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February 03, 1967 - Image 29

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The Detroit Jewish News, 1967-02-03

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I Ile IJUdLII of

Joel Carmichael's widely dis-
cussed book, "The Death of Jesus,"
which received acclaim in some
quarters but aroused opposition
among some Christian theologians,
has been issued as a paperback by
Dell Publishing Co. (750 Third,
NY17). First issued by Macmillan
in 1962, the paperback has the
added intriguing caption "Is God
Dead—or Is It Jesus?"
Carmichael contends that the
figure of historical Jesus is ob-
scured in the Gospels.
There is the suggestion that
Jesus was the leader of an, armed
resurrection against the Romans,
thus accounting for his having
been condemned to die on the
cross in accordance with Roman
crucifixion policies.
Additionally, there is the con-
tention that Jesus treated the
Temple in Jerusalem as a fortress
against the Romans in the battle
of the Jews against the Roman in-
vaders; that actually Jesus was a
national Jewish heto and was
transformed into the Son of God
in the Gospels.

tuition of the apostolate, espe-
cially since it is difficult to
grasp its point. It is possible
that the specific number of
`twelve' apostles came about
somewhat later as a way of sym-
bolically encompassing Jewry,
by means of the 12 Tribes; it is
also possible that Jesus merely
happened to be left with 12
principal followers at his death."

The dissident wings in Jewry at
the time of Jesus and the revolt
against the Romans, the Zealots
and the other elements who were
active then, are reviewed histori-
cally in Carmichael's interesting
analyses. He disputes the theory
that Jesus believed himself to be
the Messiah and he declares that
"there was no firm recollection of
his ever having admitted this him-
Maintaining that "Paulinism


(Copyright, 1967, JTA, Inc.)

Why is it customary to give a
name to a stillborn infant before
its burial?

Jan. 29—To Mr. and Mrs. Robert
Grant Lenhard (Bunny Miller),
26345 W. Seven Mile, a son, Steven
* * *
Jan. 23 — To Mr. and Mrs.
Mickey Kurzman (Karen - Burke),
30180 Shoreham, Southfield, a son,
William Sandler.
* * *
Jan. 13—To Mr. and Mrs. Mar-
tin B. Goldin (Penny Rossin),
7371 Edinborough, Birmingham, a
daughter, Julie Amber.
* * *
Jan. 4—To Mr. and Mrs: Ronald
D. Rosen of Skokie, Ill., formerly
of Detroit, a son, Jeffrey Paul.
* * *
Dec. 30 — To Rabbi and Mrs.
Joseph Moseson if Denver (Ada
Sanweiss, formerly of Detroit) a
daughter, Sara Gittel.

Dec. 22 — To Mr. and Mrs. Rob-
ert Naftaly (Sharon Reisman),
24031 Beverly, Oak Park, a daugh-
ter, Beth Holly.



