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July 31, 1925 - Image 10

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The Detroit Jewish Chronicle, 1925-07-31

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PE fawn'



GARFIELD 2423.5380

Proper Jewish Education Cows-
teracta School Propaganda
Declares Analyst.


Dons unit until a Court Nell. ie
r.o. Price will in-
20 per cent


Residence: Melrose 6556
1115 Detroit Saving. Bank Bldg.
Main 0397

Specialising in the Settlement of

Claims and Controversies Without
Court Proceedings.


La wyer•Arbitr•tor


Cadillac 4642


Henry F. Hurley



Wiring and Repairing

Glendale 0253




Weekly or Monthly


Public Accountant
Randolph 4232


For Dent al Gold,
Platinum, Silver, Dia-
monde, magneto points, false teeth,
jewelry, and valuables. Mail to-
day. Cash by return mail.
Holm S. & R. Co., Otsego, Mids.

Quality Glendale 4960


Armature Winding


Auto Electric Service

Opposite Ball Park




(Frees Crirreopondenc• and Cablos et Jewieh Telegraphic Agency.)

The first prize for artistic work in Roumania was awarded by the Rou-
nianiun Cultural League to Arthur Kolnik, Jewish artist, following an exhi-
bition of his works in Czernowitz.
• • • •

The Leibnitz gold medal for the year 1925 was awarded by the French
Academy of Science to Dr. Arthur Sulomonsohn, director of the Disconto
Gesselchaft for his services rendered to scientific work in Germany.
• • • •
Sir Herbert Samuel, former Iligh Commissioner of Palestine, arrived
in Bucharest on his way to London. Sir Herbert conferred with Roumanian
Minister of Foreign Affairs Duca concerning the situation of Jews in
• • • •

A note of protest was sent by the Polish government to the government
of Hungary is a result of the threatened expulsion of 20,000 Polish Jews
from Hungary. The note states that the Polish government would consider
ouch a step as an unfriendly act.
• • • •

Dr, Chaim Weizmann, president of the World Zionist Organization, fol-
lowing the meeting of the Zionist Actions Committee, left London for
Marienbad for a short rest before the Fourteenth Zionist Congress, which
goes into session in Vienna in August.

Riots resulting in the killing of three inhabitants and the wounding
of many occurred in Beirut when a demonstration took place against the
high rents. When the police endeavored to intervene and disperse the
demonstrations they were greeted with stones.
• •

The Austrian government instructed its diplomatic representatives;
abroad to inform the public that delegates and visitors to the forthcoming
f ourteenth Zionist Congress in Vienna may proceed there without fear. The
Austrian government guarantees that complete order will prevail in Vienna
and that public safety will be maintained..

A great monument in memory of the 12,000 Jewish soldiers who fell in
the German army during the war was demanded in a memorandum submit-
ted by the Jewish Front Soldiers Association to the Federation of Jewish
Communities in Prussia. The federation was urged to take proper steps so
as to insure the carrying out of the plan and to find the proper place for ,
the monument.
• • • •
A petition concerning Jewish immigration to Palestine, the employment
of ew s officials in the administration, the status of the Hebrew langoage
and the educators budget is being prepared now by the Vaad Leumi, the
National Council of Palestine Jews, for the purpose of submitting it at the
next meeting of the Permanent Mandates Commission which will take place
in the autumn at Geneva.
• • • •
Herman Conheim, treasurer of the Palestine Foundation Fund in
America, sailed on the steamer Albert Bailin for Europe, where he will
attend the Fourteenth Zionist Congress in Vienna. Following the conclu-
sion of the congress, Mr. Conheim will proceed for the first time ti visit
Palestine, towards which the Palestine Foundation Fund, of which he is
treasurer, has contributed greatly in the last five years.
• •

The fourth act of a life drama was enacted in Jaffa following a per-
formance in an Arab theater there. When the heroine of the play, a Jewish
actress, returned from the theater to the hotel, twd Arab young men ap-
peared, wishing to speak to her. When they were refused admission and
asked to retire, they tired. The actress and three other persons were
wounded. One of the Arabs was arrested, the other escaped.


TherapeuRtic Baths.

Golf Privilege.



JOEL HILLMAN, President.

