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November 01, 1963 - Image 38

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The Detroit Jewish News, 1963-11-01

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Friday, November 1, 1963—THE DETROIT JEWISH NEWS-38

Author Shows How Public Regard
for the Reds 'Plummeted' in Israel

"Subversion of the Innocents guised imperialistic nature to
—Patterns of Communist Pene- the millions of political inno-
tration of Africa, the Middle cents interested not in ideol-
East and Asia," by Dan Kurz- ogy but in a better life."
man, published by Random
In the course of his analyses
House, is a most revealing book. of communist infiltrations in
Covering the many lands in Afro-Asian countries, Kurzman
the areas under review, Kurz- accounts briefly for the condi-
man, an experienced foreign tions in Israel. He recalls that
correspondent who has covered communist strength in Israel
many significant events, includ- was at its peak at time of the
ing the assassination of King establishment of the Jewish
Abdullah of -Jordan, the Iranian State because Moscow, "despite
oil crisis, the anti-British riots the traditional anti-Zionist out-
in Cairo and other important look," anxious to get the Brit-
occurrences, warns that the ish colonial troops out of Pales-
Communists have registered tine, supported statehood for
bains in the Afro-Asian world. Jews. When the British left,
He states that the United "the Soviet mood changed, the
States cannot avoid taking mili- Stalin anti-Semitic era began
tary risks, as in South Vietnam, and "it was time to start woo-
and he declares that "if the ing the Arabs, who had been
communist guerilla offensive in i neglected since World War II."
Vietnam can be broken with
Thus began the communist
the counterguerrilla techniques attacks on Israel and Kurz-
American instructors are teach-; man states that "when the
ing the South Vietnamese I Israeli Reds slavishly follow-
forces, there is a good possibili- ed this line, public regard for
ity that all of free Asia can ; them quickly plummeted."
be saved from the Red grasp— Kurzman shows how com-
though Laos may continue to munism was "handicapped in
totter precariously."
Israel, which is by far the most
Kurzman admonishes that the, advanced state—socially, politi-
U.S. cannot afford to neglect cally, economically — in the
informing the Afro-Asians about Middle East. A moderately so-
the more positive aspects of cialist state with strong demo-
life in this country, and he adds cratic roots, Israel has a legal
that the most important thing Communist Party with three
this country "can do to keep seats in the Knesset, or parlia-
the Afro-Asian countries out of ment, and about 2,000 members,
the communist orbit is to rein- including 1,200 Jews and 800
force their strong tendency to Arabs. It also has the extremely
seek answers to their economic left-wing socialist Mapam Party
and political problems within which ranks as the fourth-larg-
the framework of national inde- est party in the Knesset, but
pendence and their own in- has no links with the commun-
digenous cultures."
ist bloc. The communist-front
"The United States cannot organizations freely operate and
buy Afro-Asian support by 15 Red newspapers and periodi-
backing such projects as the cals pour out the party line.
United Nations armed attacks
"But the Reds can make vir-
on Katanga, which weakened tually no headway in view of
the moral foundations of the their opposition to Zionism and
organization even more than popular Prime Minister David
did the Indian assaults on the Ben-Gurion, and their support
Portuguese colonies, because of Soviet and Arab policies.
the United Nations soldiers Unlike communists in most
themselves broke the peace," other countries, the Israeli Reds,
Kurzman writes. "If the Afro- to remain in harmony with Mos-
Asian countries continue to cow, must fight rather than ride
steer clear of communism, it the nationalist tide. They must
won't be because of anything advocate, in fact, the destruc-
the United States does or tion of Israel and its conversion
does not do. It will be because into a biracial Arab-Jewish
they so dearly cherish their state, which would include the
newly won independence. 900,000 Palestine Arab refugees
America, therefore, can best who fled into neighboring Arab
frustrate communist designs countries during the 1948 Arab-
by convincing these nations Jewish war that resulted in the
that we genuinely desire to - creation of Israel. These refu-
strengthen their independ- gees have been ordered to do
ence—an effort that will pay so
by Arab leaders with the
increasing dividends as com-
that they would return
munism gradually, but inevit- promise
when the Jews were driven into
ably, bares its thinly dis- the sea—an event, of course,
that did not materialize. The
minimum communist demand,
like that of the Arabs, is the
acceptance of the original
United Nations Palestine parti-
Stops Itch—Relieves Pain tion plan, under which the great
For the first time science has found Negev desert, incorporated into
a new healing substance with the as- Israel as a result of the war,
tonishing ability to shrink hemor- was to be part of the Arab
rhoids and to relieve pain — without
surgery. In case after case, while sector of Palestine that, minus
gently relieving pain, actual reduc- the Negev, was ultimately ab-
tion (shrinkage) took place. Most sorbed by Jordan."
amazing of all — results were so thor-
Kurzman describes the hard-
ough that sufferers made astonishing
statements like "Piles have ceased to core leadership among the ideo-
be a problem!" The secret is a new logical communists in Israel
healing substance (Bio-Dynee)— dii- and the doctrinaire agents that
covery of a world-famous research
institute. This substance is now avail- entered the country. He points
able in suppository or ointment form out that the strength of the
*ailed Preparation H. At all drug communists in Israel is center-
ed in the Arab area of Nazareth.

