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August 11, 1961 - Image 32

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The Detroit Jewish News, 1961-08-11

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ti4 Two London Jewish Groups Protest 0. J. Rogge Reveals now Detroit Served as
Training German Troops in Britain Headquarters for Nazis and for Nasserism;



LONDON, (JTA)—Two nrit-
ish Jewish organizations spoke
out strongly against the station-
ing of West German panzer
units for training in • Wales.
The first Jewish-Sponsored
protest meeting has been called
for London on Sept. 7, the day
when the troops are scheduled
to arrive at Wales. The meet-
ing • was called by the Poale
Zion organization and will be
held in North London, which
has a large Jewish population.
The other Jewish organiza-.
tion was the Workmen's Circle
Friendly Society which passed
a resolution expressing the
"deepest concern" over the
troop training program. The
resolution, which was sent to
the British Home Secretary and
the Board of Deputies of British
Jews, said:
"As a Jewish organization,
many of whose members lost
members of their family under.
the Nazis in concentration
camps. we feel the deepest
sense of indignation that many
who actually participated in
the mass murders are free to-
day in Germany. While the
West German government per-


mits this to happen, our mem-
bers will continue to fee l
alarmed that Nazi influence
will persist. The presence in
this country of German troops
is an insult to the murdered
millions and_ the British people
who fought against Nazism. We
urge the government to reverse
its decision."
The Poale Zion, which has
been an affiliate of the British
Labor party for 40 years, also
announced it would submit a
resolution on the troops to the
60th annual conference of the
Labor party opening in Black-
pool on Oct. 2 under the chair-
manship of Richard Crossman.
Meanwhile, criticism was
voiced here against Sir Barnett
Janner, member of Parliament
and president of the Board of
Deputies of British Jews, for
not having joined the MP's who
voted in: Commons against the
government in the debate held
in connection with the proposal
to train West German troops
in Wales.

Research of Yiddish -
Conducted in Germany

Hebrew Corner

Our Oil

When we were children and saw
American films in which oil was
being drilled in large derricks we
dreamed of the day when there would
be oil derricks in Israel too.
In 1953 the search for oil was
begun around the Dead sea. The
Lapidot company called its first
drilling Mazal One since oil drilling •
requires "mazal" (luck); but there
was no luck at this spot. They
drilled and found nothing.
One day a geologist of the Lapidot
company came along and said:
"Take one of the company's drills
and move it to the Heletz field. There
is certainly oil there since the Brit-
ish du. there to a depth of 1050
meters b before they left the country."
The derrick went up above the
Heletz field and the workmen work-
ed day and night without a break.
In the month of November 1955 the
first jet of oil burst forth at the
Heletz hole.
Israelis from all parts of the coun-
try came along to see the spot where
the "black gold" had burst forth
from the ground.
Today there are 23 oil yielding
wells at Heletz. Oil experts continue
to conduct additional searches in
Israel and are drilling for instance
around Nitzana by the Egyptian
Today in the Bar. Mitzvah year of
the State we recall the dream we
dreamed when we were of bar
mitzvah age. Now we have been
granted to see the oil derricks go-
ing up in all regions of the Negev.
Translation of Hebrew text. Edited
by Brit Ivrit Olamit, Jerusalem.

LONDON, (WJA) — "Yid-
dish, the language of those Jews
whose ancestors were expelled
from Germany centuries ago
and settled in Eastern Europe,
is, for the first time in 30 years,
again the subject of scientific
research in Germany," reports
"The German View", a bulletin
issued by the Embassy of the
Federal Republic of Germany
in London.
According to the bulletin, Dr.
Franz J. Beranek, formerly of
Prague, has held lectures on
Yiddish philology at the Justus
von Liebig University in the
Hessian town of Giessen. In the
course of the summer term, he
and his assistants studied the
fact that the Yiddish language,
still spoken and understood by
millions of. Jews all over the
world, has been kept alive and
even developed in the past 500
It is believed that research
into the language will make a
valuable contribution in such
fields as the ethnology and psi-
chology of the Jewish people.
Before Hitler seized power in
Germany there was a Chair for
Yiddish at Hamburg University.

