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November 16, 1934 - Image 10

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The Detroit Jewish Chronicle and the Legal Chronicle, 1934-11-16

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ties as is now advance d i n con- '
nection with a hastily convened'
an early date. The leaders of World Congress. There is, of
the American Jewish Congress, course, still much sympathy in
particularly Dr. Wise and Mr. Zionist ranks with thi' original!
Deutsch, subsequently expressed idea of a World Congress, but the
their readiness to abide by the relation between such a Congress!
decision of the Z. 0. A., and pro- and the Zionist World Congress
posed to recommend to the Euro- has never been made clear and
pean Jewish World Congress Com- immediate tasks and obligations,
mittee the postponement of the including a desire not to obstruct
plan for a later time. In fact, the work of the Jewish Agency
the Zionist decision seemed to would preclude the possibility of
lave helped the American Con- at this time plunging into large
gressists out of a dilemma since elections and organization plans
they were then not prepared to involving a complete reorganize-
go ahead with the original plan.
D on of Jewry. This is not re-
While publicly combatting the at- i girded to be the opportune time
titude of the Zionists, Dr. Wise for working out problems of dem-
was subsequently reported to ocracy and representation. It is
have expressed private satisfac- a time of unprecedented crisis
tion with the decision of the Z. ;and in such a time the immediate
0. A. on account of the Situation (tasks of the hour bulge above
indicAted• It is stated that prior everything.
to the holding of the Geneva Con-
The Jewish Exponent of Phila-
ference the administrative com-
mittee of the American Jewish delphia of Sept. 21 is authority
Congress in discussing plans of for the statement that Dr. Ste-
this conference instructed its del- phen S. Wise ran away from the
egation to Geneva not to vote for last meeting of the administra-
a World Congress to be held next tive committee of the Congress
year. The Zionists in the ad- because his report of the Geneva
ministrative committee of the proceedings was not received with
Congress were especially strong alacrity. This meeting of some
in counselling postponement. But three weeks ago is still shrouded
things took an entirely different in an atmosphere of secrecy
turn when the American dele- which is entirely at variance with
gates came to Geneva. In view the spirit of democracy and open
of this the Zionist leadership is covenants. Still various rumors
reported to be especially resent- persist and from these it may be
gathered that the questions with
But the Zionists are above all regard to several items of the
mow bent upon concentrating all Geneva program—nad they are
their energies upon immediate reported to have been vry polite
tasks relating to Palestine and questions—which precipitated the
they do not want to be diverted storm came from the Zionist side
by such experiments in organize- of the house.



ban, the first few days, was con-
sidered 60 per cent effective. A
small rabbinical group bolted the
Kashruth Association and said It
would give special dispensation to
daughter poultry under its super-
eision. Seventy-two of the 132
city poultry markets accepted the
terms of the Kashruth Association.
But an we write, the entire mat-
ter is still unsettled. Seven hun-
dred Bronx butchers refused to
accept poultry bearing the Kash-
ruth Association tag. City offi-
cials, however, announced their
support of the rabbis.
The threat of revocation of the
citizenship papers of Jews natur-
alized after the war finally came
to pass last Wednesday when the
government deprived 78 natural-
ized Austrian-Jewish citizens of
their citizenship rights. The gov-
ernment move, which was not un-
expected in view of Chancellor
Kurt Schuschnigg's known desire
to deprive post-war naturalized
Jews of at least part of their
rights, is expected to affect at least
30,000 Jews who became citizens
of Austria after 1919. It also
raeans that henceforth no Jew can
became an Austrian citizen. Thou-
sands of Jews will lose jobs as they
lose their citizenship.
This step by the Austrian gov-
ernment is reminiscent of the Nazi
government's early steps against
so-called Eastern Jews who mi-
grated to Germany during the
World War or immediately after
it. It definitely puts the lie to any
statements made in the past, or
that will be made in he future, by
Chancellor Schuschnigg regarding
the reassurance of the rights of

















m ,







'Central Committee of Germa n
Barcus Paintings
I Jews Advised by Coughlin to Stop
Jews is for Relief and Reconstruc.
Now On Exhibition
Apologizing for Their Activities
,125,000 Marks. Accord-

