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January 09, 1970 - Image 12

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The Detroit Jewish News, 1970-01-09

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Foray Into Lebanon Yields 22 Hostages

TEL AVIV (JTA1—Israeli spe- were not challenged again, a mill-
cial forces units entered Lebanon tal.% spokesman said.
last Friday night and collected 22
Four Arab guerrillas were killed
hostages — nine s oldiers and 13 and six Israeli soldiers were
civilians- - without firing a shot. wounded in a bloody encounter at
Three of the civilians were return- the Mouaze refugee camp in the
ed to Lebanon after an investiga- Gaza Strip Monday. The wounded
tion absolved them of suspicion soldiers were , hospitalized.
that they were saboteurs, a mili- 1 The clash occurred after Israeli
tary spokesman announced.
soldiers trailed a gang of sabo-
On the Egyptian front, Israeli teurs to the refugee camp. They
planes raided military
targets were searching the camp when
ai ■out 20 miles south of Cairo they were attacked with Russian-
Wednesday. an Israeli military made hand grenades and automa-
spokesman said. It was the closest tic fire. The battle lasted 15
to the Egyptian capital since the minutes.
The Israelis stormed the build-
Six-Day War.
The attacks were part of a ing where the guerrillas had taken
cover and found four dead inside.
three-pronged strike that also in-
They were identified as members
cluded Egyptian "military objec-
tives" at both ends of the Suez of the Popular Front for the
Liberation of Palestine.
('anal. A series of air raids, which
Israeli authorities lifted a par-
knocked out the Egyptian radar
curfew imposed on Ramallah
and missile sites along a 150-mile
following a grenade incident in
stretch. made the strike possible,
seven local Arabs were in-
said obser;,•ers.
The 22 hostages from Lebanon,
One Arab was killed and two
all male. were believed to have
ethers were wounded when a small
been taken as a consequence of
Russian-made hand grenade ex-
the kidnaping of a 54•year-old Is-
ploded in East Jerusalem Dec. 31.
raeli farmer. Shmuel Rosenwas-
The victim was a resident of Sil-
ser. by Arab guerrillas while he
war, village outside of Jerusalem.
was on guard duty at Metulla
A local Arab was killed and an-
near the I.chane , e border on New
other u as injured when a hand
Year's Day.
grenade was thrown at a police
Rosenwasser was the first Israeli vehicle in Hebron. The grenade
civilian kidnaped by guerrillas. missed the vehicle and exploded
The cabinet discussed means of se- at a vegetable sand.
curing his prompt release without
Israeli police cordoned off the
according the guerrillas—in this area and arrested all the vendors
case El Fatah—recognition as a in the vicinity for questioning. The
terrorist was ;reported to have
El Fatah has demanded the
stood among them for some time
relca , e of its on "prisoners of
before throwing the grenade.
war" by Israel in return for
Life imp•isonment terms were
Rosenwasser. Such an exchange
imposed Jan. 1 by military tri-
however would implicitly grant
bunals on two leaders of a sa-
captured El Fatah guerrillas and
boteur group from Jordan and
saboteurs POW status and would
on a 19-year-old Syrian-born
place them linger the protection
Arab. Meanwhile Israeli security
of the Geneva Convention. El
forces demolished six houses in
Fata'• failed to gain such status
the Samaria area belonging to
at the last International Red
known terrorists.
Cross conference at Istanbul,
A tribunal in Nablus handed
where it was ruled that the guer-
down the life sentences on Abdul
rilla organization did not meet
Diab Mandawwy and his deputy,
some of the conditions laid down
Al Al.' ad Nassara, and imposed
by the Geneva Con -- ention.
30-year terms on five other mem-
l'"le taking of hcstages in Leban- bers of the group. who were cap-
on could place responsibility for tured Dec. 1 in the Jordan rift
Rosenwasser's release squarely on the day after they crossed over
Lebanese government authorities from Jordan. They were members
in Beirut.
of the Democratic Popular Front
The operation was meticulous for the Liberation of Palestine,
and daring although Lebanese headed by George Habbash, be-
army units offered so little oppo- lieved to be responsible for the
sition that the Israeli forces didn't attacks on El Al planes and offices
bother to return their fire. The - Is- in Europe.
raelis crossed the Lebanese bor-
A tribunal in the Golan Heights
der in two columns. One column imposed a life term on Ahmed
of infantry entered Qalla villa ■ 7e Abdul Samekh of Allepo, one of a
and rounded up 13 men after group of guerrillas who killed two
peacefully evacuating all women Israeli soldiers and wounded two
and children. The youngsters were others in an ambush.
quieted with chewing gum and
In the razing operation, two
candy. The men went along with houses each were destroyed in Tul-
their captors without resistance.
karam, Jenin and Nablus. The cen-
The second Israeli column, head- ter of Nablus was under curfew
ed by a halftrack, entered a Le- after a grenade blast injured 10
banese border post with head- local Arabs. More than 150 per-
Aits blazing and took over a sons were detained for question-
hree-story police station. They ing.
found nine Lebanese soldiers hud-
Defense Minister Moshe
dled inside, all fully armed but
Dayan estimated Tuesday that
offering no resistance. The police
Egypt has suffered about 1,000
station was evacuated and then
dead in fighting the Israelis
demolished by Israeli sappers. The
across the Suez Canal since
column recrossed the Israeli bor-
der with its prisoners.
Answering questions in the
Israeli fighters shot down two
Knesset, Dayan said Israel had
Soviet-made Egyptian MIG-21
suffered 113 dead and 330 wounded
jets and scored hits on a third
in canal battles from April to
in an aerial dogfight deep over
Egyptian territory Sunday. A 1
The defense minister said there
military spokesman said no Is-
were 3,971 Egyptian military ac- 1
raeli planes were lost although
tions along the canal from the end
('giro has claimed that one Is-
of the June 1967 war until last
raeli jet was shot down.
The fight erupted as Egyptian
There were 3.094 incidents in
fighters appeared over the north- the Jordanian sector and 305 in- I
ern section of the Suez Canal zone cidents in the Syrian sector dur-
to challenge Israeli planes carry- ing the same period.
ing out their daily raids on Egyp-
Dayan said there were 999
tian artillery positions and other sabotage acts in Israel and the
military installations along the - ,var-won territories.
As a consequence of the sabo-
Israeli jets chased the Egyptian tage, 40 Israeli civilians and 23
MIGs about 30 miles west of the soldiers were killed, and 360
canal and reported that two of civilians and 165 soldiers wounded.
them exploded in mid-air and a Cleaver Asserts Black Militants
third was trailing smoke. The Is- Support Anti-Israel Guerrilas
raeli planes returned to their
LONDON (JTA) — E dridge
bombing and strafing mission and Cleaver, the Black Fanner leader

