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December 31, 1965 - Image 25

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The Detroit Jewish News, 1965-12-31

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Ai- Committee Protests LS. Gov't. Sale
of Nazi Items at Planned Auction

The Role of the UNEF


JTA Correspondent at the UN
(Copyright, 1965, JTA, Inc.)

UN has received a report showing,
for the first time in nine years, the
genuine importance of the United
Nations Emergency Force. UNEF
was established in 1956, while
Israelis and Egyptians were still
fighting in the Sinai Desert and
in the Gaza Strip. Ultimately, after
Israel had withdrawn all of its mili-
tary forces from both the Sinai and
the Gaza area, UNEF took up posi-
tions on the Egyptian side, guard-
ing the border between the Strip
and Israel, and watching over the
freedom of Israel's shipping
through the Gulf of Akaba from an
outpost in Egypt's Sharm el Sheikh.
Neither the UN nor Egypt has
been happy over the fact that
UNEF is not allowed to function
on Israel's side of the border. But
all have agreed that UNEF has
Performed a vital function in help-
ing maintain tranquility along the
Egypt-Israeli border. It is a long
border, extending to almost 161
miles, much of it running through
rugged desert country, sparsely
populated or empty of all popula-
tion whatever on the Egyptian side.
During the nine years, UNEF
has cost the United Nations
about S200,000,000.
Partly to satisfy himself as to
the costs, and partly due to the
fact that UNEF as a whole had
never been re-examined, Secretary-
General U Thant appointed a six-
member survey team this fall to
go to the area and give UNEF a
thorough examination. The team
reported to Thant—and the Secre-
ts tary General recommended to the
Assembly— certain economies,
streamlining, and this statement:
"A continued United Nations
presence of the UNEF type is an
important element in the mainten-
ance of peace and security in the
area, since its withdrawal at this
time might well give rise to a
sharp increase in the frequency of
incidents and violations along the
(armistice demarcation) line, prob-
ably with serious consequences."
* *
It is not generally known that
UNEF must not only pr event
illegal crossings of the lines, by
either side, in order to avert inci-
dents. It is charged, also, with the
job of observing and reporting all
such violations on land, sea or in
the air. If such reports had ever
been made to the Secretary-General
here, they were never made public.
Now, for the first time, that curtain
has been lifted. It shows a very
interesting picture. Egyptians are
not the only ones who try to cross.
Israelis do too. The reasons and
motivations are undoubetedly dif-
ferent, but the factual date shows:
1. In the first 10 months of this
year, there have been a total of 74
crossings of the armistice demarca-
tion line and international frontier
by both Israelis and Egyptians. In
five of these cases, the illegal
crossing forces fired on UNEF
troops. The marvel is that only
one UNEF soldier has ever been
wounded, none killed. Crossing in-
cidents during the last nine years
since the formation of UNEF have
averaged three to four daily in
every year.
2. There have been one to two
violations of the air space over
both Israeli and Egyptian territory
every day for the last nine years.
There have been no violations at
sea. In the period January-October,
1965, 38"2 Israeli aircraft crossed
over, as against four Egyptian air-
3. The Palestine Liberation
Army, the Egyptian government
and the Gaza Police Force main-
tain networks of observation posts
behind the lines patrolled by
UNEF. On the other hand, Israeli
border patrols constantly patrol
the Israeli side of the border,
where no UNEF troops are station-
ed. In addition, the survey team re-
ported, there are also on the Israeli
side "a number of kibbutzim along
the armistice demarcation line
which are reported to have a para-
military function."


The reason for so many Israeli
air crossings by comparison with
the Egyptian is obvious to all.
The Israeli Air Force, using jet
planes, can carry out training
flights either over the Mediter-
ranean or over Arab territory.
Technically, flying over the Sinai
Desert is a violation. It is
obvious, however, that there is
no intent of using such flights
for any reason except training.
The PLO is mentioned for the
first time by the United Nations
as a force, which, in cooperation
with police authorities, stands on
guard behind the UNEF lines in
Egyptian or Egyptian-controlled
areas. Now it is certain that the
PLO, which recruits Arab refugees
for potential warfare against Israel,
is not merely a threat but an
The net effect of the report by
Thant's survey team is to em-
phasize two vital points: 1. UNEF
is necessary and must not be with-
drawn or drastically curtailed; 2.
the money spent on this buffer
force, the most effective the United
Nations has ever maintained, has
certainly been spent wisely.
* * *

