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November 20, 1959 - Image 30

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The Detroit Jewish News, 1959-11-20

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Israel Renews Quest for Peace with Arabs
But Arabian Preaches State's Destruction

These steps, he said, would
The United Nations was once constitute only the "beginnings
again a forum for an offer by of a peaceful solution." Should
Israel to discuss peace terms Israel refuse still to accept
with the Arab states without these "solutions" Shukairy said
conditions and another belli- economic sanctions should be
cose Arab response of threats invoked "to melt Israel's resist-
of renewed warfare against Is- ance." Then, he added, Article
VI of the United Nations Char-
The occasion was a debate on ter calling for the expulsion of
the Arab refugee problem be- a member of the United Na-
fore the United Nation's Gen- tions should be invoked against

eral Assembly Special Political Israel as a "consistent violator"

Committee. The principal prob- of UN resolutions.
lem is the question of the man-
Comay replied the next day
date of the United Nations Re-
and Shukairy took an hour to

lief and Works Agency, which
reply to the Israel response.
is caring for the Arab refugees.
Comay interrupted the Arab
i t,": and which is due to expire next
speaker to defend the mem-
CR June.
ory of the late Dr. Chaim
Before the Special Commit-
• tee
tee is the report of Secretary Weizmann, Israel's first presi-
dent. The chairman then re•
A General Dag Hammarskj old
buked Shukairy.
recommending integration of
Comay pointed out that Shu-
the refugees in the host coun-
tries with the assistance of a kairy was "obsessed" with "the
substantial development fund proposition that Israel should
provided under UN auspices. be destroyed." The Israeli rep-
The Arab spokesman, resentative stressed that when
Ahmad Shukairy, the Saudi Shukairy called for implemen-
Arabian Minister of State for tation of old United Nations
the UN, seized the occasion resolutions dealing with repatri-
ation .of Arab refugees, the
for another verbal attack on
Israel. Michael Comay, deputy Arab spokesman wanted those
chairman of Israel's delega- r e s o l u t i ons "implemented
against Israel." He showed that
tion, replied and then -added
that Israel would deal with Shukairy had deliberately dis-
the issue of the Arab refu- torted old resolutions, quoted
gees and what Israel could them out of context and cited
contribute to solution later Only such parts of the resolu-
in the debate.
tions as suited his purpose. The
Shukairy opened the Arab Israeli representative set the
salvo by blaming Israel for the . record straight before the com-
failure of the UN to solve the mittee. He then told the com-
problem and warned that unless mittee:
Israel was forced at the current
"We assume that the over-
UN session to accept complete w:ielming majority of the gov-
repatriation of the refugees. ernments represented at this
80,000,000 Arabs "from Casa- table are sick and tired of the
blanca to the Persian Gulf" I-. ael-Arab .conflict and would
were ready and eager to go to be only too happy if those
war against Israel. He dismissed directly concerned would settle
the Hammarskjold plan with it. We would repeat most sol-
the statement that the subject emnly that Israel seeks nothing
of the economic integration of from its neighbors but t h e
the refugees was "irrelevant chance to live in peace with
and inadmissable." He laid them and. together with them,
down a five-point plan which to strive for the common good
he said must be implemented of our troubled region.
this year:
"To promote this not-unwor-
1. Implementation of a 1950
resolution which, in Shukairy's thy end, we repeat that we
view, calls for the collection of would be willing to meet with
the revenues allegedly derived Arab representatives at any
by Israel from Arab-owned prop- time and place, publicly or pri-
erties and the use of these reve- vately, and without any prior
nues for the welfare of the conditions whatsoever. We can-
not but ask ourselves, whether
2. Allowing the inhabitants of the present atmosphefe in the,
the "front village" on the Is- world, the present restrained
rael-Jordanian border to culti- hopefulness which prevails at
vate lands on the Israel side of the United Nations, may not
the Armistice demarcation line. perhaps hold out the prospect
3. Allowing not only the refu- of some thaw in Israel-Arab
gees in the Gaza area, but also relations as well." -
Ceylon proposed that the
the local inhabitants of the
Gaza Strip "to farm their lands Palestine Conciliation Corn-
mission be revived and en-
on the other side of the Armis-
larged, and be given a sne-
tice line."
cific mandate to work out a
4. "Reinstating" Beduins in
compromise between Israel
the Sinai area to Israel whence
they had been allegedly "ex- and the Arab states for over-
all settlement of the Arab
pelled by Israel."
refugee problem.
5. Reactivating Palestine Con-
The proposal was made by
ciliation Commission and en-
larging it "on a geographical Dr. G. P. Malalasekera, vice
basis." The PCC now has three chairman of the Ceylonese dele-
members — the United States, gation, the first non-Arab speak-
France and Turkey. By calling er to participate formally in the
for enlarging the PCC on a week-long debate of the Arab
"geographical basis," Shukairy refugee problem. Israel,_ which
was seen here as calling for the has addressed the Committee a
addition to the PCC of a rep- half dozen times, has thus far
resentative of the Soviet Union spoken only in reply to bitter
or another Communist country. Arab attacks.
Dr. Malalasekera . p l e a de d
with the United Nations to go
beyond mere palliative meas-
ures and solve the refugee prob-
lem once and for all. Such a
solution, he declared, promised
"great rewards and blessings to
For the first time science has the people of the Near East, to
found a new and healing substance
the United Nations and to all
with the astonishing ability to
shrink hemorhoids and to relieve mankind."
pain—without surgery. In case after
case, while gently relieving pain,
Recalling that some delegates
actual reduction (shrinkage) took
place. Most amazing of all—results in the current debate—a refer-
were so thorough that sufferers ence to the Arab speakers—had
made astonishing statements like
"Piles have ceased to be a problem!" gone so far as to threaten war
The secret is a new healing sub. against Israel, the Ceylonese
stance (Bio-Dyne®)—discovery of a
world-famous research institute. This diplomat warned that "war has
substance is now available in sup- not solved any problem in the
pository or ointment form called
Preparation H®. At all drug count- past and it will not do so in


