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August 07, 1959 - Image 17

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The Detroit Jewish News, 1959-08-07

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from the Holy tand -

o hy,Li ip


ents in Israel
lization of the
Israel Bond
erican Jewry.
eached a new
srael. Govern-
e that the flow
rael last year,
s 10th anniver-
exceeded this

new novel, "Eva," which has
been published . by Simon and
"Eva" won't be released in
the U.S. until next month, but
the first copy already was sent
to Levin in Israel, and he has
renewed our long friendship in
touching fashion — by present-
ing this correspondent with his
first copy.
• ; , reservations
Detroiters will be interested
lane must be to know that the original manu
• dvance, the El script
of Levin's work has

s are carrying

n the current

Israel is that
are traveling
ts, and that
s of student

ousand Ameri-
and college
lied this year
nducted by va-
colleges and
ans. Three
rat, represent-
ebrew Schools,
ewish Agency
common occur-
ame one from
or at the air-
aeli hotel.,
.te the influx
otels are plan-
chain is step-
te the Nordau
Street in Tel
which will be
el, was begun
t was half fin-
truction was
years ago for
ow the Sher-
tering a new
to include
its worldwide

nt, near Herz-
A , author of
1 a best seller,
dozen other
completed his


version of his best seller,

paper mills in Israel — both
much smaller — and said that
But he is still embittered by the American sponsors of the
the "raw deal" he claims to Hadera Mills would welcome
have gotten from Otto Frank, competition.
father of Anne Frank, and the
So much confidence is be-
producers of "The Diary of ing shown the American-
Anne Frank," whom he accuses Israel Paper Mills that, while

been acquired_
by the noted
collector of
rare docu-
ments, Charles
E. Feinberg.
In our bag-
gage now is
the "E v a"
which we will
b e delivering
to Feinberg.
_Mrs. Levin
shares with
her husband of having used portions of his
and her chil- dramatized version of the play
dren the joys for their, story.
"What hurts me," he said, "is
Feinberg of life on the
shores of the Mediterranean. not the harm they have done to
She, too, completed another me, but the fact that they have
novel here—"The Golden Cup," eliminated all of the positive
which is being published by Dial Jewish elements from the play
Press and will be issued in Oc- —elements that were factors in
tober. She writes under the pen my version."
* * *
name of Tereska _ Torres.
A visit here with the Meyer Paper Project
Levins was occasion to recall of U. S. Jewry
that he had first written "Ye-
H A D E R A — By American
hudah," one of his most popular
novels, in Palestine, more than standards of big business, the
20 years ago. It was the first paper - making machines that
and most successful novel about turn out 60 percent of Israel's
Jewish pioneering in the New paper needs may sound insignif-
Judaea. He wrote, it in a but icant For Israel,,the American-
that . stirl . stands on Hayarkon Israel Paper Mills, Ltd.,.repre-
Street—a • little house that - was sents .a tremendous Undertaking
built by the._ first Mayor of Tel and signals immense progress.
Before coming here, we heard
Aviv, Meyer Dizengoff.
that this firm, which was made
Darryl Zanuck has just ac- possible by the -initial invest-
cepted a script for a movie, ments of the Mazer family that
on an Israel theme, from operates the Hudson Paper
Meyer Levin, and the Ameri- Mills in New York, was a
can-Jewish author is especial- "monopoly." Moshe Goldberg
ly pleased with it, as a follow- disputed it gently. He pointed
up to the success of the film out that there are two other

the floated stock issue was
being completely absorbed in
the United States, a new issue
of 500,000 shares, made avail-
able to Israelis, was sold in
one day.

The • American - Israel Paper
Mills boast of the largest equity
investment in Israel. Its "dollar
services" to Israel, because it
_eliminates a vital export ex-
pense, are significant.
The 250 employees at the
plant were trained to perform
important tasks. They were un-
skilled when they came here.
They have been taught a great
- Bible paper is among the
products made here, in addition
to bond, wrapping and other
paper products.
Pulp is still being imported,

but the plans are within a_ very
short time to utilize the farm
waste and to , make pulp out of
corn stalks, wheat straw and
other discarded farm items.
An interesting thing about
the American paper investments
is that they are expected to be
the beginnings for an active
stock market in Israel. The
stock is to go on the board in
the U.S. soon. Together with
Alliance Rubber Co., also at
Hadera, which will soon float
a stock issue, the proposed
Israel stock market will be a
new Middle Eastern financial
* * *

Exhibit Rare
Glass Objects

the Land) was founded by Dr.
Walter Moses (1893 - 1955),
whose major interest in the last
12 years of his life was to ac-
quire archaeological treasures.
Most valued among these were
the unusual glass objects now
on display here and recognized
as among the most significant in
the entire world.

