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June 02, 1967 - Image 37

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The Detroit Jewish News, 1967-06-02

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Quiet Determination Grips Citizenry of Israel

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tiating on means of aiding em-
battled Israel. The spokesmen for
The newspapers have installed
U. S. Jewish organizations bring
such free service, and hundreds
with them assurances that Ameri-
of such messages appear in the
can Jews stand solidly behind Is-
Hebrew press daily.
Many of the uniformed armed rael in tasks to assure the small
forces are from the universities nation's sovereignty.
• •
whose student and teaching staffs
In the north of Israel, at the
have been depleted, from indus-
trial plants whose activities have crucial Haifa port. as in the south,
been curtailed, from all walks of close to the borders of Jordan,
life. Saudi Arabia and Egypt in Eilat,
The mass call-up of reservists there is no evidence of panic.
to meet the present emergencies There
is full mobilization — men
have created such havoc in many and women who were released dur-
quarters, especially in the post of- mg the month and for whom plans
fices and in tourist bureaus, that were being made to provide em-
all available volunteer help is be- ployment commencing in June-
ing used to solve the emerging are back in uniform. But there
i sight, there are no
are no tanks in
, buzzing Mistere planes in view.
Boys and girls of 10 and 11 have The army and air force are ready,
volunteered to help sort the mails but they hope for peace to be en-
and their help has been accepted., forced either by the U.S. living up
Women not on active duty are 1 to its guarantee that freedom of
helping tourist bureaus which have the seas would be provided for
imen swamped with inquiries re- Israel—that was in the days of the
garding travel status.
Sinai Campaign in 1956 when
the President
mass exits this week
Eisenhower made the
departure for Denmark of pledge—or by action of the Unit-
625 Chri;tian youth, mostly young ed Nations. y
women, who had come here as part
The general view here is that
of a regular program of activities

tically the same time. Last year
should leave Israel on their own
immigration dropped to its low-
volition as soon as possible."
est point and building construc-
Many immediately began to pack
operations ended abruptly.
up to leave. It became known that
The result was a recession that
planes arriving at Lydda Airport
contrasted seriously with the
were practically empty.
prosperity of 19 years.
In contrast, however, it was re-
It was claimed that 10 per cent
ported that income tax offices were
packed with Israelis who came to of Israel's working force — some
show their loyalties by paying 96,000 — were unemployed. But
their taxes far in advance — to while this figure was conceded by
provide financial assistance and to government economists, there was
show confidence that Israel's another explanation from official
battle for freedom of the seas is sources. It was pointed out that
not a lost cause. the 96,000 figure included house-
Industrial plants are operating wives, and a counter figure of
with limited staffs, the desalination 35,000 was offered, with the added
plant in Eilat is practically at a claim that 25,000 of these were
standstill, the Timna Copper Mines provided with part-time work.
in the Negev are functioning with
Meanwhile, the war threats
half the working crew of more emerged anew, many have been
than 700.
called to active duty and the con-
"It is because we must be pre- cern over unemployment has been
pared, we must defend our very reduced. But the Israeli economists
existence," is the simple explana- have made it quite clear that the
Lion. high-pitched tension of the current
war-threatening crisis has not re-
Why did it all happen? There
duced responsibility on the econo-
is near unanimous blame on
mic front and that the suddenly
Soviet Russia. The contention is
emerging new economic policy is
that the USSR, desiring to create
enforced with great zeal in
embarrassment for the United
order to guarantee national plan-
States over the Vietnam situa-
ning that will assure a sound eco-
tion, seeks to create another cri-
nomic system under normal condi-
tical area in the Middle East. It
hopes to present a direct chal-
The first reported positive re-
lenge to the nearby Sixth Fleet,
sult of the new economic policy is
intimidating the Jewish popula-
an increase in productivity. There
tion of Israel that is overwhelm-
has been a freezing of wage in-
ingly in support of the U.S. poll
creases — the first such freeze
des in Vietnam, at the same time
since Israel's emergence to inde-
placing the anti-Vietnam liberals
statehood — and an in-
in the U.S. in a
cause they might ask for U.S. I teresting indication of the effec-
intervention in the Middle East I tiveness of national pressures for
while opposing intervention in higher productivity is the report
Vietnam. from Kupat Holim, the sick bene-

stades in applications for import
Progress attained in recent
months includes the entrance of
Zenith Corp. in the manufacture
of television sets, TV to be intro-
duced here next year; the in-
creases in exports of pharmaceuti-
cal products; the markets obtained
by Israel abroad for potatoes, eggs,
vegetables, soy bean oils and num-
erous other products.
A factor in the reduction of un-
employment is the established prin-
ciple that no one person should
remain unemployed more than 10
days, and by providing a solution
to such possibilities the major prob-
lem in Israel next to Arab anta-
gonism is approaching solution.

