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March 12, 1965 - Image 2

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The Detroit Jewish News, 1965-03-12

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Purely Commentar y

Echoes of - Nazism, Visions of Swastika

Nazi torments continue to plague mankind. The vision of the swas-
tika has become all-too-evident in too many of the free areas of the
world. Who dares say that the holocaust could be forgotten?
From London comes a report that swastikas were painted on a
bakery at Golders Green, on a synagogue in a Hampstead Garden
Swastikas have made their appearance in this country, in European
Denia in Spain has become headquarters for helping Nazi war
criminals escape from Germany, Richard Z. Chesnoff reported in the
New York Herald Tribune. Chesnoff pins responsibility for these
activities on "Die Spinne" and other organizations with headquarters
in European, South American, African and Arab countries. Former
SS Colonel Otto Bremer owns a hotel in Denia and directs the
smuggling of war criminals out of Germany.
The situation in Argentina is far from pleasant, and the Arab
propagandists have spread their venom in many lands.
We are indebted to the London Sunday Observer for an analysis
of an article that was written by Neal Ascherson of Wesselbrunen,
Germany, in which is described the fight conducted by eight men
against the swastika's legacy. It reveals some of the inherited hatreds
and states:
In the salt fens of Dithmarschen, six young schoolmasters,
an old politician and a pastor are fighting a battle whose echoes
are ringing through all Germany. Their enemies are the guardians
of tradition in this dark, flat land by the North Sea—the land
from which the Saxons set out for the English shore, where
Christianity came late and ineffectually, where faith in bonds of
blood and earth survived among xenophobic farmer-clans to find
expression in the racial myths of the Nazis, and survives still.
The Graveyard of Wesselburen. Stinging wet snow blew across
the graveyard of Wesselburen, as the minister showed me fresh
tombs of the "Geschlechter," the clans. Huge dolmen slabs, they
bear a family name but no Christian sign or prayer. Some of them
are ornamented with reliefs, of horses dragging a plough, of a
wolf rampant or a hooded rider. Here lie the men of Dithmarschen,
the families who ruled a primitive agrarian republic destroyed in
the 16th Century, whose lineage is still retold and glorified by
a Clan League with 15,000 members.
Woltan's Hill. There is, for instance, a sect here which among
other rites celebrates the solstice on a mound called Woltan's Hill.
Its members are often ex-Nazis,, but three of them are school-
masters in the parish, and the pastor says that the children are
reticent about what they learn there. "This is, of course, an anti-
Christian movement," he told me.
Adolf Bartels. In the cemetery stands another raw slab cut
with a solar disc—the new monument to Adolf Bartels. Bartels, a
local savant with a pointed beard and gold-rimmed spectacles-
died in 1945. He wrote novels rejoicing in the blood-and-soil mys-
teries of Dithmarschen, but he also wrote a mass of impossibly vile
anti-Semitic propaganda which the Nazis, in their time, found very
Pledge of the 'pure Aryan'. He remains an honorary citizen of
Wesselburen, with a street named after him there. This Friday,
his name was removed from a street in the nearby market town
of Hide. Those who during the Third Reich ran the "Adolf-Bartels-
Bund" (self guaranteed pure Aryans sworn never to marry a
Jew or traffic with Rosicrucians and Jesuits) continue busily to
venerate his memory.
They have put up the Bartels monument in a Christian
, f
yard, and the mayor swore on it to renew •Bartels ame in Dith -
marschen. They plan to reissue his novels, of which one ends in
triumph as Hitler speaks in Dithmarschen. They brought out this
autumn a jubilee number of the folk-study magazine Dithmarschen,
with an article which praised Bartels, spoke meaningly of eugenic
research, and sneered at the Weimar democracy.
Pre-war books recommended. It also offered a select local
bibliography, and suspicious readers followed up several references.
In some recommended pre-war books, passages like this were
found: "Over the Oder poured the Jews, the migrant rats from
the East, bringing with them the stench and the behavior of
oriental ghettoes . . . Ahasuerus leered ever more impudently.
Films, theaters, press and literature were annexed by the Jews."
. . . Then they went too far. Prizes were offered to local schools,
for an essay on Dithmarschen, by the regional culture society
which explained that "through joyous competition, our youth will
learn to sense our Dithmarschen as the primal source of their


Herr Zietz. The society—one should mention—is run by a
certain Herr Zietz, an outspoken Jew-baiter before the war who
served Hitler in the "Race and Lineage Bureau" in Berlin. The
prizes—one would mention—are woodcuts by that respected local
artist Professor Gross, who taught at a "Nordic Arts College"
under the Third Reich.
At the same time, Pastor Wendt of Wesselburen told his
shocked congregation from the pulpit' that "a man who must bear
far more guilt even than Eichmann and his henchmen is Adolf
Bartels of Wesselburen, who incited our people against the Jews."
The Bishop of Kiel told Paster Wendt that he can rely on his
approval—more than the local synod has given him. The national
press and television "discovered" the affair in Dithmarschen, and
steadily the letters in the local paper began to turn in favor of
the rebels. The Social-Democrats in Kiel weighed in behind them,
trade unions and young Christian organizations in Dithmarschen
followed suit.
Of course, there are those with a conscience who would expose
Nazism, who dedicate themselves to uproot it among their German
fellow-Christian countrymen. But the evidence of a spreading neo-
Nazism is overwhelming, and the swastika's echoes continue to re-
verberate. Therefore the vigilant must continue their battle against
the genocidal tendencies among those who would revive Hitlerism, and
the people with a conscience in Germany must continue their concern
over impending crises. There is need always to beware lest the poisons
of the past seep out anew to impair the minds of the unknowing and
the innocent.