1 NEW YORK.—In discussing the
question, nu e instruction in The
Public Schools," Miss Martha Neu-
mark, writing in "The Jewish Worn-
an," the quarterly of the National'.
Council of Jewish Women, takes the
point of view that there is one way of '
saving the Jewish child to the Jewish
religion, and that it is not by vocifer-
ous objections to the introduction of I
Bible reading into the public schools.
"A system of religious education
ought to be evolved," asserts Miss
Neumark "which would require the
child's attendance practically every
day in the week. It is only by a con-
stant reminder that the Jewish child
can be expected to become deeprooted
r in elih gii s on uffection for his people and his

"Jews. need not have been a tenth
as interested in Bible instruction in
the public schools," continued Miss
Neumark, "if their own system of re-
ligious instruction had been managed
well. Jews who are interested in hav-
ing their children grow up with a
knowledge of their Jewish heritage,
with an acquaintance with their re-
ligious teaching, with a respect for
their very religion, have not provided
them with the means thereto. Every-
one ought to he willing to admit by
this time that the present system of
Jewish religious education is entire-
ly inadequate. Attendance at a re-
ligious school once a week can never
impress the child with a knowledge of,
not to say respect for, his faith. At
the present time, the child does not
even have an opportunity to imbibe
the Jewish atmosphere' in the Sunday
School. Needless to say, three hours
a week are hardly enough for the
transmission of religious instruction.
"It is true," contends Miss Neu-
mark, "that the odds are against
Jewish preservation of individuality
in America. Conformity and uniform-
ity characterize secular life; they have
a similar influence over religious life.
The modern Jew is apparently forced
into relinquishing his faith to satisfy
the maw of standardization. It is in-
evitable that the Jew should succumb
to the assimilation tendency, when he
is inadequately prepared to defend
"We thus find a discussion of Bible
instruction in the public schools lead-
ing us into unexpected ramifications,
into unforseen difficulties. The adult
Jew who rushes to the defense of his
religion, who dons the name of his
people, only when he is driven to the
wall, is the product of the Jewish
child nurtured on an occasional ex-
tract from the Bible and the Prophets,
and an enforced attendance upon the
sermons of the local rabbi. Constant
drilling makes for perfect memorize- I
lion. Only a youth of Jewishness can
make for a life of Jewishness.
"The need is imperative for the re-'
organization of the Jewish system of
religious education. Not only must
more time be devoted to such teaching,
but more science. The notion must
disappear that 'anybody can teach in
the Sunday School.' It is coming to

Peace was disturbed and riots threatened to follow at the Women's In-
ternational League for Peace and Freedom which held its sessions in Inns-
burck. Tumults began when Mrs. Lewis, an American woman, delivered
an address on the necessity of peace between races. A group of anti-Semitic
students, particularly members of the Swastika Organization, broke into
the hall with cries of "Pfuf, Jews." The meeting had to be suspended
before order was restored by the police.

• •
Louis Oungre, general director of the Ica, recently went to Eastleigh
near Southampton, where there are about 500 emigrants on their way to
the United States. Of the emigrants who wanted to go to Argentina, Mr.
Oungre selected 20 and they were directed to the colonies of the Ica in
Argentina. We learn that the Argentina consul in Southampton, in view
of the privileges which the Ica enjoys, received telegraphic instructions to,
ho more and Wye rrenovallo ,•*444.1
grant the emigrants the necessary
that a scientific training is required
The new Jewish settlers in the district of Odessa are in need of imme- for success in Jewishteaching. The
diate relief in food and grain for fall sowing, according to the report of • mere fact of being a Jew or older than
special investigation commission, made known in Moscow. An evening high the children does not fit anyone for
school for Jewish workmen is now being organized in Odessa, where the Sunday School teaching."
language of instruction will be Yiddish. In connection with the widely-1
spread Yiddish educational and cultural system, the National Commissariate l AMERICAN JEWISH
of Education advertised for Jewish teachers in all branches of education.

a a a •

On the °tun Front.

Thousands of Zionists and visitors assembled at the grave of Dr. Theodor
Herz], founder of the Zionist movement, when the twenty-first anniversary'
of his death was commemorated. Memorial services were held in various!
synagogues and societies in memory of the late Zionist leader. Order was
maintained everywhere. Memorial greetings were arranged by Zionist
societies in Warsaw and memorial services were held in synagogues. The
anniversary was observed in London in the Great Synagogue. Israel Zang-
will was present at the services.

