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August 12, 1938 - Image 4

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The Detroit Jewish Chronicle and the Legal Chronicle, 1938-08-12

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14 Stratford Place, London, W. 1, England

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Sabbath Scriptural Portions

Pentateuchal portion—Deut. 3.23-7:11
Prophetical portion—Is. 40:1-126

August 12, 1938



August 12, 1938


Ab 15, 5698

Niemoeller's znd Prison Year

Entering his second year as a prisoner
of the Nazis, Dr. Martin Niemoeller, Ger-
man Confessional Church leader, writes
that he is "physically well," that "in mind
I am like a ship at sea in a tempest, drag-
ging its anchors; but the cable still holds."
In a privately-circulated German pam-
phlet, interesting and important state-
ments are made affecting the Niemoeller
case. Answering the question "How does
this situation affect us?" this pamphlet de-
"We should recognize that Martin Nie-
moeller is not in the Sachsenhausen con-
centration camp as a private individual
but that in him the entire Confessional
Church and all who are fighting for the
freedom of the Gospel in Germany have
been thrown into prison.
"It demands that we do not grow weary
in prayer for Martin Niemoeller and for
all our brethren of the Church who are
persecuted, imprisoned, or otherwise op-
"It demands that wherever we are we
do not keep our mouths shut like dumb
dogs, but speak out what God has or-
dered us to speak, and that we fight for
the freedom of His Church and for the
authority of the Gospel in Germany.
"As long as Martin Niemoeller is in the
concentration camp there is set up in our
midst a signal, visible from afar, that the
Church of Jesus Christ in Germany is in
This is a challenge to every Christian
to battle again8t the terrible scourge of
reaction that is making inroads upon the
sacred democratic soil of America. It is
a challenge not only to the Christians of
Niemoeller's church but of all denomina-
tions. It is a challenge to the Catholics
and the Protestants.
As Jews we are concerned lest this
issue should assume immense proportions
and should bring back in full force, even
in civilized countries, the horrors of the
middle ages. Christians who know how
to recognize the truth must make it their
problem—and it is their problem—and
must unite all their forces to nail the lie
once and for all before'not only Jews but
Christians, too, are dragged down by the
scourge of reaction and bigotry.

One-Man Relief Drive

Eddie Cantor went to England, spent 16
days there and raised $520,000 for the
Youth Aliyah movement, to settle refugee
children in Palestine. It was a remark-
able drive by one man for an important
cause, and is proof of what could be ac-
complished if others in as influential a
position as Eddie Cantor were to devote
themselves to important Jewish causes.
Mr. Cantor deserves the commendation of
the entire Jewish people for his efforts.
And he deserves to be emulated by others
who have thus far been aloof from Jewish

"Pan-Sectarian" America

In the baccalaureate address he deliv-
ered at Massachusetts State College in
Amherst, Mass., last month, Rev. Michael
J. Ahern, S. J:, of Weston College made
an interesting observation, declaring that
"the correct description of the American
constitutional attitude toward religious lib-
erty is 'pan sectarian,' not 'non-sectarian.' "
He added that the term "pan-sectarian"
implied equal rights to all, favoring dis-
crimination to none.
This should help to condemn once and
for all the claims that this is a Christian
country, because such claims would of
themselves serve to deprive other denomi-
nations of certain rights. The Coughlin
group, for instance, belongs to those irre-
concilables who probably disagree with
Rev. Ahern. But this Catholic scholar
has rendered a service to the cause of
non-sectarianism in America with his in-
terpretation of the American principle of
religious liberty.

Mutually-Consoling Converts

In Warsaw, Poland, the Rev. Thaddeus
Puder, a Jew who became a Roman Catho-
lic priest, was badly beaten as he stepped
from the altar, by a shoemaker, Rafael
Michalski, who started the cry "Let's Beat
the Jew." The assailant himself was seri-
ously injured in counter-attacks by parish-
ioners, among whom were many Christian-
ized Jews.
This incident serves to recall to mind the
association "for mutual consolation" that
was formed by Jewish converts to Chris-
tianity in Poland several years ago. Re-
jected by the Jews as "meshumodim," and
not accepted by the Christians with whom
they sought to fraternize, they were com-
pelled to form a society of their own: "for
mutual consolation."
The incident in Poland proves that con-
version is nut art escape from persecution;
that even priests who were born Jews are
not immune from beastly anti-Semitic fists.

