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March 24, 1961 - Image 4

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The Detroit Jewish News, 1961-03-24

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Israel Excluded Again


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March 24, 1961

International Importance
of Eichmann Trial
bread with his coffee, and he invariably eats

With more than 350 newspapermen
from all parts of the world accredited to
report the proceedings at the trial of
Adolph Eichmann, the arch Nazi criminal
who master-minded "the final solution
of the Jewish problem," thereby aiming
at the extermination of Jewry, the entire
world will be watching with keen interest
one of the most important court pro-
ceedings in world history.
The horrors that are certain to be
exposed during the trial undoubtedly will
shock the sensibilities of m a n k i n d.
Nevertheless, there are developments
preparatory to the trial that should put
the prosecution on guard against negative
There is the possibility that the wit-
nesses to be summoned will include
Israeli officials who were active in efforts
to rescue. many Jews from. the . Nazi
clutches. There are some who fear that
the revelations may not be complimen-
tary to the Jewish witnesses, but it is
doubtful whether the means used to save
the victims of Hitlerism can in any
measure be judged . as unsavory. The
rescue efforts involved not only the cir-
cumventing of Nazi espionage, but also
the policies that were then enforced by
the Labor Government then in power in
Great Britain to prevent the flight of
Jews to Palestine. The indecencies -prac-
tices, therefore, are on the ledger sheets
of the Nazis and of the British who stood
in the way of rescue activities, rather
than of the Jewish Agency spokesmen
and other Jewish leaders.
The immediate danger arises on
two fronts:, the predicted organization
of a new anti-Semitic wave and the
attempt to make a martyr of Eichmann.
Insofar as the organized anti-Semitic
activities are concerned, any new out-
burst of hatred must react against the
Nazi on trial, insofar as public opinion
is concerned. There is no avoidance of
such demonstrations, and if they must
come at the time of the trial, let there
be a double exposure of the re-emergence
of Nazism. After all, that is the aim of
the Israel government: to make the world
aware again of the worst crime in history.
_Israel's former Prime Minister David
Ben-Gurion thus defines the projected
trial of Eichmann:
"We want the nations of the world
to know that there was an intention to
exterminate a . people. That -intention
had its roots in anti-Semitism. They
should know that anti-Semitism is
dangerous and they should be ashamed
of it. I believe that through this trial
all thinking people will come to realize
that in our day the gas chamber and
the soap factory are what anti-Semitism
may lead to. And they will do what
they can about it. Morally, I mean. I
don't think anti-Semites should be
_ exterminated."
There remains the possibility that
Eichmann may be turned into a "martyr"
by the organized forces of anti-Semitism.
A columnist in the Jewish Observer and
Middle East Review, of London, in an
item entitled "Eichmann Plays His Part,"
had this to say:

"Evidently in preparation for the role which
he has prepared for himself. Eichmann has
already begun to act his part. He appears
at all times as the correct and polite
German officer who does as he is told, and who
never does, thing without being told. Be
stands to attention when he is visited and sits
down only when asked to do so. He eats every-
thing that is given to him on the asumption
that this is the equivalent of an order. An
illustration of this was a recent hitch over his
breakfast. He normally gets three slices of

them. One morning, recently, the cook made
a mistake and gave him six slices instead of
three. The guard noticed that he had eaten all
six and asked Eichmann whether he had been
left hungry on previous occasions and would
like to have six slices in future. No, replied
Eichmann, the three slices were quite enough.
He had eaten the six because he had asumed
that they were put on his plate so that he
should eat them. It was just like an order.
But how real is this Eichmann? This clearly
will be the main issue at the trial, judging by
the line taken by defense cotmsel."

An effort will be made to prove that
Eichmann merely followed orders that
were mapped for him by the Nazi regime.
He is already portrayed as a "loyal" ser-
vant of the state and the claim is made
that he was just a cog in the Nazi wheel.
The accumulating evidence shows that
he was the master-mind of one of the
cruellest schemes ever perpetrated on
mankind. He sought . mass 'extermination
of an entire people. The world once
again must become aware of the crime
of genocide. Eichmann was the central
figure in such -a scheme. It is through
the evidence in the impending trial that
an entire world must be led once again
to know the dangers that lurk in many
lands. There are cruelties in countries
ruled by M o s l e m s and Communists.
There is evidence of a re-emerging Nazi-
Fascist ideology in many quarters.
In its pamphlet, "Eichmann—Master
of the Nazi Murder Machine," issued by
the World Jewish Congress, the following
conclusion, entitled "The Eichmann Trial
and Jewish History," is arrived at:

The Nuremberg trials, through depositions,
documents, and other evidence submitted,
brought to light for the first time the full

`Let Us Never Forget the Nazi
Crime Expose Author Pleads

Has the world glossed over too indifferently the horrors of
Nazism and the crimes of its leader, Adolf Hitler?
Prof. Louis L. Snyder has set out to re-acquaint Americans
with truth about the most tyrannical period in all history, and
he has described the Hitlerian years dramatically in a well-writ-
ten book," Hitler and Nazism," published by Franklin Watts,
Inc., 575 Madison, N.Y. 22.