Hasidic Tales

Sayings of the Parsischarer
Simchah Bunam the Zaddik of
Parsischa (died 1827), sought to
cause a sinner to improve his ways.
He invited him to a game of chess
and, while playing, the Zaddik
made an obviously false move. The
man was about to take advantage
of the error, but the other asked
him to excuse the mistake. Soon
the Zaddik made another wrong
move, and this time his opponent
refused to overlook it. The Zaddik
turned to him and said:
"You refuse to condone two false
moves in a game of chess, yet you
expect the Lord to pardon you re-
gardless of the number of your
own transgressions."
The sinner was stricken with re-
morse and promised to mend his
• * •

by young people in the kibutzim, Nasser's latest move, shutting
the cooperative settlements. The the Than Strait, at Sharm el-
Sheikh, to Israeli ships, is a
departure by this group was on or-
planned trick to force Israel to
ders f rom the Danish embassy,
the shooting war.
which arranged for special SAS
Beersheba, the commencing
planes for the group's evacuation.
At least 25 more of the youths from point of the Israel Negev, offers
Denmark refused to leave, and as little evidence of panic as does
some said they would be ready to th north. The people are calm. Un-
volunteer for service in Israel's less one queries factory foremen
defense regarding the extent of industrial
Expressed worldwide solidar- operations and then learns that
working forces have been reduced
ity was evidenced in the arrival
over the Sabbath of 10 youths drastically due to the draft of re-
servists for immediate army ser-
from the Yeshiva University of
Nasser's role is %ital. It is gen- workers
fit agency,
that leave
for sick
vice, there would be no indication
New York. Unable to travel on
When Rabbi Bunam was a young
40 per cent.
of brewing troubles.
the Sabbath for religious rea-
conflict will remain a war of
man, a friend borrowed a few dol-
But the roads from Tel Aviv to nerves, and there is reason to be- I Then there is the reduction in lars from the chest established for
sons, the Orthodox youths stay-
Beersheba and farther south to the lieve that Nasser acted under the foreign trade deficit, the re- the repairing of damaged syna-
ed from sunset Friday to sunset
Eilat-Aqaba gulf provide added threat and pressure from his army sultant increase in exports and re- gogue books in order to donate a
Saturday in Lydda Airport and
evidence that there is action: many generals who demanded that he duction in imports. Exports over
proceeded from there to volun-
to a poor man who was col-
and trucks, and even garbage take another stand against Israel imports were 11.7 per cent in 1948; lecting funds for the marriage
teer their services. Such mass
trucks, have la2en requisitioned to in order to keep the masses in a in 1966 the percentage was 58, dowries of dowerless brides. This
enrollment has not been encour-
aged because of the confidence
carry troops and army supplies. state of hatred—a standard means marking a 16-fold increase in the
became known and the trustees
And while one sees no evidence of in backward countries to provide 19-year-period to a total of $475,- summoned
entertained in Israel that its
the borrower to a hear-
army can tackle the developing
army movements, the vast pre- a scapegoat for starving hordes 000,000 in exports.
ing. The defendant asked Rabbi
paredness is acknowledged. whose attention must be averted
The three major sources of in- Bunam to serve as his counsel.
Mayor Teddy Kollek of Jerusa-
from their very low standard of
The Arab states know it. They
come in Israel are diamonds and
Rabbi Bunam narrated the fol-
lem said the city faces four prob-
are as aware of Israel's mili- living.
citrus fruits, and another major
lowing well-known fable: "There
lems in the emergency — that of
tary preparedness as the Israelis
source of income is tourism. If
There is also the possibility that
was once an epidemic among the
food supply. guarantee of avail-
Nasser is hurting Israel at all,
know about theirs. And this may Nasser needs face saving over his
animals of the forest. The lion, the
ability of water, establishment of i lead to peace more than all the
it is in the latter category be-
lack of success in Yemen; and he
tiger, the wolf, and the fox held
air raid shelters and civic de- negotiations at the UN or the
cause of the lack of encourage.
hopes to gain control of Aden,
a consultation, and the fox af-
tense. The latter. he said, is a intercessions by world powers.
ment to travelers to Israel from
while striving to acquire control
firmed his belief that the epidemic
most urgent challenge, but all are The Arabs know that a well-pre-
the U. S. government in a per-
over the oil-wealthy territories of
was due to a great sin committed
being resolved. pared Jewish army provides an
iod of crisis and because of re-
Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.
by some resident of the forest. He
Mayor Kollek gave assurances invincible force. There is no al-
Except for Soviet Russia, whose curving fears over war threats.
advised that all the animals assem
that food hoarding has been avoid- ternative for Israel. Defeat
influences in the Middle East are Nevertheless, the tourist bureau ble and confess their transgres-
ed by speedily replenishing food means the state's destruction.
viewed as deterrents to peace. the believes that the lull resulting sions. The beasts of prey were the
shortages in markets — which re-
therefore is fighting for world powers recognize that free- from the present tensions will van- first to confess, and their excuses
quired retention of a regular truck- its Israel
very life, and that's the little dom of the seas ismas
ish and that the attractions from were accepted. Finally a sheep
ing transporting service — and by state's strongest weapon. The in- at stake and that free h psage for Israel to religious-minded people
timidly approached and confessed
preventing exploitations through domitable will to live is Israel's Israeli ships throug the Theo will increase rather than diminish. that she had eaten a little hay
price increases on food items.
secret weapon. There are sharp di- Strait to the Red Sea is vital to In recent years the majority of from her owner's mattress.
Mayor Kollek also said that the visions here — politically, econo-
econo- peace. Prompt action to avert an tourists to Israel were Christians,
" `Aha,' roared the lion, 'you are
transportation problem is being mically, between Sefardim (Orion- armed conflict may once again per- this being another indication of the
solved. The requisitioning of taxis tal Jews) and Ashkenazim (West- petuate the cold war while rele- universal appeal to vacationists the great sinner. You have abused
master's confidence.' And the
and buses has curtailed availabili- ern Jews and other Occidentals). gating Nasser's threats to the sta- and to students of history and re-
sheep was condemned to death."
ty of cabs. Kollek said that citi- But a crisis like the present united tus of another bluff which may ligion to visit Israel.
Rabbi Bunam then turned to the
zens have been urged to make the people as no other challenge retain for him the admiration of
On the economic front, there judges, and said: "You, Reb Leo,
pickups of those waiting for buses possibly could.
the Arab nations while war dan- also has been a reduction in con- have been guilty of this and this;
and lines at bus stops have thus
That's why the new Nasser gers are shelved.
sumption. It has been charged that and you, Reb Baer, have done so
been averted.
threats are viewed in many guar-
* r. r
prosperity caused Israelis to con- and so; you, Reb Wolf, have acted
More than 100 war correspon- ters as tempests in a teapot, as
The new Israeli crisis came at a sume more than they produced. wrongly in this and this instance.
dents from many lands, especial- mere attempts to appease those time when Israel suffered from its This helped reduce the foreign yet you dare sit in judgment
ly the democratic countries, have extremists who have been demand- worst economic recession. For 19 trade deficit by restoring compe- against a kind-hearted man be-
come to Israel and are covering ing Israel's destruction. The Arabs
years the new little state had com- titive values to Israel merchandise. cause he has borrowed money for
the newly developing situation, know Israel must prepare and parative prosperity. The large im- Together with a reduction in em- a highly worthy cause."
Israelis were especially hearten- fight to a finish to protect its
ploye absenteeism, these have been Everyone present felt ashamed
sovereignty — because its sover- migration necessitated a vast pro-
ed by the convention of English-
factors towards mak- and left without pronouncing judg-
eignty means its life. Therefore gram of home building. In the first contributing
Jewish newspaper editors from
ing the new economic policy effec- i ment against the defendant.
they also know that Israel must be
20 American Jewish communi-
• • •
1948 and 1949, the new immigrants tive and workable.
ties. better prepared.
Encouragement is being given
When Rabbi Bunam was lying
There the will to :ive of the numbered as many as 120,000 a
A protest against "the injustice
year. The refugees who came here to the establishment of new indus- on his deathbed, his wife wept bit-
to Israel" and a demand for de- Jewish people could well serve as
at first were housed in shanties trial plants, and successful Israel terly. Thereupon he said: "Why
fense action in behalf of Israel by the strongest inducement for 7eace
that were known as maabarot. Bond drives in the U.S. give added , dost thou weep? All my life has
the United States, was made in a —because it will cause the Arab
Then commenced a building pro- impetus to these projects.
been given me merely that I might
resolution signed by 150 Hebrew antagonists to think twice before
gram on a large scale to provide
Thus, Israel's Finance Minister learn to die."
University students from America they put up too strong a battle new settlers. immediately upon
• • •
Pinhas Sapir estimates that 55,000
who are here on scholarships. Jay against Israel.
their arrival in Israel, with mod- new jobs will be created in manu-
Rabbi Bunam visited Germany,

