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November 17, 1967 - Image 32

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The Detroit Jewish News, 1967-11-17

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Israeli. Victory Viewed as Crime by Her Enemies

were the warnings that Israel has
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turned into a "two-nation" state—
danian ruler, the mini-king as he
composed of Orientals who predom-
is viewed here, is gaining wherever inate and Occidenals. This has been
he goes. What people here find negated during the war by such
difficult to understand is how the a strong unity, by cooperation
world at large can tolerate the on so vast a scale, that no one
defeated king's equating Zionism dares say again that Israel is not
with Nazism, following the Soviet a single nation comprised of Jews
Russian line, seeking to arouse who recognized the common dan-
hatred under the guise of desir- ger and the need for absolute
ing peace.
• • *
The fact is that while Israel won
Israelis supplement the vast
a war,
commentary that Israelis must hordes who are touring the new
shout "forgive me for winning." areas and are visiting the Arab
A victory is being viewed as a markets and the communities of
crime. But what the enemies of Nablus (Shekhem), Jericho, Ram-
Israel do not recognize is that there allah, Hebron, R a g a z a, Khan
are too many here from Auschwitz Yunis, Bethlehem, Rafah, El-Arish,
and Buchenwald and they will not as well as the Golan Heights.
In the markets, Arabs marvel at
tolerate the repetition of the Holo-
caust; and that those who go into the hordes and one merchant ask-
an Israeli: How many Jews are
Rhan Yunis past Gaza and witness
the display of paintings engineered there in Israel? When he was told
by Nasser and Shukairy, calling there were 2,400,000, he said: you,
for the extermination of the Is- like the others, lie; judging by the
raelis, will not yield an inch of numbers who come here there
ground that becomes vital to the must he 10,000,000.
In the Golan Heights there is
defense of Israel.
cause for amazement that the for-
Now there is an awareness of a tified hills could have been taken
new situation: all of the world's by a handful of Israeli soldiers.
anti-Semitic instigations seem to be Detroiters visiting this area have
emanating from Arab quarters. It occasion to witness the redeemed
is in Cairo that the stupidities in- Gonen and Gadot kibutzim. The
corporated in the Protocols of the latter was partially destroyed and
Elders of Zion are being repub- has already been rebuilt. There
lished for widest distribution. It is are many new songs and among
from Arab quarters that there are them is this one about Gadot, the
being renewed accusations of the area which has had assistance
atrocious ritual murder libel. It is from the Detroit JNF ladies:
from Nasser's and Hussein's prop-
yihye od
aganda machines that there are dis-
Horim Bakirot-
tributed leaflets charging that the
Talmud condones the raping of
Bahurim bashmirot,
children by Jews! A military vic-
tory has not interrupted the spread
of the vilest type of abuse against
There shall be no more
Jews generally, and there is every
Holes in the walls—
indication that the new campaign
There shall be no more
against Jews, stemming from Cairo
Lads on guard
and Amman and Baghdad, being
In Gadot.
the equivalent of the vilest of the
Holes are still visible in the
Black Hundreds propaganda that
but they are being rapidly
has been inherited by the Russian
Communist and has not been repu- repaired. It is in the hills whence
had fired on Dan, on
diated by the Kremlin, now serves
as a combined warning to world Gadot, on Gonen, that Russian
Jewry of a renewed anti-Semitic tanks with Russian inscriptions are
campaign conducted by the suc- in evidence, where there still are
cessors to Czarism and the Moslem hand grenades and rounds of am-
munition, where in the numerous
Semitic cousins of the Jews.
destroyed bunkers there are ruined
In addition to the realism of beds and chairs, remnants of
General Dayan and others who Syrian soldiers' clothing, proof of
have joined with him in acknowl- how the enemies of Israel were
edging the true dangers to the fortified, ready to destroy Medinat
"Greater Israel," it is essential Israel and whence they fled after
that a warning by Ben-Gurion a decisive defeat. Against the
should be heeded. E.G has made small contingent of Israelis were
important proposals. He urges the massed, in the Syrian heights
settlement of Jews in newly-ac- which strategically were poised to
quired areas, especially in the destroy Israel, 65,000 Syrian sol-
Golan Heights and on the out- diers, 500 tanks and 120 planes:
skirts of Old Jerusalem. This is the result is now a historical fact,
vital to Israel's existence. Already and Hussein has apologized for
a Nahal settlement has been estab- having been a party to the lie, with
lished by Israeli military youth Nasser, that Britain and the U. S.
near Banias, which was one of the had shared in the victory.
most dangerous spots for the Jew
• • •
ish settlers on the Syrian border.
It was natural for Israelis to be
Jews are rebuilding their syna- infuriated over the latest occurren-
gogues in Old Jerusalem. The set- ces at the UN. It was another ele-
tlements close to the borders some ment of "guilt" for having suc-
distance from Jerusalem and near ceeded in resisting threats of de-
Hebron are being rebuilt. It is a struction. Added to the insults at
matter of security—of life or death the Security Council and to the
—for the state.
front presented by Hussein in his
Ben-Gurion made another im- clever plea for compassion while
portant comment: that a higher admitting that he was an acces-
Jewish birth rate must be encour- sory to the Nasser accusations
aged. This plea, addressed to the leveled at the U. S., were the Jor-
Jewish Agency, is mingled with danian raids on Israeli territory.
an element of despair—of admis- That's where stupidity again was
sion that the Jews in Western on a rampage. Israelis did not and
countries are not responding to will not condone renewed infiltra-
the urgent request for more set- tions and threats to life and prop-
tlers. Therefore there is this de- erty. Gen. Odd Bull knew it and
sire that there be an increase in he made several trips to Amman
the Jewish birth rate. This is a in an effort to forestall retaliations.
symbol of what is transpiring here. There is no doubt that a tense
The decline in births among Jews situation will remain uncertain and
as contrasted with the large fam- threatening as long as there is a
ilies among Arabs has been used challenge to Israel's security.
• • •
as an argument of an impending
A matter of gravest concern to
danger—that Israel is threatened
with Levantinism — that it may Israelis is the site of the Mount
turn into a state dominated by of Olives. There were more than
50,000 graves on this sacred mount,
most of them have been des-
The latter fear has been reduced and
by the war. There is that old cliche ecrated by Jordanians.
It has already been revealed that
that where there are two Jews
there are three opinions. There tombstones had been used for

