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September 20, 1946 - Image 4

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The Detroit Jewish Chronicle and the Legal Chronicle, 1946-09-20

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Detroit Jewish Chronicle

Friday, September 20, 1946





Published Weekly by Jewish Chronicle Publishing Co., Inc., 525 Woodward Ave., Detroit 26, Mich., CA 1040

SUBSCRIPTION: $3.00 Per Year, Single Copies, 10c; Foreign, $5.00 Per Year
Entered as Second-class matter March 3, 1916, at the Postoffice at Detroit, Mich., under the Act of March 3, 1879


Vol. 48, No. 38

FRIDAY, SEPT. 20, 1946 (Elul 24, 5706)

Coloring the News

ground to Palestine" and a trip on a
blockade runner to the Holy Land.

The absurd lengths to which the news
agencies and the press have been going
to sensationalize the news from Palestine
was placed in high focus last week when
the first editions, one day, put the loot
in the Tel Aviv and Haifa bank robberies
at $420,000 and the later editions pared
the figure down to $10,000.

When all through the Hitler nightmare,
Jews were being slaughtered by the mil-
lions, the average newspaper printed lit-
tle about it. There were a f en• oinus
words of revulsion and commiseration in
the editorial columns but precious little

Now, because extremists driven to
desperation, are carrying out violent
counter-measures against the tyrant in
the Homeland, the American press, in
a typical move, plays the incidents up
beyond their value as general news,
'plasters exaggerated headlines on page
one and makes out every Jew in Eretz
Israel to be a "terrorist" or a "gang-
ster" or an "illegal" immigrant.

When the Maquis in France, the un-
derground in Belgium and the Partisans
in Yugoslavia and Greece were assassin-
ating the enemy of liberty right and left,
blowing up trains and administrative
buildings and making wholesale attacks on
the oppressor, the American newspapers
acclaimed them as heroes and lieberators.

When Jews are committing similar
acts, many prefaced by careful warnings
to avert unnecessary bloodshed, they are
no heroes, no patriots. In the newspapers
they are "terrorists" and "gangsters"—
the Nazi vocabulary for the Maquis and
the Partisans.

Let your Detroit newspaper know that
you find those terms unfair and offensive
when applied to patriots fighting for their
Homeland. Let it know that sensational-
izing the battle against tyranny is a blow
to freedom and must stop.

A Firm Foundation

The Northwest Hebrew Congregation
is building on a firm foundation.

Hardly three years old, the synagogue
has completed a wing of its first floor
despite setbacks and heartaches because
of the building shortages and has dedi-
cated it with beautiful ceremonies and a
communal celebration.

Above and alongside this basic struc-
ture will grow one of the mosE beautiful
synagogue buildings in the city.

But if the sincerity and devotion of
its membership is any criterion, the
synagogue will have more than the
beauty of symmetrical architecture. It
will have a beauty of the spirit en-
gendered by reverence for tradition,
by loyalty to people and community
and by a love of God and of fellow

The synagogue is led by two outstand-
ing figures who have consecrated them-
selves to its service—by its spiritual lead-
er, Rabbi Jacob E. Segal, and its presi-
dent, Ira G. Kaufman.

Both have the vision and enthusiasm
of youth and the wisdom and foresight
of older men. Under their guidance, the
Northwest Hebrew Congregation, we are
certain, will grow in distinction and at-
'inment through the years.

A Tide of Immigrants •

1. F. Stone, the perspicacious student of
national and foreign affairs who is Wash-
ington correspondent for PM and the Na-
tion, has just completed several weeks of
travel through thi• European "Under-

Detroit 26, Michigatk

He has lived with Jews who are fleeing
the terror in Europe. He was aboard a
vessel en route to Palestine which a Brit-
ish warship refused to help when its
supply of water and food 'ran out.

Stone, in a clear-cut statement, advises
Jews of the world to "put all their money
and energies into so called illegal immi-

Fill all the waters of Palestine with
so many "illegal" vessels, he urges, that
the pressure on Britain and the con-
science of the world will force open
the doors to the Homeland. He calls for
support of the "illegal immigration" as
a moral obligation for American Jewry
and as an act of justice by Christians.

Stone has no faith in Britain at all. He
sees no rational solution of the Palestine
issue. He advocates a bi-national Arab-
Jewish state under an international trus-
teeship and with guarantees of higher
living standards, but he knows Britain
will never approve it because it presages
a peaceful social revolution, completely
inimical to imperial policy.

Stone's idea of fostering "illegal immi-
gration" is not exactly new. Haganah, the
non-violent resistance majority in the
Homeland, has backed it for many
months. New York groups, supported by
sincere Christians, are helping to finance
such projects.

Yet, it would be well for all Zionists
to take Stone's suggestions to heart and
weigh their implications. In the face of
so much disillusionment, perhaps an over-
whelming tide of "illegal immigrants"
may be the only solution.

Rosh Hashonah Prayer

The New Year means new hope. As
we prepare to welcome the year 5707, let
us forget our bruises and our sorrows in
anticipation of a year of joy and of peace.

Brooding about our troubles and our
disappointments, recalling to our minds
our disillusionment and misplaced confi-
dence will just be pouring salt on our

Dear Editor:
Chapter I of the Detroit District
of the Zionist Organization of
America wishes to extend sincere
thanks and appreciation to the
Detroit • Jewish Chronicle for the
courtesy and attention given the
publicity submitted in connection
with the Autumn Festival Dance
held recently.
It is certain that your coopera-
tion was instrumental in attract.
ing the many interested friends
and members of this organization,
making it possible to achieve the
outstanding success realized 13y
this affair.