The collection has now be-
come the property of the Is-
rael government, and the
Glass Pavilion is to be one of
14 pavilions which will form
a total museum depicting the
eastern Mediterranean civili-

Glass making, with a history
of 3,500 years, is covered in the
$1,000,000 Moses collection. The
periods included are 1500 to 100
BCE, the era during which glass
blowing developed; 100 BCE to
300 CE, the Roman period; 300
to - 600, the Byzantine glass pe-
riod; 600 to 1500, the Arabic
era, and the modern era of glass'
There are more than 10,000
objects in Museum Ha'aretz,
which will function in conjunc-
tion with the Archaeological In-
stitute of the Tel Aviv Univer-
sity, the smallest, but growing,
school of higher learning in


by the America-Israel Cultural


Foundation with a fund provid-
ed by the late Louis M. Rabino-
witz, of New York.


* * *

Science Center
in Farm Country
REHOVOTH — This is an
agricultural area, the heart of
the citrus industry. But it has
become much more than that.
It is now world famous as the
center of science. It became
internationally important be-
cause of the Weizmann Insti-
tute of Science that functions

Distinguished scientists con-
duct their research here. Grad-
uate students get advance
courses at this great Institute.
New discoveries make the In-
one of Israel's most
. .
significant nerve centers.
Meyer W. Weisgal, one-time
secretary of the Zionist Organ-
ization of America, is the guid-
ing directorial genius of the
Institute. Since his coming
here a decade ago, as friend
and adviser of Dr. Chaim
Weizmann, he h a s secured

worldwide support for the sci-
entific agency. He has turned
the Institute into "a city of
Abba Eban, the new presi-
The America-Israel Cultural
Foundation assists in the expan- dent of the Institute, has a
sion of the Museum to call at- home on the grounds next to
tention to the art of glass blow-
The specialties of the In-
ing, which first was developed
are plant genetic,
in Palestine and Syria. A glass stitute
biochemistry, nuclear mag-
blowing furnace at the entrance netic resonance and other
of the Museum demonstrates sciences, and the various de-
the methods of the ancient art, partments
include every
and a 3,500-volume library will
of physics and chem-
be an aid in research on the phase
There is a micro-
subject and on general archae- istry.
analysis service and the in-

struments and all glassware
The Museum Ha'aretz is lo-
needed in the - scientists'
cated next to the archaeologi-
work are all made at the
cal findings of King Sol-
omon's ancient government
A description of the work at
buildings. The entire project the Weizmann Institute re-
will occupy 30 acres of gov- quires books, and no single ar-
ernment-appropriated land.
ticle can do justice to it. The
The Museum Ha'aretz Foun- Weizmann Institute must be

RAMAT AVIV — Just before
entering Tel Aviv, traveling
southward froin Herzlia, the
rare opportunity is offered to
view one of the three most val-
uable glass exhibitions in the
dation was established in 1953, seen to be appreciated, and it
Museum Ha'aretz (Museum of and the building was erected should be seen by all tourists.