Don't Patronize Bigots



Every summer there is a recrudescene
of bigotry and discrimination which par-
plates are cleared and there's a
ticularly affects Jews at summer resorts. community sing.
project of the Union of American Hebrew Con-
More About the Lex Talionis
gregations is a grave error. It means extra ex-
We understand that charges against sev-
Quiet interests follow immedi-
A correspondent—Emanuel Rosman—took ex-
pense, extra effort, duplication of activity. It is
eral resorts are now being investigated by browsing in the library and toy- ception to this commentator's discussion of the a totally unnecessary undertaking at a time when
Lex Talionis in a recent issue in which we pointed
the major Jewish groups have resolved to work
the Jewish Community Council. If proven ery. Unique, the first of its kind out
that the Biblical law of "Ayin Tachas Ayin,
unitedly in combatting the enemy.
Detroit, the toyery provides a
to be justified, we hope that the charges in
Stein Tachus Shein" has been traditionally inter-
But there is an even more important reason
wide Lange of playthings from
as requiring not the death penalty as pun-
why the Reform congregations should not under-
will be made public so that we may be im- dolls, each with her individual preted
ishment for crime but "that punishment shall be
such a project at this time. The business
of clothes, to roller skates.
mediately in a position to warn our read- box
in the value of the loss of an eye or a tooth, such
of the synagogue and the school is to teach and
Toys may be borrowed on a li-
assessment to be set by qualified judges."
to enlighten. These synagogues have an impor-
ers not to patronize such resorts.
brary card, and are efficiently re-
In no sense posing as a Talmudic authority, this
tant job of their own to do—to educate the masses
in the approved system, by
The sentiment which is especially em- corded
of the Jewish people, to go to the Jew himself
the librarian of the hour. Ile or commentator has asked for an opinion on the sub-
phasized by these discriminating resorts she belongs to a library group ject from one of the most respected and most and to keep him informed abbut the many per-
and is doing field work, gaining learned of Detroit's Orthodox rabbis, Rabbi Moses plexing and disturbing elements within and out-
is that they do not want Jewish patronage. practical experience. Books, too, Fischer. The learned rabbi has given us the fol- side Jewry. There are Jews who know nothing
lowing opinion:
about the Protocols and the manner in which this
This being so, it is an obligation on the circulate as well as toys.
dastardly forgery was perpetrated. There are Jews
"I am glad and happy to confirm to your satis-
Friday Services
part of Jews to satisfy them by not mak-
we know nothing about Christian-Jewish rela-
your interpretation of the Bib-
A successful rung in the ex-
lical 'Ayin Tuchas Ayin,' called also Lex Talionis, tions, about the horrible ritual murder libel, about
ing use of their facilities.
perimental ladder of progressive
that is accepted as the only right interpretation our relation to other groups, about the manner
We particularly have ip mind a private education, Camp Ilabonim is a in
the Mishna, Talmud and also by the late great
in which Jews as a people fight not only Fascism
busy place where boys and girls
swimming pool in the northwest section of are
teachers of Judaism, Maimonides, Nachmanides,
but also Communism. Let the synagogues
happily absorbed in acquiring
Saadyah Zwi. • Many are the views given and the schools stick to their own business
Detroit which already has emphasized on skills—at the ping-pong tables; in the course of Talmudic arguments to prove that and to educate the Jewish people. Let them also,
the Ilabonim News; on
several occasions that they would just as editing
the literal interpretation of 'eye for eye' rested if they choose, assist in doing research work which
the wrestling mat; or in the work-
false premises. The two most convincing
ahould be placed at the disposal of the national
soon not have Jewish patronage. Our shop dipping batiks for babush- upon
views are: (a) because the Bible stresses again
body now engaged in fighting discrimination, but
incidently, states Mrs.
readers may have guessed to whom we kas. And,
and again the point that for actual murder, no let them not add another organization to fight
lla tt(, amlitt,
ransom of money shall be taken, which is in itself
anti-Semitism. A new body will merely serve to
have reference. Until the Jewish Com- and lecturer
Wayne Univer-
less than murder, ran-
add confusion to the existing problem.
in the camp bulletin, "they evidence that for anything
munity Council will have agreed, we do sity,
som shall be and can be taken; (b) because if we
We are not ignoring the statement made by the
are learning about social adjust-
take the law of the Bible literally, a blind, lame
Union of American Hebrew Congregations that
not propose to use names, but we urge ment as well."
or crippled person, if he injures anothq blind, "this plan is not the only method for combatting
Five excursions have been lame or crippled person, could not be punished at
our readers to be on the lookout against
anti-Semitism. Our self-assumed task is to create
tak en by thec p s as a g r oup
There are other arguments in the Talmud
and disseminate literature to tell the world 'The
patronizing those who definitely do not during the resent season: to the all!
and late Rabbinic literature in the defense of the
Truth About the Jew."' But the fact is that the
want them on their premises. We are Zoo, the Fox and Center Thea- Talmudic point of view.
existing organizations already do just this type
ters, Eastwood Park and to the
"There were two groups which accepted the
of work among Christians and Jews. The truth is
obligated not to patronize anti-Semites.
Briggs Stadium for a Tiger ball literal interpretation of 'eye for eye.' One of the
that every community should have a committee
Our warning is aimed only at arousing
groups consisted of sects which have opposed the
similar to the one functioning as part of the
The week's activities close with oral law, the Talmudic interpretation of the Bible,
the self-respect of our people not to go Friday
Jewish Community Council of Detroit, and that
afternoon services,
clung to the letter of the Bible in opposition
the de-centralizing of the work among synagogues
where they are not wanted. Anti-Semites which the entire camp body par- and
to the tradition. Such sects were the Zadukim,
and various individual groups will tend to harm
have a right to solicit the patronage of ticipates.
the Karaites, which became mummified dead limbs
the cause of truth and justice rather than to
on the body of Israel and became lost for Jewry
anyone they please but Jews are obligated
Community Center Auspices
help it.
not to sacrifice their honor by making
Conducted under the auspices to all intents. The second group were the Chris-
The Union of American Hebrew Congregations
appearances where they are not welcome. of the Jewish Community Center, Judaism and to prove the greater humanity of the would render a great service to the cause of jus-
Camp Ilabonim charges the nom-
tice for the Jew if it offered its facilities for re-
We reiterate our warning: Do not pa- inal fee of $6.00 for the six week Nov Testament purposely gave to Biblical law search work and for the dissemination of litera-