Dr. Snyder wrote his book for the younger readers, to
make them aware of what had taken place, to cause them to
know and to remember the tragedy of Hitlerism.

Hitler's life and his party's activities are described graph-
ically in 180 pages in Prof. Snyder's book. From "The Birth of a
Tyrant" through "The End of a Nightmare"—the titles of the
opening and closing chapters of the book—Dr. Snyder takes the
reader through all the coarse and brutal details of the dictator,.
Dr. Snyder shows how Hitler referred to everyone and

everything he disliked as Jewish. To achieve his purpose he
branded every opponent as a Jew.

Hitler is described as a "most effective orator of the mass
tragedy of the Jews under • the Nazis, insofar age," as possessing "the magic of the spoken word," as a "spell-
as the human losses and methods to achieve binder devoid of humor." He possessed a magnetism over his
them were concerned. But, because "genocide" audiences—"it was just like a religion," one of his followers said.
was only one of the counts against the accused
Hitler's associates are described in a chapter entitled
and because, with the exception of Kalten- "Knights of the Crooked Cross." Included among them is "Adolf
brunner, none of the top "final - solutioners" Eichmann, S.S. officer, who turned Nazi in his teens after a band
were fried, the psychological factors of the of Nazi thugs mistook him for a Jew and --beat him up. The
mass murder were little touched upon. Cer- names of Julius Streicher, Martin Bormann, Rudolf Hoess, von
tainly, the term "final solution." (apparently Ribbentrop and others are among the listed . criminals.

with another meaning) had appeared some
time before the war; Hitler threatened the
annihilation of the Jews if war (in his view,
provoked by the Jews)- were to break out, and
there was, in general, little dOubt about the
viciousness of the Nazi brand of anti-Semitism.
Nonetheless, there is still a world of difference
between a boycott, pauperization, forced emi-
gration, and even a pogrom of the kind of the
Crystal Night, on the one hand, and the cold-
blooded methodical murder of millions of inno-
cent people, even if they happen to be of an
"inferior race" or "sworn enemies" of Germany,
on the other. The essence of Nazism, as de-
scribed in the introduction, offers an explana-
tion in general terms of how this mass slaugh-

Hitler is exposed in this book not only for- his anti-
Semitism but also his racial mania and his assault on Chris-
Dr.- Snyder shows how Hitler organized the youth, "to pro-

vide for the education of future Nazi leaders, Hitler set up 32
special schools."
There is - a description of Hitler's last days, his love affair
with Eva Braun, - their marriage and suicide pact. The "evil, and
most monstrous being who ever breathed," his inspiration was
'cruelty, - "persecution and torture and massacre were his means,"
the author asserts in describing how "horror followed horror"
under Hitler.
He concludes by deploring that the children - had. known
nothing about the Nazi crimes, that: r
"Their parents and their teachers had told them nothing
of these shameful things. As decent youngsters, they recoiled
I from the spectacle of destruction, suffering and cruelty.
"This was. the legacy - of shame Adolf Hitler left to a new,
innocent generation of German children.
"Hitler's rule was a terrible and almost incredible chapter
in history. We must never forget it. For the sake of decency, for
the sake of the world's future, let us never forget it."

ter was possible, but the trial of Eichmann
could and—it is hoped—will provide a direct
deep insight into the workings of the minds
of those directly responsible for the final solu-
tion, something no author and no- documents,
however ingenious and important they may be,
respectively can do. The trial will undoubtedly
also fill certain gaps in our knowledge of the
"chain of command" in the "final solution"
and the individual responsibility of those who
belonged thereto—a gap primarily due to the
disappearance of a considerable part of the
One of the early works of Baruch Spinoza that is con-
Nazi documents, in particular the files of Eich-
mann's office, and the death of most of the sidered major among his philosophical expressions, ''Principles
of Cartesian Philosophy," has been published in a new edition
victims of the "final solution", etc.
It is certain that "the gaps" that will by Philosophical Library (15 E. 40th, N.Y. 16). •
In a new translation by Harry E. Wedeck, with a preface
be filled by the impending trial will throw by Dr.
Dagobert D. Runes, the work by Spinoza interprets Car-
light on all the relevant facts.
tesian thought, the principles of its philosophy and its views on
The Eichmann trial is aimed not metaphysics.
merely at exposing the crimes of the past,
Runes describes Spinoza's haVing been touched by '"the
but also to guide peoples to avoid their greatness of Cartesianism, its elevation of reason to competence
repetition in the future. That is why the and of doubt as the sole gate to knowledge." He points to
court case that - is to commence in Jeru- Hebraic influences in Spinoza's thinking.
Wedeck's splendid translation helps to make this a note-
salem on April 11 is of such great
worthy book.
international and historic importance.

Spinoza on Cartesianism


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