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February 28, 1964 - Image 30

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The Detroit Jewish News, 1964-02-28

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Knesset Rejects Motions
of Nonconfidence Over the
Revival of 'Lavon Affair'

of his views but he added that
(Direct JTA Teletype Wire
to The Jewish News)
some of the sentences in his
JERUSALEM — The Knesset Knesset statement exceeded
Monday rejected opposition mo- permissible bounds.
tions of nonconfidence in the
The premier said he shares
government over the recent
statement by Agriculture Min_ this regret but reiterated that
inter Moshe Dayan with regard the agriculture minister's state-
ment neither disclosed security
to the Lavon affair.
The motions, which were de- secrets nor disputed the find-
'rigs of the ministerial commit-
feated by a vote of 61 to 37 with
over the affair, which, he
is closed.
by Herut, the Liberals and the
Mapai members of the cabi-
Communists. Herut charged that
Daya.n's statement damaged the net voted unanimously Saturday
security interests of the nation night to support Eshkol's deci-
and asserted that the cabinet as sion not to revive the Lavon
a whole must bear the responsi- Affair, after t h e turbulent
events of the week.
In the debate on motions,
The key event in the ouster of
Prime Minister Levi Eshkol Pinhas Lavon, first as defense
M minister a n d
justified Dayan's right to
correct distorted press reports
later as secre-
tary - treasureir
of Hi s t a drut,
was an alleged
security mis-
hap in 1954
when Dayan
was chief of
staff and La-
(Direct JTA Teletype Wire
to The Jewish News)
von was de-
BRUSSELS — The Council of
fense chief.
Ministers, key policy-making
Maariv, a
body of the European Economic
leading news-
Community (EEC), decided at
paper here,
the start of its regular meeting
said that Day-
to prepare a final list of con-
an h a d made
cessions on tariffs and quotas
for Israel.
about the La-
The council also ordered its
von affair dif-
committee of permanent repre-
Lavon fering tota 11 y
sentatives to study the question from the known facts.
of Israel-Euromart relations in
Members of the opposition
greater depth and to present a questioned him and asked why
new report at the council's next he had withheld vital facts. lie
session early in March.
replied at length, but his reply
The Israeli issue was con- was expunged from the record
sidered at a closed session "for security reasons."
dealing with prior negotia-
Maariv then reported the
tions between EEC and Is- Dayan version in which the for-
raeli representatives on an mer chief of staff held that
agreement on treatment of neither Lavon nor a senior of-
Israel's substantial experts to ficer, subsequently dismissed,
the six nations of the Euro- but "a third factor" issued
pean Common Market.
orders that led to the supposed
Two initial rounds of talks mishap. Dayan did not identify
during 1963 brought only an the "third factor."
offer of minor concessions on
Dayan also reportedly said
relatively trivial Israeli exports. that he had tried to bring his
The offer was rejected.
information to officials, but he
The council reportedly ap- was not heard and had never
proved a compromise proposal been invited to give testimony
on the difficult question of Is- to the various inquiry commit-
raeli citrus sales to the Eu•o- tees that investigated the com-
mart countries. The compromise plex controversy. Strong criti-
offered by Italy proposed cre- cism was voiced at the meeting
ation of a special commission about press "leakage" of a "dis-
which would deal with market- torted version" of Dayan's re-
ing problems arising out of marks at a closed gathering of
subsequent agreements between Mapai ministers which led to
the EEC and other citrus-pro- the Knesset debate. The Lib-
erals, Herut and the Commun-
ducing countries.
ists then filed non-confidence
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Euromart to List
Concessions on
Tariffs for Israel

Vatican Spokesmen View Attitudes on Jews

(Continued from Page 1)
The third journalist referred
to the difficulties of Jewish na-
tional life in Soviet Russia and,
on the other hand, to a "latent
if sporadic" anti-Semitism in
the United States, which are
both in contrast with the good
relations between Jews and non-
Jews in Italy which he quoted-
ith full right—as an example.
Rather surprising was the
statement of the 80-year-old
lawyer, Carnelutti, a well-
known criminologist. Together
with many exceltrnt qualities,
he said, Jews possess one that
proved dangerous: their pride
which caused them to refuse
the New Teaching.
Constitutional judge and pro-
fessor of the Milan University.
Dr. Ager, who well known as
a Christian and scholar. (author
of the well known book, "Law
in the Old Testament") had no
great diffic - lty to confute the
thesis of Carnelutti — which
might ha• - e happer ed to him be-
fore in the coutrooms where
they m' t. First, he said, let the
church get rid 'f so -- residuals
of paganism, then the time may
come to turn to the Jews,
Secondly. the problem of the
Jewish minorities dispersed
throughout the world and in
latent danger represents for him
a more urgent problem than the
Jewish State.
Minister Gonella, a Christian-
Democratic leader, said that the
Jewish problem cannot be con-
sidered as a racial problem in
civilized democratic countries;
difficulties always arose only in
authoritarian states, he said.
The Jesuit father, Rulli,
concluded the panel meeting
with the wish that the Jewish
people, who are transforming
"deserts into green gardens,"
also succeed to give new
splendor to their ancient
ideals. Recalling Rabbi Nis-
sim's quotation about "hearts
of stone and the hearts of
flesh," he obviously stood up
in quite a sympathetic way,
for more religiousity on both
The most noteworthy fact
about this panel is that it took
place and that it tackled many
aspects of the question — this
time without fear of suscepti-
bilities or of outcries from third
parties! Comments centered
around the fact that Jews—be-
cause of too many bitter re-
membrances and not because of
Carnelutti's "pride"—are really
allergic to missionary talk. The
chronicler deems it both note-
worthy and dutiful to report the
comment of a Protestant theo-
logian: "Why do not Jews do
just the same, so or so; it could
only be beneficial to all con-
Another, more important,
panel was called in by the
graduates of the Catholic Lay
Movement (Anon Cattolica")
on the subject. "The Vatican
and Nazi Victims.'
The three men on the panel
were Msgr. Giovanetti of the
Vatican State Secretariat; Prof.
Mario Toscano, historian and
head of the archive office of the
Italian Foreign Ministry; and
Raphael Cantoni, honorary
member of the executive of the
World Jewish Congress, a life-
long fighter for Zionism and the
Jewish cause. The meeting was
presided over by lawyer Vit-
torino Veronesi, lay-observer at
the Ecumenical Council, former
secretary of UNESCO, and a
bank director. The public was
composed of top Catholic and
Jewish leaders; one saw the
Italian Ambassador to the Holy
See, and the room was crowded
to capacity.
The addresses centered on
the accusations contained in
Hochhuth's play, and we shall
only point to what is or appears
to. us as new in the already
oversized discussion on this sub-
Msgr. Giovanetti said explicit-

