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July 26, 1968 - Image 12

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The Detroit Jewish News, 1968-07-26

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Eshkol in Sinai
Trade Act Amendment Introduced in Congress Would Strike at Poland
(Direct JTA Teletype Wire
Poland that the government was
in fact been toned down. The ported to have been purged for be-
Voices Confidence
to The Jewish News)
party has rallied to Wladislaw ing a Jew. Yet Mr. Naszkowski
WASHINGTON—Rep., Leonard creating a more liberal regime,
in which greater attention was Gornulka's position that anti- has ben made editor in chief of
in Israeli Strenath Farbstein, New York Democrat, one
given to human liberty," Farb- Semitism as such is inadmis-
Nowe Drogi, the Polish party's

announced Tuesday the introduc-
JERUSALEM (JTA) — Premier tion of an amendment to the 1962
Levi Eshkol toured Israeli mili- Trade Expansion Act, which would
tary positions throughout the Sinai suspend benefits of trade agree-
Peninsula and along the Suez ment concessions on products im-
Canal last weekend and later ex- ported from Poland.
pressed optimism that any military
"The amendment is in essence a
action there by Egypt would fail. negation of the most-favored-
The premier inspected the living nation trading privileges which
and working conditions of the the United States had extended to
armed forces by helicopter and Poland since 1960," he said.
military vehicle along with De-
"Since 1963, the Communist state
fense Minister Gen. Moshe Dayan, of Poland has benefited from the
Chief of Staff Chaim Bar-Lev and terms of trade that are enjoyed by
Brig. Gen. Yeshayahu Gavish, our oldest and most faithful allies
commander of the southern dis- — most-favored-nation privileges.
They were extended by the admin-
Among the places he visited I istration in response to signs in
were the Mitla pass, where Egyp-
tian armor was devastated during
the Six-Day War; Port • Tewfik,
overlooking Port Ibrahim on the
Egyptian side of the canal; and
the Great Bitter Lake, where 15
Two of the widest acclaimed
ships have been blocked since
Egypt closed the canal during the books of the past two years
war. He also toured the sites of have just been reissued as paper-
other routes that Israel's armed backs by Fawcett Crest Books
forces took during the war and (67 W. 44th, NY36).
Now available in the popular-
the sites of several clashes.
Summing up his impressions priced Fawcett books are "The
of Mitla, Ehkol said he still felt Chosen" by Dr. Chaim Potok, and
'srt1 and "A Night
"the fear of the collapsed Egyp-
of Watching" by
tian war machine whose rem-
Elliott Arnold.
nants and embers are still scat-
Dr. Potok's de-
tered there, and the fear of the
lightful book
Egyptian soldier who went to
about the two
war at (President Nasser's)
Jewish lads in
command and, at the end, fled
Brooklyn, their
to save his life."
Families, t h e i r
On the Israeli side, he said,
commencing ani-
heroism was "grounded in con-
mosity on a base
scious understanding." If it were
ill diamond and
not for "Nasser's indifference to
the subsequent
sufering, none of his people would
Dr. Potok
Jeep friendship
have suffered nor would the ships
be trapped in the lake," Eshkol kept the book among the best
said. "The world has come to sellers for nearly two years.
know how to evaluate the words of
"The Chosen" is remarkable for
peace uttered by Mr. Nasser's its discussion of Jewish values, its
messengers such as his Foreign profound insight into religious ap-
proaches, its humane factors.
Minister (Mahmoud) Riad."
Ehkol said, "We are obliged to
One of the most inspiring
believe him when he said he events in the history of World War
wished to destroy us." Riad said II—the Danish rescue of the
recently in Scandinavia that Egypt Jews—is re-created in Eilliott Ar-
accepted the "reality" of Israel, a nold's best-selling novel "A Night
remark that was later denied in of Watching." As a hard cover it
sold. 500,000' copies.
(It was reported from Istanbul
The historical details of of "A
that Soviet flat-boats weighing Night of Watching" are true. The
about 300-400 tons each passed names of the characters excepting
through the Bosporus over the some historical figures have been
weekend, and possible were head- Holy Days of 1943, tiny Denmark
ing for dredging operations in the changed. During the Jewish High
Suez Canal. Authorities in Istan- suddenly reared up in an act of
bul said the boats were going to revulsion against the Nazi occupa-
join a 10,000-ton Russian dredger tion. one of the most organized
that passed through the Bosporus and insistent tyrannies the world
-arlier this month.)
has ever experienced. In all his-
tory there are few such single-
krgentine Peace Group minded acts of defiance. The res-
cue began without plan, without
Calls for Direct Talks
organization. out of an expression
BUENOS AIRES (JTA) — The of nationwide will, a concept of na-
Argentine Committee for Peace in tional honor. But there was some-
the Middle East, an organization thing: else, something even more
composed mainly of Communists singular and perhaps even more
who broke with the party in pro- meaningful. And this is the incred-
test against Soviet anti-Israel pol- ible fact that when Hitler ordered
icy after the Six-Day War, called the roundup of the Jews, many
Monday for direct negotiation be- of the Germans in Denmark pro-
tween Israel and the Arabs as "the tested and then refused at obvious
most efficient form of understand- risk to participate.
ing and the best way to prevent
"You see," explains Arnold,
further warfare in the area."
"the Germans had occupied
The committee, headed by Dr. Denmark for more than three
Moises Polak, an internationally years before the Jews were mo-
known physician, researcher and lested in any way. For more than
educator, Dr. Norberto Rodriguez three years they had lived in that
Bustamente and Dr. Sergiu Bagu, civilized land, and had—and this
called on all "progressive forces" indeed is a miracle—become to a
to exercise their influence to as- surprising degree disinfected. By
sure a stable peace in the Middle the time Hitler finally made his
East and the end of the arms race move, his tools in the little Scandi-
there. It said that peace could be navian country were dulled, were
assured only by recognition of the in fact corrupted by decency. It
legitimate existence and sover- is a fact of history that the chief
eignty of Israel and the Arab of the Gestapo in Denmark, a man
associated with Auschwitz, went
It described as "ideological dis- to Berlin to try to prevent the
tortion" the identification of Israel action. And it is a fact that the
by progressive (leftist) elements warning that alerted the Jews was
with imperialism and the Arab given to them through the Danes
states with progress and anti-im- by a member of the German Con-
perialism. It deplored the failure sulate. All this while hatred
of leftist assemblies to recognize straddled the world, and death
the "bellicose chauvinism" of the and cruelty appeared triumphant.
Arab states and their continued Decency somehow prevailed. That
discrimination against Israel.
is what brought me to tell this tale,