tronize bigots who are determined not to
have Jews among their clientele.

Proud Man—Never Crushed

camp season. However, 55 per
cent of the children enrolled for
the present summer were accept-
ed on a full or partial scholarship
Mrs. Arthur J. Hass is chair-
man of the Jewish Community
Center summer program. Sarah
II. Selmin is the acting director
of Camp Ilabonim, Nathan Bean,
assistant director; Levy hi. Beck-
er, Samuel A. Levy and Abraham
A. Fleischman, program directors.
The Jewish Community Center is
a member agency of the Jewish
Welfare Federation and the De-
troit Community Fund.

such interpretation which would prove the primi-
tiveness of the Biblical legislation as against the
more human laws of Christianity.
"I beg to assure you once more that it is your
attitude which is authentic and in harmony with
the traditions of 'Kiel Israel,' of 'Catholic Israel,'
as the late Dr. Solomon Schechter was wont to
put it."
We present this view for all that it is worth
and are especially grateful to Rabbi Fischer for
the trouble he has taken to analyze the traditional
Jewish attitude on Lex Talionis because it sup-
ports us conclusively in our opposition to capital

ture through the existing organizations and their
centralized agency. It is not too late to change
its objectives in the new program, even though
special stationery had already been printed under
the title "The Truth About the Jew." The plan
as at present outlined will duplicate and confuse
matters—and that should not be permitted.

