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June 10, 1960 - Image 40

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The Detroit Jewish News, 1960-06-10

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Argentina Creates International Issue,
Threatens to Take Eichmann Case to UN

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He was the architect of the
plan to 'solve the Jewish prob-
lem' by torture, by taking Jews
to gas c h a m b e r s. He didn't
complete the job. He only took
'six million lives. Is it any won-
der why the survivors can not
rest? In Israel the Eichmann
story is not something they
read about. They were there
and they saw their dear ones
either buried alive or taken to
the gas chambers, but here all
the newspapers are interested
in is how he was captured! The
great act of justice is that he
was caught by Israel and will
be tried by Israel. Jusfice can
be handed out in no lesser de-
gree by Israeli judges than by
judges of any other land.") -
The note expressed • the re-
grets of the Israel government
in - case its "volunteers" trans-
gressed Argentine laws or Ar-
gentine sovereignty and asked
thte Argentine government to
consider the "extraordinary
significance" of having brought
- to judgment the man who was
responsible for the murder of
millions of Jews.
The Israel government • asked
understanding of the fact that
the volunteers themselves, vic-
tims of the Nazi, placed "this
historic missio n" above any
other consideration. The note
asked the Argentine govern-
ment to demonstrate its under-
Ben-Gurion Reports . to Cabinet
on Reply to Argentina
Premier David - Ben-Gurion
reported to the Cabinet on
the. request made by the Ar-
gentine Government for a re-
port on the capture of Adolf
(In Buenos Aires, a motion
was introduced in the .Chamber.
of Deputies, asking the Argen-
tine- government what action
it had taken concerning reports
that Eichmann had been Cap-
tured . in Argentina by Israel
personnel. The motion was in-
troduced by. Agustin Rodriguez
Araya, an opposition member,
who also wanted to know
whether the Israel government
had previously tried to obtain
information from the Argentine
authorities on the whereabouts
of Eichmann.)
Eichmann was remanded to
an undesignated jail by a magis-
trate before whom Eichmann
had been first arraigned. Now,
however, it has been decided
to veil all the legal moves in
se c r ecy. Revelation of the
name of the magistrate who re-
manded the war criminal might
indicate the place of his pres-
ent confinement, police authori-
ties said
Abraham Salinger, police
commander and head of the
Sixth Bureau, which tracked
down Eichmann, disclosed
that direct interrogation of
Eichmann had been going on
since last Sunday. He de-
scribed the prisoner's atti-
tude as "cooperative" and
said he had freely agreed to
give his version of his activi-
Eichmann has already pre-
pared material covering the pre-
war years when he was an SS
man in Austria, and the war
years up to the middle of 1943.
The prisoner dictates the ma-
terial to a police officer, who
has been with him for several
hours daily. In some of his
notes, Eichmann — who was
warned that all statements he
makes may be used against
him—did mention his office's
role in executing Jews, but not
his personal part in the killings.
S a l i n g e r, the Polish-born
Commander, said that his bu-


