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April 07, 1967 - Image 40

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The Detroit Jewish News, 1967-04-07

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Know Your


Our Many Functioning Agencies

For more than 40 years De- able should be given to agencies
troiters have been making contri- serving Israel and 30 other coun-
butions to the Allied Jewish Cam- tries of the world; 38 per cent
paign so that their money could should go to Detroit services, and
be put into a single fund to be 5 per cent to national services.
distributed with planning and fore-
Nearly one-half of the $1,636,-
sight to many beneficiary agencies 000 which was allocated for local
and services.
services last year went to health
The Jewish Welfare Federation and welfare agencies in Detroit.
is charged with the responsibility
of providing the funds where summer nearly 2,000 Jewish chil-
they're needed most.
dren enjoy wholesome camping
For purposes of classification experience in a variety of settings,
the 54 agencies and services which ranging from beginning camping
receive money from the Allied for the very young to the travel
Jewish Campaign and the Federa- camping for teens who cover the
tion are divided into three general United States on special trips.
categories — local agencies, over- Manned by professional, w e I 1-
seas and Israel agencies, a n d qualified staff, the camp is consid-
ered outstanding by camping asso-
national agencies.
Early in December of each year
preceeding the fund-raising drive,
people active in the Jewish com- — This very old and respected
munity, its agencies and its an- agency provides interest-free loans
nual Allied Jewish Campaign, to help meet business and personal
meet to review the needs of the emergencies and encourage self-
several categories of agencies. The support. The $2,600 provided an-
citizen's group then recommends, nually by the Federation pays for
after ath ire from professional and office space and help.
lay leader ,:, the proportions of
the final campaign total to be al- vides temporary shelter for Jewish
located to the various categories transients.
of servi,e.
The December conference de- —The Center is one of the best
the campaign raised known since its program is
a minimum of $5.750,000, that 57 planned for all ages to provide
per cent of the 1967 funds avail- essential recreational, cultural and



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Reading material in vocalized Easy Hebrew, emit also material for
advanced students may be obtained through your local Hebrew
Organization or by writing to : Brit lent Olamis, P.O.B. 7111,

Jerusalem, Israel,

Publithed by Brit !nit Olangt

40—Friday, April 7, 1967


informal educational service s.
About 50 per cent of the budget
is met by membership dues and
fees, the Federation supplies
$180,000 toward the deficit.

DREN'S SERVICE—This agency
provides the casework services
needed for troubled families, coun-
seling for children and assistance
for the elderly. It offers residen-
tial care and treatment where
necessary. It is the "family friend"
in a great variety of personal

With understanding and solicitous
care, the aged live in pleasant
surroundings. The chronically-ill
old person also receives the treat-
ment he needs. The r e c e n t l y
opened Borman Hall is an addi-
tional facility through which the
community honors its "mothers
and fathers."

SHOP — Youngsters receive ca-
reer counseling; college students
find needed summer jobs or schol-
arship loans, and the hard-to-place
older people having physical or
emotional problems find help with
employment here. The workshop
provides sheltered employment for
those who need help in adjusting
to the pressures of a normal job.

Many a newcomer to Detroit has
had the helping hand of the Serv-
ice in getting settled in a new
country. Some of our leading citi-
zens today have benefited as has
our community in turn.
MAN CLINIC—Filling a vital need
in the health field the hospital
and its clinic provide patient
care, research and medical educa-
tion under Jewish auspices. It is
an important contribution to the
medical welfare of our commun-
ity. The Federation supplies $134,-
000 toward research and staff
ITY—This agency provides the
money for the development of the
camp sites at Brighton, Ortonville
and Camp Kennedy in the Upper
Peninsula which are used by the
Fresh Air Society and year 'round
by a long list and variety of com-
munity groups.
Jewish education has been cen-
tral to the Jewish Welfare Fed-
eration program since its very
beginning. Just over $500,000 was
allocated to Detroit Jewish schools
last year from contributions to
the Allied Jewish Campaign.
Detroit is proud of its United
Hebrew Schools, the outstanding
communal school system in Amer-
ica, which serves children from
pre-school through high school and
Midrasha in 10 branches a n d
through the affiliated schools, Beth
Yehudah Afternoon Schools, Com-
bined Jewish Schools of Sholem
Aleichem and Arbeiter Ring, and
the Hayim Greenberg Hebrew
Yiddish School.
In the community relations field
CIL provides a co-ordinated pro-
gram of community relations to
advance civil rights and civil lib-
erties of all citizens. Its programs
are many and varied and encom-
pass the entire Detroit community.
An increase on a pledge for 1967
will only maintain present services.
A substantial increase in a pledge
is essential if Detroit is to more
nearly meet the needs of its people
here and abroad.
The services which are supported
to help needy Jews in Israel and
throughout the world will be out-
lined in the April 14 issue of the
Jewish News, and followed on
April 21 with a discussion of the
national agencies which receive
Detroit's support through the Fed-

