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November 15, 1963 - Image 2

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The Detroit Jewish News, 1963-11-15

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Friday, Nov. 15, 1963 — THE DETROIT JEWISH NEWS — 2

Purely Commentary

The 'Zionist Issue' in Vatican Communique
When the question of a Vatican communique on the Jews first
was broached in public announcements, and it became known that
it had been temporarily shelved, it was explained that a delay in
action was due to Arab accusations that\ the Ecumenical proposal
by Cardinal Bea was pro-Israel.
It is no wonder, therefore, that the communique on the Jews
contains a reference to its being . neither pro-Zionist nor anti-
Zionist. It is an unfortunate approach in that it gives credence to
an issue that should not exist in deliberations involving social and
human justice.
There had been Papal audiences with Zionist leaders, notably
the late Nahum Sokolow, on the question of the Jewish National
Home; and recently there have been indications of a friendlier
Vatican attitude towards Israel. Many Catholic laymen have been
among the supporters of the Zionist cause, which, with all its in-
evitably political aspects, remains the great revolutionary occur-
rence in defense of the right of the Jew to survive as a people.
Anything that leads to the belittling of this movement or to
creating doubts about its justified position is deplorable.
Once again, the anti-Zionist Council for Judaism stepped into
the picture to capitalize on the issue, contending that it had asked
the Vatican to introduce the resolution against anti-Semitism
"without fear of antagonizing the Arabs." Meanwhile the anti-
Israel Council that has rendered so much harm to the cause of
good will among Jews also launched an attack on the Jewish
Telegraphic Agency. Such are the tactics of the obstructionists,
at a time when all other Jewish organizations were positive in
their reactions to the Vatican declaration.
There is no doubt that. the Vatican communique on the Jews is
historic in that it abandons an old and a most damaging injustice
which was responsible for so many tragedies imposed upon our
people in many eras and many climes. As long, however, as the
slur relating to the crucifixion as applied to the Jews remains
indelibly in the New Testament, it will be necessary continually
to educate Catholics and others on adherence to the new declara-
tion. Will a slur that has persisted through the ages be wiped out
by a mere communique? We will be able to judge the effects of
the new and most welcome communique only after we learn what
the Church and its leaders do to impress its validity upon the
adherents to their faith, and especially upon the Christian youth.
The essence of the Vatican statement is; however, wholesome,
and should nrove most effective. It is a positive statement on hu-
man relations and by advocating the promotion of "mutual under-
standing and esteem" it makes a great contribution to social
* * -

Our Jewish Writers and Their Jewishness
There is a sense of justice inherent in our heritage that causes
us to provide a platform for every viewpoint, that leads, us to
support the view that we may oppose certain ideas, yet we will
fight for the right of men to express them. We do that because we
ask for the right to speak our own minds on all issues, and we do
not approve of censorships that can become destructive of the
democratic and the human principles.
Yet, hi matters involving Jewish authors who have rendered
so much harm to positive Judaism, there is another aspect for which
we must make an urgent appeal.
It is our sincere conviction that the American Jewish Congress
has been harmful in its selection of authors who participated in
the Jerusalem Dialogue recently. Some of them were men who
were so negative in their approach to Jewish life that they had no
place on a Jewish platform. They were men without a Jewish
background and were not qualified to speak for us.
By the same token, there are many Jewish writers who recall
a few Yiddish words, who distort the little they know of Hebrew,
who are unacquainted with Jewish history, but who insist on writing
about Jews and whose novels, oversexed as many of them are, give
a distorted picture of us and our position in the world.
The reported "dialogue" with Marie Syrkin at the Jewish Book
Fair gave an indication of an arrogance on the part of those who
argue for liberalism and claim to be speaking for democratic
idealism in defense of the writers' right to describe life and people
as they see them. But when Jews insist on writing about Jews they
must also know the Jews, their aspirations, their past and their
present. It is not enough that they themselves were forced to be
Bar Mitzvah: what is required is an understanding of the true
values,of Jewish observances.
So many of the novels about Jews portray us as a tottering
people whose home life is repulsive, where there is infidelity
and conflict and where anything approaching Jewish loyalty and
observance is shallow and insincere.
These writers are not qualified to write about us. If they
do anything at all, they paint an ugly picture of us for the non-
Jew and if they influence Jews they contribute towards the
break-up of the Jewish home life • which was marked by so much
sanctity through the ages.
Why don't these Jewish writers forget about us and write
about others—if their stories must be negative and packed full
of sex orgies?
There is so much of the positive to be viewed in Jewish life!
We shall have examples of them when Irma Lindheim appears at
the Book Fair, when Walter Field speaks the mind of a dedicated
lover of Jewish history. Marie Syrkin tried it, and on her appear-
ance here she continued the work of a lifetime in defense of
highest Jewish values. Why can't all of us strive towards the
elevation of Jewish standards? It can and should be done within
the framework of free expression—based on knowledge, not on
distortion of facts.