Arab League Blacklists
13 Indian Firms for
Connections With Israel

NEW DELHI (JTA)—Thirteen
Indian firms, including one under
government sponsorship, were dis-
closed to have been blacklisted
by the Arab League because
foreign associates of the firms
have connections with Israel.
Efforts to have the firms re-
moved from the Arab blacklist on
grounds that the companies did
not deal directly with Israel have
failed, the Arab League appar-
ently insisting that the firms drop
their connections with those asso-
ciates. Political sources said that
the government had taken up the
issue with the Arab League and
(Direct JTA Teletype Wire
that, if efforts to end the black-
to The Jewish News)
JERUSALEM — Israeli circles listing continued to fail, serious
said here Wednesday they would diplomatic consequences might
watch with "caution and apprehen- arise.
The daily newspaper Pratap,
sion" the activities of an Indian
military officer, Maj. Gen. Indar meanwhile, sharply criticized the
Jit Rikhye, whom United Nations Arab League last weekend for ad-
Secretary General U Thant ap- vocating a policy of neutrality in
pointed as the new commander of India's dispute with Pakistan, in
the United Nations Emergency an effort to induce this country
to continue withholding diplomatic
While there was no official corn- recognition of Israel.
The paper declared in an edi-
ment by•the Israel government re-
garding the Rikhye appointment, torial that the Arab states profess
it was noted here that in the past friendship towards India to make
Israel has been critical regarding this country a tool for gaining
the naming of Indians to key their own political objectives.
United Nations posts since the In-
In- Ou
tlaw i ng of Defamation
dian government regularly sup- wttawing
ports Arab policies 'against Israel. Based on Race, Religion
On the other hand, it was ob- Proposed in N.Y. Senate
served here that during the re-
cent flare-up of warfare
the writing,
India and Pakistan in Kashmir,
or dissemination of hate materials
the Arabs had supported Pakis-
in New York State, making such
tan in spite of the fact that India
acts a misdemeanor punishable by
has consistently courted the
imprisonment of not more than a
favor of the Arab bloc.
year or by a fine of not more
At the UN it was pointed out than 51.000. was filed here Tues-
that Gen. Rikhye has been military
day for consideration by the next
adviser to the secretary general
session of the New York State
since 1960, holding that post not
only under Thant but also under , Legislature, which is due to con-
vene Wednesday.
the late secretary general, Dag
The measure was prefiled by
Hammarskjold. In naming Gen.
Rikhye Tuesday, Thant said the Assemblyman Noah Goldstein, a
Indian officer would take up corn-' Democrat representing a district
mand of UNEF on Feb. 1, suc- in Brooklyn. It would amend two
ceeding the present commander, sections of the state's penal code
Maj. Gen. Syseno Sarmento, a Bra- and provide for the punishment,
zilian. Gen. Rikhye's appointment upon conviction, of any person who
is for one year. The United Nations "writes, prints, reproduces, pub-
Emergency Force. created in 1956, lishes, disseminates or exhibits
stands on guard on the Egyptian any false and defamatory matter
side of the border with Israel tending either to blacken the repu-
along the Gaza Strip frontier and tation of any group of persons
at Sharm el Sheikh overlooking because of its race, religion, or
national origin, or to expose such
the gulf of Aqaba.
group to public hatred and con-
tempt or ridicule because of its
Egypt Expels Remnants
race, religion or national origin."
The draft further stipulates that
of Jewish Community
"no person shall be convicted
PARIS (ZINS)—The Egyptian under this section if such matter
government recently increased its
is true" but declares that "the
pressure on the Jewish community
burden of coming forward with
to emigrate from the country, ac-
cording to a report received by evidence of the truth of such mat-
the Jewish Community Council ter shall be upon the part of the
here. Of the 2,500 Jews that re- defendant."
mained in Egypt out of the orig-
inal total of 64,500, hundreds of Jewish Labor Committee
additional families were forced to Sees Bias in Large Cities
leave the country. In the last three
months alone 150 families left Jewish Labor Committee charged
Egypt. First in line for forced in a brief filed here with Franklin
evacuation are Jewish families D. Roosevelt Jr., chairman of the
whose property and businesses Equal Employment Opportunities
were confiscated by the govern- Commission, that research data
shows that "discrimination against
Jews continues in our major cen-
Organic Chemist
ters of Jewish population."
Willy Marckwald, a German-Jew-
That bias, according to Emanuel
ish chemist, was a leading pioneer Muravchik, national director of the
in the field of organic chemistry. JLC, is rife particularly in the
He also was instrumental in the white-collar field, and in technical,
discovery of radium by isolating administrative, executive and pro=
fessional employment.
polonium in pitchblend.