Chinese Reds Renewing Shipments
of Arms to Palestine Liberation Army

(Continued from Page 1)
aid to the Shukairy organization.
The Paris correspondent of the
evening newspaper Maariv re-
ported Monday that a serious rift
had broken out in Syria between
El Fatah and the Syrian govern-

that "the most important military
improvements made by the Egyp-
tian military have been noted in
their air force, one of the best
equipped in the world today."
He made known that "re-
cently the Soviets delivered SU•7
"Fitter" ground-support aircraft
to . Egypt. The senator stressed
Acicording to the dispatch from
Paris, diplomatic sources there
that "this is the first time this
aircraft has been delivered out-
said Syria had decreed a slowdown
of El Fatah's anti-Israel depreda-
side the Iron Curtain . . Their
air force now has MIG-21C Day
tions, for fear that Israel might
fighters and MIG-21D all-weather
retaliate against Syria. The El
Fatah leaders had declined to curb
their terrorism inside Israel, with
(Sen. Symington also said Is-
the result that the split between raeli general Moshe Dayan was
the sabotage leaders and the gov- emphatic that non-Vietnamese
troops could never succeed as lead-
ernment is widening.
Syria Monday renewed firing ers of the pacification program in
Vietnam, "because the vil-
against an Israeli tractor team
working in a field belonging to lagers would not accept their
Kibbutz Haon, on the southeastern recommendations." The report,
shore of Lake Tiberias. This was just declassified, was based on
Symington's talks with Dayan, who
the second attack in two days.
Quiet had prevailed in the tense recently returned from Vietnam,
area Sunday night and Monday in Tel Aviv in January.
morning, while United Nations
military observers were checking
Israel Defense Budget
Sunday's attack by Syrian gun
posts, But Monday afternoon the Hiked 'Tens of Millions'
TEL AVIV (JTA) — Israel's
:Syrians directed heavy machine-
. gun fire again at the Israeli farm- defense budget will be "several
of millions of dollars" higher
' ers, following through with anti-
tank guns. An Israeli patrol re- this year than it was in 1966,
! turned Monday's fire, There were Finance Minister Pinhas Sapir said
no casualties on Israel's side either here Sunday night. He made that
disclosure at a meeting of mem-
Sunday or Monday,
bers of the Mapai-Ahdut Avodah
The first attack, carried out
Sunday, had just been investi-
Answering questions about the
gated by the UN teams, after
budget, Sapir said also that,
Israel had filed a complaint with
since 1951, Israel's expenditures
the Israeli-Syrian Mixed Armis-
for security purposes had multi-
tice Commission, and the United
plied by 14 times.
Nations men were about to leave
the area, when Monday's firing
began. When the Israelis re-
Hebrew Column
turned the fire, the exchange
lasted about 10 minutes.
Colors of the
The Syrian attacks had been
Israeli Flag
directed against tractor operators
In the days of the First Zionist Con-
cultivating fields which had been gress
in Basel, Switzerland, Jewish lead-
safely worked by the Israelis for ers argued over the colors of the Zionist
a long time. The incidents were fia lince when Benjamin Theodor Herd
with David
seen here as a continuation of was speaking on the matter
they noticed a Jew going to
Syrian provocations in the demili- Wolfson
synagogue with a Talit in his hand.
tarized zones on the Israeli-Syrian Immediately Wolfson said to Herzl, the
colors of the Tait will be the colors
frontiers, where the Syrians have of
our flag. These colors accompanied
been increasingly trying to pene- us in the Diaspora from our childhood
the grave. They will also be with
trate lands previously cultivated till
us on our road to our Fatherland.
And so indeed it was decided that
by Israeli farmers.
blue and white will be the colors of
Two acts of sabotage by infiltra- the Zionist flag.
Fifty years later, with the establish-
tors, one of them resulting in the ment
of the State of Israel the colors
blowing up of a pumping station of this flag became the flag of the
of Israel.
and the other endangering a rail- State
(Published by Brith Ivrtth Olamith.)
road line, were reported Sunday.
The pumping station is owned by
Kibbutz Misgav Am, located about
21/2 miles from the border where
Israel, Syria and Lebanon meet.
Posters bearing the insignia of El
Fatah were found near the site
of the explosion.
The threat against the railway '1i"471
".1 14ii7n
line was discovered near Kfar
Saba, about 100 yards from the
- r1 .7z TWA? Tivitrir yi
Jordanian border. Railroad track
walkers found a hand grenade '1 'K1
attached to one of the rails, and
dismantled the explosive before
any damage had been caused.
A military spokesman reported
that an Israeli army patrol foiled
ri474 ,1:1179
a sabotage attempt to blow up a
building in the 94th terrorist raid
into Israel in the past 24 months.
The patrol found explosives placed
underneath an uninhabited house
i7T a nm-rn3
near the border in the western
Upper Galilee area, and defused
ntr3 1:7?
them. Footprints of three persons
were found leading to the nearby 1'1;1! "JIM a7 re?y7 1?4*
Lebanese border.
• • •
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'174* 131

Sen. Symington Sees
17? ;;;Fin ur Tlizi
Advances in Egypt's
rrrtg rz31.14i?, 1371
Armed Forces on Trip

(Direct JTA Teletype Wire
to The Jewish News)

WASHINGTON — Egypt has
achieved "major qualitative im-
provements" in her armed forces,
especially the Egyptian air force,
Sen. Stuart Symington revealed
Monday in a report to the Senate
committees on armed services and
foreign relations.
The report was based on the
senator's recent visit to Egypt on
his return from Vietnam. He also
visited Israel on the same trip.
Symington, who formerly served
as U.S. secretary of the Air Force,
noted extensive Soviet assistance
to the Nasser regime. He reported


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tpri?? ,5131tr -112+-p? ;imp
'31;* nil 1:4 n'224 547 17;*
.5t 1 fr "r2"r? 51 g PP311


Ir'2? MITI)

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