reau was assigned to investigate Eichmann's whereabouts was
found in 1946. During that
but not to prosecute.
Official evidence, including year, Ben Nathan, who served
minutes of the Nuremberg in the underground and headed
trials, and trials of Nazis in a special Haganah office in
Poland and Czechoslovakia, Austria in the immediate post-
will be used in preparing the war years, said he met Dieter
case against Eichmann, Salin- Wislicieny, who was associated
ger said. He. reported that with Eichmann in the extermi-
there were no immediate nation of Hungarian Jewry and
plans to send investigators to who was later hanged by the
other countries, but that this Slovaks.
possibility - was not excluded.
Wislicieny told Ben Nathan
He also disclosed that he has that he had a photo of Eich-
received numerous letters of- mann and that he knew an SS
fering evidence, but that no of- man, a non-commissioned of-
ficial contact had been made ficer named Weissell, who could
with either the Polish or bring them to a woman who
Czechoslovak governments, be- was a close friend of Eichtnann.
cause most material from those Ben Nathan said this proved to
sources is available. in official be true. A Haganah man found
he had "no in her house the only known
idea" when
when "this huge work" picture of Eichmann in civilian
would be finished, he estimated clothes, which was later used
that it would be a "reasonable to identify him in the track-
time" until the file was ready.
down and capture. •
The Israel Ministry. of Jus-
A London newspaper report
tice decided that the trial of that • Eichmann had attempted
Eichmann should be held in suicide by bashing his head
Jerusalem despite other sug- against the wall of his cell was
gestions , from abroad.
flatly denied here by Corn-
Dr. Nahum Goldmann, presi- mander Abraham Selinger, who
dent of the World Zionist Or- insisted that there had not been
ganization - and of the World any attempt by Eichmann . to
Jewish Congress, modified his take his life. According to re-
suggestion that Eichmann ports -here, Eichmann's cell is
should be tried by an interna- padded to prevent the prisoner
tional tribunal. Following a from harming himself.
statement by Premier David
Indications that Eichmann
Ben-Gurion strongly disagree- will be formally charged with
ing with Dr. Goldmann, the lat- crimes against the Jewish peo-
ter reportedly proposed that ple—a capital offense under
official observers from other •Israel law—were given last
nations who suffered from Nazi night with the disclosure of de-
bestialities• be invited to attend tails about the secret arraign-
the Eichmann trial.
ment. The Nazi was brought
A public hall having been before Magistrate Alfred Back
decided on as the site for the of Haifa in a specially prepared
trial because Israel courts are charriber at the prison where
small, the search for such a the Nazi official is . being held.
hall was being made on the He was ordered remanded for
basis that too big a hall might another period of 15 days.

give an undesirable impression
Assistant Commander
of a "show trial." A 500-seat Ephraim Hofstater, deputy
hall, providing room for an head of the - Sixth Bureau, ap-
anticipated 400 overseas cor- peared before the magistrate
respondents. expected for the to ask for the remand.
trial, was decided on as appro-
This was the second detention
order made against Eichmann,
An interministerial commit- the first having been issued by
tee was set up to decide "news
Yedid Halevi in Tel
policy and to coordinate re- Aviv on May 23. Eichmann, it
lease of information" on the was reported, listened atten-
Eichmann investigation. The tively to the charges - which Hof-
committee consists • of repre- stater "translated into German.
sentatives of the Government When asked by the magistrate
press office, the Ministries of whether he had anything to_
Justice and• Foreign Affairs, say, he replied he had nothing
the police and the Security to say. _
Services. The committee also
Magistrate Back, a native of
will handle arrangements for Silesia, received his degree in
press coverage of the trial. •
Yehuda Shimony, passenger Hebrew Corner
service manager of El Al-Israel
Airlines, said a report in Time
magazine identifying • him as
head of an Israeli commando
unit sent to Buenos Aires to
capture Eichmann was "totally
Translation of Hebrew column.
Published by the Brit Ivrit Olamit.
untrue and unfounded."
The newsweekly's story said
We have already become accus-
tomed to seeing visitors in Israel
that seizure of the Nazi master from
the new independent states of
criminal took place on May 13. Africa, including Cabinet Ministers
"emissaries who are un-
Shimony said that he left for dergoing advanced
training in the
Buenos Aires on May 4 and fields of agriculture and social
work; leaders of workers organiza-
departed from there on May 10 tions, and ordinary people who have
of the reputation of Israel and
and that during that period he heard
the work being done here.
had spent his time obtaining of Recently
(in these days) • special
passage permission for an El Al excitement was aroused by a young
visitor, the grandson of the
special flight, which brought African
chief of_ an African tribe in Ghana,
an Israeli delegation to Argen- who registered at the beginning of
the school • year in the vocational
tina on a formal visit.
school of ORT in Nathania.
It appears. that the chief visited
Two well-known Arab law-
and was very much im-
yers in Israel were asked to Nathania
pressed by the standard of the voca-
serve as defense attorneys tional school. The Town Clerk with-
hesitation informed him that
for Eichmann, but they cate- out
Nathania would be happy to award
gorically rejected the offer, a scholarship in one of the institu-
tions to a member of one of: the
it was 'reported.
tribes. Some months later the Muni-
Minister of Justice Pinhas cipality received a letter from the
leader that the tribal coun-
Rosen appealed to editors of Ghanese
cil had chosen his grandson as the
Israeli newspapers to be re- candidate for vocational training in
served in publishing reports on Israel.
When. the boy arrived he was ac-
the developments in the Eich- corded an enthusiastic welcome, so
that a quarrel
mann case while the matter is almost broke indeed,
out among the work
and study groups, each of which
awaiting court action.
him to join them (for them-
Asher Ben Nathan, director wanted
general of the Israel Defense
The Nathania Municipality has ar-
for the boy to lodge with a
Ministry, disclosed in a state- ranged
family in the town and has even
ment that the first clue.' to 'provided 'him with a Hebrew teacher.


