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November 18, 1966 - Image 9

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The Detroit Jewish News, 1966-11-18

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Eshkol Defends Retalitaion; Says Peace Must Rei n

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Israel. Speaking at the opening of
the 15th world convention of the
Women's International Zionist Or-
ganization, the premier said that
Israel acted after showing pro-
longed patience. He called on the
Arab countries to maintain peace,
declaring that the issue was up
to them.
The Premier referred to the
Soviet veto at the Security Coun-
cil of a resolution asking Syria
to take action to halt the use
of its territory for guerrilla
raid staging. He said that in
spite of the Veto, Syria should
take notice of the expressed
wish of the majority of Security
Council member nations that vio-
lence be prevented. He added
he hoped some nations with in-
fluence over the Syrian regime
might induce Syria to keep the

He said also that he hoped the
raid against Jordan would also
serve as a lesson to Syria which
now would understand that Israel
would not remain passive while
its citizens were attacked. He
stressed that Israel regretted that
the Soviet Union, which had spread
libelous charges against Israel,
even used its veto to prevent adop-

tion of a resolution against Syrian
support of the guerrilla raiders.
Eshkol told Parliament Tuesday
that "God is my witness that we
do not want bloodshed to go on on
both sides of the border" but "Is-
raeli blood is no less than that of
any other."
, The premier reminded the house
of the growing incidence of border
attacks from Jordan. He quoted
a threat by the Damascus Radio
that Syria would turn every house
in Israel "into, a grave."
Let it be clear, the prime min-
ister declared, that the Jordanian
raid was a warning directed as
well to Syria.
He said the Soviet veto of the
Security Council resolution had ag-
gravated the problem because it
made the Arabs "think they can
get away with anything, including
organized murder." He pointed out
that Israel had repeatedly exer-
cised patience, "but even the great-
est patience can come to an end,"
he declared.
Only speakers for the Communist
Party and Haolem Hazeh, a fringe
party, disassociated themselves
from the raid. All other parties
voted for a government motion to
discuss the question in committee.
Yosef Serlin, speaking for the op-
position Gahal Party, declared his
faction's unreserved support for
the government on the issue.
Former Premier David Ben-
Gurion took a similar stand in an
address to the central committee
of his dissident Israel Workers
Party (Rafi). He asserted that no
reliance should be put on the
United Nations and that Israel
must itself ensure its security.
Israeli officials returned to Jor-
dan the body of a captured Jor-
danian army major who died from
battle wounds in an Israeli hospital
despite emergency efforts to save
his life. The major was found
lying seriously wounded in t h e
Samua area as Israeli troops were
withdrawing after their raid Sun-
day. He was given immediate first
aid by an Israeli army doctor and
rushed by helicopter to an Israeli
hospital. He died on the operating



Israeli officials transferred the

body to United Nations officers at
the Mandelbaum Gate between new
and old Jerusalem. The UN trans.
nutted the body to Jordanian of-

ficials. Israel supplied the UN
with a full medical report on the
treatment given to the Jordanian


Less than 24 hours after three

Israeli soldiers were killed and 10
others were injured, when their
border patrol car detonated a mine

road in the Hebron Hills, near
the Jordanian border, Israel's
army staged the reprisal raid.
In the raid, 40 Jordanian
houses were blown up by the
Israelis, a Jordanian police sta-
tion was demolished, one Jordan
Arab Legion officer was fatally