Dear Editor:
I would like, through the Jew.

ish Chronicle, to send my sincer-
est good wishes and holiday greet-
ings to all my relatives and friends
in Detroit.
Until my appointment in 'Dec.,
1945, to the, Office of the Inspector
General, Honolulu, Hawaii, I lived
with my mother, Mrs. Caroline
Weiss, at 4090 Clements avenue.
There are still many of my
friends whom I have been linable
to contact. Therefore would You
publish the following address,
with the comment that I would
appreciate hearing from them?

Hdqs. AP&SC
IG Division
APO 455, c-o PM
San Francisco, Calif.

Gentile Girl Welcomed Into Fold
But Is Warned of Jews' Discipline

(C'ontinued from page 3)
because she looks like a cour-
ageous character.
(Certainly, no courageous char-
acter should be turned away from
Israel in which there are pusilla-
nimous people who at times are
given to wondering why they
were born Jewish).
I would say to her, Welcome,
dear Alma, to the discipline of
character and to the feeling of
brotherhood that is for those who
understand what being Jewish is
all about.
Sure, there's a lot of pain in
being Jewish. You may feel it
even in a night club in a moment
when everybody is trying to have
a good time. Of a sudden some-
body may make a cutting re-
mark about Jews.
Or you may feel it when you
go to look for a job and they ask
you what your religion is and
you reply that you are Jewish.
The employment manager seems
to grow cold, though a moment
ago when he knew you only as
Alma you seemed to be enjoying
the favor of his managerial judg-
ment. He says he will let you
know but you never hear from
him again.


mind none of that. As one
who understands why she is Jew-
ish, you will be sure of your aris-
tocracy. I mean fhe aristocracy
of the Jews who are aware of
spiritual and moral possessions.
The aristocracy of people who
know they go back all the way to
Sinai where the Commandments
were given!
Their riches are the Law and
the Prophets by which they gov-
ern the conduct of their lives.
Their geneology contains saints,
sages and martyrs: Moses who
to God in the valley of the shadow
gave the Taw and David who sang
by the still waters; Isaiah whose

Let us, instead, list the blessings of the
past year—the return of so many of our
young men and women to their firesides
and to their loved ones; the resurgence of
the religious spirit that is sending our
people flocking to synagogue and temple
for the High Holy Days and the holidays
and Sabbaths to come; the easing of
economic burdens which is offering us
relaxation of mind; the sympathy of a
big majority of thinking Americans who
recognize and condemn our betrayer; the sc,›-t''
development in Palestine of a nation of
figh ters, who refuse to take oppression
meekly as their brothers did in days of
old; and the magnificent material prog-
ress in the Homeland despite turmoil and

speeches keep on being trumpets
for justice; Malachi who preached
brotherhood. ("Have we not all
one Father?")
You are Joining a great con,.
parry, dear Alma. It's a com-
pany in which a mindful Jew
walks with lofty dignity and
self-respect, and what if his
head is beaten and bloodied?
He. says: In this good company
I must watch my step; I must
go where these old kinsmen of
mine lead. I may not fall be-
hind them on their way to the
This is the blessed discipline of
character that goes with being a
Jew who understands what is re-
quired of a Jew.
• • •
T SHOULD TELL you also about
1 the social discipline of being
Jewish. As a Jew you will never
be allowed to go your own way
apart from the Jewish people,
You will constantly be hearing of
brotherly duty, however far the
brothers ate away from you.
The brother hungers and
what's the difference that he re-
sides in Manchuria, Shanghai or
in Kielce, Poland. He is a bro-
ther, though you have never
seen him and ho must be fed.
Ile is ono of the human kind
who happens to be Jewish and,
therefore, your special obliga-
Or, lest you forget, enemies
will always be pushing you back
into an awareness of your broth-
ers. You can depend on that. You,
dear Alma, will say, 'Thank God
for that. I am not allowed to for.
get my brothers in the world. As
a Jew I seem to be a privileged
person who is made a social be-
ing by the discipline of circum-
That way I should speak to
Alma and rejoice that one like
her was coming among us.

Epic of 25 Years in the Emek

These are some of the blessings of the
year 5706. Contemplating them helps to
efface bitter memories.

Yet, as we utter our prayers on Rosh
Hashonah, make our confessions and
plead for forgiveness for our selfish and
unkindly acts, let us take a few minutes
to utter a special prayer to the Father
of us all.

"As we review this day your precepts
of justice, of charity and of loving-kind-
ness, teach the rest of the world, also
your children, that it is time, at last, to
make amends for their centuries and cen-
turies of hounding us and of wounding us.

"Let them learn to be just and merciful.
Let them finally consent to give the weary
among our people a home in which they
can rest their heads."

Preoccupation with the political struggle for the future of Pales-
tine has overshadowed a significant anniversary which, as a mile-
stone of uninterrupted Jewish progress, merits wide celebration. The
25th anniversary since the acquisition by the Jewish National Fund
of the Valley of Jezreel and the• founding there of the first modern
Jewish village, Nahalat, occurred on Sept. 14
(the 18th day of Elul).
The picture above Illustrates the groat transformation which has
been wrought by Jewish pioneering in the Emek (as the Valley of
Jezreel is referred to by Palestinians). Prior to its acquisition by the
Jewish National Fund the valley
was a swamp and had only a few
Arab hamlets with a
population of 1,800 stricken and disease-ridden

Today the Emek constitutes a Jewish Commonwealth in minia-
ture where 18,000 sturdy pioneers till the soil of the Homeland.

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