The John Hanna Art Galleries,
Michigan's finest and exclusive
art galleries, is sponsoring a "one
man show" of water color paint-
ings by Frank Barcus. The sub-
jects are all of local scenes, col-



in increasing volume as time goes
on. From a material standpoint,
the boycott has proven to be a
blessing instead of the handicap
that was shortsightedly predicted
for it."
Referring to the coming meet-
ing in London the preface of the
pamphlet states:
"As this book goes to press an-
other Non-Sectarian World Con-
ference is to be held at London
on Nov. 25 to intensify and co-
ordinate the boycott between the
various countries at which out-
standing leaders of every race
and creed and of organized labor
from all parts of the world will
be represented."
Test for Sanctions Seen .
There is mit forward the idea
that should the boycott be suc-
cessful in obliging Germany to
recant in her treatment of liberals
and her race discrimination, it
will have been shown that an ef-
fective substitute for the horrors
of war "has at last been found";
that it will have been demon-
grated that economic eanctions
are effective upon a nation
against whom they are directed.
The officers of the Non-Sec-
tarian Anti-Nazi League are
Samuel Untermyer, president;
Mayor Fiorello II. LaGuardia,
vice-president; Dr. Abbe Hillel
Silver, vice-president; Louis My-
ers, acting treasurer; Bernard G.
Richards, executive secretary;
James W. Gerard, vice-president;
Arthur S. Tompkins, vice-presi-
dent; Dr. A. Coralnick, vice-
president; Colonel Theodore
Roosevelt, vice-president; J. Da-
vid Stern, treasurer, and Mrs.
Mark Herrin, acting chairman of
executive committee.

The Nazi Labor Front instituted
a new and bitter anti-Jewish cam-
paign to convince the workers of
Germany that "association with
Jews, even with decent Jews, is
inunoral and harmful" because the
Jews are a menace to Germany.
the assassination of King Alexan-
der of Yugoslavia and the ease
Charges that "the Polish gov- with which his killers entered
ernment is condemning 3,000,000 France. In reality, however, it is
Polish Jews to annihilitation" were a widespread anti-foreign drive of
made last Wednesday from the the greatest magnitude. It is be-
triburill of the Polish Sejni in im- lieved that about 500,000 foreig-
pressive speeches delivered by Rab- ners are now in France. The drive
bi Dr. Joshua Thon, president of is not directed against German-
'the Jewish Deputies, and Rabbi Jewish refugees but will affect
Lewin of the Agudath Israel, part them. Leaders of the drive esti-
`of the pro-government bloc in the mate that there are 35,000 Ger-
,parliament. The rabbis claimed man-Jewish refugees living in
:chat the Jews- are being "annihili- France.
led" by the government system of RUSSIA
'taxing the towns and favoring the
Michael Kalinin, president of the
villages, Jews living in the towns. Soviet Union, told Joseph, Limberg,
it win also said that the govern- newly appointed head of the or-
ing's!, given no relief to Jews and ganization committee for Biro-Bid-
hinders Jewish relief organizations. Ian that he desired to see a Jew-
tabbi Thon conclude! with • crit- ish Socialist republic in Biro-Bid-
eiarn of the Polish friendship with jan within the next five to eight
(ass German by demanding that years.
Poland turn away from the Nazi
Erection of a technical institute
nferno and resume connections for metallurgy in Biro-Bidjan was
rich civilization."
ordered by the Soviet Commissar
In England Neville Laski, pees. for Mining and the director of the
ident,of the Board of Jewish Dep- Jewish Technical and Engineering
uties, expressed the view that pub- Institute in Charkov, Moshe Levi-
lic opinion must be aroused against tan. has already left to start work
the Polish government by the Jews on the proiect.
as a protest against the treatment
Meanwhile plans are being
of Jews there. "If we take the formulated for the first all-Bid-
• view," he said, "that the Polish Ian congress which in to open De-
government has done everything cember 11 ,
in its power to Implement the min- PALESTINE
ority treaty clauses, then we say
Egyptian papers report that the
something that is untrue and use-
English government intends to
indefinitely the roganiza-
Criticism of the Nazi regime in
German is now not allowed in Po- tion of a legislative council in
political condi-
land. The suppression of • mass
meeting of German-Jewish refu. tions in the country. The Jewish
report. It is
gem by the Polish government
prone, this.. They attempted to claimed that High Commissioner
the post-
read a resolution denouncing Nazi
ponement on his return to Pales-
persecution in Germany.
The Polish Supreme Court ruled
The memory of the late Baron
that it isn't ■ crime to deface shops
owned by Jews with swastikas Edmond de Rothschild will be per-
by ■ colonization project
and anti-Semitic slogans.
Immediate dissolution of the of the Jewish National Fund to
Britt Trumpeldor, Revisionist
Julius Simon, president of the
youth organization, and of the
Economic Corporation ,
Brith Hachall, Revisionist military
group was demanded in a heated expressed the view before leaving
States for Palestine
editorial in Carets Warsawska,
that the Haifa Bay section would
Enda* organ, which berated the
city of at
government for allowing the exis-
slice of "Jewish organizations of a least a 100,000 with thousands of
factories. Professor Patrick Aber-
litary sharsct , r."
crombie of England, he said, had
Protests against increased anti-
been engaged to do the town plan-
wish ornstement in the streets of ning for the
laneand the strict application