The Infamous Crystal Night
An anniversary of historic significance was observed on
Nov. 9. It was the 25th year since the infamous Crystal Night.
The assassination by Hershal Grynszpan of Ernst vom Rath,
a Nazi official in the German embassy in Paris, was used as
an excuse for the unleashing of the terror during which window
panes in Jewish businesses in Germany to the value of six
million marks were smashed and many synagogues were burned.
It is from the glass orgy that the Crystal Night term developed.
Hermann Goering was informed by Reinhard Heydrich, Chief
of the Nazi Secret Police, two days later, that 815 Jewish
businesses were wrecked, 29 department stores were destroyed
and put on fire and 171 apartment houses were burned.
But in an analysis of the terror Dr. Nehemiah Robinson,

By P hilip
Negativism of Our
Authors . . . Vatican's
Historic Communique atomovitz

director of the Institute of Jewish Affairs of the World Jewish
Congress. shows that 7,500 Jewish businesses were demolished
and 191 synagogues set on fire, 76 of the latter having been
totally destroyed.
Germany can never live down guilt for the act of terror
that turned Crystal Night, in which many Germans participated,
into one of the cruel examples of terror and unhumanity.
Goering was said to have deplored the occurrences—but for
only one reason: the loss of so much value in destroyed glass
to his country !
Officially, the claim was made after that night of terror
that the action was a spontaneous German reaction to Grynszpan's
shooting of the young Nazi official. But the mass of pogroms that
took place throughout Germany on that display of brutality and
horror was proof of an organized Nazi campaign to destroy
Jewish possessions, to confiscate their properties, to burn
Heydrish had written to police authorities admonishing them
that attacks on Jews were expected and that there should be
proper caution not to burn synagogues or Jewish properties
that are next to German-owned businesses. It was a warning to
protect the property of Germans.
At the same time, Heinrich Mueller, Gestapo Chief, told
the police to arrest 20,000 or more Jews, especially the . wealthy.
There was a "humanitarian" note in these official orders:
synagogue archives were to be safeguarded !
In his letter to police officials, Heydrich wrote:
"On the basis of the attack against Embassy Secretary vom
Rath in Paris, demonstrations against the Jews are expected
throughout Germany on the night of Nov. 9-10. The chiefs of
State Police offices are to contact at once the competent polit-
ical leadership (Gau or county leadership) to reach agreement
on a discussion concerning the implementation of the demon-
What other proof could one ask for that the brutalities
were well organized in advance?
In his analysis of the Crystal Night "dress rehearsal of
Jewish annihilation," Dr. Robinson stated:
"That the demonstrations were organized from the top
also became evident in the proceedings of a Party court against
several party members for rape, murder and theft.
"The pogroms of Nov. 9 (which went on for at least
another day) were, however, only part of the Nazi action under
the guise of revenge for the death of vom Rath. In an inter-
ministerial discussion of Nov. 12, 1938, Goering stated that he
received an order from Hitler to bring the Jewish problem to
a conclusion. In fact, the atonement levy, initially of one billion
marks, was imposed on the Jews, and a veritable deluge of ordi-
nances, increasingly stringent, descended on the Jews in all
fields of their endeavor. Studies on forced labor and ghettoiza-
tion were in process.
"Most revealing was Goering's statement in. announcing the
one billion mark atonement levy:
. . I would once again state: I would not want to be
a Jew in. Germany. If the German Reich were at any time in
the near future involved in a foreign political conflict, it is
self-evident that we, in Germany, too, will first of all think how
to implement a large-scale settling of accounts with the Jews.'
"Hardly any clearer words were needed to describe what
the Nazis had in store for the Jews in Germany or any other
region in their power. The bloody result of these words was the
unprecedented Jewish catastrophe, which cost the Jewish people
six million dead, indescribable suffering on the part of survivors,
thousands upon thousands of widows and orphans, as many
crippled, not to mention the billions of dollars of material
"Crystal Night stands out as a warning to the world that
brutality, if not stopped in time, grows in intensity, and that
tyranny does not halt at the borders of the state. Although the
pogroms and the ensuing measures were clear to everyone who
wanted to see and listen, the world remained mostly silent.
Was it necessary to sacrifice one third of the Jewish people,
so that humanity should learn the lesson? Or has it?"
Indeed, has humanity learned the lesson? Have the Germans
learned the extent of the brutality into which they were dragged
by the Nazis, in which they were collaborators and must, there-
fore share the guilt?
Let Crystal Night lesson be engraved in the minds of all
who understand history ! Let it be a warning to mankind that
such crimes are not easily forgotten ! The smashed glass, the
burned synagogues, the humiliations that were imposed on in-
nocent men, women and children continue to cry out to the
heavens never to forget the crimes, to forgive only where there
is genuine antonement, to remember the terror so that terrorism
should never again be permitted the free reign that was given
it by the German people under Nazi domination.

