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December 14, 1962 - Image 40

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The Detroit Jewish News, 1962-12-14

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THE DETROIT JEWISH NEWS -- Friday, December 14, 1962 — 40

19 Lands Urge Israel-Arab Talks

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On behalf of the U.S. govern-
ment, Rowan proposed that the
UN Relief and Works Agency
for Palestine Refugees in the
Near East be given a new man-
date for one year until June 30,
1964. UNRWA's current man-
date expires June 30, 1963.
Rowan also told the committee
that the U.S. Government does
not agree with everything stated
in this year's annual report on
UNRWA's operations by the
American Commissioner General
of that agency, Dr. John H.
Davis. That report has been con-
demned by Israel as going beyond
its legitimate points of reference
through a pro-Arab attitude.

Voicing a powerful plea to
the Arabs as well to Israel
for steps to resolve the tragic
Arab refugee situation, Rowan
told the committee: "We would
stress that the primary respon-
sibility for solving this prob-
lem rests squarely with the
five states directly concerned
—I sr a e 1, Jordan, Lebanon,
the Syrian Arab Republic and
the United Arab Republic.

"The Assembly must face this
reality: conciliation efforts by
third parties—however earnest,
fair, ingenuous and well-inten-
tioned—cannot succeed in the
absence of a disposition on both
sides of the armistice lines to
resolve the problem to demon-
strate genuine concern for the
refugees as human beings above
all else. Such a disposition has
been largely and disappointingly
Deploring "the same rigid atti-
tudes" which he said both the
Arab states and Israel have held
for 15 years, the U.S. representa-
tive said "so long as this dispute
exists with all the passions that
we have once again heard ex-
pressed, time is on the side of
danger and despair. Again and
again we are treated to new
tactical variations on the same
discordant themes.

"Some appear to feel that
the chasm now dividing the
parties can be simply and
abruptly bridged if only they
all were urged by this assem-
bly to sit down around a con-
ference table. But, regretta-
bly, that time appears not to
be now. In these circum-
stances, such proposals are

"On the other side, there is a
proposition for appointment of
a UN custodian of properties in
Israel viewed by the refugees as
theirs. This proposal, too, we
think- , offers no realistic basis
for adjustment or for helping the
refugees. In fact, it would be
a gesture of retrogression for it
is clearly designed to strike at
the very foundations of Israel's
The official spokesman for the
Washington administration
voiced high praise . for the Pale-
stine Conciliation Commission
and for the PCC's special Mid-
East envoy, Dr. Joseph E. John-
son, who for two years has been
trying to work out some ease-
ment of the refugee problem.
Through that work. Rowan said,
"The commission has learned
much about what will not work
at least in present circumstances
and about what - might possibly
work. The realities of the prob-
lem have been more sharply

Rowan said -that nothing
would be published at this
time about the details of John-
son's efforts. He urged the
delegates "not to place cre-
dence in various published
distortions of the work accom-
plished." His reference here
was to the unpublished but
very real Johnson plan for an
informal plebescite among the
refugees on their possible "re-
turn" to Israel or compensation
by Israel. That plan, never
given the State Department's
official. approval, was rejected
by both the Arabs and the

promote the well-being of all the
peoples concerned and would
make an important contribution
to peace and security in the Mid-
Rowan one of the most promi- dle East and in the whole world.
nent journalists in the United
"Renews its appeal - to the
States before he joined the State governments concerned to
Department, is noted as one of undertake direct negotiations
the leading and most articulate —with the assistance of the
liberals in the Negro community. Conciliation Commission for
The resolution calling upon the Palestine if they so desire —
Arab states and Israel "to under- with a view to finding a solu-
take direct negotiations" for the tion, acceptable to all the par-
settlement of all their disputes ties concerned, for all the ques-
"particularly the question of the tions in dispute between them,
Arab refugees" was introduced particularly the question of
here by 19 members of the Arab refugees."
United Nations.
Co-sponsors of the resolution
The resolution was presented are Burundi, Central African
to the General Assembly's Spe- Republic, Congo (Brazaville),
cial Political Committee which, Dahomey, Dominican Republic,
for two weeks, has been presum- El Salvador, Gabon, Haiti, Ice-
ably discussing the Arab refugee land, Ivory Coast, Liberia, Lux-
question. Actually, the full two embourg, Madagascar, Nether-
weeks have been devoted only lands, Niger, Rwanda, Sierra
to violent anti-Israel attacks by Leone, Upper Volta and Guate-
the Arab states which, however, mala.
have been answered sharply by
The General Assembl y resolu-
tion No. 194 — mentioned in
The resolution follows in the draft—is the 1948 measure
effect. the lines laid down in which the Arabs here are always
a similar draft co-sponsored citing to bolster their contention
last year by 16 members, most that only "repatriation" of the
of them Africans, which had refugees or their compensation
been defeated largely because by Israel offer solutions to the
the United States opposed it. refugee problem. However, the
This time, however, there are co-sponsors chose another sec-
three European co-sponsors, tion of that resolution always
Iceland and Luxembourg hav- ignored by the Arabs, one calling
ing added their names to The for settlement of all questions
Netherlands which had been a "as soon as possible by common
co-sponsor last year and is a agreement."

