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August 05, 1960 - Image 24

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The Detroit Jewish News, 1960-08-05

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THE DETROIT JEWISH NEWS' — Friday, August 6, 2966 —

Nasser's Actions Against Iran
Condemned by India, Jordan

Look Reveals Eichmann Statement;
Avenger Group Killed Wrong Man

The text of a statement writ-,
One evening, they abducted
NEW DELHI, India. (JTA)- tention of his people from his that status, have failed to pla- ten by Adolf Eichmann shortly the man and threw him into a
Leading Indian newspapers own troubles at home." cate the Arab leaders. The an- before his capture by Israeli waiting car.
came • out with articles severely
"He swore that he was not
Dr. Khosrovani said that the nouncement was widely regard- agents in Argentina, which is
criticizing President Nasser of UAR announcement of an eco- ed in Arab capitals as portend- expected to be introduced at Eichmann but his captors ig-
the United Arab Republic for nomic boycott against Iran was ing full de jure recognition by Eichmann's trial, appears in the nored him," Aldouby and Katz
his attacks on Iran, and suggest- a "farce." He explained that Iran. Iran, however, has not new issue of Look Magazine in wrote, adding:
ing that India should follow economic relations between the mad.: any mention of ex- an article, "The Chase That
"They drove him to an even
Iran's example and recognize two countries were almost non- changing ambassadors w it h Doomed Eichmann," by Israeli more remote spot and executed
existent. He said that Iran did Israel. journalists Zwy Aldouby and him. The victim's hysterical de-
The Express, one of the not contemplate any move on
It was reported from Cairo Ephraim Katz. The statement nials had been true. The man
largest Indian dailies, said. in an the international scene in con- that the Secretariat of the reads:
was a Nazi—but not Adolf
editorial that - "on no grounds nection with the UAR dispute Arab League had decided, be-
"I am tired of traveling over Eichmann."
save that of appeasing Nasser, at the present time. He asserted cause of Iran's recognition of continents and lands as an an-
The avenger group, accord-
can New Delhi's attitude to that if world opinion was cor- Israel, to withdraw an invita- onymous wanderer. I wish I ing to the writers, was one of
Israel be justified." Other In- rectly informed on the "much- tion to Iran to attend an Arab could have made peace with many bands of survivors of Ger-
dian-language newspapers take ado-about-nothing attitude of Petroleum Conference sched- my former enemies.
man death camps which roamed
strongly the I r a n i an side Nasser, he will realize how uled for Oct. 17 in Beirut.
"I was not a murderer. I was across Europe after World War
against Nasser and laud Iran foolish he is."
* * *
nothing but a loyal, orderly, II searching for Nazis who had
and Turkey for not permitting
correct, efficient soldier, and escaped capture by the Allied
American news-
themselves to be involved in papers, including the New York Jordanian Premier
did what I did only out of armies.
anti-Israel intrigues.
idealistic devotion to my Fath-
Times, the New York Herald-
In advocating the recognition Tribune and the New York Post Condemns Nasser
erland and to the SS. I was
of Israel, the Express editorial came out with editorials severe- as 'Irresponsible'
never a traitor.
asks: "If Democratic India can ly criticising Nasser for his out-
"After a careful self-analysis,
(Direct JTA Teletype Wire to
have diplomatic relations with bursts against the Shah of Iran.
I am now convinced that I have
The Jewish News)
Fascist Spain, what prevents ac- They attributed his action to his
LONDON. — Jordanian Pre- never been a murderer or a
(Direct JTA Teletype Wire to
Jewish News)
cording similar recognition to fear lest the Arab states begin mier Hazza Majali Wednesday mass-murderer, nor were my
a democratic country such as to realize that Israel's existence denounced President Nasser of subordinates. But to be en-
LONDON — The Israel gov-
Israel, a member of the Afro- must
must be . accepted. They casti- the UAR for his "irresponsible" tirely honest, I see myself as ernment will announce next
Asian world?" The p a p e r gated him for his attempt to abuse of the Shah of Iran, for one of those who helped in Sunday that Adolf Eichmann
praises smaller countries, such dictate to another nation and the latter's announced recogni- the killings, for after all I did will go on trial in Jerusalem no
as Ghana and Ceylon, for ex- his assumption that he is the tion of Israel last week, it was receive and relate the orders later than in March, 1961, the
tending de jure recognition to spokesman for the entire Mos- reported here from Amman.
for deportation, and a part of Jerusalem correspondent of the
Israel, "undeterred by Cairo's lem world.)
Addressing a press confer- the deportees were killed— London Daily Mail reported
* * *
Wednesday after an exclusive
ence in the Jordanian capital though by other units.
