitor hailed the Nixoi
Rogers spelled out this country's must be reversed if the situation is way to deter an intensification of ' mented in an editorial Wednes- decision as "perhaps the singli
policy, he told congressional lead- to be stablilized and if progress passions which could lead to a ma - day. "President Nixon's careful most startling attempt to de-escal
ers that the Nixon administration toward peace is to begin."
jor war was keeping a military bal• pledge to maintain the Mid East ate the Middle Eastern arms rae i
will provide SI00,000.000 in eco-
In replies to questions by news. ance to discourage both sides from 'balance must be regarded as far since the June 1967 war." The ed
nomic aid as "aid of a kind Israel men, Rogers stated that the deci- embarking on "an aggressive more important to Israel's long itorial conceded that "one canno
needs to bolster its economic and sion on the jets "was made with course."
term security and to the deter- foresee the result of this action.'
military stance." This economic the same care the U. S. would ap-
One newsman questioned the rence of a regional war, than It could discourage the Israelis tc
aid, he said, will come from mili- praise its own security." He told French sale of Mirage jets to even the most liberal short-term the point where they might turn tc
tary funds.
newsmen that the agreement to Libya. Nixon said the French posi- arms deal," the Post said.
new preemptive action or encour
But the Christian Science Mon- age the Arabs "to the point of
President Nixon blunted Rogers' sell Libya eight F-5 low-altitude tion was that its deliveries to
announcement by hinting Saturday planes was made a year ago, prior Libya were not "for the purpose itor's Washington correspondent, gross recklessness." One encour
that Israel would not, at this time, to the change in that country's of transhipment, basically to the William C. Selover, commented aging element, according to the
government and would now be re- United Arab Republic." He noted Wednesday that "chances of suc- Monitor, "is that there still is m
get the jets.
President Nixon disclosed at an considered. Replying to Israel's that France was one of the parti- cess are regarded here as doubt- indication that the Soviet Unior
comment that it would channel cipants in the Four Power Mid East ful." According to Selover, the is presently making any substan
impromptu press conference that
future military aid requests secret. talks and hp believed it recognized administration sought to demon- tial increase in the Arabs' offen
there was to be a delay to Israel's
ly to avoid additional embarrass- the danger of any arms shipments strate that the United States is sive potential. The installation of
request on 35 more supersonic F-4
ment in case of turndowns, Rogers to the area "which imperils the prepared to take the first step ground-to-air mi ssiles is for
Phantom jets and about 100 more
said "Secrecy is not a very pro- balance of power increases the toward a limitation of arms sup- Egypt's defense, not for attacli
of the slower A-4 Skyhawks. How-
ductive policy to follow in our sys- danger of war." Nixon said, "I plies to the Mid East. "The effort even against Israeli occupied ter.
ever, the President did not rule out
tem of government." This remark think that France, in its shipments is pointedly directed at the Soviet ritory. Nor have we changed our
specifically the possibility that the
drew the only laughter at the press over the next few years, will be Union and France which continue view that the Russians still have
U. S. might go along with at least
guided by that principle as we to sell weapons to the Arabs," he no desire to see the outbreak of
part of Israel's request. He
wrote. "Whether or not they read all-out war occur in the Middle
Arthur J. Goldberg, former are."
stressed that the decision was an
Some Washington observers saw the signs from Washington is a East," the Monitor said.
interim one.
in the Nixon decision a cautious
justice and just-announced
In his pr e p a red statement.
Democratic candidate for the first step toward limiting the arms 34—Friday, March 27, 1970
Rogers stated that "In our judg-
governorship of New York, dis- race in the Mid East—one that
ment, Israel's air capacity is suf-
zgreed Sunday with President
Have An Affair to Remember
ficient to meet its needs for the
Nixon's decision not to sell jets Soviets, the Arabs' chief arms sup-
time being. Consequently, the
to Israel at this time. "The So- pliers, were to ignore it. New
President has decided to hold in
v.:et Union is heavily involved York Times Washington corre-
abeyance for now a decision with in the Middle East," Goldberg
Weddings & Bar Writ
spondent Tad Szulc called it "the
And Orchestra
Prestige Color
respect to Israel's request for ad- said on NBC-TV's "'Meet the subtlest foreign policy maneuver
ditional aircraft." Rogers advanced
KE 4-5980
Press," and jets for Israel are thus far undertaken by the Nixon
four proposals aimed, he said, at
"essential in terms of keeping administration, and it is quite con-
reducing hostilities "and thus en-
the peace." Declaring himself ceivable to its authors that it may
hance the prospects for peace" in
in favor of a Mid East arms limi- end up an abominable failure."
the Middle East. The four pro-
According to Szulc, "The United
tation, the former U. S. ambas-
posals, which Rogers asserted
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sador to the United Nations and States regards the ultimate stakes
the U. S. will make with renewed
in the Middle East as to be so high
former secretary of labor none-
See Morris Watnick
efforts, were to "encourage both
the less stated that "no imbal-
sides to adhere fully to the UN
ance should be permitted" and rary strategic error that can al-
cease-fire resolutions: call upon the
that "nobody should be encour- ways be corrected by an emer-
parties to the conflict to reappraise
aged to make war." Goldberg gency recourse to new options .. .
W i
positions which have become road-
also compared the reported re- Nixon is portrayed here as being
blocks to peace: urge all concern- cent deliveries of Soviet
ready to pay the price of anger on
283 Hamilton
Thurs. & Fri. to 9 p.m.
ed to support proposals which anti-aircraft missiles to Egypt the part of both the Arabs and the
Birmingham (Near Oemery's)
would help Ambassador Jarring
with similar shipments to Viet- Israelis in seeking to defuse the
launch a process of negotiations
nam, and suggested that they Middle Eastern crisis and prevent
among the parties under his
it from escalating into a Soviet-
were antagonistic to peace.
auspices; and engage the other
(Meanwhile, a plan to utilize American confrontation," Szulc
major suppliers to the Middle East
NATO air power to guarantee
in early arms limitation talks."
The $100,000,000 in U.S. eco-
future frontiers in the Mid East
Referring to the proposed econo-
nomic aid to Israel pronosed by
emerged in Brussels over the
mic aid, Rogers said the United
Rogers Monday falls far short
week-end. The plan calls for the
States will respond "affirmatively"
of what Israel requested to help
deployment of about 250 fighter-
to certain of Israel's short term
it out of its present serious
bcmbers from NATO countries
financial requests "while study-
financial difficulties, the Wash-
on the fringes of the Mid East, to
ing further its longer range•needs."
ington Post reported from Jer-
go into action in the event that
Ile said there will be an expanded
usalem Wednesday. According
either Israel or the Arab coun-
PL-450 program for purchase of
to correspondent Yuval
tries gained air superiority in
surplus food, primarily feed grains