Israelis and was found unac-
ceptable by Americ a's two
partners on the PCC, France
and Turkey,

co-sponsor again now.

The resolution, after taking
note of the annual report of the
United Nations Relief and
Works Agency for Palestine
Refugees, filed here before this
same committee by Dr. John H.
Davis, Commissioner-General of
UNRWA, states:
"Recognizing that the estab-
lishment of peaceful relations
between the Arab states and Is-
rael would do much to facilitate
a solution of the problem of the
Arab refugees; recalling that,
under the Charter, it is the
fundamental duty of all States
members of the United Nations
to endeavor to settle all inter-
national disputes by peaceful
"Confirthing the resolutions of
the General Assembly and the
Security .Council, and . in . par-
ticular General Assembly resolu-
tion 194 (III), calling upon Is-
rael and the Arab States to
settle the questions in dispute
between them as soon as possi-
ble and by common agreement
so that peaceful relations would

Introduction of the resolu-
tion finally changed the char-
acter of the entire debate from
an attack on Israel to an effort
at constructive steps. There
have been vigorous behind-the-
scenes efforts here by the
United States delegation to
keep this draft from being pre-
sented. However, the co-spon-
sors were firm in their desire
to test the UN once again on
genuine Arab - Israeli .peace
efforts, and were more deter-
mined than ever to do so after
last week's "neo-Nuremberg"
anti-Semitic attacks by the
Arab leaders here.

Three Moslem states—Afghan-
istan, Mauritania and Pakistan—
introduced a resolution calling
for, the appointment of a United
Nations custodian "for the ad-
ministration and protection of
Arab property and property
rights within Israel."
The resolution is based on a
decision adopted by the General
Assembly in 1950 when, accord-
ing to the Arab interpretation,

the UN Palestine Conciliation
Commission was ordered to take
measures "for the protection of
the rights, properties and inter-
ests of the Palestine Arab
The draft requests the UN
Secretary General to appoint
such a custodian and further re-
quests that the custodian report
to the 18th session of the Assem-
bly in 1963 "on the fulfilment
of his functions." The draft also
calls upon the governments con-
cerned — Israel and the Arab
states—to facilitate the work of
the custodian and render all
assistance to him.

While, until now, not a single
delegate had arisen to discuss
this injection of outright anti-
Semitism — except for Israel's
permanent representative, Mich-
ael C. Comay—Denmark's repre-
sentative on the committee, Her-
mond Lannung, finally broke
that noticeable silence. He took
the floor with an impassioned re-
The 1950 resolution upon jection of the anti-Semitic attacks
which the Moslem front based by the Arabs.
its new draft never mentioned
"In the name of decency," Len-
the word "custodian" but only nung said, he must speak out
directed the PCC to "continue against the equating of Israel
consultations with the parties with Nazism, which had been
concerned regarding measures espoused by many of the Arab
for the protection of the rights, delegates here in the last 10
property and interests of the days. Those making such
refugees." That wording is charges, he declared, did not
contained in one sub-paragraph know what Nazism was or were
of a three-clause resolution "rather indifferent to Nazism's
which first urged direct Arab- true character, which is even
Israel peace talks in almost more deplorable." He listed ma-
the same terms used by the jor points in the Nazi atrocities,
Brazaville resolution.
recalling what the Nazis had tried
The 1950 resolution as adopted to do in his own country by or-
then by the General Assembly dering all of its 7,000 Jews ar-
urged in its first operative para- rested.
graph that "the governments and
He told proudly how Den-
authorities concerned seek agree- mark saved nearly 6,500 of its
ment by negotiations conducted doomed Jews because it was
either with the Conciliation repelled by the Nazi "intol-
Commission or directly with a erance, racial hatred and con-
view to the final settlement of all tempt for human dignity." It
questions outstanding between is "unreasonable, even inde-
cent," he continued, "for any
The 12-year-old resolution also delegate to equate Israel, so
spoke of resettlement of the many of whose people • suf-
refugees or their compensation fered so much from the Nazis,
as well as their possible reset- with the Nazis who had in-
tlement. The Arabs consistently flicted all those sufferings
refuse to recognize resettlement and horrors upon them!'
as an alternative.
Such equation, he said, "is un-
The Soviet position on the reasonable, beneath reason. How
Arab refugee issue was outlined can it be possible for anyone to
here by Michael A. Menshikov, make such an equation? Most
formerly Moscow's Ambassador earnestly, I appeal to all dele-
to Washington, who is now For- gates—I appeal to all my fellow
eign Minister of the Russian Fed- delegates, please refrain from
erated Soviet Republics, largest any such statements. They are
component of the USSR.
beneath us."
In a brief address which fol-
Lennung had spoken with such
lowed the Arab line but evinced feeling that the Syrian delegate,
little or no enthusiasm for the Salah el Dine Taraazi, felt com-
entire subject, Menshikov en- pelled to say that the Arabs do
dorsed the Arab claims that only not condone the Nazi atrocities,
"repatriation" of the refugees but still insisted Israel was prac-
would solve the entire Arab-Israel ticing Nazism. Comay thanked
the Danish representative for his
The Soviet delegate went remarks, telling him how Israel
out of his way to praise the
"appreciates most profoundly"
"eloquence" of t h e Saudi
the attitude of Denmark toward
Arabian representative, Ah- its Jews during the war as well
mad Shukairy, who until this
as Denmark's position since the