stein said.
Poland abused these privileges,
he said, by returning "to a kind of
abject Stalinism coupled with one
of the most pernicious practices in
which a state can engage—official
anti-Semitism. There is no longer
any excuse for such privileges,"
the Congressmen asserted.
(See Editorial, Page 4)
Meanwhile, in a special report
on the feud in the Polish Com-
munist Party, the Christian Sci-
ence Monitor said Tuesday that
following the recent plenum of
the narty's central committee,
the anti-Zionist campaign 'has


equivalent to the Soviet party's bi-
wekly Kommunist. This positiop is
probably more influential than Mr.
Naszkowski's previous one. More-
over, it has been ascertained that
Mr. Naszkowski comes from a
Roman Catholic family. There are
other cases of this kind."

Assessing the reasons why the
central committee took its stand,
the paper suggested that one fac-
tor might be that "Many of the
top leaders, including Mssrs. Go-
mulka, Kilszko, and Chief of State
Marian Spychalski have Jewish
wives." It added, however, that
"The warnings of several West
See Our Fine New Sel-
European Communist parties that
lection of Summer Cloth-
the Polish party's veiled appeal to
ing, Slacks, Sport Coats
anti-Semitic prejudices would
and Accessories.
have an unfavorable effect on the
Comunist movement as a whole
Custom Fitting
were also a factor."
The Christian Science Monitor
aserted that "It now appears that
the number of Jews who lost their
posts has been exaggerated." It
said that "An example is the case
Thurs. to 9 P.M.
of former Deputy Foreign Minister
what in my thought makes the Marin Naszkowski who was re- r(cnniannilninnSinnniMinin
story timeless."
To gather information for "A 12—Friday, July 26, 1968
Night of Watching" Arnold
visited Denmark on three occa-
sions for long periods of time. He
interviewed more than 50 people
who were involved in some way
in the Danish Underground. What
impressed Arnold most about the
magnificent feat of the Danes was
that it suggests a hope: that the
evil in a man can lessen when he
is confronted by resolute human
Larry stern
Harry Abr , m


Potok's 'Chosen,' Night of Watching'
Reissued as Paperbacks by Fawcett




Atherton Resumes
Talks in Israel


12555 GRAND RIVER near. Meyers

(Direct JTA Teletype Wire

to The Jewish News)

JERUSALEM—Alfred Atherton,
head of the Israel-Arab desk in
the U.S. State Department, who
accompanied United Nations Am-
bassador George Ball and Assis-
tant Secretary of State Joseph
Sisco on their tour of Arab capi-
tals, returned here for conferences.
The American diplomats had vis-
ited Amman, Beirut and Jeddo
after their call here and Ambassa-
dor Ball and Sisco then went on
to the Far East.
Atherton was to confer with U.S.
embassy a n d consular officials
here, and was also expected to
meet Israel foreign ministry ex-
perts who were expected to give
him their views on developments
in Iraq. Israel sources said that
Atherton brought no new proposals
and would not conduct any negotia-
tions here. It was believed pos-
sible, however, t h at he would
relay to Israeli officials and
American representatives here at-
titudes expressed in the A r a b
countries he has just visited.
(When Ball visited Beirut, Leb-
anon, last week, after he had con-
ferred first with Israelis in
Jerusalem and later with Jordan-
ians in Amman, he was greeted by
Demonstrators throwing stones and
chanting "Go home!" The car of
U.S. Ambassador to Lebanon
Dwight J. Porter was struck by a
stone. Ball was riding with him in
his car. There were about 100 dem-
onstrators who waved a banner
that said: "The Arab nations will
never forget U.S. support for

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