L. A. S. Moonlight
On Sunday Night

The annual moonlight, spon-
sored by the Detroit Auxiliary of
the Los Angeles Sanatorium, will
take place this coming Sunday,
at 8:30 p. in. Mike Falk and his
Master Dance Wizards, a cele-
brated singer and other attrac-.
tions will be featured. Dancing
will be possible in every remote
corner of the luxurious steamer,
owing to the installation of a
public address system.
Tickets, at the nominal price
of 60 cents, may be secured until
6 p. m. Sunday, in the following
places: Office of the Auxiliary,
1711 Clairmount; downtown dis-
trict, Chapen's, 60 Cadillac Sq.;
12th St.—Sosin's Confectionery,
12th and Gladstone; Moritz's Con-
fectionery, 12th and Lee Place;
Philip's Drug Store, 12th and Cal-
vert; Linwood—Goldman's Drug
Store, Linwood and Carter; Ber-
man's Drug Store, Linwood and
Elmhurst; Linwood Bakery, 13731
Linwood; Dexter—Boesky's, Dex-
ter and Collingwood; Wilson's
Delicatessen, Linwood and Mon-
terey; Goldenberg's, 4436 Elm-
hurst at Martindale; Fenkell-
Fellman's Drug Store, Fenkell and
Parkside; Oakland — Siegler's
Drug Store, Oakland and Owen;
Cassel's, Oakland and Owen. The
boat will leave the foot of Wood-
ward at 8:30 p. m. The price per
ticket at the dock will be 75