UN Becomes an Arena for -Intl-Semites:,
Lack of Protests by Diplomats Deplored


(Direct JTA Teletype Wire
to The Jewish News)

The Arab holy war against Is-
rael here has turned into a holy
crusade on behalf of anti-Sem-
itism—and the entire world, in-
cluding the leading Western
powers, should bury its collec-
tive head in shame.
As of this writing—a week
after the anti-Semitic crusade
had been launched—only one
member, Israel, has spoken up
against the most vicious and
most indecent series of anti-
Semitic attacks probably ever
before heard in an internation-
al forum. This was Hitlerism
The General Assembly's 110-
member Special Political Com-
mittee had been turned into a
Nuremberg Stadium. Instead of
a Hitler or a Goebbels proclaim-
ing the need for a judenrein
world—we had the deputy for-
eign minister of Egypt, the
barking of Saudi Arabia's Ah-
mad Shukairy, and the state-
ments by other Arab represen-
tatives "fully-endorsing" these
two crusaders. Where were the
other delegates? Except for Is-
rael, they sat there with locks

on their lips. It was sickening.
If you read what the Egyp-
tian neo-Nazis said about the
"Greens, the Shkolniks and the
Zlotnicks" who came from East-
ern Europe to "rob" Palestine
from the Arabs—you could not
have possibly obtained an ade-
quate feeling of the pogrom
atmosphere being created here.
You had to be here to be nau-
seated by the performance. You
had to see them as they curled
their lips—as they spat out the
words: "Those East Europeans
born and reared in Plonsk, Pol-
tava, Kiev, Bobruisk."
When, a few days earlier,
Shukairy endorsed the anti-
Semitic Tacuara movement of
Argentina, and called upon the
UN to "adopt" Tacuara, Latin
Americans were incensed. The
Argentine delegates- got up to
protest and, later, the Chilean
followed suit. But they spoke
only because their toes had been
trod upon. Aside from them,
everyone looked only to Israel,
The United States was silent,

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Isra-sl- Arab Issues
on Pages 16, 17, 33

year's refugee debate, h a d
been the most bitter of anti-
Israeli attackers. He w a s
joined by others this year,
most of them expounding an
anti-Semitic series of attacks
against all Jews, equating Is-
rael with Nazism. •

Britain was dumb, the cat had
stolen everyone else's tongue—
and, of course, the great Social-
ist libertarians of the Commu-
nist world could only smack
their lips, forgetting the beauti-
ful words against racism in their
own constitutions.
Oh, there were expressions
of sympathy—privately. There
were nice, libertarian words
spoken—privately. There were
shudders punctuated with a "not
me" assumption — privately.
There were even some "regrets"
by some diplomats who con-
ceded that, had their country
been named, they would have
protested. And there were also
assertions that, after all, they
had no directives from their
governments to deal with this
issue because the issue had not
been anticipated.
Observers sat here stunned
as the proceedings went on. In
vain did one look for a single
diplomatic hand to be raised in
demand for the floor when the
Egyptians and the Saudis, the
Syrians and the Jordanians, the
Iraqis and the Sudanese had
shown their hands bloodied with
the warm blood of Jews anni-
hilated by the Hitler Nazis.

At the meeting of the Spe-
cial Political Committee, the
Lebanese delegate, Nadim
Dimechkie, injected into the
debate the assassination of
the late Count Folke Berna-
dotte, the UN mediator, dur-
ing the Palestine war, who
had been assassinated in Jer-
usalem. The Lebanese also
brought up the so-called
"Lausanne Protocols" of 1949
to "prove" what he called an-
other facet of "Israel crim-
inality." He claimed that the
Security Council had, in 1949,
twice condemned Israel for
the Bernadotte murder.

Comay, exhibiting the anger he
felt, went after these canards
hammer and tongs. The Israel
permanent • representative chal-
lenged Dimechkie to produce
those alleged Security Council
resolutions which presumably
"condemned" Israel in the Berna-
dotte case. The Lebanese an-
swered he would produce the
documents "tomorrow morni• "
"Don't bother to wait . until to
morrow," replied Comay. "I have
them here."
Comay then proceeded to read
the two Council resolutions of
1949 and challenged anyone to
finds the words of alleged "con-
demnation." There were no such
words. There was jeering laugh-
ter not only in the galleries but
also on the floor of the commit-
tee chamber.

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