"My belief in the Nazi lead- interview with Dr. Pinhas Rosen,
The Iranian charge d'affaires
on an exchange of notes be-
here charged Cairo with creat-
tween the Amman and Teheran ership and the necessity of to- Minister of Justice.
ing a "breach between Iran and
governments in connection with tal war made me fulfill my du-
The correspondent asserted
friendly Moslem countries" for
the Shah's statement on Israel , ties with clean conscience and that Dr. Rosen's description of
the purpose of diverting the at-
how the trial is to be organized
Premier Majali said that Nasser willing heart.
JERUSALEM, (JTA) — The had taken "a quick decision"
tention of the people of the
I was a good German, I am presents a "fantastic scene for
UAR from internal probhms.
on the matter and that the UAR a good German, and a good Ger- future historians."
ha always
b e. "
Addressing a press conference, wracked again by the new dis- president was dealing with the man I s shall
In comment on criticism
M. Zelli specifically denied any pute over Israel touched off by Palestine case hypocritically.
A man believed to be Nazi abroad of Israel's decision to
Iranian decision to exchange an Iranian statement which
Premier Majali accused Nas- war criminal Adolf Eichmann try the Nazi mass murderer in
diplomatic representatives with most Arab leaders feared was ser of abusing both Iran and was captured and executed Jerusalem, Dr. Rosen was quot-
Israel. He said the recent UAR
King Hussein, with the inten- shortly after World War II ed as declaring that "you may
verbal attacks on Iran were the Jewish State. -
tion of diverting public atten- by an "illegal band of aveng-
everyone that there is
based on an "imaginary issue."
The Shah of Iran in effect tion from deteriorating internal ers," the two Israeli journal- reassure
no question of brainwashing or
Pakistan's Foreign Minister
conditions in the UAR:
unfair treatment. Eichmann is
said Iran's decision - to continue ognition of Israel nearly a
Writing in Look Magazine, too clever to become a victim of
her diplomatic ties with Israel decade ago.
the Shah reiterated his earlier former Israeli army officers Al- brainwashing, nor could such
President Nasser assailed the statement
will have "no influence" on
that there had been douby and Katz said the "bi- measures be possible here. It
Pakistan. "Pakistan's position Shah as a stooge of western no change in the de facto rec- zarre error" took place in a is an insult to Israel to m a ke
has been made abundantly clear
of Israel by Iran. Of- small Austrian village where such suggestion."
and there will be no change" ordered closing of the Iran ficial or legal recognition of Eichmann's wife and one of
The Minister of Justice de-
he said. Pakistan refuses to
Israel had never been the sub- Eichmann's brothers were ob- dared that Eichmann's family
have any relations with Israel. the Iranian Foreign Minister, ject of discussion, the Shah served paying occasional visits was paying the cost of his de-
The continuation of this immediately called a press con- noted. "It is regrettable," the to a man in an isolated cabin. fense. He described as "all rub-
policy was evident in reports ference in Teheran to announce Shah
that this cabin was
Shah declared, "that certain
reports that Eichmann
published in Pakistani papers. that Iran had ended diplomatic Arab states with whom Iran being used as a hideout by was bish"
awakened every four hours
According to the papers, the
has religious ties did not ap- Nazis . . . the avengers also each night and that his cell was
Pakistani government has sent dered the UAR envoy in Tehe- preciate Iran's good intentions felt sure that the
h man seen kept constantly brilliantly il-
instructions to the Pakistan ran to get out of Iran in 48 and did not show any sign of talking to Frau Eichmann was luminated.
scout contingent, attending the hours.
the missing Eichmann him-
towards Iran."
"I don't know whether Eich-
The Iranian Foreign Minister
International Scout Jamboree
self, " the article said.
* * *
mann is surprised at the fair
in Teheran, to boycott the said -Nasser's speech had come
treatment he is receiving," Dr.
jamboree and return home. The from "the lunatic mind of an
Rosen said, "but he does not
presence of Israel scouts at the unworthy head of state of a
complain." He emphasized to
jamboree prompted Pakistan to friendly Moslem country." Iran
the British correspondent that
take such action. •
is a Moslem but not an Arab
Israel was conscious of the fact
* * *
state. He also said Iran would
ISTANBUL, (JTA) — Diplo- ing to press reports, the Iranian that the eyes of the world were
not seek restoration of normal
relations with the UAR as long matic envoys of Arab States reply said that the inclusion upon her and was anxious to
in Ankara called on of an Israeli delegation "had act with scrupulous fairness and
as the present "illegal" regime accredited
General Gursel, Premier of Tur- nothing to do with the Arab justice.
was in power.
key, and discussed with him governments, particularly in The five column newspaper