32 Friday, November 17, 1967

I d e
voted sup po rters of the Jewish
building material. Tourists now see of the insurgents against Israel.
portions of tombstones all over the Few truly intellectual Arabs have state.
Before June 5 there was frequent
mount. The Intercontenial Hotel
talk about an antagonism between
was built on the mount and there Israel and Israelis.
and American youth, that
are charges that the road leading
there were misunderstandings be-
up to it was paved over the graves. mize Arab shrewdness and their
Israelis and the Jews of
The hotel's parking lot has been leaders' ability to inspire the re-
the Diaspora. These animosities
closed because it has been estab- volt against Israel and against
Just as there is
lished that it is over many graves. Jewry. There are exaggerations
Many tombstones have been found and lies and foxy methods of deal- only one people in Israel, regard-
in private gardens, in churchyards ing with the situation. But the less of whether they come from the
and monasteries, and the entire menacing role of Arab leadership East or the West, whether they
are Ashkenazi or Sephardi, so also
situation approaches the scandal- is a real factor in a sad situation,
and it must not be overlooked. It is there a new union in Jewry.
it is this unity that must pre-
Some graves remain intact. The
Heyman Family, former Detroit- respect and with the vigilance that vail if Israel is to be secure.
of missions have come
ers, for example, found the grave Israel is so well conscious of.
* • •
to Israel. There was a large one
and tombstone of their mother in
headed by Walter L.
All Israelis now are admirably
good order. But others now are
frantically trying to locate graves pro-U. S. The United States is Field and Max Shaye. There were
looked upon as Israel's chief pro- advance pledges to the Allied Jew-
of relatives.
• • •
tector and the only reliable friend. ish Campaign. Men and women
When, if that is at all possible, There is no longer the delusion that spoke up to express their deep
and how will Israelis and Arabs France will be helpful and Britain concern and their devotion. Field
get together? This is the most is always under suspicion, espe- himself described how, 35 years
speculative of all the posed ques- cially when a labor government is ago, he was able to make his first
pledge to the late Sidney Alexan-
tions. There are two civilizations in power.
But one truth is predominant: der, in the amount of $25 and now
in conflict and it is nigh impos-
sible to predict whether the pro- that Israel's greatest ally is the is blessed to aid reborn Israel with
gressive Jewish faction can come Jewish people. Without Jewry a gift 1,000-fold the original. Others
very close to the backward Arab Israel could be lost. And there is spoke up similarly. This is the
population. An Arab is an intel- a new strength of kinship that loyalty that spells unity. This is