Shrinks Hemorrhoids
Without Surgery

Monument Unveilings

(Unveiling announcements


be inserted by mailing or by call-
ing The Jewish News office, 17100
W. 7 Mile Rd., Detroit 35, VE
8-9364. Written announcements
must be accompanied by the name
end address of the person making
the insertion. There is a standing
charge of $3.00 for an unveiling
notice, measuring an inch in
* * *

The family of the late Morris
"Uncle" Feintuch announces the
unveiling of a monument in his
memory 1:30 p.m. Sunday, Nov.
3, at Aaron Moshe Cemetery on
Little Mack and Masonic roads.
Rabbi Gorrelick and Cantor Bag-
ley will officiate. Relatives and
friends are asked to attend.

The family of the late Eleanor
Scheer announces the unveiling
of a monument in her memory
2 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 3, at Mach-
pelah Cemetery. Rabbi Halpern
will officiate. Relatives and
friends are asked to attend.

* * *

The family of the late Sarah
Stern announces the unveiling
of a monument in her memory
Sunday, Nov. 3, 9:30 a.m. at
Machpelah Cemetery. Rabbi Se-
gal and Rev. Vieder will offi-
ciate. Relatives and friends are
asked to attend.



The family of the late Jack
Chisik announces the unveiling
of a monument in his memory
11 a.m. Sunday, Nov. 3, at Yid-
dish Folks Farein (Workmen's
Circle) Cemetery, Gratiot near
14 Mile Rd. Rabbi Sperka will
officiate. Relatives and friends
are asked to attend.
* * *
The family of the late Esther
Cohen and Nathan Cohen an-
nounces the double unveiling of
monuments in their honor 1 p.m.
Sunday, Nov. 3, at Hebrew Me-
morial Park Cemetery. Rabbi

The family of the late Fanny
Dressler announces the unveil- Segal will officiate. Relatives
ing of a monument in her mem- and friends are asked to attend.
ory 1:30 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 3,
at Aaron Moshe Cemetery on
.Little Mack and Masonic roads.
Rabbi Gorrelick will officiate.
The Family of the Late
The signers of the Declara- Relatives and friends are asked
tion of Independence numbered
56 men . . . They were of varied
background, • ages, education,
Announces the unveil-
property and experience . . .
ing of a monument in
Some were already famous—
her memory 10 a.m.
Adams, Franklin; some were
Sunday, Nov. 3, at
unheard of, recruited at the last
Announces the unveil-
Machpelah Cemetery.
minute as replacements . for
ing of a monument in
Rabbi Segal will of-
men who refused to support
her memory 11:30 a.m.
ficiate. Relatives and
independence . . . Eight of the
Sunda y, Nov. 3, at
friends are asked to
were born in the British
Machpelah Cemetery.
Isles . .
Rabbi Groner will offi-
Sixteen were in their thirties;
ciate. Relatives and
20 in their forties; 11 in their
friends are asked to
fifties; six in their sixties; and
only one, Franklin, over 70 .. .
The Family of the Late
All but two were married; each
had an average of six children ..
Twenty-five were lawyers; 12
were merchants; four were doc-
Announces the unveil-
The Family of the Late
tors; one a preacher; and a
ing of a monument in
famous one, a printer .. . Half
his memory 12 noon
were college graduates; some
Sunday, Nov. 3, at
were self-educated .. .
Nusach Hari Cemetery,
Five of the signers were im-
Woodward at 8% Mile.
prisoned during the war, and
Rabbi Katz and Rabbi
one, Richard Stockton of New
Notis w i I 1 officiate.
Jersey, died as a result of the
Relatives and friends
poor treatment he received after
are asked to attend.
Cantor Bagley will offi-
being captured . . . Eventually
five others lost their lives as a
friends are asked to
result of the war their Declara-
tion set in motion . . . Seventeen
suffered serious or total prop- /1111111111111
The Family of the Late
erty losses . . .
ANNA and
Not one of the 56 men quailed
or defected throughout the long
The Family of the Late
ordeal of an often-floundering
Announces the unveil-
war, in a cause that sometimes
ing of a monument in
seemed hopeless . . . Few bene-
their memory 12 noon
Announces the unveil-
fitted from their bravery but
Sunday, Nov. 3, at Clo-
ing of a monument
not one recanted his original
ver Hill Park Cemetery.
declaration of independence.
Segal will offici-
p.m. Sunday, Nov. 3, at
ate._Relatives and
Mexico Sends Experts
friends a r e asked to
Cemetery. Rabbi Segal
to Israel for Training
will officiate. Relatives
and friends are asked
Thirty-three Mexicans, includ-
to attend.
ing six irrigation experts and
27 young f arm e r s, left for
Israel to begin special training
Mrs. Charles Averbuch
and Bud Friedland
The Family of the
The experts were chosen by
of the Late
the Ministry of Agriculture for

The Signers of
the Declaration
of Independence

■ ■

training in Israel that would
aid them in improving the
Ministry's agricultural projects
in this country. The 27 farmers,
going to I s r a el under the
Israeli government's auspices,
with the joint sponsorship of
the Organization of American
States, will spend three months
studying agronomy in Israel.

Easy money is dangerous—
it's an anesthetic that puts many
a conscience to sleep.




Announces the unveil-
ing of a monument in
her memory 2 p.m.
Sunday, Nov. 3, at
Chesed Shel Emes
Cemetery. Rabbi Segal
and Cantor Fenakel
will officiate. Relatives
and friends are asked
to attend.


Announce the unveiling
of a monument in her
memory 2 p.m. Sunday,
Nov. 10, at Machpelah
Cemetery. Rabbi Donin
and Cantor Adler will
officiate. Relatives and
friends are asked to

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