We are indebted to Fred M. Butzel for
The Horrible Refugee Problem
a copy of the editorial tribute to the late
Commentator W. K. Kelsey of the Detroit News
a number of advertisements from a
James Weldon Johnson which appears in
London newspaper to indicate the plight of the
the surrent issue of Opportunity, Journal
refugee who is advertising for work, no matter
how menial, in order to become established eco-
of Negro Life. The editorial reads:
nomically in his new haven of refuge. Commenta-
"The Truth About the Jews"
"In another day his place in the litera-
tor Kelsey should see the mail that reaches our
It was to have been expected that the effort to office to acquire a complete idea of the horrors
ture of his country and of his times will
solidify existing organizations in combatting anti-
which have been created by the refugee problem.
be appraised by literary critics and his- Study Plan to Settle 80,000 Semitisni would satisfy the Jews of this country Frantic appeals Ame to us, from Jews and Chris-
that something is being done to meet the issue
tians, who are anxious to escape from the German
torians who will be able to look at his
Jewish Refugees in Ca-
created by anti-Semitism, and that no new groups
and Austrian (nee) inferno.
creative efforts without mental reservation
An interesting case is that of a very poor Chris-
nadian Province
du"licate matters. The fact that the Bnai Brith, tian woman who came to the office of The Detroit
induced by sympathy or myopia induced
the Jewish Congress, the Jewish Committee and Jewish Chronicle with an infant in her arms and
EDMONTON, Canada. (WNS) the Jewish Labor Committee are now united on a
by prejudice. And it well may be neither
accompanied by her husband, an automobile work-
of 80,000 Jewish program of action should have been accepted as er. Before coming to this country, this Christian
his billowy 'Negro National Anthem,' —Settlement
refugees from Europe as farniers an indication that we are on the road to•acquiring woman had worked for a Jewish family in Vienna.
nor his majestic 'Go Down Death,' nor in northern Alberta is being con- unity. But apparently each national organization She helped raise one of the boys who is now a
by a syndicate of British is still bent upon pursuing a plan of its own
practicing physician. Sensing the plight of this
his autobiography, 'Along This Way,' will sidered
newspaper publishers, Keith II. making.
family, the former housemaid sent an affidavit
be the measure of his greatness. But what- Williams, British banker, de-
How else are we to interpret the action of the
to bring this doctor to this country. It was natur-
clared in an interview here with Union of American Hebrew Congregations in es-
ever his literary stature as fixed by pos- the Canadian press. Mr. Williams, tablishing another national committee for the dis- ally rejected because it was signed by people who
are not financially able to guarantee that the
terity, his moral and mental stature and who investigated colonization pos- semination of "The Truth About the Jew?" Is it newcomer would not become a public charge. She
during a two weeks toar because anti-Semitism is so popular that every
came to us to appeal for help and to ask that
his influence on the thinking of his contem- sibilities
of Alberta, said he believed 80,- national movement feels obligated to fight it, and
someone in position sign the required affidavit.
poraries cannot be dwarfed either by the 000 refugees selected for their is it because so much capital is to be squeezed Is there any one who will respond to the call of
to farm life could out of such an effort?
this Christian woman whose actions are motivated
merciless whittling of time or by new con- adaptability
be settled there.
It appears to this commentator that the new
by deep-rooted love and a sense of loyalty?
cepts of literary achievement of men and
women of color.
Mussolini Changes Political Shirt
Tourists Boycott
"James Weldon Johnson had a great
Hotel Barring Jews
heart, sanity, poise and an urbanity as (CONCLUDED yens! PAGE ONE)
In January 1934, 11 Popolo
rare among his white contemporaries as of Deputies on May 14, 1929, on d'Italia, Mussolini's personal or-
LONDON. (Religious News
among his fellows of like racial origin. the Lateran Agreement with the gan, declared that Hitler's racial Service)—British tourists from
He was 'civilized' in the highest and no- Vatican, Mussolini said: .,"It is dogmas are driving Germany to- the steamers Orcades and Vol-
broke up a sightseeing
blest sense of that word. He was able to ridiculous to think, as some say, ward a catastrophe. In the some taire
tour in Danzig and returned
the synagogues should be
maintain apparent detachment when those that
to their ships when they no-
closed. The Jews have been le year there appeared in the New
around him were in fine frenzy over some Rome since the time of kings.... York Herald-Tribune a series of ticed a "Jews Not Wanted"
happening that perhaps had seared his There were 60,000 at the time of articles called "Europe Between poster at the entrance to the take is not yet known, but My-
Eden Hotel, where they were . ron C. Taylor, American dele-
soul but had not distorted his perspective Augustus, and they asked to be Wars," by Hamilton Fish Arm- to
have lunch, according to re-
to weep over the corpse strong, editor of Foreign Affairs.
gate, and Lord Winterton, chair-
or sent his power of reasoning into panic. allowed
ports reaching here.
of Julius Caesar. They will re-
man of the permanent commit-
one of these articles Armstrong
He was calm but never cold. He was cour- main undisturbed, as will all who In
There was not a Jew in the
tee are now studying this ques-
quoted Mussolini as having pre-
party of 40 Englishmen and
teous but never ingratiating. He was hon- believe in another religion."
dicted to him in May, 1933, that
Three years before Hitler came Ilitler's violation of Jewish rights
est but not naive. He was courageous but
Meanwhile, Robert Pell, of
plain the anti-Semitic measures
the United States State Depart-
never blustering. He possessed humility
they were shouted down.
party sought to convey the im- equality and fair play would cre-
ment, who is to be Mr. Rublee's
that is born not of fear but of knowledge. pression that it regarded Musso- ate antipathy to everything Ger-