wanted by American police, said April, customs authorities at Ham-
in Algiers that the militant Negro ! burg confiscated 3,000 pistols des-
movement in the L.S. fully sup- tined for Lebanon, In June , they
I ports Palestinian guerrilla , activi- seized 54.000 rounds of ammuni-
tion already aboard a vessel bound
' ties against Israel.
Cleaver, who has found asylum for Arab ports. In July, they ar-
in Algeria, told the newspaper El rested two Turkish members of an
Moujahid that "Zionists, wherever international arms smuggling ring
they may be, are our enemies," Ile and confiscated 30,000 rounds of
said the Panthers "totally support arm in it ion.
the armed struggle of the Palestin-
■•■ •1•1•1•Ir
ian people against the watchdogs
of imperialism."

He charged that the U.S. uses
the Zionists "to torpedo the strug-
gle of our people for liberation."
Cleaver met earlier with El Fatah
leader Yasser Arafat and pledged
Black Panther cooperation against
all pro-Israel Jews.

Later, former Supreme Court
Justice Arthur Goldberg was as-
sailed by Cleaver as "a well known
Zionist" investigating "a group that
is a threat to both Uncle Toms and
Zionists," according to a report in
the Washington Post.

Cleaver attacked Goldberg
and black leaders in the United
States who set up an unofficial
citizens commission of inquiry to
investigate recent clashes be-
tween police and Panthers.

In a dispatch by Jesse W. Lewis
Jr. from Algiers, Cleaver was
quoted as saying that the Ameri-
can power structure is trying to
take control,of the situation by us-
ing a well known Zionist appointing
"Uncle Tom congressmen" like
Michigan Democrats Charles Diggs
and John Conyers "and two well
known and discredited Uncle Toms
like Roy Wilkins and Whitney
Young to erect a facade of con-
cerned and official responsibility."





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Arms and Ammunition
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BONN (JTA) — West German
officials have confiscated a large
quantity of arms and ammunition
about to be shipped to a Lebanese
port and apparently intended for
El Fatah, the Palestinian guerrilla

12—Friday, January 9, 1970



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"tip-off" they received on New
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West Germany maintains a strict
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