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November 14, 1969 - Image 4

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The Detroit Jewish News, 1969-11-14

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Iallo0 Of 1.11,11..it I.•• ■■ alt
OA. 111I.et11.0.1
00101 -.1 , 10E
II. , Je•sna ,
l • hI•11 -. 1 Iea en. In 1 , I , Ien
, I.
11 , . . 11•!
I I on. 1•.••1,Le I . •141
Se, 4..1.1

att., I•..10011e,

10 .• 1•

ties.. lions

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whir ot Scle, 1.1.5


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1 y1 No

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C/IAlli 0I I I 01111IN

Adv." 10.100 Manauct

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;•0 . In .1

♦ 11,101,an


Sabbath 5E1 iploi

': 1 1 1 . 41.14


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of .71111,


I:1 ,1 0

1 . 11. 4


Smashing Customs... Protecting Roots

1i0 .111 \ 10 1 he folk we
opposition to e s tatilislieit
1 • 11 stmlls• a 41. . 1 \ 111 11 tor total independence
from rule of eldt)r. or mthience Dom society.
,114• demonstration of defiance of the mores
That might dominate the lice. of .1 new i;en
('radon these come into contlict in the
process Of .1 W14'117( 1 77 of youth that has he
cotne a part of o u r Ines
There are very few u 110 do not grant
to youlli the right to rebel or to 'speak up tie


Wilily in Ilie process of \vim( tlicv 0.711 the
smashing of idols The accept•il code tod,iv

it'‘' ■ 1 , 11 11111c1 11.ttit e

III lee..16,0

are linked



to 1111..111 5511 VOIII II 11111


1;E:11111 . 11 Mat

not to Mt VIIVIV.

a g • llera11 ,1 11

y fat . : 1111`.111



that process Mt . elders open 1 1101



01 Its t 111Ie

t 10 . 1111.1 . 1

They seen'
.ISI ray in a stale of helplessness
Unready 10 Meet the el1.111elle.e inherent In

the revolt, and where and \Olen it is sect's
.lary to give credence 10 Inherited cosies .717(1
ideals there Is a 0 e.1kIlesS .1111011g the par
rills that makes them incapable, to tackle
the challenges of the children •
This is especially true ill the instance of
'tie Jewish rebels ttlio seem ready' to retain
the legacy of Judaism hill are determined
at the same time to destroy the customs that
have made that heritage so valuable. They
affirm loyalty I() some ideas but in tht•ir role
of defiance of the aged traditions seem to
lack an understanding of the importance of
the roots. that are '1 dal 10 Je\VIS11 survival.
‘.i ‘. :0
NVe (hi not speak of the need f or stii.

to the eXiSlellee
IN if "Ivryryas:;real
1. *) II the C0111 Vary. We live III

Of our people

the faith that Israel's indestructibility is un-
deniable because (tie values that are inherent
in our very c\istence are theinselYes

• el
that confront its

must deal with the tssIles

frankly. realistically


(II'ill stns

NVe approach the problem '\ith concern
as a result of the attitudes that become more
evident is time goes 'on We are not dis-
turbed hy the refection of
the traditions
of mich

by a
Sabbath o l,„,,,• \ anct ,

Wall soPlionlo re !see

letter box) to the point

fo believing that we .ire on the brink of


.Hecatist• the temporary rejections of reali-
lies might strike al the roots of our tradi-

Dons and \4r certainly desire to preserve

the customs that have

beCOIlle Sae it'd be-

cause of their validity it is neCeSSary that
the attitudes - that color the youthful defiance



reviened. studie, atialwed for a

I I I . 1, II 1' Anil Obst•I c.lnrr (hal .11 t•

del -11111e
1Dle•.. s01111' 01
1%1111 II .71 1'
1101 , • II Is 7:1 .1111ed (Ilal tine
. 11 11 1 •11
% • l
of the
mitt 'button, to mankind 11.1'.
time It ion hit' .1 cw ish iimple tit the

o r ld
In a wo


`.1.15 01 5

11 l• Ili/ x0,111,


III , Jul 1101 1,11055

011 • 11





41 , 15

" • 11, :::1''Ird .1 11 , 1' ,
1 10111 1.1110I'S


film hell

l a da' 01 I c ■ .1


able tit




55 Ilk II




1 , 11111, tt


" 111 :

111•I 10\ 11 ■■ •1‘
NVI 1 1) 11 111 . 1 ‘ 1101

In itself he cause for gre.11 alarm, e\cept

• •

if .111 i•tahlp-lied lorm of ,ahhatailan

Ism P. destroyed, tile Sery Sahhoth Itself

could be III danger 01 being undermined.
Set eral '5 Var.:, .1:;11, a 111101111•1" 01 NC1101.11•••