Israel . . Sites, Sounds That Keep It Humming

ight clubs in all Christians who pass through

project which is so urgently
tions bearing the names of
ease of the here will sum up their im- in need of support. If it were
generous contributors from
serve that' pressions as a Greek gentle- only for this project, the
communities throughout the
most whole- man did at The Lod Airport: Balfour Concert income
world. Except for two or
"In Jordan and Egypt I saw -would be justified.
three Detroit names that are
di's, young civilization rolled back 2,000
Kfar Silver is the ZOA Agri- appended to Histadrut proj-
or a drink of years. In Israel, I witnessed cultural Training Institute in ects, there is hardly any men-
), beer or a the enhancement of twentieth Israel. It has as a motto for tion of Detroiters who have
g and dance, century progress."
its program: "Good FarmerS extended their generosity to
Dura himself
* * *
and Good Citizens." It was specific functions, to financ-
taro the cus-
founded three years ago in ing the erection of buildings
gs in Hebrew
tion of Detroit makes its re- h onor of Dr. Abba Hillel to bear their names. Kfar
Silver, one 'of the most dis- Silver provides an opportun-
night, this is quest for s u p p or t, either tinguished American Jewish ity for a couple of generous
spot. Often, a
leaders. It provides agricul- Detroit Jews to provide the
'11 dance in a annual Balfour Concert, it has tural training for boys and two additional buildings that
than six feet
girls 14 to 17, and 170 of them are so vitally needed in this
ut it is all ects assisted by its income— are n o w receiving training important agricultural train-
ave fun and the ZOA House in Tel Aviv there.
ing center.
tourist drops and the Kfar Silver project
These young people will go
In any event, the Detroit
idea of the
back to their family farms •Jewish community at large can
The ZOA House is a real with a better knowledge of feel justly proud of the small
e natives' way
tainment and boon to Israel. Its cultural pro- farming. They - are receiving measure of support it provides
grams, the assistance it gives training in the care of corn, for the ZOA House and the
to tourists, the guidance it potatoes, almond s, olives, Kfar Silver functions through
e being popu- provides to strangers in the peaches, and become experts the Balfour Concert income.
Baseball has land, its forums on major top- in truck gardening.
* * *
. There are ics of the day, make this im-
The plan is to accommodate
Americans a n d Canadians
Golf can be pressive building a valuable 320 boys and girls at Kfar Sil- who now are making their
11 course set factor in cementing American- ver, and there is need for two homes in Israel are perform-
ttractive Dol- Israel friendships and in en- more buildings. But there is ing important functions in be-
ose "country couraging better understanding no money available for the ex- half of the new state. They
e compares between American and Israeli pansion program. In fact, there play important roles in many
n the United Jewries. There is splendid di- are not enough funds on hand fields of endeavor — in engi-
rection here — by David Tan- to assure the proper functions neering, in farming, in bank-
olf course is nenbaum, the new executive for the existing facilities. It ing, in agricultural experi-
at Caesaria. •director; by Lionel G. Kenneth, is urgent that the General mentation, in accountancy, in
•, who thinks who splendidly supervises the Zionist activities should be ex- merchandising.
desert or a ZOA tourist service; by Joe tended and that a keener in-
They are making sacrifices
is altogether Fried, the dynamic public re- terest should be shown in the to be here. They are willing
modern land, lations man, and the entire ZOA undertakings in Israel.
to participate in Israel's up-
ctions of real staff.
Wherever one turns in Is- building. But they are faced
Major in General Zionist
rael, there are buildings or with one major difficulty: lack
that nearly activities is the Kfar Silver
hospitals or special installa
of proper housing facilities. To

overcome this serious handi-
cap, they seek a loan fund of
$100,000 to enable them to
extend loans to members of
the Association of Americans
and Canadians in Israel.
Murray Greenfield, a form-

er Canadian Jewish youth
leader, executive director of
the association, said the or-
ganization desires a long-term
loan of $100,000 to be re-
paid in American dollars

Here, the provisions of hous-
ing is the decisive factor. At
this time, when the Israel gov-
ernment is burdened by so
many pressing obligations, the
initiative of the AACI, dedi-
cating itself to this goal, is to
be warmly welcomed."—For-
eign Minister Golda Meir.
"The housing problem is - a
fundamental one Apartments
or housing units are ordinarily
not available in Israel on
straight rental terms as in the
U.S. Exhorbitant key money
for the rental of apartments,
large down payments for the
purchase of housing units and
very high interest on mort-
gages, put housing virtually
out of reach for the average
newcomer to - Israel from the
United States particularly for
young people_.
"There is a need for finan-
cial instruments or a revolv-
ing fund for housing loans to
be established by American
Jews which would service
Americans coming to Israel.
These instruments could be
under the aegis of the Jewish
Agency or could function in-
dependently. But they must
have American supervision in
Israel and constant liaison with
the United States."—Dr. Israel
Goldstein, past president, Amer-
ican Jewish Congress.
_Greenfield, in his appeal for
support of the loan, said it will
be handled by Palestine En-

over a period of 20 years—
in the form of yearly repay-
ments of 5 per cent of the
original investment, at a fair
rate of interest. Israel Bonds
will be acceptable for parti-
cipation in this loan.
The need for such a loan
has been recognized by dis-
tinguished leaders of all par-
ties. Statements by the follow-
ing are indicative of the recog-
nition of this need:
"Anyone aiding immigration
from the West to Israel is
rendering a distinctive service
to the country. I am greatly
pleased that the Association of
Americans and Canadians in
Israel has taken the initiative
in this respect, and I wish it
every success in its- important
Premier , David
"I know full well that it is
not enough to make speeches
and issue callS for immigration
from the West. Definite mea-
sures must be taken - to facili-
tate the settlement of Ameri- dowment Funds, Inc., 30 Broad
cans and Canadians in Israel. St., New York.







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