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His 'German Report' Exposes Seditionists

by Israel's Prime Minister David
In the 1920s and 1930s, De- writes:
"At a.meeting of the United Ben-Gurion, only a few days
troit was the center of anti-
Semitic activities, and it was G e r m a n Societies in New later, of the gift of a Bible to
here that Heinz Spanknoebel York on Monday night, Sept. Dulles.
In an epilogue, "A Plan for
f. o u n d e d the Association of 18, 1 9 3 3 , Spanknoebel ex-
hibited his a n t i ., Semitism. Peace," Rogge pleads with Nas-
Friends of the
ser to make peace with Israel,
Four German-Jewish organi
New Germany
zations then withdrew, fol- as "an example to the whole
which •served
lowed by shouts of "Heraus world," adding: "A g e n e r a 1
as the nucleus
mit den Juden.' After the treaty in the Middle East may
for the Nazi
German-Jewish exodus, Spank- mark the entry of the world's
movement i n
noebel went on the board of nations into a great age of
this country.
directors, and was named as peace."
It was in De
* * *
a speaker for the German
troit also that
Rogge's report serves as a
Nasser under
German Ambassador, II a n s warning to the complacent even
took to estab-
Luther, and the president of today. He recalls that on Oct.
fish a center •
the Stueben Society o f 13, 1933, "stickers that began
for his propa-
America Theodor H. Hoff- with a swastika and ended with
Banda in this
a KKK, and were anti-Semitic
as well as anti-Catholic and anti-
These are
pasted on
among the facts revealed in ceeds to tell of the activities democratic, were
"The Official German Report," of the pro-Nazi Germans in this Temple Emanu-El, 5th Ave. and
by 0. John Rogge, just pub- country, of the opposition to 65th St., New York City."
The numerous illustrations in
lished by Thomas Yoseloff (11 them by the Ridders, of the
E. 36th, N.Y. 16). Rogge was struggle to keep Nazis out of the book supplement the factual
date indicating the extent of
Assistant U. S. Attorney Gen- American life.
the anti-Semitic international
* * *
eral in charge of the criminal
Paralleling the period of the movement and its branches in
division of the Department of Nazi activities are the Arab this country.
Justice, and from February 1943 anti-Israel and anti-Jewish tac-
In this record, Rogge lists
until October 1946 he was spe- tics today. Rogge warns:
the names of all the anti-
cial assistant to the U. S. At-
' "There still exists an in-
Semites who were involved in
torney General in charge of the ternational anti-Semitic move-
the plots in behalf of the
Wartime Sedition Case. His ment. Once headed by Hitler Nazis, against the United
book contains material from his and the Nazis, it is now led
States and our allies and in
report on the sedition case and by Gamal Abdel Nasser and efforts to destroy Jewry.
on his findings in his investiga- the Arab League. One can
American collaborationists are
tion of Nazi activties, wth the only hope, and hope again, treated with frankness. and the
addition of chapters showing the that this movement will not story of Charles Lindberg and
current and continuing rele- for a second time shove others like him, who flirted
vance of this material.
human beings into a world with the Nazis, is far from being
His book deals with "Nazi war.
a very pretty one. It will make
Penetration, 1 9 2 4 - 1 9 4 2" and
"Today, Hitler and the many Americans blush, upon
"Pan-Arabism, 1939-Today."
Nazi party are no more, but reading anew the ugliness of
* * *
a neo-Nazi party has arisen bigotry and anti-Semitism.
This reviewer was the first in Germany, the German
A regrettable fact revealed
American reporter to interview Reich party. Mussolini and in Rogge's book is "Fellow
Spanknoebel, in March 1933. his Fascist party are gone, Travelling in the State. Depart-
Nearly 10 years later, on Jan. but a neo-Fascist party has ment." In this chapter, Rogge
29, in his nationally syndicated arisen in Italy, and it sup- writes:
Purely Commentary column, he ported the government of
"Diplomats, like most people,
had occasion to relate the fol- Premier Fernando Tambroni talk too much. Our Secretary of
and his Christian Democrats. State Cordell Hull talked too
Stalin lies with Lenin, but much to German Ambassador
A familiar name is back in the
news columns. At the New York
anti-Semitism is w o r s e in. Hans Dieckhoff. American Am-
trial of the U.S. Government's suit
Russia than it is in the West. bassador Bullitt may have
to void the citizenship of Fritz Kuhn
and 19 other former German Bund
"Kuhn is dead and so is the spoken too freely to Polish Am-
members on the ground that their
German American Bund, but bassador Count Potocki. And
oaths of allegiance to this country
were made fraudulently and insin-
a new Fuehrer has come certainly American Ambassador
cerely, Heinz Spanknoebel was men-
along, George Lincoln Rock- Kennedy talked too much in
tioned as the Nazi agent who at-
tempted to take over the New
well, the son of George Love- London to German Ambassador
Yorker Staats-Zeitung and Herold.
joy Rockwell. He is the self- von Dirksen." Kennedy's state-
