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May 20, 1966 - Image 14

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The Detroit Jewish News, 1966-05-20

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General Allenby Refused to. Publicize
Balfour Declaration, Biography Shan's

Israel's "Exaggerated Prosperity

(Copyright, 1966, JTA, Inc.)
WASHINGTON — Members of
Congress will challenge a new
State Department line that Israel
is now so prosperous, and organi-
zations like Hadassah so rich, that
further U.S. aid grants are un-
The fact is that Israel is in debt
for over $1,250,000,000. Israel re-
quires more than a half-billion dol-
lars annually from outside sources.
One reason for Israel's economic
plight is her need to buy arms to
balance the flow of Soviet and
American jets and other weapons
to the Arab states.
Last year, Hadassah Medical
Organization sought inclusion in
a provision of the Foreign Aid
Bill, Section 214, that provides
grants for American institutions
operating abroad. The American
University of Beirut had re-
ceived over $33,000,000 under
Section 214 since 1959, and Ha-
dassah felt entitled to the equiv-
alent of $1,000,000. But the State
Department did not agree. The
diplomats fought a 1965 Con-
gressional amendment to provide
Hadassah a sum of 3,000,000
Israeli pounds ($1,000,000) from
surplus counterpart funds owned
by the United States.
The amendment passed the Sen-
ate but was killed in a final Sen-
ate-House conference because of
State Department pressure on
elements of the House Foreign
Affairs Committee.
This year, the State Department
asked Congress for an increased
allocation under Section 214. But
Hadassah's application for inclu-
sion was rejected. The Executive
Department, through the U.S.
Agency for International Develop-
ment, offered to lend Hadassah
the 3,000,000 Israel pounds re-
quested. AID maintained that
Israel was no longer a needy, un-
derdeveloped country, and that
Hadassah was so "rich" that one
medical facility alone, the Hadas-
sah-Hebrew University Hospital,
was valued at $30,000,000.
Although the 318,000 American
members of Hadassah generously
assist-programs in Israel to the ex-
tent of about $12,000,000 a year,
the needs have multiplied and costs
in Israeel have risen drastically.
Some Congressmen felt that Hadas-
sah was being penalized, in effect,
for being more industrious and gen-
erous than American supporters of
the University in Beirut, for in-

Hadassah's operations in Israel
have taken a burden off the U.S.
Peace Corps and American aid
programs in many African and
Asian countries have been train-
ed in Israel by Hadassah in
medicine, nursing and public
health. Indeed, Hadassah person-
nel have worked in many Afri-
can countries. Governments like
Liberia have honored Hadassah.
Israel's Arab people have been
beneficiaries of Hadassah's pre-
birth clinics and infant care proj-
ects to the extent that Arab infant
mortality has dropped dramatic-
ally. The Israeli Arab birth rate is

today far higher than the Jewish
rate, thanks to Hadassah. Hadas-
sah offers many other facilities in-
cluding vocational training for JeW
and non-Jew alike. I-I ad assan
work on trachoma and leprosy
have benefited the entire world,
The government of Israel has spent
huge sums on health in coopera:
tion with Hadassah and other un-
It has also been pointed out that
the American University of Beirut
has been the scene of pro-Conf•
munist and anti-American agita-
tion while Hadassah has been a
center of mercy and healing, and
has received nothing under this
same program.