The New Student
of ORT School

law in Germany but was barred
from practice by the Nazi
regime after 1933. His parents
and many members of his fam-
ily perished at the hands of
the Nazis.
Pinhas Rosen, Israel's Min-
ister of Justice, confirmed
Wednesday that several
months will be needed to pre-
pare for trial the case against
Speaking to a group of visit-
ing West German journalists,
Rosen hinted that an attorney
from abroad will have to be
Eichmann's defense attorney.
An Israel -daily published a
report Wednesday which, it
said, was based on notes Eich-
mann is writing in his window-
less cell in a jail in northern
Israel, that as Nazi Gen. Erwin
Rommel's troops advanced on
Cairo during World War II . the
SS political section prepared
lists of leaders of the Palestine
Jewish community for execution
on the first day of entrance of
German troops into Palestine.
According to the report, the
lists were prepared in coopera-
tion with Nazi' agents then in
Palestine. The SS also had pre-
pared, lists of those to be ar-
rested the first day and was
working on an "overall 'plan" to
deal with the Jewish population
of Palestine. This latter plan
was developed in cooperation
with the ex-Mufti of Jersualem,
the war criminal' Haj -Amin
Police officials said Eichmann
was writing_ part of his notes
into a tape recorder. As fast
as Eichmann prepares material
it is translated from German to
Hebrew for use of the investi-
gating team which is preparing
material for his indictment. -
Police 'Inspector General
Joseph Nahamias visited Eich-
mann Tuesday and discussed
with officials of the Sixth Bu-
reau, which is directing as-
sembly of documentation on
Eichmann, the progress made in
the investigation. •
Goldmann Reiterates
View on International
Court for Eichmann Trial
hum Goldrnann, president of
the World' .Zionist Organization,
reiterated his belief 'that: Adolf
Eichmann, who directed the de-
portation of 'Europe's Jews to
the Nazi slaughter camps,
should be tried by an interna-

tional court sitting in Jerusa-
"My opinion was, and I am
still of that opinion," Dr. Gold-
mann told a press conference
Sunday, "that Eichmann and
the Nazis did not exterminate
Jews only and therefore it is
advisable to invite other coun-
tries, whose citizens were ex-
terminated, to send judges to
Israel and sit as a tribunal
with an Israel chairman, to try
Dr. Goldmann called the con-
ference to reply to Premier
David Ben-Gurion who had ac-
cused 'him of a "blow to the
feelings of the people of Israel
and to the honor of the state"
by his proposal. Ben-Gurion
said in a public statement that
he protests "with all the force
at my command" against Dr.
Goldmann making his proposal
public. At his press conference,
Dr. Goldmann announced that
he had - written a letter to Ben-
Gurion rejecting his protest.
"I can understand that you
oppose my proposal," Dr. Gold-
mann said in his letter to the
Israeli leader, "but I cannot
understand why such a pro-
posal is 'a severe blow.' I have
already stated that I have no
doubt of Israel's right to try
Eichmann, and I have ex-
pressed my confidence in Is-
rael's justice. But I thought,
and I still think that since it
was not only Jews who were
killed by Eichmann and the
Nazis, but other countries
whose citizens were murdered,
it is adviiable to invite theSe
countries to send, judges to
Israel. -
"I think it a great honor to
Israel that Other judges would
come here and sit under an
Israeli presiding judge," Dr.
Goldmann stressed. He empha-
sized to the newspapermen that
he had spoken as an 'individual,
in his own name, - not - in the
name of any organization he
heads and that he had not,
therefore, consulted them be-
fore making his proposals.
"If I were not permitted to
express my own ideas," he ex-
claimed, "I would have re-
signed 'within 24 hours from
those organizations." He noted
that Ben-Gurion had-freqnently
made a number of important
statements that were his own
personal opinions.



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