'Sieg Heir—Nazi Reverberations

While on the subject of the Nazi terror and the swastika painters,
it is worth recording that proof of the re-emergence of a Nazi spirit is
in evidence in many quarters. Take, as an example, the following
revelations that have appeared in the London Evening Standard, in an
article by Jean Campbell:
In a shadowy side street in Arlington I found a small wooden
house which is today the central headquarters of the World Union

Nazis Still in Limelight:
Men With Conscience Expose
Danger, Aim to Uproot It

By Philip Bonn Cites Decline

S► OMOVitZ in Anti-Semitism

of National Socialists. To my surprise the door was wide open.
Inside was a vast scarlet altar with Hitler's bust upon it and across
the walls of the room were two huge swastika flags with a small
blue pump on their centers. "What are those blue spots for?" I
asked in wonderment. The young man in charge of the head-
quarters smiled. "Ah, if you look carefully at the blue spots you
will see that they contain a world man. We don't intend to make
Adolf Hitler's mistake. This time we want the world."
At that moment from the darkness outside I heard a stern
voice cry "Sieg Heil!" The young man rose to attention and shouted
in return. In walked Alan Welch, the deputy. chief of the American
Nazi Party, and it is whispered, its only brains. "What do you feel
about the black people?" I asked. Welch grinned. "The black race
is superior in rhythm, cannibalism and eating their grandmothers.
When we come to power we will take away their citizenship and
help them get back to Africa. We'll even supply 3,500 pounds to
each family in compensation. After all, the whites did them a dirty
trick in dragging them to America in the first place."
"Col." Welch has a big master plan for killing. He plans to
gas all the Jewish traitors and to hang all the white traitors in
front of the White House. "What is a traitor in your view?" I
asked. "All members of the democratic and Communist con-
spiracy," he answered, his two eyes sparkling with enjoyment at
the slaughter talk.
On the wall hung a large portrait of George Lincoln Rockwell,
the chief of the party. "Where is Rockwell?" I asked. "He is in
the South. He's just been to Selma, Ala., and now he's going to run
for governor of Virginia on the independent ticket."
"Col." Welch tells me he has no connection and no affiliations
with members of the Third Reich, but he is in close personal touch
with a young German named Bruno Ludke who, he thinks, will "go
a long way" in Germany. "However, Bruno feels that when Nazism
comes to the world this time, it will come in America." The
"Colonel" is a Texan and he told me with great pride that Texas
and Southern California are the most fertile grounds for Nazi
We discussed the possibilities of a Nazi takeover. "I really
don't think the Nazis can get power until 1972. We are training the
hard core of our officers-now. You -see, we expect anarchy by '72.
Riots in the streets and a gigantic economic depression. That'll be
our time to seize power."
Back in the grown-up world of the capital city I asked pebple
in the lmow why the FBI did not interfere with the headquarters
of the National Socialists. The answer was crisp and smacked of
the democracy we love: "Heavens, the Nazis help the FBI. Every
new guy that comes to town checks in with those Nazis."
Thus, the cry "Sieg Heil" reverberates anew. Yet, there are some
who would have us believe that by ignoring the Nazis — and for that
matter by paying no attention to anti-Semites anywhere — we will be
depriving them of the publicity that gives them courage. How long does
one ignore? In. the instance of anti-Semites, how long do we give a
free hand and a free path to the spreaders of hate? It just won't work!
When the ugly head of bigotry appears on the surface, it must be ex-
posed in all its vileness—and smashed if possible. Else it'll come up
again and again to plague us.

