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July 14, 1967 - Image 40

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The Detroit Jewish News, 1967-07-14

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Arabs Cry 'Nazi' to Israel, Convict Only Themselves

were made in late February be-
NEW YORK (NANA) — The . cause attendance at the forth-
Arab nations and their Soviet coming San Francisco Conference,
allies have trundled out a parade setting up the United Nations, re-
of charges that Israel is following . quired a declaration of war on
Germany no later than March 1,
in the footsteps of Adolf Hitler.
On June 20 President Nureddin 1945.
el-Atassi of Syria told the United
Of the Arab states the only one
Nations General Assembly that that played any military role in
"the Arab people is indeed being the war was Transjordan, which
subjected today to an operation of declared war on Germany as
extermination surpassing in di- early as 1939. Transjordan was
mensions what the Nazis did."
totally dependent on British grants
The day before, Premier Alexei for its existence, and its army, the
N. Kosygin of the Soviet Union Arab Legion, was in effect a part
told the same group that Israel's of the British Army, under Brit-
behavior "b rings to mind the ish officers.
heinous crimes perpetrated by the
Iraq declared war on Germany
Fascists during World War Two." in 1943 after it was clear the Nazis
Radio Cairo has been compar- were losing. Before that, pro-
ing Israeli administrators in Gaza Nazi sentiment was powerful in
to "Nazi gauleiters." Other Arab Baghdad, and a Nazi puppet gov-
and Soviet propaganda mills have ernment was installed there in
referred to the "Hitlerite death 1941 under Rashid Ali, who went
merchants" of Israel, "Moshe so far as to declare war on Britain.
Dayan's stormtroopers" and Rashid Ali received congratula-
"Zionist plans for genocide."
tions from Arab leaders in Egypt
The irony, of course, is that the ( King Farouk himself sent a con-
Jews were the chief victims of the gratulatory telegram), Lebanon,
Nazis' most heinous crimes, six and Syria. The latter permitted
million of them massacred in gas German bombers and transports
chambers. Thousands of Israelis to land on its fields while the
arc the sole survivors of families Nazi regime lasted in Baghdad.
that vanished in the Nazi furnaces.
The whole temper of the Arab
But doubly ironic is the fact world before and during World
that the Soviet and Arab accusers War Two was neutralist at best,
of Israel stand guilty of their own pro-Nazi at worst. When Italian
troops in August 1940 invaded
Israeli Foreign Minister Abba Egyptian territory, Egypt did not
Eban has pointed out that it was consider this a cause for war. The
Soviet Russia that signed a non-' fighting was left to the British.
aggression pact with Naii Germany Even General Ervin Rommel's
in 1939. a pact. incidentally, which invasion of Egypt, in May 1941,
was ultimately broken by Germany, couldn't nudge the Egyptians into
not Russia.
a declaration of war. And so
Some of the other Communist strong was the pro-Nazi sentiment
countries accusing Israel of "walk- in Egypt that when Premier
ing the Hitlerite path" also know Ahmed Maher did declare war —
that route very well. Hungary, on Feb. 24, 1945 — he was
Romania. Bulgaria, Albania and assassinated while reading the
Slovakia (dismembered f o m royal decree.
Czechoslovakia) not only were
Actually, the Arabs did do some
allies of Nazi Germany in World fighting during World War II
War Two but had native Nazi — but on the side of the Nazis.
movements that vied in vicious- Several thousand Arab volunteers
ness with the German one.
were mobilized into Nazi units by
What is less known is the rec- the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem,
ord of the Arabs in World War ' Hitler's man in the Middle East.
Two. On June 20 President el-1 The Mufti (Haj Amin el-Husseini),
Atassi of Syria told the General who operated out of Berlin from
Assembly. "the Arabs fought in 1941 to 1945, organized his pro-
both world wars and contributed Nazi Arabs into sabotage squads,
to the liberation of Europe from espionage cells and an actual
Nazism and to the realization of fighting unit called the Arab Le-
Allied victory."
The fact is that Syria, Egypt,
The Mufti also helped organize
Saudi Arabia and Lebanon did the Moslems of Bosnia and other
not declare war on Germany until Balkan areas into special SS units
February 1945, when the war was called "The Black Legions." He
little more than a mopping-up op- praised them as the "Cream of
eration by the Allies.
Islam" and they were dispatched
But the inevitability of German to the Eastern Front in the Cau-
defeat had little to do with the casus to stir Soviet Moslems into
Arab declarations of war. They an anti-Communist crusade (with