Less than a week after the is- strength of it until after the Peace
suance of the historic Balfour Dec- Conference had decided the fate of
laration pledging the establishment the country." Gardner states that
of a Jewish National Home in Pal- "despite this, he managed, remark-
estine, the text reached General ably, to retain the trust and good-
Edmund Allenby. He did not make will of the Jewish population more
so, perhaps, than that of the Arabs,
it public.
The reason is given in the new although he was naturally criticized
Allenby biography, "Allenby of by the more militant Zionists. His
Arabia—Lawrence's General," by attitude was also severely criticized
Brian Gardner, published by Cow- in London, and even on his own
ard-McCann (200 Madison, NY16). staff."
His severest critic was his polit-
The brief reference to it states:
"On the 9th of November, at the ical officer, Meinertzhagen, whose
Third Battle of Gaza, the important memoirs did not give Allenby the
and controversial Balfour Declara- credit he received at the hands of
tion had been made, in the form of Gardner.
Then there is a record in this
a letter to Lord Rothschild. It said
that the British government fa- biography of Allenby's attitude
Bukiet Wins Contest Here
vored 'the establishment in Pale- towards Herbert Samuel. The bi-
Bernie Bukiet, of New York, won
stine of a national home for the ography states:
the men's singles title at the 38th
"Lloyd George and his Foreign
Jewish people.' (Although Balfour
annual United States open table
Secretary Balfour were both
wanted the United States to assume
sympathetic to the Jewish case,
HAIFA (ZINS) "Divorce the tel- tennis championship held in De-
responsibility for Palestine after
and Herbert Samuel, himself a
evision instead of your wife!" de- troit. Bukiet won by scores of 16-
the war,) Allenby, continually con-
Jew, was made Chief Adminis-
creed the head of the Beth Din in 21, 21-16, 21-18, 23-21. Erwin Klein,
cerned about public order, had im-
Haifa when a man applied for of Los Angeles, the defending title-
mediately forbidden its publication i trator for Palestine. Allenby's
impartiality in all this is illus-
divorce on the grounds that his holder, was beaten in the quarter-
in Palestine."
trated in the fact that (General)
wife had become a television ad- finals by Dick Miles of New York,
This is a verbatim quotation from
21-11, 21-9, 21-18.
the new biography of Allenby. The
date given here is wrong. There
he was pro-Arab. However, Al-
magic box into my house we know
undoubtedly were added elements
lenby did strongly advise against
neither day nor night. My wife
to the story
Samuel's appointment, believing
has ceased to cook and bake, the
the book seems to point to an angle
it to be "highly dangerous.' "
children are neglected and I am
that may not fit well with Sir Ed-
After Meinertzhagen was trans-
forsaken as she sits transfixed be-
mund Allenby's role. After all, his
fore the hypnotic images. She nev-
For Regular Savings
fame is in his having taken Jeru- !erred from Allenby's staff, Allen-
er seems to grow tired — I never
salem from the Turks, not his role I by was deprived of responsibility
for Palestine. There is much more,
knew a Jewish wife had such re-
in Arabia.
serves of strength," the husband
Perhaps the title relates as much apparently, to the story regarding
to Lawrence (Captain, Later Col- Allenby's attitudes. IVIeinertzha-
every day
on every
He himself had brought the set
onel, T. E.) of Arabia who served gen's accusations are not easily
dollar front
into his home by purchasing the
under Allenby and between whom
date of
Gardner's biography quotes Al-
deposit to
television with his savings. The
a great friendship developed. This
rabbi gave the wife a. month in
biography is nearly as much about
Samuel. He wrote, Nov. 7, 1919:
which to change her ways. Should
Lawrence as it is about Allenby.
"he has quite the right ideas . . .
all other methods fail, the husband
The biography is interesting he should do well with luck." In
was granted permission to sell the
also from another angle: the fact the same entry he wrote: "I see
For Longer Term Investments
that the introduction is by Low- that the northern boundary of Pal-
The housewife's reply was brief
ell Thomas. The photos are all estine has been fixed. I don't think
but firm: "I would rather divorce
Lowell Thomas'. Lawrence and that the Zionists will be satisfied.
my husband than give up the tel-
Allenby were friends of Thomas. They hoped for much more than