nt, denied reports pub.
"A crusader for the civil rights of his lini as "the great protector." Nazi man not only among Jews but
dished in some London papers
that the American andoBritish
race, James Weldon Johnson knew at first emissaries made frequent trips to among Christians, too. In 1935, REJECT OFFER OF
to win II Duce's favor, but Dr. Simon Ilevesi, chief rabbi of
delegations were at odds over
hand all the cruelties that race hate can Rome
FREE FORD CARS an alleged offer by Germany
he always rebuffed them. In Hungary, was granted an audience
impose. Born and reared in the far South, May, 1933, the then editor-in- with II Duce and reported that
to let the refugees take out a
he had experienced discrimination and chief of the Berliner Tageblatt, the Fascist leader had strongly (CONCLUDED Fitom PAGE ONE)
portion of their capital pro.
segregation, ostracism and contempt. But Theodor Wolff, had a memorable condemned all religious persecu- Semitism in this country, Cantor vided the refugee committee
interview with Mussolini. At that tion. In October 1936, when anti-
agreed not to give sanctuary
he was never bitter, never despairing, time Mussolini said:
Semitic utterances in leading Dal- predicted that unless American
to political prisoners. Mr. Pell
never crushed.
categorically denied that any
"There is not the least relation
"Once at a meeting of the National Ur- between my imitators in other concern, II Popolo d'Italia pub- it they would lose their businesses. such offer was made or inti-
mated. The newspaper reports
lished an article assailing Sir Os-
ban League, in speaking of Jim Crow cars, lands and myself. I recognize no wald
The luncheon was in the nature of
Mosley, British Fascist chief-
stated that the British favored
Fascists except Italian Fascists.
he said: 'If the time ever comes when the There
accepting the purported offer
are no others. Italian Fas- tain, for introducing a racial issue
Negro thinks that he should ride in a Jim cism is a thing apart. I repeat into British Fascism. Generally in raising $520,000 for Youth while the Americans opposed it.
again and again, it is not reac- believed to have been written by Aliyah during a 15-day stay in
Crow car, then he has lost his soul.'
Myron C. Taylor, head of the
it is a democracy, a de- Mussolini himself, the article de- England. Speakers included Mrs. American delegation, was named
"The Negro race needs men possessing tionary;
mocracy of authority. I once said clared that Mosley's anti-Semitism Herbert H. Lehman, Mrs. Moses vice-chairman of the committee,
poise, character, and, if you will,.urbanity. in an address—and although I do befouls Fascism by copying non- Epstein, president of Hadassah; together with Senator Henri Ber-
And the passing of James Weldon John- not like the 'commercial phrase, Italian forms of Fascism. And Mrs. Edward Jacobs, past presi- enger of France, Cesar Viers of
a fortnight ago, Dr. Solo- dent, and Mrs. David Greenberg,
son is a major loss to the Negro and to it makes the matter clear—that only
Brazil and a representative of
Italian Fascism is not an export mon Goldman, president of the chairman of Hadassah's Youth Holland. Lord Winterton of Eng-
article. Italian Fascism is a prod- Zionist Organization of America, Aliyah Committee. Cantor was land was chosen chairman. At the
We reprint this tribute because it has uct of conditions that arose in revealed that in a private inter- presented with a scroll sent from closing session, Mr. Taylor de-
in 1932 Mussolini "assured Palestine by Jewish refugee chil-
interesting implicatihs for Jews. It deals Italy; its principles do not in- view
clared that refugee settlement
other lands, and, despite me most forcefully and unequivo- dren in Kvutzoth Aryeh, near must be speeded up in order to
with the bravery of a race whose leaders clude
its rigors. it is based on sound cally that anti-Semitism would Iledera, which he helped found find new homes for an estimated
are today uplifting men who were only ideas. It arose from different never be tolerated by him in and which is named for him.
660,900 persons from Germany
recently enslaved and are making of them premises than that of its imitator Italy. The Jews of Italy, II Duce The Jewish War Veterans of and Austria within five years. At
are as old-established Ital- the United States have tele-
proud and non-despairing men and worn- in Germany, and it knows nothing stated,
the present rate of settlement, he
anti-Semitism which is the ians as the rest of the population. graphed Ilenry Ford, motor mag- said, it would take 16 years to
en. We are particularly impressed with a of
shibboleth and the chief sound . . . History, Mussolini told me, nate, urging him "in the name of
these •people (rem the
quotation from the late Mr.,Johnson's ad- and fury of the German organi- will not stand for anti-Semitism humanity and Americanism," to transfer
Reich. Mr. Taylor estimated the
"repudiate" the German decora-
dress in which he said: "If the time ever zation. Italian Fascism is a in Italy."
total of people who must be taken
In March, 1937, when anti- tion conferred upon him last week
comes when the Negro thinks that he stranger to the concept of anti- Semitic
out of the Greater Reich as fol-
diatribes in the Italian on the occasion of his 75th birth-
lows: 198,100 Jews in Germany;
should ride in a Jim Crow car, then he Semitism."
In his famous interview with press were becoming increasingly day, it was announced here at 102,300 in Austria; 286,616 non-
has lost his soul."
Emil Ludwig in 1932, II Duce more violent and when Italian national headquarters.
Aryans and 75,000 Catholics.
had publicly whipped Jews
There is a lesson here for the Jewish discussed the questions of race, officials
These figures did not include per-
Jews and anti-Semitism with en- in Tripoli, Mussolini made a tour form of racial or religious dis- sons more than CO years old. Re-
people. It is a lesson primarily for those gaging frankness. "There are no of Libya. On his arrival in Trip-
is in my thought, minding the conference that the
of the down-trodden masses of European pure races." he told Ludwig. - "Not oli he visited the ancient ghetto crimination
which is devoted and faithful to United States had already admit-
Jewry who are today being compelled to even the Jews have remained un- where he received a thunderous the policy of equality in law and ted 17,000 German refugees dur-
At a special service in the freedom of worship."
undergo untold humiliations and•who are adulterated. Often through as- ovation.
ing the year ended June 30 and
a ration has derived the synagogue, Rabbi Aldo Lattes
From these quotations it is was ready to admit 27,370 under
in many instances even being forced into a similation
strength and culture. Race— declared that "Rome is just and
that Mussolini is definitely the immigration quota in the pres-
Jim Crow existence. There is a great that is a sentiment, no reality; pious and always has treated her clear
on record as an enemy of anti- ent year, Mr. Taylor declared
lesson in the tribute to a Negro who was 95 per cent sentiment. I will sons as a great mother does." Semitism and racism. But like that the first and foremost duty
this Mussolini replied: "You all politicians, II Duce has been
"never bitter, never despairing, never never believe that races can be To
of the permanent committee was
biologically listed as more or less can count on my protection."
able to change his political shirt to induce Germany to permit the
Three months later Generoso without difficulty. Today II Duce
pure. The exponents of the Nor-