Ibrahim Mustafa, formerly
Also in Egypt, according to the
some success). Some 3.000 of these
Joachim Daemling, wanted by
troops of the Mufti were held latest information from the Anti-
West Germany for crimes com-
prisoner of war as late as 1946 in Defamation League of Bnai Brith,
mitted in Dusseldorf while a
are the following:
Camp Opelika, Alabama.
stormtrooper there. He is an
Colonel Naam al-Nashar,
The Grand Mufti was among the
adviser to the Cairo police on
formerly Leopold Gleim, who
most popular Arab leaders before,
concentration camps.
was head of German security in
during and after the war. So ef-
All Mohammed, f or merly
Poland. He arrived in Egypt in
fective was his hate-sputtering
George Brunner, one of Eich-
oratory that few if any Arab
1955 and organized the Egyptian
mann's assistants, in charge of
Security Service along Nazi
leaders dared oppose him. As
spiritual and political leader of
deportation of Jews from Greece.
the Palestine Arabs he had learned
He lost an eye and an arm in
Lt. Col. Ben Sala, formerly
to hate Jews in the '20's and '30's
Egypt when he opened a parcel
Bernard Bender, a stormtrooper
as their numbers increased in the
he received in the mail (alleged.
still on the Polish list of war
Land of Zion.
sent by Israeli agents). He
criminals. He is head of the
now works in the Egyptian prop-
Now 71 and last reported — in
Jewish Department of the Egyp-
aganda industry.
tian Security Service.
March of this year — in Old Jeru-
The list goes on and on. The
Hassan Soliman, f or m erly
salem, the Mufti had been Hitler's
Arabs, by raising a "Nazi issue,"
Heinrich Sellmann, wanted by
chief adviser on Arab affairs and
convict only themselves.
West Germany for crimes com-
the friend and confidant of Adolf
In World War II, 1,300,000 Jews
Eichmann, who implemented the
mitted while he was Gestapo
were in uniform in the Allied
chief in Ulna. He now holds a
"final solution" for European
In Palestine, 85,800 Jewish
senior position in the secret
men and 50,400 Jewish women vol-
Gideon Hausner, chief prose-
police in Cairo.
unteered for war service, and 27,-
cutor at the Eichmann trial in Is-
Col. Ahim Fahumi, formerly
028 Palestine Jews served with the
rael, established that the Mufti
Dr. Heinrich Willerman, wanted
British forces in various Middle
asked Gestapo Chief Heinrich
by West Germany for steriliza-
Himmler to provide him, after the
tion experiments he conducted
East, North African and European
war, when he planned to enter
in several Nazi concentration
fronts, many of them in the most
Jerusalem at the head of the Axis
camps. He now runs the Egyp-
hazardous missions.
troops, with a 'special adviser'
tian political prison at Samara,
What makes a mockery of the
from Eichmann's department to
near Alexandria.
"debate" in the General Assembly
help him solve the Jewish ques-
Louis al-Haj, formerly Louis
is that the Communists and Arabs
tion in the same way as it had
Ileiden, director of a Nazi press
well know their respective roles in
been done in the Axis countries.
agency in Berlin. He is now an
World War Two. It is a display that
Eichmann offered the job to his
adviser to President Nasser and
would do proud a Dr. Goebbels,
assistant, Dieter Wisliceny."
it was he who prepared a pocket-
who, incidentally, was royally wel-
comed in Cairo on the eve of the
The Grand Mufti spouted his sized Arabic translation of "Mein
Kampf" for Egyptian officers.
anti-Jewish venom throughout the
war over Radio Berlin. On Nov.
2, 1943, for example, he praised
the Germans for "knowing how to
get rid of Jews." On March 1,
1944, he urged his Arab listeners
to "kill the Jews wherever you
sells (m.s.)
.3 6 6
find them." On Sept. 20. 1944, he
1`1(17 .361
gave the number of Jews "still to
be dealt with" as 11,000,000, rep-
.3 6 7
resenting the Jewish population
of America, Russia and other
produce (noun)
takes (m.s.)
countries beyond Hitler's reach.
.3 6 8
.3 6 3
All this would signify no more
than the ravings of one madman —
111 .3 6 9
except that the Mufti was returned
rp .3 6 4
to his role after the war as leader
of the Palestine Question. He di-
cooperative store 71
3 6 5
rected the policy from a lavish
and fortified home in Cairo and,
as one of the Arab delegates to
the United Nations in 1947 said,
"the Mufti is the irrefutable lead-

er of the Holy Land Arabs."

To this day none of the Arab
leaders have repudiated the Grand
12'tpp_7, 3 11141. 2.11171 g
Mufti, nor his pro-Nazi assistants
who worked with him in Berlin
during the war.
Nor is this tolerance of a Nazi
in their midst surprising. Egypt,
2t3t1lin Dv

the chief victim of the "Hitlerite"
Israelis, has given sanctuary to
hundreds of former Nazis, among
them up to 100 of Hitler's rocket
and missile experts.

Unified Enclave of Holy City of Jerusalem





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trit? . ? t



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?r??: 13

There is no longer any restriction on movements between the New and former Old Cities of Jeru
salmi which now are one enclave. The unified Holy City is shown on this map.

Reading material in vocalized Easy Hebrew. and also material for advanced
students may be obtained through your local Hebrew Organization or by writ-
ing to: Brit Ivrit Olamit, P.O.B. 7111, Jerusalem. Israel.
Published by Brit IvrIt Olamit

40—July 14, '1967


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