"Aryan paragraph" in Danzig ENGLAND
Major H. L. Nathan, Liberal M.
.a pp'' sted to no avail to Dr.
Creiser, Nazi vice-president of the P., speaking in the House of Com-
Danzig Senate. His answer was mons, stated that no German-Jew.
rems-ss-inital and conditions daily ish exile has proven • public bur-
den. Rather the refugees, espe-
grew wnrse for Jews.
cially the ocientists—and in this
Lord Rotherrnere's papers concur
—have been of great value to Brit-
last week to be rail foreigners.
ish industry.
It was announced as a


that there were so many Jews in°
the government after all. He
spoke of them as a group as con-
taining some good material and
others not so good—but declared
the group in no sense differs from-
the Protestant or Catholic officials
some of whom are excellent and,
others who should be eliminated.

Lauds Morgenthau

But when he spoke of Secretary
of the Treasury Henry Morgen-
thau Jr. he emphasized his love
and admiration for the man. In-
sisting that he knows Mr. Mor-
genthau better than 99 per cent
of the Jewish people, he declared
that Morgenthau is the finest and
aisles man in Washington, that he
honors him for his sincerity and
honesty and that if ever he were
removed from the Cabinet it
would be a good reason for turn-
ing against President Roosevelt.
Father Coughlin found two
points on which to criticize the

not advertised them with their ,
Is there danger o: the rise of
Fascism in this country, and is
the recent Democratic victory
pointing to a Roosevelt dictator-
Again Father Coughlin an
sx•ered in the
"A d'
tutorship is impossible without an I
army, and sop have not and prob-
ably never will have an army for
such a purpose," he replied.
Returning again to the prob-
lem affecting German Jews, Rev.
Coughlin insisted that Jews should
fight for their own rights wher-
ever they are, although Jews
throughout the world should pro-
vide funds for relief. Whatever
is done, he advised, the United I
States Government should not be'
Involved in this controversy with
another government, just as he
opposed the interference of the
United States Government in the
Mexican persecution of Catholics.
The Mexican Catholics, he main-
tained, should fight their own bat-
tle for their own rights, although
American Catholics are justified
in supplying the means for such
a battle for justice.