Israel's aid application was re-
a resumption of full-scale war-
and wheat "under favorable credit
ported to have been for a
fare. The plan was _authored by'
arrangements." Roger s added
$1,000,000,000 loan to be extend-
Sir Anthony Buzzard, a retired
"We will also extend credit to help
ed in five $200,000,000 install-
British admiral and former
• .. •
cover the balance due on past
. . ....
ments. This was the request
director of naval intelligence who
military contracts." • Focusing on
made by Premier Golda Meir
is chairman of the British Coun-
the Soviet Union's supply of
when she visited President Nixon
cil of Churches advisory com-
.SAM-3 missiles and additional So-
last September.
mittee on the Mid East. Accord-
viet personnel to Egypt, Rogers de-
ing to reports, the British and
"It was explained that with the
clared: "The situation bears and
Weed Council of Churches have war costing Israel $100,000,000 a
will receive close and careful
shown interest in the plan and day, only massive assistance would
scrutiny by us as well as continu-
so have a number of Labor and enable the nation to ovecome the
ous review and evaluation."
Conservative members of the present crisis without endanger-
Rogers said "if steps are taken
British Parliament and French,
ing future economic growth," Eli-
which might upset the current bal-
Italian and Turkish diplomats
zur wrote. He said Israeli officials
ance or if in our judgment politi-
and politicians. The plan has re- welcomed Rogers' offer. It will
cal developments warrant, the
portedly been favorably received constitute an important boost to
President will not hesitate to re-
by the Assembly of the Western Israel's dwindling fcreign curren-
consider this matter." The secre-
European Union. In effect, its cy reserves but will not relieve
These fine pre-walking shoes
tary of state stressed that "re-
supporters say, it would estab- the heavy burdens caused by se-
are crafted of the
straint will be required on the part
lish a reliable external guaran- curity need.
of other major suppliers to the
softest leathers. With extra
tee of the frontiers envisaged
Elizur said "Israeli forecasts of
Middle East. No nation can pursue
in the United Nations Security foreign currency income for 1970
flexible construction,
a policy of seeking unilateral ad-
Council's Nov. 22, 1967 Mid East include about $200,000,000 as loans
they help prepare tiny feet
vantage in the area if peace is to
resolution. Reports, of the Buz- from various sources. Officials
be achieved." He reiterated the
for first steps.
zard plan made public so far do here (Jerusalem) made rib secret
statement made by President
not indicate who would man the of the fact that the materialization
Nixon at his press conference Sat-
NATO aircraft should they be of the these sources of income was
urday, that the United States deci-
employed in a Mid East conflict.
hardly guaranteed."
--- —
for all children
sion on aircraft to Israel was an
The plan appears to envisage
While much press reaction
"interim decision."
the planes as a deterrent rather

Tuesday was sharply critical of
Rogers added that the United
than an actual combat force.)
the Nixon administration's de-
States will continue to keep close
In his Saturday evening press
cision to hold in abeyance Is-
watch on the military balance in conference, President Nixon re-
rael's request for more war-
the Mid East. "The United States ferred to the reported arrival of
planes, several newspapers de-
will be in a position to provide SAM-3 missiles and Soviet techni-
scribed it as "wise" and "posi-
Tots through Teens
additional as well as replacement cians in Egypt as "disturbing."
tive," calculated to de-escalate
aircraft promptly if the situation He said the reports were received
the mounting tensions in the
LI 1-1108
requires it," he affirmed. "To this after the decision on Israel's re-
Middle East.
end, the United States will remain quest for more jets had been made.
The Washington P o s t, which
Open Thursday until 9 P.M.
in close consultation with those However, those reports had not thought the Nixon decision was a







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