lectual when he has -aequired a makes this devotion more effec-
high school education. When he tive. It is the recognition on the
has attained a university educa- part of Israel and its youth that
tion heusually becomes the leader the kinsmen from America are the

Israel's front line defense. This is
an assurance of a prevailing unity
which is synonymous with the
Eternity of Israel.

Spanish Jewish Community Thrives, Shows
Deep Interest in Israel Despite Franco
Government's Avowed 'Pro-Arab Position


MADRID — Spanish Jewry
is emerging as a new factor in
European Jewry. It is a revived
community. It is beginning to show
signs of progress. Christians seem
to take delight in taking tourists
to any area where there might be
a "synagoga." It is sort of a lucra-
tive way of conducting tourism
since a Hebrew inscription of a
church wall is such a good sign
of the great progress of a past
age that included the "Golden
Period" in Spanish Jewish history
as well as a symbol of current
good will and sincerity in encour-
aging the return of Jews to Spain.
There was a "herem" on Spain

—the "excommunication" against
the land—in Jewish ranks. There
was the proscription of Jewish as-
sociations with the land of the
Inquisition, with the country of
Torquemada, with the people who
enforced mass conversions, driv-
ing Jews to become Marranos, and
who confiscated the great wealth
of a prosperous Jewish community
from homes that were theirs after
many centuries of their families'
residence in Spain.
Now the church is tolerant, the
people are in the main friendly,
the government speaks of coopera-
tion. 1
There is, however, a major
cause for discord—an on this
score Spain emerges an antagon-
ist to Jewish interests. It is the
government's strong pro-Arab
position which places Spain in
the ranks of the enemies of Is-
Franco Spain has diplomatic re-
lations with Egypt (UAR), Lebanon,
Libya and Morocco. It is aligned
against Israel. There is a total

ban on trade with Israel.

But while Generalissimo Fran.
eisco Franco backs the Arabs on
all fronts, while he gave encour-
agement to the anti-Israel cause
during the Six-Day War, the peo-
ple of Spain are pro-Israel.
Talk to the average taxi driver,
or waiter, or any merchant, and
you'll hear the refrain: "Eighty
per cent of us are for Israel. It's
a great little country and its anta-
gonists are 300 years behind the
Benefiting greatly from tourism,
Spaniards probably would love to
have closer relations with Israel.
Tourism is the country's major
gain from Israelis and from Jews
from many lands who had made
THE DETROIT JEWISH NEWS Spain a stop-over on tours. The