0 ere asked

III 1101 110 . I Ill' ILISIC Ideals III pro

Ales at 1' 111.111 . d

55 II II I he V11111'11 Nat IOUS


Many Legends of the Baal-She
Buber's Description of Hasidim

:11.ii tot Itolici •. mill tit rti‘ i• %%I ihni, ... on 11.1 . .011 1 .01 I 1 . 111.101 III,• 111:1_11.(

guide, 101- all 1111,11 . 1 ••tatlaIllr. .111,1 alp! vcialmn of no• l:i Vat .7,•'v i%li
I he Jeuish scholar tt 110 anttiorued I h t , .1,.„ ,..i i (no\ einem
!Wh•t's '''Iii,'
schoeken Is. k... Lc I ePtintloi: as a t•ip•rhaek lit
(• ■ Attain 1' 1 . S5.1 V 1/0111 t VII 011t 111.11 there u et e
by Dr. Matinee Ft
of thr
(III , ' , ' I huh:. that contributed to the stir\ iya, 1 I
I ' , In ,I,,_

1114' '1)1111"t • that 'sat. PlIblIS10 • 11 !IV lilt' I'\..

01 the .1t•WIS11

111• 0111e

Ill slide Ill I lit• ilt•FNICii

lions and the worldwide campaigns aimed a

31'55 1 . 5 • S lieStIlle1I1111 . TIle

S.11111.11 II.

.10,IIIISI1ea h./1,, it,: .,,‘,I li,,, II, 10:,;,. ,

it 'hems of Ill‘•,I1,•,•,o,


for the restoration of .11•wish
nationhood in Kret7 Israel.

and the hope

to L iy ri „ ii i i .„

w h o al .,

mii. i. i .,. ii , i i

in .h .„ oi

.itent, ol theology
f olkhic. to .ta
'this ii. one of the Srry notable works from which knowledge
1,.•no nt. the Baal-
ter of the Hasidic
is acquired about the f

Shell! •

about the life of the Hasidim.. and the major and distinct

I. avoda,
If we accept tins view in principle
asliects of the religious (eel or and teachings
kayatia and shiflul -about eclasy, intention and humility.
there is little cause for denying the reasons
AllvalleVtl We colllt1 not possibly iSolate the • To ifilistrah• the .aih•et, under discussion, Dr. Ituber presents In
Sabbath as tht• least illIDOrtallt in JeWISII life. this work more than a score of Hasidic legends, whi);:t.,4:41.(• narrated
even if we did not grant it priority over all by him in his unusual and fascinating style - each of;;; ,4city, an inter-
01 her reasons. ttretation of the movement. its faith. its to•rsonalitn•s.f.t.til:
Illinseif one of the 1)(•st known authorities 011 •e.SidiS111. the
It does not mean that we deny to those translator. Prof. Friedman. has ably provided an 1.:11;:iish test that
5\110 .10111SV a 'Way for oneg Shabat
for en - :ISSIII"e!, eXte11111 . 11 1111,1 . 1 , I III 11010•I'S writines and in the subject he
Joyment Of the Sabbath their owes right for h as si ,„„„ i i i..„,i i n
preferential methods of honoring the day.
I " is out that the stories in this volume tell
The introduce
But neither does it mean that recognition of
ter, "Rabbi Israel ben Eliezer, who was
the life of the Ilasittic f
the valued day permits lilt` ruling out of
called the Baal -Shinn. lhat is, the Master of God's florae, and
s\ IlagogUt• life. of pride in tradition. of ac
0110 115'1 . 11 from about 1700 to 1760. mostly In Podolia and Wohl-

ceplance of codes that have elevated Jewish
contributions to civilization to the highest

nis.• There is an historic analysis of the Jewish myth and the
author asserts: -The ita.idic leaching Is the proclamation of
No renewal of Judaism is possible that does not bear
rume of the ladder of htlInallitarianiStn.
in itself the elements of Hasidism."
When We Seek testes Of preserving Jet\ ish
There is this added inspirational and instructive comment In
existenee. We tIO 1101 sermonize: we nitional-
introduction: "The legend is the myth of I and Thou, of Hie
ize on the basis of pr.igni,itisin. recognizing Butler's
caller and the called, the finite which enters into the infinite and the
lhe haste values in a people's mode of his
infinite which has need id the finite. The legend i'lf um na:II-Shein is
ing and code of honor.
There air some not the history of a mall but die history of a calling. It does not
symbols that are not easily tivstruetiblo or tell of a destiny Inaoi a vocation. Its end is already contained in
in any way erasable.
There are many Jew - its beginning, and a nc5t beginning in its end."