First, they emphasize the Jew-
ishness of a person in public life,
and over-publicize his significance,
insteal of soft-pedaling it.
Predicts New Immigration
Second, they apologize too
much, instead of taking their posi-
The movement for the settle-
orful and beautifully drawn. Al-
tion for granted, and instead of ment of Jews in Palestine was
though Mr. Barcus has traveled
fighting for their rights every- completely ridiculed by Rev.
extensively throughout Europe, where.
Coughlin. Ile could not under-
Canada and America, he s finds
stand why Jews should want to go
Opposes Boycott
and makes the scenes around De-
to a country which is so impover-
Rev. Coughlin took occasion
troit Just as interesting as the old
ished and which he believes has
world subjects. Mr. Barcus was also to condemn the attempts to
no agricultural possibilities. His
born in Milwaukee and received establish an embargo against Ger-
father and mother, he stated, had
his early art training at the Chi- many or to boycott German
returned from Palestine and
cago Art Institute and the Society goods. The Germans,' he main-
speak of hotels closed up and
of Beaux Arts Architects. Among tains, are not responsible for what
their windows broken and people
the local teachers that he per- is happening in Germany. It is
in poverty. He was not
sonally studied with are Wicker Hitler and the man back of him,
convinced by the interviewer's
and Sepeschy. The exhibition Goering, whom this Catholic lead-
statement that, to the contrary,
will be open to the public for er blames. Therefore, he told the
there is a boom and a housing
three weeks.
interviewer, to boycott all Ger-
mans is to harm those who are shortage.
What substitute would he offer
not responsible for the Nazi out-
for Palestine, for the settlement
rages. "Why," he asked "should
SABBATH SERVICES Cardinal Faulhaber and his brave o f refugees? "Let them come to
the Mississippi Valley," was hi s
group, who are the most effective
answer. But the doors to this
fighters against Hitler in the
country are closed, he was r -
churches of Germany, suffer from
minded. "They will be reopened
morning. Marvin Reider will de- the boycott?"
again," he declared. He could
What other solution would he not say when—present conditions
liver the sermon. Louis Weisen-
feld Will be the Baal Kore. Rabbi propose? Rev. Coughlin answered are against reopening America's ,
A. M. Ilershman will extend with conviction that the methods doors—but they will be reopened
greetings to the Junior Congre- pursued by Catholic and Protest- again one day. Conditions are
ant ministers are the only,effect- certain to improve. There will be
Regular Sabbath Day services ive means, and he insisted that an emerging from the present
were held in the little chapel last Jews should do likewise, that Ger- crisis, and then there will be re-
Saturday by the Junior Congre- man rabbis should rise up from newed opportunities in this coun-
gation of Shaarey Zedek, An- their pulpits and demand justice, try for the immigrant.
insisting upon their citizenship
other capacity crowd attended.
"You have a great deal of faith
Herbert Levin acted as chazzon, and condemning all efforts to rob and confidence," the interviewer
Miss Amy Cohen delivered a res- them of their rights.
What about the dangers in-
ume of the Sedra and Bertram
"Without confidence we are
Gordon gave a sermon on "The volved for those who dare to lost," was his parting assurance,
Jews and the Balfour Declara- speak up against Nazism?
as he again urged that Jews
This suggestion Rev. Coughlin should stand up erect, demanding
As a special service to com- refused to take seriously, insist- their rights, never apologizing.
memorate Armistice' Day, several ing that Hitler would not dare
short prayers were offered, songs harm the Jewish preachers.
were sung and at the conclusion
And he added: "There are other
of the service the entire congre- ways of ending Ilitlerism. Remem-
gation joined in singing "My ber Gideon . . . . "
Country 'Tis of Thee."
Reference to a possible anti-
On Saturday morning, Nov. 17, Semitic movement, regarding the Jews" by Dr. Heller; "Introduc-
Miss Evelyn Koppleman will give possible effect of which he was tion to Mishna" by Dr. Heller;
a resume of the week's Sedra and questioned by the interviewer, "The Jews and Near East Civili-
Charles Friedgood will deliver a merely brought a smile of con- zation" by Prof. Wm. II. Worrell,
brief talk. A new custom will tempt to Father Coughlin's lips. Department of Oriental Lan-
be introduced, a member giving "Every such movement is either guages; "The Jew in English Lite-
a brief talk on the significance of dead or dying," he said. "We rature" by Montague F. Modder,
prayers sung during the service. shall always have the Ku Klux instructor in English Department;
Mandell Berman, vice-president Klan or some shirt movement. "Rashi's Commentary on the Pen-
of the Junior Congregation. will But pay no attention to them. tateuch" by Dr. Ileller; "Talmu-
inaugurate this custom this Sat- Ignore them."
dic Precepts and Personalities" by
Calls Dictatorship Impossible
Dr. Heller; and there will be also
He advised ignoring a lot of be a series of lectures and dis-
"Do not pray for tasks equal things. He believes that the Pro- cussions in the history of Zionism,
to your power; pray for power tocols of the Elders of Zion would the economic, industrial and cul-
equal to your tasks."— Phillips never have had such a large tural development of Palestine
circulation if Jews themselves had under the auspices of Avukah.