The introduction contains a vivid has been allotted to Palestine, in-
account of Lawrence, provides cluding the waters of the Yarmuk
interesting background material and Leontes, which they have not
to the Allenby story, and there got . . . "
are intimate descriptions of the
Later, he wrote: "Samuel's prob-
era under review.
lems in Palestine are not easy, and
Thomas often heard Allenby re- he will have as much trouble with
ferred to as "the Bull." He quotes his own Zionists as with the Arabs
British Tommies who said: "You or Christians. I see that the Zion-
could hear the Bull all the way ists have been smuggling revolvers,
• SOUTHFIELD RD. at 10 Mile Rd.
from Dan to Beersheba." Thomas hidden in beehives, into Palestine."
• W. 9 MILE at Greenfield Rd.
speaks of Allenby as having been
The latter is another of the de-
PHONE: 353-6800
"able (almost alone) to act in that vastating statements that indicate
area for many years without being that Allenby, like many of his fel-
TO 4:30
either. Zionist or Arabist . . . "
All deposits insured up to $10,000
low-Britishers, refused to grant the
by the Federal Deposit InsuranCe
An important role in the Pale- right to defend their lives against
"Get Our Price Last"
stinian battles during World War I I Arab attacks.
was played, under Allenby, by the
The Allenby biography revives
Jewish Legion. But it is not men- memories. It brings to light certain
tioned by name in this book. In- new aspects of a troubled situation.
stead we read in the Gardner story: It helps recall the liberation of
"Three battalions of Jews, the 38th, Jerusalem and the early years of
39th and 40th Royal Fusiliers, were Zionist endeavors under British
sent to Allenby as the first practi- rule in Palestine.
cal result of the Balfour Declara-
tion. Serving with them was David
Ben-Gurion, destined to become Israel's Universities Face
Prime Minister of Israel." There Problem of Overcrowding
is an explanatory note to this item
quoting from a letter by P. (Pin- number of graduates from Israel's
has) Rutenherg, April 27, 1933, high schools is expected to reach
75,000 annually in the coming
"I am proud to state now the years. However, only a small num-
at the SYNAGOGUE, Seven Mile Road West at Greenlawn and in the
fact, known to few, that I am ber of them will find room in the
the author of the idea of the country's universities, the press
Jewish Battalions to fight with here reports.
the Allies during the Great War.
Mt. Vernon, between Greenfield and Southfield
Tuition fees at the Hebrew Uni-
To redeem with Jewish blood versity are low — only 550 ‘ pounds
Jewish Palestine: That was in ($170) a year while secondary
August 1914. The idea was so school fees are twice that amount.
contradictory to all Jewish tra- This explains the huge deficit ac-
ditions and conceptions of life cumulated by the Hebrew Uni-
that the then powerful author- versity — 70,000,000 pounds.
ities in Jewry intended, as I was
• Bar/Bas Mitzvah Tutoring at no extra charge
• Limited size classes
Each student in the science de-
told, to excommunicate me pub- partment costs the university 9,000
Youth Sabbath Services and Clubs
Reasonable tuition
licly from Jewish life. It was the pounds a year, and a medical stu-
privilege of Jabotinsky to make dent, 21,000 pounds a year.
the dream a reality. As to my-
In the last four years, enroll-
self, I was deprived of the priv- ment in the Hebrew University
for complete information
ilege of joining them, I was en- has increased from 7,500 to 12,000
joying a doubtful rest in the and within a few years should
Visit Synagogue Office, 7 Mile Rd. W. at Greenlawn
notorious dungeons of St. Peter reach 15,000, the maximum capac-
or Call UNiversity 1-6692
and St. Paul's Fortress, as one ity of the school.
of the first prisoners of the Bol-
This is causing grave concern
Dr. Robert Schlaff
Israel 1. Halpern
shevik government."
in political and economic circles
The Allenby biography makes in Israel, taking into account the
several references to Zionist lead- fact that Egyptian universities are
Rabbi Martin J. Tatelbauni
ers and to Zionism. In reference to attended by 100,000 students in ad-
Director of Education
the Balfour Declaration, Gardner dition to 10,000 Egyptians studying
writes that Allenby `(refused to abroad and another 45,000 in other
accord any Jewish privileges on the -institutions of higher learning.

TV Named in Suit
for Alienation of
Affections in Israel

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