Masserman of Detroit is complet-
The confident and tl.e exper- ern apartments. There was a boom facturing enterprises in the corn- and observed the conduct of the
ing such a stay here in August as
ing three years and that by 1971 Jews there. Turning to a compan-
ienced in Middle East politics feel and a resultant prosperity.
a scholarship student.
employment will be provided for ion, he said: "It is concerning this
In the interim, there also was
There was evidence of solidarity that the panic that gripped many
100,000 additional workers. land that Solomon said: 'Grace is
this week in the arrival in Jeru-
• * •
deceitful and beauty is vain; but
Israel received $800,000,000 in
salem of Max M. Fisher of De- structions from the U.S. Embassy
Much of the new economic pro- a woman who feareth the Lord,
troit. national chairman of the in each hotel key box, informing
graming stems from the efforts of she shall be praised' (Proverbs
come provided Israel with rail-
United Jewish Appeal, for con- the tourist and his family:
Ze'ev Sharef, the new minister of 31:30). I paraphrase it thus: 'In
roads, machinery for many plants,
"The United States Embassy
ferences with Israeli leaders and
commerce and industry, who shuns a land where deceit is concerned
a group of representatives from
paper work and red tape, who has as graceful, and vanity is beauty,
expanded industries. Both the
here on non-essential business
the United States who are nego-
simplified the issuance of official a woman who feareth the Lord de-
large immigration and the Ger-
documents and has removed ob- serves indeed to be praised.' "
THE DETROIT JEWISH NEWS man reparations ended at prac-
38 — Friday, June 2, 1967

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