ill!, i t

' t ills


shoes and smaller wearing
apparel. There are also several
supply stores.
it is interesting to learn that
the several hundred Jews have
more than a thousand employees,
the majority of them Costa Ri-
cans, men and women and, of
course, non-Jews. Every peddler
employs at least one non-Jew. It
appears, however, that this revival
of business and industry had in-
voked the majority and envy of
a small group of Costa Rican
merchants and landowners and
this group is responsible for the
wide anti-semitic attacks which
are being made in a number of
local Spanish papers. This group
also circulates the "protocols" and
other anti-Jewish literature. The
Jewish settlers feel that they are
lonesome and separated from
World Jewry and although the
President of the Republic seems
to have liberal tendencies they
are somewhat panic-stricken be-
cause the Jews are accused of be-
ing Communists and undermining
the foundations of Christianity.
The Jewish community has three
institutions, a Zionist Organiza-
tion, a Jewish Center and a Free
Loan Fund. In view of the situa-
tion, the Costa Rican Jews have
united and have created a Cen-
tral Jewish Committee for the
purpose of protecting their in-
terests. Nevertheless, they have
appealed to Bias and through Hies
to American Jewry for aid if it
should be needed.



ees and pedlars to recently pros-
perous merchants and land own-
era, and include former inkeepers
and leaders in the professions.
The working capital of the loan
kassas, which are one phase of
the rehabilitation program of the

i rag to that organization, these
kassas have been enabled to funs.
tion through the help given this
year and in 1933 by the American
Jewish Joint Distribution Commit.
tee and the American Joint Re.
construction Foundation, the lat-
ter represented the J. D. C. and
'the ICA.


that makes Stroh's Bohemian Beer so popular.
Flavor and quality are always associated with
Stroh's Bohemian Beer because it is the only
American beer that is Fire Brewed. Don't take
anything else. See that you get the best. That's
Stroh's—the beer with the delicious flavor.


Reich Officials Put "Protocols"
On School List

BERLIN (JTA)—Virulent an-
ti-Semitic books, including Dr. Al-
fred Rosenberg's "Protocols of
the Elders of Zion and World
Politics," the late Theodor
Fritsch's "Manual of the Jewish
Problem" and Dr. Guenther's book
"Raciology of World Jewry," last
week were Added to the list of
books for use in German public
schools. Dr. Bernhard Rust, Nazi
Minister of Education, issued the
It is thought that the inclusion
of these notorious anti-Semitic
books in the list of books used by
children in the schools is the di-
rect result of the appeal recently
issued by the Nazi firebrand, Dr.
Paul Joseph Goebbels, asking Ger-
mans to read books by Nazi au-
thors and to help develop the
"new German literature." Dr.
Goebbels recalled the fantastic
bonfire of last year in which the
books of all Jewish and liberal
writers were burned. He urged
Germans to build a literature,
"just as they had destroyed one."
Use of the books named, it is
held, will poison the entire gener-
ation of German school children,
who may grow up ignorant of the
fact that the anti-Jewish material
they have read has been com-
pletely discredited in the outside


On Wednesday night, Nov. 14,
final arrangements were made for
the wienie roast which will be
held Saturday night at Belle Isle,
at which time new members will
be initiated.
Charlie Wolok was appointed
chairman of the Ben Bey Club
9th annual dance to be sponsored
on April 21, the place to be named
in the near future in this paper.
The next meeting will be held
at the Jewish Center on Wednes-
day night, Nov. 21, at 8:30 P. M.

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_you might say
there are few things
that cost so little
and give so much

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