ndian General
ew UNEF Chief;
Israel 4

WASHINGTON (JTA) — The down a dangerous road, indeed, if
American Jeivish Committee has the government is permitted to
raised the issue of a contemplated purvey .racist material on the ex-
auction of Nazi paraphernalia by cuse that it is merely raising,
the United States Internal Revenue money, rather than promoting rac-
Service, and indicated that, under ism." He said he had stated these
constitutional considerations, the views to the IRS commissioner,
government might either destroy and "sincerely trust" they
the Nazis' goods, giving the Nazi adopted.
Party a "fair value" tax credit, or
return the items to George Lincoln Study of Prejudice
NEW YORK — The Author-
An IRS auction of the Nazi itarian Personality, pioneering
Party property has been tempor- study on the nature of prejudice
arily deferred because of Rock- sponsored 15 years ago by the
well's pending hearing in which American Jewish Committee, has
he is appealing for an injunction, i just been published in Spanish
and owing to a complaint by
b y Editorial Proyeccion, Argen-
Clifford P. Case, New Jersey Re- ! • tine publishers.
Leaders of the A
Sen. Case said that sale by the Jewish press, foreign n correspon-
government of such items as swas-
tikas and hate literature, seized to dents, noted psychologists and
meet unpaid taxes, would put sociologists and leaders of the
federal authorities "in the position Jewish community hailed the event
of purveying for profit the same at a reception.
stock-in-trade as the American
Nazi Party."
Sanford H. Bolz, Washington
counsel of the American Jewish
Committee, said his group agreed
with Sen. Case but "we would go
further." He said he has convey-
TEL AVIV (JTA)—The Renault
ed to IRS Commissioner Sheldon
Cohen the view of his organiza- automobile company of France
is expected to buy auto parts in
tion that it is one thing for Rock-
well to circulate and sell hate Israel for its assembly plant in
literature, swastikas, and so this country, in an effort to re-
forth—"but quite another matter establish the Israel market for its
for the government of the United automobiles. - * -
States to become a party to the
Several years ago, Renault
sale to satisfy a tax lien or for stopped assembling cars in • its
any other purpose."
plant at Haifa, capitulating to the
Bolz' said: "It is entirely likely demands of the Arab boycott of-
that such action by the government fice. As a result of that move,
to sell or distribute racist material Renault lost not only its Israeli
is unconstitutional government ac- market, but also suffered losses
tion, forbidden by the Fifth in sales around the world—with-
Amendment. Surely a government out making any significant sales
like ours, which is dedicated to gains in Arab countries.
equality and to elimination of all
Now the company is report-
forms of discrimination and preju- edly ready to try to recoup its
dice from our national life, should market in Israel. It is assumed
never become a party to the cir- that it might advance that aim
culation or purveying of racist by buying parts from Israeli
material, literature, or mailing lists suppliers.
designed for their distribution to
Meanwhile, it was announced
willing and eager recipients, for here that another French auto-
the raising of funds or any other ! mobile firm, Simca, is "interested"
1in assembling cars in this country
He stressed that if the govern- for the Israeli market. The an-
ment cannot and should not sell nouncement was made by the
this material, it should destroy it management of Traffic Tools. Ltd.,
in the same way as it would other a firm here that builds trucks and
contraband material it would not has an assembly plant at Naz-
wish to purvey or distribute in the areth. Israel has four automobile
channels of trade or commerce. assembly plants now. These put
But in deference to First Amend- cars together for manufacturers
ment rights which Rockwell may of British, Japanese and American
have to possess and use such ma- cars.
terial, the Internal Revenue Ser-
vice should give him an appro-
priate credit against his tax in the Israel Foreign Ministry
amount of the fair value of such Denounces Spread of
items, without placing them on
public auction and selling them to Anti-Negro Leaflets
others. There are procedures which
the Service might use to achieve
this result. If, for any reason, this foreign ministry denounced sharp-
could not be done, then the Ser- ly here Monday the distribution of
vice should return the material to leaflets voicing anti-Negro senti-
Rockwell, rather than to sell it to ments. The ministry said that the
others. This is a dirty business, Israel government is "indignant"
and the government should have over such propaganda.
no part of it."
About 25 such unsigned leaflets
Bolz added that "we are starting had been found by police in Jeru-
salem and Nathanya in areas where
African trainees are undergoing
Yiddish Writers Union
training as part of a broad Israel
program to aid underdeveloped
Celebrates 50th Year
NEW YORK (JTA)—The Yid- nations. Police authorities were
dish Writers Union, central body trying Monday to trace the origin
of all the writers in the Jewish and sponsors of the hate literature.
Distribution of the leaflets, a
press in the United States, cele-
brated its 50th anniversary at a spokesman for the foreign min-
istry said here, is "an act of
concert-meeting Sunday afternoon
provocation by elements un-
at the Statler Hilton Hotel.
An audience of 1,000 heard friendly to Israel." The spokes-
prominent Yiddish writers, includ- man pointed out that no political
party or responsible group in
ing Dr. L. Hendin, A. Glantz-
Israel holds such racist views.
Leyeles, Moshe Rivlin, and Leib
Feinberg extol the role of the "Israel believes in full indepen-
organization of Yiddish writers in dence and self-determination for
all African peoples," he stressed.
the cultural life of the Jewish
The executive of the Israel Stu-
dents Association isued a statement
An Entire Team Arrested
after a meeting here, expressing
Police at Afula, Israel, arrested "abhorrence" over the leaflets. The
an entire soccer team and five of leaflets were mimeographed on
the opposing team when a fight plain, white paper, indicating no
broke out during a match. The source of their origin or sponsor-
fight started when a linesman ship.
threw the ball to the touchline
after it had gone out of play. The
Friday, December 31, 1965 25
ball hit a player on the head.

Renault to Obtain
Parts in Israel for
Assembly Plant



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