Serving at Homes and Hospitals

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Recommended by Physicians



Expert Mohel

Serving Hospitals and Homes

,Li 1 9769




Israel Goodman



Serving In Hospitals and Homes



Recommended by Physicians

Serving in Hospitals and Homes

14100 Sherwood

s. 4ft...a -4.,


• • •


Plan Memorial to Athletes Killed by Nazis Next Year

LONDON (JTA) — A monument association of former members
to Jewish athletes who were mur- of Hakoah, said here Sunday.
dered in the Nazi holocaust will be
Hakoah was a Jewish sports club
erected in the Maccabiah village football team in Vienna.
in Israel in 1968, Brit Hakoah, the
The monument, which will list
the names of the martyred sports-
will be dedicated next year
Tiny Jewish Communities men,
as part of the celebrations of Is-
Found All Over World
rael's 20th _anniversary. Norbert
NEW YORK (ZINS) — Figures Katz, a former member of the
relating to small Jewish communi- Hakoah football team, and organi-
ties (with less than a 1,000 resi- zer of Brit Hakoah in Britain, said
dents) in various countries across the monument was designed by
the globe are contained in a re- Karl Dultig, a former Hakoah goal-
port published in the last issue of keeper, who is now a sculptor in
"Betfuzoth Hagolah," published by Australia.
the World Zionist Organization.
Jews residing in Albania total
only 300; Gibraltar has 650 Jews; Columbus, Providence
Malta, 50; Norway, 800; Portugal, Affiliate With Large
750; Barbados, 100; Curacao, 700;
Dominican Republic, 500; El Salva- City Budgeting Body
NEW YORK — Columbus and
dor, 300; Haiti, 150; Honduras, 150;
Nicaragua, 200; Trinidad, 400• Providence have joined the Large
Surinam, 250; Aden, 500; Burma, City Budgeting Conference it was
500; China, 200; Cyprus, 150; Hong announced at a meeting of the
Kong, 200; Indonesia, 100; Pakis- LCBC steering committee by Mor-
tan, 300; Phillipines, 500; Singa- ris Glasser, chairman of the LCBC.
Isaac and Jacob) by whose virtue
Herman M. Katz is president of
pore, 750; Congo, 500; Kenya, 800;
the Tora was given to the people
the United Jewish Fund and Coun-
Northern Rhodesia, 800.
of Israel. One's appearance before
cil of Columbus and Merrill L.
the Tora, and the reading of the
Hassenfeld is president of the Gen-
Tora is a demonstration of the
eral Jewish Committee of Provi-

The practice is mentioned in the covenant between the Almighty
Shulhan Arukh (Yoreh De'ah, 263) and the people of Israel through
where it is decreed that a baby boy the Tora. The three Patriarchs
who dies before the eighth day is were the original ones with whom
circumcised and named. The reason the Almighty made this covenant,
for the circumcision is "so that he as the ancestors of the people of
will not be shamed" (in the world Israel. A recent Rabbinic scholar
to come). The reason for giving him (Rabbi Jonathan Steiff) expressed
the name is so that he will be the opinion that the reason for
shown mercy (in the world to the minimum of three verses in
come) and will be among those who reading the Tora is because the
are resurrected. The commentaries first three verses of the Tora (in
on the codes assert that baby girls the Book of Genesis, "In the
who are stillborn or who die soon Beginning," etc) form one insepar-
after birth are likewise named be- able unit according to the explana-
fore burial (Heshiv Moshe 13; She- tion of Rashi in his commentary
vet Shim'on 353, P'ri Hasadeh 1:6). on the first verse of Genesis. This,
Should one not name the stillborn claims Rabbi Steiff, was an indica-
before burial he may name it after tion that the smallest unit of verses
burial (Pischei Teshuha, Yoreh in the Tora was a combination of
De'ah 263). Generally speaking, the three verses at a time. Early
rabbis considered the name of a sources mention that the minimum
person to be of special significance. of three represents the three-fold
It established his identity as an division of the Holy Scriptures of
intelligent being and a member of the Tora, i.e. the Pentateuch, the
the people of Israel—not only in Prophets and the Hagiographa. One
this world but even in the world therefore demonstrates his belief
to come—before the heavenly trib- in the unity of the Holy Scriptures
unal. So important was a name, that by reading at least three verses at
a Jewish custom arose of reciting a time.
a special biblical verse after the
Why is it that on any occasion
prayers daily which would some-
when the Tara is read in the
how reflect the name of the individ-
synagogue a minimum of 10
ual who was reciting the prayers.
verses must be read including
The stillborn, having a soul, or hav-
all the various people who are
ing been originally destined to have
called up to the Tora?
a soul, thus are given a name so
that they will have some sort of
The Talmud (Baba Kama, 82 and
identity in the world to come and Megillah 23) claims that these 10
in the days of the Resurrection of verses represent the 10 men of
the dead.
leisure (Asarah Batlanin) who
Why is it that the old Pales- were assigned to be in daily atten-
tinian practice used a triennial dance at the synagogue so that
cycle for reading the Tora in public worship could be had daily
which the Pentateuch was com- both morning and evening there.
pleted every three years in the Since the Tora may not be read
public readings of the synagogue, publicly and officially unless there
unlike the Babylonian practice are 10 adult Jewish males present,
(which most synagogues follow) the ten verses which were estab-
in which the Pentateuch is com- lished as a minimum, represented
pleted in an annual cycle?
the quorum of 10 — especially the
It has been suggested that this 10 men who were orginally chosen
came about because the Palestinian and designated in each community
synagogues of olden times would for daily attendance in the syna-
have a great deal of explanations gogue. Each of them is thus a
and interpretations (Midrash) in "living verse" in Judaism's "Book
between the readings and after the of Life," the Tora. The institution
readings and so they saw fit to of assigning 10 such men in each
spread the reading of the Penta- community is said to go back to
teuch over a three-year period to the original decree of Ezra, the
allow more time on each Sabbath Scribe, who is said to have pre-
for interpretation and explanation. scribed our basic synagogue and
It is interesting that, according to community procedure which we
many commentaries, the Palestin- follow unto this very day.
ians in their private readings com-
pleted the reading annually so that
they would be mindful of certain 3 Clergymen Call for End
portions at certain times of the year to Viet War While on Visit
annually, as prescribed in the Tal-
NEW YORK (JTA) — Rabbi
mud (e.g. so that the curses of the
Book of Deuteronomy would be Abraham L. Feinberg, rabbi emeri-
read annually before Rosh Has- tus of Holy Blossom Temple in
Toronto, joined two Christian
hana, etc.)
Why must there be read no clergymen in voicing pesimism
less than three verses from the over the possibility of an early end
Tora for each person who is to the Vietnam war, it was reported
by Agence France Presse.
called up to the Tora?
The three clergymen were visit-
This minimum is mentioned in
the Talmud (Megilla 24). One ing North Vietnam.
reason is given in the Midrash
They said they did not believe
(Tanchuma, Exodus) in which it is that the North Vietnamese "can
stated that the three verses repre- be beaten into surrender or sub-
sent the three Patriarchs (Abraham, mission by any foreign power."