The attention of the public is

Called to the reports of Nathan

R. Epstein and Harris T. Glick-
man, delegates to the silver ju-
bilee convention. Among the
resolutions adopted were those
dealing with the rehabilitation of
the ex-patient. A committee was
appointed to engage experts to
study this problem of the patient
leaving the sanatorium, and then
being obliged to return again, be-
cause of his being employed in
the factory, or of his living un-
der conditions that are unfavor-
able and injurious to his health.
A colony was proposed at the con-
vention for the former inmates
of the institutions. Another reso-
lution dealt with the increase in
capacity due magnificent $100,000
hospital building, erected by the
International Ladies Garment
Workers' Union on the sanator-
ium grounds, and presented to the
sanatorium, in memory of Morris
Hillquit, by Louidgi Antonini,
vice president of the union. Such
increase in capacity, it was point-
ed out by the delegates, involved
an increase in expenditures. The
auxiliaries were urged to redouble
their efforts, to secure more rev-
enues to aid the sanitorium in its
new and enlarged fields of en-
deavors. This moonlight is the
first stepping stone to this goal.
Organizations and individuals
are urged to support the affair.
Patients from Detroit are finding
a haven of refuge from the rav-
aging disease in the Sanatorium,
Ex-Patients Ilome and in the
children's and adults' clinics. De-
troit Jewry should do its share
to aid the institutions which have
served unfortunate humanity for
the past quarter of a century.
For further information, call
Madison 6766.


A Berlin magazine for the instruction of
young women has launched a campaign
to educate Nazi girls to avoid bare necks,
short skirts, padded shoulders. small
waists and the like on the ground that they
are a "Jewish influence." Thus, Paris fash-
ions are to be boycotted. As time goes on,
Nazi Germany will be enveloped in "er-
satz"--substitutes—to cover up not only
the body but also the soul of the German
people that must shout "ja" under the
force of the4iazi heels.

dic theory of Germanic racial no-
bility are, comically, not Ger-
mans. Gobineau was French ,
Chamberlain, English; Woltmann,
Jewish. They were wrong. Na-
tional pride does not require this
delirium of race. . . . Anti-Semit-
ism does not exist in Italy. Ital-
ian Jews have always behaved
well as citizens, and as soldiers
have fought bravely. They occupy
high posts in the universities, the
army and the banks. A whole
row of them are generals; the
commandant of Sardinia, General
m ode n s, is a Jew; another general
is in the artillery."