The charge was made by Victor Rid-
der, publisher of the paper, who
styled leader of the American ments were utilized by isolation-
told of a. visit to his office by
Nazi party, with headquarters ists Senator Wheeler and
Spanknoebel with letters from Dr.
Robert Ley, head of the German
in Arlington, Va. Until re- George Sylvester Viereck
Labor Front, and Ernest W. Bohle, -
cently he held a commission among them, for their nefarious
head of the Nazi party's foreign
division, giving this emissary "au-
as a commander of the United ft purposes. The elder Kennedy's
thority" to assume control of the
attitude remains inexcusable.
States Naval Reserve . . .
German press in the United States.
This recalls to mind your Com-
Rogge also shows how Ger-
Rogge preceeds to show that
mentator's conversation with Heinz
Spanknoebel in the East Side De- the Arab leaders have made man funds subsidized Viereck
troit camera shop where Heinz was pacts with the anti-Semites and and others, as well as anti-
employed. It was in March, 1933.
that Spanknoebel first gained noto- he warns that the Arab tactics Semitic groups.
riety as spokesman for Hitler.
His "Official German Report"
are sheer anti-Semitism, no
For nearly two hours he tried to
explain to this Commentator his , matter whether they speak will be a source book for all
position and Hitler's. He was in- against Israel Or Zionists. It is time to come for all who seek
articulate, his English was bad, he
was apologetic and he did not even the Jews they are attacking and information about the Nazis,
emphasize his anti-Semitic attitude. threatening.
anti-Semites and the bigots
Publisher Ridder quoted him as
Exposing "the collaboration whose inhuman tactics menaced
saying that "you will no longer be
allowed to publish your pro-Jewish between the Nazis and Nasser," the world and threatened the
articles in your paper." But to your
destruction not only of Jewry,
Jewish correspondent he was 'hum- Rogge warns:
but of all democratic nations.
ble. Perhaps he had not yet had
orders from Hitler to assume full
To 0. John Rogge should go
has stressed two themes: pan-
control of the Dress in 0' 4 ^ country.
Arabism, and the destruction the gratitude of all liberty-
The fact is that Heinz Spanknoe-
of Israel. His pan-Arabism in loving Americans for his great
bel impressed us as very mediocre,
indeed, quite incapable of any ac-
some respects is even worse service in exposing the crime of
tion except being a bully when he
than Hitler's pan-Germanism. Nazism and the brutality of
carried with him letters of "author-
ity" from Nazi chieftains.
His hostility to Israel is in anti-Semitism.
Ask those who know Fritz Kuhn
—P. S.
substance the same as Hitler's
and his cohorts. and they will tell
you the same story. Their strength
hostility to the Jews. In his'
lies in a fanaticism and a hatred
treatment of Egyptian Jews Production of Transistors
that gives them assigned powers.
As you know. you cannot reason
he was undisguisedly anti- Gets Started in Israel
with them and justice is foreign to
their vocabulary.
The Detroit Nasser angle ex- transistors have been manufac-
While your Commentator is feral-
niscing _ on his visit with Spanknoe- posed by. Rogge is: "In 1959 tured in Israel and production is
bel, it is well to recall the reaction Nasser gave 20,000 Egyptian
expected which will eventually
to his name after our "expose" of
pounds (about- $50,000) toward make it possible to end present
this Nazi agent was published.
Several days after the' story ap- the construction of a new
imports of transistors.
peared we heard an argument be-
tween two youngsters of nine in the $250,000 Islamic center in De-
The Ministry of Commerce and
back yard. They were two Jewish troit. This was the city where
Industry recently named a com-
lads wh,o came to blows, and when
one -wanted to get the better of the Spanknoebel as head of the mittee of electronics experts to
other fellow, he shouted, "You American branch of the Nazi
check bids from several manu-

Now, all the Nazi names are party and Kuhn as Fuehrer of facturers seeking financial help
anathema. And the pleasing fact the German American Bund had
from the Defense Ministry_ to
about the attitude towards the Nazis
in this country is that German - their headquarters."
producing transistors. The
leaders like the Ridder Brothers
have led, and are now leading, in
American policy toward Nas- committee recommended "Elco,"
the fight against the evil of Hitler-
ser is deplored, and Rogge, in .a company owned partly by the
The "humble" land "inarticu- the chapter "A Pistol for Na- Israel Discount Bank and headed
late" Spanknoebel became ar- guib"—referring to the gift of by Dan Tolkovski, a former head
rogant only six months after a pearl-handed pistol brought of the Israel Air Force who sub-
this reviewer interviewed him. to Naguib by John Foster Dulles sequently directed atomic energy
In his revelations in "The Of- as a gift from President Eisen- development from a post in the
ficial German Report," Rogge hower—tells of the presentation Prime Minister's Office.



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