and women's sections. Dr. David
deSola Pool's Hebrew-English pray-
erbooks are used, and the huma.
shim (Bible) for Tora readings are
from Casablanca.
The Shamash in Madrid is Solo-
mon Mafoda Merciano. He takes
pride in showing visitors the Mo-
roccan old kitre Tora—the Crowns
of the Tora—and the Tora scrolls
from Israel, Morocco and Turkey,
the latter encased in silver con-
tainers more than 400 years old.
The tablet in the hallway of
Pizzaro 19 reads: "Synagoga de la
Comunadad Israelita de Madrid"
and in the telephone directory it
is listed as "Synagoga Betzion."
diplomatic relations by Spain with
There is an historic note to
Israel. Ya's editorial stated:
the Toledoan Transito Synagogue.
"When a country is born and
It is next to the historic museum
becomes firmly established, to
—the Casa y Museo del Greco.
ignore it and to avoid dealing
It was built by Samuel Levi,
with it on equal terms is, in our
finance minister of Pedro I the
opinion, unwise. This is the case
in the 14th Century. There
of Spain as regards Israel. No
is, adjoining the synagogue,
one can say that Israel is not
for Samuel Levi,
a state in fact or de jure. The
Calla de Samuel Levi.
truth is, Israel is more solidly
The walls of that synagogue are
established and has a broader
juridical base as a state than littered with quotations from
Psalms 83 to 99. There are in-
many others with which we main-
scriptions that make references
tain diplomatic relations."
Nevertheless, the chances of at- to Pedro I the Cruel and to Don
taining a Spanish-Israeli accord Samuel Levi—all in Hebrew.
The fine colored marble columns
are as slim as are the hopes of
the coundry ridding itself of a dic- of this synagogue, the cornice with
the Hebrew inscriptions, the lace-
Meanwhile the Jews of Spain, mirk designs, the filigree of the
whose formal resettlement com- arches and especially the Moorish
menced only about a decade ago, windows and the magnificent ceil-
now number about 8,000. The Jews ing—all attest to superb architec-
of Barcelona, who numbered less tural efforts in the era when Jews
than 2,500 some six years ago, are built synagogues in the land in
now more than half of Spain's Jew- which they shared freedoms with
ish population. There are about the Moors and later were the ob-
2,500 Jews in Madrid but there jects of Catholic hatreds and In-
are no Jews at all in Toledo which quisitional persecutions.
One wonders, upon seeing the
has an attraction for tourists of
all faiths because of the 14th Cen- many churches, how many of them
tury Transito Synagogue and the might have had Jewish origins —
nearby Chief Jewish Synagogue, some as synagogues; whether the
as Spaniards refer to it, which had clergy, even as high as cardinals,
did not stem from Jews; whether
been converted into a church.
There are 100 Jews in Malaga. the Marranos still had many des-
Seville has about 30 Jews and cendants and how many of the
there are about 15 or thereabouts names among Spaniards really
stemmed from Jewish origins.
in Valenica.
It is certain: Spain had a Jew-
Louis H. A. Blitz and Benjamin
Anavi are the leaders of the Bar- ish influence; the country was un-
celona Jewish community. Max der Jewish ban—the herem that is
Mazin, president of the Jewish now obviated by the thousands of
community of Madrid, presently Jewish tourists and the new com-
is in Israel. The Madrid synagogue munity of Jews to which is being
is located at Pizarro 19, in a third accorded a measure of freedom
floor loft. Plans for a permanent on a par with non-Catholic Chris-
synagogue structure are displayed tian communities in Spain that are
in the lobby approaching the house beginning to benefit from an ecu-
of worship which seats about 200. menism that could mark an end to
There is a mehitza diving the men's bigotry.

almost total decline in such tour-
ist traffic during the Six-Day War
convinced Spaniards about the
vitality of Israel as an element in
world trade.
Perhaps the public attitude on
the Israel-Arab question reflects
the inner feelings about Franco
himself. He has lost favor but peo-
ple will not commit themselves.
Nevertheless, the press, completely
muzzled by Franco, has expressed
sympathies for Israel.
The best example of pro-Israel
feelings is the statement that ap-
peared recently in the Roman Cath-
olic organ, Ya, which went so far
as to suggest the establishment of

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