ly that nobody can be denied
the right to criticize a historical
personality as Pius XII had
been. What is highly objection-
able is the libelous affirmation
that the Pope's attitude had
been motivated by mean politic-
al and money reasons. Absurd
and objectionable is also the
attempt of Hochhuth to shift
the responsibility for what hap-
pened on Pius XII.

The anti-Nazi attitude of
the Vatican and of PiusXII
is borne out by many facts,
Giovanetti said. One has to
read the reaction of the Nazi-
German Foreign Office to the
encyclical letter "Mit Bren-
nender Sorge" — issued in
German language with the

obvious purpose of pointing to

the addressee—and of which
the then cardinal Pacelli,
Nuncio in Berlin, is consider-
ed as author. That reaction
affirmed that the Pope wanted
with that act to raise the

world against Nazism. That

encyclical letter and other
episcopal messages were des-
troyed in many cases by Nazi
youth formations.

The same is proved by the
fact that, during the war, the
Allied Radio Stations heavily
drew on Vatican transmissions,
quoting, diffusing them and
divulging them. This never hap-
pened from or on the German
side, neither in broadcast nor
in newspapers.
Asking what would have hap-
pened if Pius XII had publicily
and by full name denounced the
Nazis, Giovanetti answers by
quoting the known rude menac-
ing letter by Ribentrop to Weis-
saecker (which, significantly
enough, is not quoted by Hoch-
huth in his "Historic Sidelights,"
though certainly acessible to
him); by quoting a message by
by the Polish bishop Hlun
Sapieha, who implored the Pope
to mitigate the broadcasts since
they might have "incalculable
consequences; further the Von
Kessel letter to the "Die Welt,"
and that of Cardinal Montini to
the London "Tablet." This let-
ter expresses the conviction that
an open siding during the war
would have provoked more
massacres and Hochhuth might
have now, with more right, writ-
ten a drama "about an exhibi-
tionist priest," who caused a
still bigger tragedy."
Prof. Mario Toscana analyzes
the question from the historian's
point of view and therefore
turns to the Vatican State Sec-
retariat to complete the avail-
able documentation—which is
not excessive ,and, besides, dis-
persed in many places and in
many different subject-files.


From his relation too we want to
quote only things that may not
be largely known so far. He
proves with documents on hand
that the known humanitarian
action by the Italian Govern-
ment and especially Army was
in part done by request from
the Vatican. Very interesting is
a Vatican letter in 1940 to Ciano
asking him to intervene with
the German government on be-
half of priests interned in Mat-
thausen. Regarding the late
Pope's attitude, he reads the
letter from the Wilhelmsstrasse
to the German Ambassador at
the Holy See on the occasion of
Pacelli's election to Pope: 'to
congratulate the Pope, since
this cannot be avoided, but in
view of his known attitude to-
wards National Socialist Ger-
many, the congratulation should
be cool-" He also said that, in
the case of intervention, the
propaganda machine of Goeb-
bels would have had an easy
play with the Vatican, not to
speak even of a direct inter-
vention of the Eturm-battalions.
R.alphael Cantoni described
the material rescue action of
the Church during Nazi occupa-
tion in Italy, which was done
certainly on the Pope's instruc-
tions. He recalled the Bible say-
ing: "Who saves a man, saves
a whole world. He quoted only
a few names, of many added
that Jewish communities and
institutions and individuals have
distributed solemn letters of
gratefulness to every one who
had participated in saving Jew-
ish lives, spontaneously, before
one heard of Hochhuth, and
they will not be taken back be-
cause of Hochhuth. It is his con-
viction that the Church had
saved everyone whom she
could save, and he finished with
a vibrant appeal to work in
unity for the progress of man-
kind without regard to re-
ligious differences.
Many observers here are con-
vinced that the Church will
further more discussions and
perhaps issue a special docu-
mentation about the whole prob-
lem with the intention to prove
not only the integrity and good
faith of Pius XII against an
ignoble attack, but something
more: in order that the Church
be able to stand up in defense
of the persecuted, of whatever
origin or religion, or minority
groups; in short, the world
must concur to build up spirit-
ual and moral values and that
it is only to such a world that
a priest can speak and he will
be heard only by such a world.
These comments are well in
line with the Pope's recent
statements, especially that on
universal Fatherhood.


"My son, the Analyst!"



Dayonu ProductIons


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