Pope, publisher of an influential
New York Italian language news-
paper, returned from Italy and
made public the following author-
ized statement by Mussolini: "I
authorize you to declare and to
make known; immediately upon
your return to New York, to the
Jews of America, that their pre-
occupation for their brothers liv-
ing in Italy is nothing but the
fruit of evil informers. I author-
ize you to specify that the Jews
in Italy have received, receive
and will continue to receive the
same treatment accorded to every
other Italian citizen and that no

has forgotten all about his vigor,
ous denunciations of anti-Semit-
ism and rascism. In grasping Hit-
ler's hand in friendship, Musso-
lini has found his own hand
smeared. 'As a result Mussolini
has completely reversed himself
and is now moving rapidly on the
road blazed by Hitler. The days,
when Mussolini spoke of his Ber-
lin imitator in sneering tones and
repudiated anti-Semitism as bar-
barons and racism as an absurdity
are gone. Now Berlin and Rome!
march together under the banner!
of anti-Semitism and racism.


Mk ft A. F. W)

Austria and two from Germany.
Their chief purpose was to pre-
vail Upon the conference to per-
mit refugees to select the coun-
tries to which they will emigrate
and to urge that immediate steps
be taken to obtain permission for
20,000 Austrian Jews ordered ex-
pelled from their homes to settle
temporarily in European lands un-
til permanent homes are found
for them.
The number of Englishmen who
have been given jobs in businesses
and industries established in Brit-
ain by German refugees exceeds
the number of refugees admitted,
Sir John Hope Simpson, former
vice president of the Refugee
Settlements Commission in Ath-
ens, declared in a lecture before
the Liberal Summer School at
Oxford. Some 25,000 English-
men have been employed by refs-
gees, Sir John said. He urged
the British Government to with-
draw the regulation obliging refu-
gees to sign declarations that they
would not accept work, whether
paid or otherwise, after admission
to Britain.

Refugees to Be Admitted to New
York's Free Public Colleges

NEW YORK. (WNS)—Revers-
ing a decision reached on July
19, the Board of Iligher Educe,
Lion announced that foreign stu-
dents, including refugees, would
be admitted to the city's free col-
leges provided they are bona fide
residents of the city and present
proof that they or their parents
have applied for American citizen-
ship or will do so as soon as they
become eligible. The new deci-
sion repeals the previous resolu-
tion of the board which barred
alien students from the free col-
leges. The latest ruling was
based on a bill passed by the
legislature authorizing a waiver
of citizenship requirements of a
1926 law.

Czechoslovakia Deports 400
Austrian Refugees

PRAGUE. (WNS)—Ignoring a
request by the Intergovernmental
Refugee Committee to continue to
grant temporary asylum to 400
refugees from Austria until they
can be sent to permanent homes,
the Czechoslovakian authorities
moved to deport the emigres to
Austria. The refugees have been
living in a temporary camp near
Bruenn. Fifteen of them have
already been shipped across the
Austrian border and told not to
return under threat of punish-

emigres to take out capital. Af-
terward, he said, the committee
would prevail upon countries of
immigration to contribute to a
solution of the problem by permit-
ting permanent settlement of Oil
refugees they admit. Lord Win-
Lefton seconded Mr. Taylor's plea.
Apart from the election of Mr.
Rublee as director, the opening
session of the brief two-day meet-
ing was devoted to addresses by
Mr. Taylor, Senator Berenger and
Lord Winterton.
The real estate pages of the
Attending the • conference by New York dailies recently report-
special permission of• the Reich ed a sale by an organization called
government were two Jews from the Hatikvah Estate.

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