turned the Jewish religious experi
ence inside out," Carmichael de-
"Judaism took something that
had happened in history—the evo-
lution of Jewish monotheism—and
made it mythical by personalizing
in symbolical signifance in the
biblical narrative.
"Christianity did the opposite:
it seized on a myth and maintained
that it had really taken place.
"For in being forced to digest;
the indigestible execution of Jesus,
in being forced to assimilate this
fact of life, Christianity did not of
course allow it to remain a mere
historical fact, inert and meaning-
less, it transcendentalized it.
"And, by simultaneously main-
taining that it had happened, it
gave the myth the most important
element a myth can have—the as-
surance that it is a fact."

The Jewish Quiz Box

"It is easy to say," Carmichael
contends, "that the disciples
were all too human: so
"There is something clearly
incoherent in the very concep-
tion of the 'discipleship' in terms
of the Gospel narrative," Car-
michael states; "the institution
itself seems to hang in the air,
lacking a n y understandable
function. Indeed, the fact that
the word 'apostles,' a synonym
for 'disciples,' is used so clearly
in the Gospels casts grave doubt
on the historicity of Jesus' insti-

LI 2 4444


.JUJUN 111 1--/c1pCI

Joel C.,d11111111:11dUl



• - AM.,. •


• i. f., V, • 11. 41m.

From Visitor's Visas



lis desirous of visiting England are
exempt from visa requirements, U.S. Agrees on 60 Pct. Hike
accordind to an announcement by of Israeli Textile Imports
Minister Abba

Eban further announced that Is-
raeli citizens may now visit the
following countries without apply-
ing for visas: Iceland, Belgium,
Bermuda, Western Germany, Den-
mark, Holland, Luxemboug, Nor-
way, St. Helena, Finland, Para-
guay, Chili, Colombia and Sweden.
The foreign ministry is now nego-
tiating with France and Switzer-
land for the purpose of securing
similar exemptions for Israelis,
but that to date these efforts have
been in vain.

United States and Israel have nego-
tiated a new agreement to increase
by 60 per cent the amount of
Israeli cotton textiles to be im-
ported by the U.S.A.
The United States, after long
and difficult negotiations, agreed
to increase the quota of exports
of cotton textiles from Israel to
the United States from 14,500,000
square yards to 23,000,000 square
yards. The agreement covers the
period from Oct. 1, 1966, to Dec.

30, 1970.

Music the Stein-Way

1,500 Jews in Finland
The Jewish community of Fin-
land, which dates back to the early
part of the 19th Century, numbers
some 1,500 persons, the vast major-
ity of whom live in the capital city
of Helsinski.


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