injured, dying later in an Israeli The second column encountered
hospital, two other members of no significant resistance, but the
the Arab Legion were captured, first had to fight its way through
15 Arab Legion trucks carrying the village, and we were under
reinforcements were burned, and constant fire while carrying out
a Jordanian plane was downed
the demolitions. Israel's action
when Jordan sent aircraft into against Jordan," the s o u r c e
the air to fight the Israelis. Is-
added, "is the death blow to
rael lost one soldier, an army charges of Israeli collusion with
major, who was killed while Jordan against Syria and other
leading his troops, and 10 Is- Arab countries."
raelis were wounded in the ac-
The Jordanian government an-
nounced over Radio Amman that
Prime Minister Eshkol, all Army leaves have been can-
joined by Israel's chief of staff, celed and the Jordanian troops
Gen. Yitzhak Rabin, reported on have been placed on alert status.
the reprisal to the Cabinet here Leaves for doctors and nurses in
Sunday. Eshkol told the Cabinet: Jordan have also been canceled
"This raid, in which 40 houses and those already out on leave
were blown up by Israeli forces, were recalled to duty.
Prime Minister Levi Eshkol an-
should demonstrate the fact that
quiet must reign on both sides of nounced in Parliament last week
the borders along their entire that compulsory military service
for men will be extended from 26
Eshkol referred to the two most months to 30 months. The decision
recent terrorist raids coming from was understood to be strictly a
the Jordanian side—one a month defensive measure brought about
ago, when two Jerusalem apart- by continued El Fatah and other
ment buildings suffered mine ex- terrorist raids into Israel.
The lengthened service will
plosions near the Jordanian bor-
der, and the last one, early pose new burdens on Israel's
Nov. 11, when the three Israeli budget at a time of serious eco-
soldiers were killed and 10 nomic difficulties.
Military service for both men
wounded in the Hebron Hills.
"These two acts of sabotage," and women was 24 months during
he said, "were perpetrated by in the early years of statehood. Then
filtrators coming from Jordan. the callup period for men was
The raid against Jordan was or- extended to 30 months. Three
dered in accord with the Cabinet years ago, the period was reduced
statement, made in the Knesset to 26 months for men and 20
a month ago, and approved months for women. Under the new
by the Knesset, in which regulations announced women
serve for 20 months as before.
Israel warned that it holds respon- will
The Premier also told Parlia-
sible those countries from which
or through which perpetrators of ment that Israel's border police
will be strengthened.
such acts come. This is beside the contingents
special responsibility of Syria for Their main responsibility is to
guiding the attackers and ordering guard Israel's borders against in-
filtration. The border police have
the attacks."
The mine explosion occurred at recruited many non-Jews, prin-
cipally members of the Druze mi-
dawn Nov. 11, less than a mile south nority.
of the Jordanian border, about six
* *
miles north of the new Israeli
town of Arad. The Israeli soldiers
Goldberg, the United States am-
were traveling a dirt road which bassador
the United Nations,
had been inspected the day before, criticized to
the Security Council
and found safe for patrol. Sud- Wednesday Israel's
retaliatory raid
denly, the patrol car ran over a against Jordan last Sunday.
mine, detonating it, The mine was also
addressed the urgent session
found to be of the same type that
of the council explaining the rea-
was used by infiltrators from the sons
for the Israeli action.
Syrian border a month ago, in
told the council, con-
Galilee, when four Israeli soldiers vened for the
second time in two
were killed.
months over Arab-Israeli border
Tracks from the site of the Heb- tensions,
that nothing "construc-
ron area incident were found
could be served by condem-
leading to the nearby Jordanian tive"
nation of one specific action. Ac-
border. Israel filed a complaint cusing
of organizing the re-
against the raid immediately with peated Syria
into Is-
the Jordan-Israeli Mixed Armistice rael, the Israeli incursions
ambassador said
Commission. (A similar complaint that Jordanian authorities
on that action was filed in the interfered with the terrorist had
Security Council of the United Na- He described the Sunday action
tions by Israeli Ambassador as a "limited- one undertaken only
Michael S. Comay, who charged
long forbearance by Israel.
Jordan with violating the 1949 Is- after
Goldberg called the action one
raeli-Jordanian armistice agree- "clearly in violation" of the UN
ment. However, the Israeli com- armistice agreements which took,
plaint did not call for a meeting he said, "a deplorable" toll in
of the UN Security Council.)
lives. He asserted that the nature
An authoritative Israeli source of the "destructive raid" surpassed
noted that the raid was in retalia- the "cumulative total of terrorist
tion for 13 attacks against Israel acts" and could not be "justified
carried out in the area recently or excused" by the guerrilla raids
from the village of Samna which in which "Jordan has not been
had been known as a base for implicated."
infiltrators coming into Israel
He declared that the Security
from Jordan, although the terrorist Council "must speak out formally
raids were guided and directed against such a policy" of retalia-
from Syria. "We had to deal with tion and that the UN machinery
Jordan," he said, "through which "must be utilized" by both Arabs
the terrorists passed and in which and Israelis.
they found shelter and bases for
Goldberg, who is the November
their activities. We had to deal president of the Security Council,
with these people as if there were set the meeting at the request of
no Syria, and we shall deal with Mohammed El Farra, Jordan's per-
Syria as if there were no Jordan." manent representative.
"It was the intention of the Is-
An American television crew
raeli government," this source con- which came to the Huleh area to
tinued, "to deter the local Jor- take films of the tense border area
danian population from giving came under fire from Syrian gun-
shelter to saboteurs. We learned ners Tuesday. They filmed one of
that the same population in the the minor exchanges of fire be-.
Hebron area did not cooperate
even with the Jordanian authori-
ties in their fight against the ter- British Jews Protest
rorists. The action was aimed at Eichmann Aide Acquittal
blowing up houses, after making
LONDON (JTA)—A delegation
certain no inhabitants remained. of the Board of Deputies of British
The objective was carried out in Jews called at the Austrian Em-
both Samua Village and in small bassy here to express the "outrage"
villages somewhat to the east of of British Jewry over recent ac-
quittal by an Austrian court of
"The Israeli forces acted in two Franz Novak, Eichmann's transport
columns, one hitting at Samua, officer in the dispatch of European
the other at the siler villages. Jews to Nazi death camps.

tween Syrians and Israelis which
have been occurring regularly dur-
ing the past three days. No casual-
ties were reported either among
members of the television crew or
the Israelis.
One of the Syrian shootings
caused a huge fire on the border.
Dry vegetation caught fire. The
Syrians used recoilless guns.
* * *
TEL AVIV — An Arab youth
from Haifa who crossed into the
Egyptian-controlled Gaza Strip and
returned after being recruited by
Egyptian intelligence has been ar-
rested, police reported Tuesday.
The name of the youth was with-
The arrest followed a report by
the youth's father to police that
his son was missing.
The Tel Aviv District Court
found three Arab youths of Ram-
leh guilty of charges of sabotaging
the Tel Aviv-Jerusalem railway
two months ago.


UN. 4-6868

10235 W. 6 MILE

According to the prosecution the
three Israel Arabs dismantled part
of the tracks, intending to cause
damage and casualties. Fortunate-
ly, the engineer saw the damage
in time to stop the train and pre-
vent a disaster. Sentences will be
pronounced soon.
(See Related Photo Page 10)

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