Shrinks Hemorrhoids
Without Surgery

Stops Itch--Relieves Pain

ers—money back guarantee .

the fuf- nres "

"would surely mean the destruc-
tion alike of both the perpetra-
tors and the victims."
He referred to proposals
made by the Arabs for revival
of the Palestine Conciliation
Commission and noted that the
Commission in recent years had
not attempted to lay down a
basis for overall settlement of
the refugee problem. "We would
ask that the Commission be now
directed to give attention to the
latter program," he said. "We
also welcome the suggestion to
enlarge the Commission so as to
bring in fresh blood and to se-
cure a wider geographic distri-

Arab-Israel Clashes
Mark Refugee Debate

(JTA) — Hassan Gohar, repre-
sentative of the United Arab
Republic, told the General
Assembly Special Political Com-
mittee that time had only
strengthened the determination
of the Arab refugees to uphold
their right to repatriation—
which he offered as the "only
solution" to the problem.
Charging that Israel from the
beginning had "resisted" any
attempt at repatriation, Gohar
accused Israel of inviting "alien
Jews to create a de facto situa-
tion" which might render
repatriation impossible. Jewish
immigration, he argued, con-

stituted the "main obstacle" to
repatriation, and should, there-
fore, be the concern of the
United Nations.
Michael S. Comay, deputy
chairman of the Israeli dele-
gation, was forced by Le-
banon and Saudi Arabia to
engage in another toe-to-toe
battle as the Assembly's Spe-
cial Political Committee con-
tinued consideration of the
Arab refugee problem. Comay
had to take the floor three
times during the two-hour
session, to reply to anti-Israel
mis-statements made by Na-
dim Dimechkie . of Lebanon
and by Ahmad Ehukairy of
Saudi Arabia.
Shukairy persistently referred
to Comay only as "the gentle-
man from Israel." Whereupon
Comay reminded the committee
that, while he was willing to
accept the title of "gentleman"

Poland, Israel Inaugurate
Regular Shipping Service

Polish Ocean Lines will start
regular shipping service next
month between Poland and
Israel. This will be the first
regular shipping arrangement
between Israel and any Com-
munist bloc company.
The routes will connect Po-
lish ports with ports in Israel,
continuing to Bulgaria and
Romania. Several years ago Ro-
mania had shipping arrange-
ments with Israel but these
were halted.

I it must be understood that he

is also the delegate of Israel.
At that point, after another
sentence or two from Shukairy,
Charles T. 0. King of Liberia,
chairman of the committee,
adjourned the session.
Thus far, not a single non-
Arab speaker has addressed the
committee — Comay's interven-
tions having been exercised
only to correct Arab mis-state-
ments. So far, there is not even
a draft resolution in existence
nor has any effort been made
to bring the debate to a culmi-
nating point.

Mrs. Dyckman Re-Elected
by U.S. Mizrachi Women

Mrs. Moses Dyckman, of New
York, was re-elected national
president of the Mizrachi Wo-
men's Organization of America,
at its 34th annual convention in
Atlantic City.
Col. Nachman Karni, member
of the Israel Mission to the
United Nations, told convention
delegates that Israel always
stands ready to negotiate for
peace with the Arabs.
The convention reaffirmed
the primacy of the United Jew-
ish Appeal and adopted a bud-
get of $1,270,000 for the organ-
ization's program of activities.

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