practices and can defy certain practices.
But they do not deny the sanctity of a day

The interpretive. th e iii,i-iiiiti,i, in this work add 0ffe ,.. tieety to
the understanding of the Hasidim priwided by the movements skill-
ful historian. Dr. Martin 'tuber. the master knowledge - provider about

of rest in established Jewish law. The late

mysticism in Jewish life

:Sit SeCtdarists

who can argue against Jew- i


lla iin Nahman Rialik. scores of Jewish in- ,
Indeed, we urged stricter adherence to tellectuals like him, were not religiously ob-
the Sabbath When the late Dr. B. Benedict servant Jews, but their homes were centers
for imgei Shabat - - for joyous Saturday after-
to Detroit. he pleaded with us
to assist ill every possible way in ruling out noon celebrations---because the Sabbath was
Jewish public affairs that are 'frequently
One of the roots of great Jewish traditional

proper tw a Mal ion and

■ .kviosposisomwoommamimmi

ho rhrrl.hrs lici

ci„,,.,. „am,.

late ,lidian Krolik was

Splendid Short Story Collection

in Ofek's 'The Dog That Flew'

AM Sabbath t'Ve or 011 the Sabbath.

Without television and other distractions. Israeli children 'remain
disturbed when young \\Thy debate the Sabbath alone'? We among the most
avid readers to be found anywhere. Therefore, from
Jews could find no better. way of ushering treat it here as merely one of the symbols their preferences of fiction and other writings emerge some of the best
out the Yoni Kippur than by immediately in Jewish existence that have come under selected works.
planning public dances. Several rabbis, more challenge and have been threatened by a
This is the ease with the favorite short stories from Israel appearing
recently, expressed concern over public funs- revolt. They are not in great danger: they 1 in the Sabra Books collection under the title "The Dog That Flew."
tions on the Sabbath eve winch gained Jew -
suffer only temporarily. But even the tell' - it was edited by Uriel Ofek and the translations from the Hebrew are
ish participation. Since we had not heard porary setbacks are painful, and when young in excellent English.
similar protests from parents. from whose
Jews are not in the ranks that take pride
Ofek himself is represented with his story "The Big Secret.'
Several of Israel's best known writers of children's stories are
homes should come the impressive influence in our great gifts to humanity, we are pained.
So - when we debate with them we really represented in this volume. including. besides Ofek, Nathan Shaham,
upon youth not to desecrate the Sabbath.
the problem involving the desecrators be- plead with them, we invite them not to Yossi Margalith, Menahem Talmy, Nathan Vonathan, Nahm Gutman,
comes more or less insoluble. It is W hell 'abandon the glory that makes life worth lit'- Baruch Oren. Devorah Omer, Yifrach Ayiy and Yemima Avidar.
Drama. adventure, history, the various nationality backgrounds
the parents begin to think in terms of honor- in.z. They return-but it must not be too

ing the custom and the tradition that we late. They rebel-but we wish them to
know the facts so that rebellion can be, as

reach safe ground.


the youth who do not aicept the in our traditions. against injustice, in protest

of people who settled in Israel, the Yemenites and other Oriental
Jews whose tiles are intermingled with that of the Occidental Jews
are linked in this series of stories which depict Israel and its

term desecration as valid in an age of it-- against oppression and poverty. in the de- .
This anthology had the benefit of the editorship of one of Israel's
religiosity. this is not an argument. -
mand for human kindness for all
If we :

known short story writers for children. Uriel Ofek, who bad won
understand ' that fully. We must. therefore,
destroy one root in the traditions that are • best
the Lamdan Prize for best children's stories. is associate editor of
go to thel'oot we wish to preserve for a better
aimed at such ideals, it may harm the very Davar LeYeladim. the popular children's magazine. Born in Tel Aviv,
understanding of our aims.
foundation in the indestructible Jewish strut- , in 1926 . h e was graduated from the Hebrew University and studied
Having taken the Sabbath as a sample ture. This is what we hope to avert with literature at th e university of Toronto. He fought in the Israel 194 8
in the goal for preservation of valued tradi - an .invitation to youth to be with us and not' War of Independence and was a prisoner in Jordan of the Arab Legion
Units, we' reiterate -tirat 'there are bases for. 'against themselves and their legacy. - i for 10 months.

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