Israeli experts suggested Turkish-Arab r e 1 a ti on s. Al- view of the fact that Arab and spread on the Eichmann case in-
Iranian Embassy here called an that Nasser had created an though no official communique Israeli delegates sat together at eluded the fact that the trial
unusual press conference to de- artificial storm over Iran's was issued, it is believed that all international conferences. would be held in Jerusalem's
nounce President Nasser of the announcement for reasons of they attempted to impress upon Why this cry when Iran comes new hall of culture or Beth
United Arab Republic for his inter-Arab rivalry. The Cairo Gen. Gursel the importance of into the pi c t u r e?" Iran Haam and that workmen were
on the job day and night rushing
"shameless and irresponsible regime had called an urgent maintaining a cool relationship emphasized.
of the Arab League with Israel.
completion of the edifice in
behavior" in attacking the Shah meeting
The collective visit of the
time for the trial.
of Iran for his recent statement through a resolution calling
Arab envoys to the new head of
The article quoted Dr. Rosen
in Teheran that he intends to
on all Arab states to end the Turkish government was
as declaring a first aid station
continue his de facto recogni- relations
prompted by Iran's -recent re-
would be built alongside the
tion of Israel.
He then launched his vituper-
courtroom to provide treatment
Dr. Khosro Khosrovani, the ative attack on the Shah and iteration of its de facto recogni-
tion of Israel, it is assumed in
for those affected by the grue-
Iranian charge d'affaires, told his regime.
diplomatic circles here. Selim
some exhibits and the appalling
the conference that Iran had
It was disclosed that all Arab Sarper, Turkish Foreign Minis- JERUSALEM, (JTA)—Soviet nature of some of the testimony
decided not to re-establish
diplomatic relations with the nations have decided to boycott ter, was present d u r in g the Bloc countries are displaying to be presented during the pro-
UAR "as long as its ruler can- the forthcoming annual Cyprus meeting of the Ara b s with a negative attitude t o war d ceedings.
not even behave in accordance economic exhibition because Premier Gursel. The envoys Israel's request to pr o v i d e
with the most elementary code Israel has been invited to take represented the United Arab material on Adolph Eichmann,
Republic, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya notorious Nazi lea der who
of international behavior." Nas- part.
Whether other Arab coun- and Tunisia.
ser had reacted to a statement
directed the killing of 6,000,000
Hassan Arfa, Iran's Ambas- Jews in Europe, in connection
by the Shah of Iran July 21 tries, such as Lebanon, Iraq,.
reaffirming Iran's de facto Jordan and Saudi Arabia, will sador to Turkey, declared at a with his forthcoming trial here. LONDON, (JTA) — The Cen-
recognition of Israel by calling follow the UAR lead in ending press conference that his coun- While several East European tral Commission Investigating
the Shah "a stooge of imperi- ties with Iran, was not definite, try does not contemplate de countries had earlier expressed War Crimes in Poland has col-
alism and Zionism." Iran or- according to the reports. The jure recognition of Israel. The publicly t h e i r willingness to lected considerable material on
dered the UAR Ambassador in Arab press in Lebanon and Ambassador said Iran's de facto give all assistance to Israeli the wartime activities of Lud-
Teheran to leave Iran in 48 Jordan and the government in recognition m e r ely acknowl- efforts to try Eichmann, no wig Han who has been arrest-
Iraq have made it clear that edged the existence of Israel. reply has yet been received ed in Hamburg, it was reported
The Iranian diplomat repeat- they are strongly opposed to
The Iranian government was from any of the Soviet bloc here from Warsaw.
ed that the Shah's statement the Iranian recognition.
reported to have given a sharp countries to Israel's formal re- Han, as commandant of the
was "nothing new" and that
Efforts of Iranian diplomats rebuff to a Morrocan protest quest on this subject. This, de- Nazi Security Police in Warsaw,
Nasser's attacks on Iran were to stress that Iran gave de facto about the inclusion of an Israeli spite the fact that the press in reportedly took part in the de-
a pretext to end the "bridge recognition to Israel 10 years delegation in a recently held these countries has given wide struction of the Warsaw Ghetto
between Iran and other friend- ago, and that the Shah's an- international Women's Alliance publicity to the fact that Eich- and in the crushing of the War-
ly nations and to divert the at- nouncement adds nothing to Conference in Teheran. Accord- mann has finally been captured. saw Ghetto revolt.

Eichmann's Trial
to Be Next March

New Battle Over
Decade-Old Fact

Arabs Seek to Influence. Turkey
Against Israel on Iranian Issue

Iran Calls UAR
Boycott 'Farce'

USSR Bloc Won't
Give srae
Il Aid in
Eichmann Case


Arrest Nazi Who
Destroyed Ghetto

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