UN to Circulate
Shukairy Speech
Despite Protest

(JTA)—After a brief but very
hot exchange between Israel
and a group of Arab represent-
atives in the General Assem-
bly's Special Political Commit-
tee Nov. 7, the group's chair-
man, Mihail Haseganu, of Ru-
mania, ruled that a violently
anti-Israel speech made by
Ahmed Shukairy will be dis-
tributed as a committee docu-

Shukairy, the most volatile of
the Arab spokesmen here for 12
years, delivered an address last-
ing more than two hours, saying
he represented the "Palestine
Arab Delegation," a group of 18
Arabs with no official delega-
tion accreditation here. Dey
Ould Sidi Baba, of Morocco, re-
quested that the speech be cir-
culated as a document as the
view of "the chairman of the
Palestine delegation."

After a series of interventions
by Michael S. Comay, Israel's
permanent representative, who
was being heckled by Salah El
Dine Tarazi, of Syria, the Israeli
withdrew his objections to a
formal vote on the Moroccan
proposal, and Haseganu ruled
in favor of the Moroccan re-
quest. Comay concluded the ex-
change by reminding the com-
mittee that Shukairy spoke as
an individual, and that the cir-
culation of his speech as an
official document "in no way
alters his capacity."

The Syrian and Yemenit e
delegates in the committee
voiced the customary anti-
Israeli attacks, insisting that the
refugee question must be set-
tled not between Israel and the
Arab states but with the "Pales-
tine people" whom Shukairy
claims to represent. They voiced
high praise of Dr. John H.
Davis, UNRWA's outgoing chief,
who, earlier, made -a long speech
despairing of Arab-Israeli peace
because, he said, the "Arab na-
tions and Arab people want only
the elimination of Israel as an
entity in the Middle East."

Israel told the United Na-
tions that it wants regional
disarmament, "particularly in
areas of strong international
tensions," and that it is ready
to negotiate such an agree-
ment as soon as it receives
"a positive response" to its

The request was voiced be-
fore the General Assembly's
Political and Security Commit-
tee by Gideon Rafael, deputy
director-general of Israel's For-
eign Ministry, who represents
his government in that 111-
member body. He made his
statement while debating a 46-
power resolution calling for
general and complete disarma-
ment. On behalf of Israel, he
pledged his delegation's en-
dorsement of that draft.

Rockwell's Nazis Viewed by ADL as 'Ragamuffins'

George Lincoln Rockwell's
American Nazi Party is essen-
tially a "ragamuffin band" that
is more nuisance than national
menace, the Anti-Defamation
League of Bnai Brith reported
today in a comprehensive study
of Rockwell and his movement.
The League study said that
"shock techniques and out-
rageous shenanigans" gave the
party notoriety rather than any
financial or numerical strength.
The study was supervised by
Arnold Forster, ADL general
counsel. He said the League
wanted to clear up "once and
for all, exaggerated feats" re-
lating to the Rockwell group.
Calling Rockwell a "skilled
performer" in achieving pub-
licity, Forster said the self-
styled fuehrer has failed to or-
ganize anything that even re-
sembles a movement in the

more than eight years he has
been associated with the party.
The League study revealed
that the annual gross income of
the American Nazi Party is
about $20,000 derived mostly
from small contributors and the
sale of publications. The hard
core of the group was described
as "two or three dozen with
perhaps a few hundred sympa-
thizers or supporters scattered
around the country." A recent
count showed 16 troopers in
residence at party headquarters
in Arlington, Virginia—"a rick-
ety two-story house with a sec-
ond house nearby as barrackS."
According to the report, the
headquarters is "a hangout for
criminals and vagrants;" storm
troopers and ex-troopers around
the country "have committed
dozens of crimes," have been
charged with "statutory rape,

possession of a machine gun,
and possession of narcotics,"
and a major percentage "appear
to have no visible means of sup-
port." In a recent issue of the
party's confidential newsletter,
one ex-storm trooper was de-
scribed as "a really great Nazi
when he is sober . . ."
Commenting on Rockwell's re-
cent "courtship of Black Mus-
lims," the League pointed out
that despite his outrageous vil-
lification of Negroes, Rockwell
was one of the speakers before
an audience of 5,000 at the Mus-
lim's annual convention in Chi-
cago last year. He contributed
$20 at a Muslim rally in Wash-
ington. He "courts" the Mus-
lims because they believe in
complete seperation of the races.
Nevertheless, Rockwell was
booed by members of the au-
dience at both Muslim events.

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