From 1960 Peak

BONN (JTA)—The ministry of
the interior reported that there
has been a steady decline in the
number of anti-Semitic incidents
in West Germany from a peak of
1,206 cases in 1960 to 171 in
A ministry spokesman presented
the data in a general survey of
radical right and anti-Semitic ac-
tivities in the Federal Republic.
Such incidents, he said, included
anti-Semitic insult s, swastika
smearings and similar activities.
He said 74 persons were arrested
in 1964 for such activities.
He said that foreian and inter-
national fascist groups in the
United States, Britain, Belgium
and Switzerland were trying to in-
fluence extreme right-wing groups
in West Germany. He reported
that 66 fascist and anti-Semitic
papers were sent into West Ger-
many from abroad compared with
45 such periodicals printed in
West Germany.
In addition, he reported '78
fascist and anti-Semitic leaflets
were sent into West Germany.
He emphasized that none of the
right-wing groups had a daily
At the end of 1963 there were
in West Germany 123 right-wing
radical organizations, youth groups
and political parties, with a total
membership of 24,600, the repor
of the ministry stated. At th
end of 1964, there were 119 such
groups with a membership of 22,-
500. In 1950, membership in such
groups totalled 78,000.
In recent years, the report said,
16 new groups were formed and
20 dissolved themselves. It added
that currently there were eight
such groups with more than 500
members each and 111 small groups
with an average membership of
42 each..

Detroit Jewry Joins Fight for Negro Rights;
Council Delegates to March on Washington

Detroit's Jewish Community
Council will be represented in a
march on Washington today, pro-
testing police action against Selma,
Ala. Negroes seeking their voting
The Council, together with the
Council of Churches, the Catholic

Archdiocese, the NAACP, labor ,
and CORE members, planned to
send delegates to make their pro- ;
tests to Congressman.
A rally 8 p.m. Sunday will be
sponsored here by the same groups
at St. Paul's AME Church, Dexter
at Lawrence. The entire corn-

Syrians Repeat Attacks on Israelis;
Two Arab Infiltrators Killed in Negev

TEL AVIV (JTA)—For the third
successive day, Syrian soldiers
north of Lake Tiberias fired at
Israeli farmers Tuesday, and the
Israelis shot back, silencing the
Syrian gun posts. After a clash
lasting an hour and a half, UN
military observers arranged a
The Syrians fired against the
Israelis three times Monday, and
twice Sunday — all the attacks
being in the same area and all
terminated only after UN inter-
vention. Meanwhile, in the Negev,
Monday, an Israeli patrol killed
two Arab infiltrators trying to
reach Jordan from Egypt's Sinai
desert. Both dead men had car-
ried rifles of Czech make.
After each attack on the Syrian
border, the Israeli farmers re-
turned to their work in the fields,
while the Israel government filed
complaints with the Syrian-Israel
Mixed Armistice Commission.
Earlier, Israel security forces
disclosed the smashing of a pro-
Syrian spy ring in Israel working
under cover of a Cypriot trading
company. Five Arabs from Haifa
were arrested and several con-
fessed. They were brought before
a Haifa magistrate who remanded
them for 15 days.
On the Jordan front, Prime
Minister Levi Eshkol warned

against permitting any further
sabotage infiltrations against
Israel, originating in Jordanian
Three such attacks or attempts
at sabotage have taken place in
the last months by gangs of sab-
oteurs who escaped across the bor-
der, back into Jordan. In the last
attack, at Kfar Hess, an Israeli
patrol wounded and caught one of
the perpetrators a week ago.
Eshkol voiced his warning to
Jordan in replying to a motion
introduced in the Knesset, parlia-
ment, by Herut, charging the gov-
ernment with "inaction" in the
face of sabotage attacks. "Safely,
Israel would not tolerate such de-
velopments," replied the Premier.
He proposed that the issue be re-
ferred to the Knesset's foreign
affairs and security committee,
and Herut agreed to such a
Meanwhile, the United Nations
Supervision Organization com-
pleted its investigation into the
Mar Hess incident. Israel has
charged that Jordan has refused to
let the UN military observers use
Jordanian tracking dogs which the
UN wanted to employ for tracing
the footprints of the Kfar Hess
saboteurs. Those prints led directly
from Kfar Hess to the nearby
Jordanian border.

munity is invited.
Ten thousand Detroiters, among
them representatives of the Jew
ish - Community Council, led by
President Sidney Shevitz, joined
the largest protest demonstration
in the country Tuesday.
Walter Klein, executive director
of the Jewish Community Council,
and local leader Joseph Ross were
present at a meeting with Vice
President Hubert Humphrey Tues-
day. Humphrey expressed his and
President Johnson's sympathy with
the Alabama Negroes.
The National Community Re-
lations Advisory Council, coor-
dinating agency for national and
local Jewish org a ni z at ions
throughout the country, and
seven of the NCRAC's national
affiliates wired a protest to
President Johnson against the
"outrageous and unwarranted
actions of the Alabama State
The seven agencies that joined
the NCRAC in the telegram to
the President were the American
Jewish Congress, Jewish Labor
Committee, Jewish War Veterans,
National Council of Jewish
Women, Union of American He-
b r e w Congregations (Reform),
Union of Orthodox Jewish Congre-
gations of American (Orthodox)
and the United Synagogue of
America (Conservative).
The Bnai Brith Anti-Defamation
League demanded, in a telegram
from its national chairman, Dore

Sehary, that the government In-
voke "federal power to insure the

protection of Negro American citi-
zens in Alabama." The wire was
sent to President Johnson and
Attorney General Nicholas Kat-

2—Friday, March 12, 1965

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