' • •
Professor Adolph Lazarus, the favorite pupil of Dr. Ehrlich, discoverer
of the anti-syphilic serum 606, died in Berlin recently aged 58. Professor
Lazarus collaborated with Professor Ehrlich on several important works on
the diseases of the blood and particularly in his standard work on anaemia
published in 1900. When Professor Ehrlich prepared the second edition of
this book in 1910 the revision of the work was entirely entrusted to Pro-
fessor I.azarus. In 1922 Professor Lazarus published the biography of
Dr Ehrlich.
• • • •
Efforts to shorten the length of travel from Poland to Palestine are
being made by the Palestine office of the Zionist Organization in Poland.
A plan was forwarded by which the Polish Jewish emigration to Palestine
is to be directed through Greece instead of through Roumanian and Italian
ports. The route would then be through Vienna, Belgrade, Athens and
Salonica, and would last only four days—two by railway and two by ocean.
A Salonica Jewish company has offered its steamer for this purpose. Mr.
Barlas, in behalf of the Zionist Executive in Palestine, has proceeded to
Athens to investigate the matter.
• • • •
The Coiled Evacuation Committee, the agency created by the American
Jewish Emergency Committee on Jewish Refugees, the Jewish Colonization
Association and the United Jewish Emigration Committee of Berlin, began
its work in Paris July 23. The committee will be in charge of three direc-
tors, Louis Oungre, representing the Ica; Dr. Bernard Kahn, representing
the American Jewish Emergency Committee, and Mr. Jefroykin, represent-
ing the United Jewish Immigration Committee. It was stated that the
United Evacuation Committee will have sufficient money to settle all refu-
gees who are stranded in European ports.

It would be hard to find more convincing
proof of the superiority of Dean decorating
and furnishing, than that revealed in the satis-
faction of Dean clients. You, too, can have
an interior by Dean. Estimates without obli-

ZeIllarr L7 DeanCompany

Det ro t


Hudson-Essex Reports Unprec- car business, of course, is breaking
records every month, and DeRoy re-
edented Sale of Used Cars,
ports an equal activity in his used car
Says DeRoy.

BERLIN.--(J. T. A.)—Thousands
of German and Polish Jews suffer
Possibly the most severe test of
greatly as a result of the reprisal war
motor car activity and prosperity is
between Germany and Poland, it was
the market for used cars. Observ-
learned here.
ers often notice that at seasons when
Owing to Poland's threat to expel
the new cars are enjoying their great-

P67,VegarlD VotineVift ha

decided to expel 10,000 Poles residing
in Germany. A great number of those
threatened with expulsion are Polish

All men mean well.

demand. The present season, how-
ever, is unique in that the public is
buying good used cars at an unprece-
dented rate, according to Aaron De-
Roy, who as Hudson-Essex distributor
is in touch with hundreds of sales
every month. The Iludson-Essex new

"Never have used cars sold as read-
ily as during the present season," ac-
cording to Mr. DeRoy. "Right now
we could use a good number of high-
grade used cars, and in fact would
lik2 to make some trades on Hudson
N 7e are really as proud of the suc-
cess of this part of our business as in
the record we have made selling new
cars. Anyone could sell Hudson and
Essex automobiles this year, while
used cars for years have been the
bane of dealers evrywhere."


(Contnued from page 1.)

ward the Jews and we welcome with
gratification the agreement which has

recently been entered into between
your government and the representa-
tives of Polish Jewry intended to safe-
guard the full and equal rights of the
Jewish citizens of Poland.
"It is our earnest hope that the ne-
gotiations initiated through your Ex-
cellency's far-reaching vision and com-
mendatory sense of justice, which led
to this understanding, will meet with


full success and that the purposes of

the compact will he fully realized to
to the extent that everything will be
done by the government to make the

agreement a permanent and lasting
reality as well as an instrument for

the political and economic advance-
ments of all the inhabitants of the
land. We are certain that the Jews
in Poland stand ready to co-operate
to the best of their ability with the
rest of the population for the pros-
perity and welfare of Poland.
Select Dancing Nightly
"As citizens of this great and free
Republic we have learned a lesson of
democracy, of affording equality of
opportunity to all men and women re-
Particular People Prefer
gardless of origin and station in life,
the Palais
of adjusting human relations on the
basis of good faith and fair play.
Strictly censored. Highest
Learning of the efforts to bring about
just conditions of equality of oppor-
Travelers to Palestine, holders of Russian passports, experienced great tunity and harmonious co-operation
Pedals IdesIclane—The Band You
difficulties in the last days in reaching their steamers owing to the refusal between the Jewish and non-Jewish
Love to Dance With.
of the French consulate authorities to grant them transit visas. It was element of the population of Poland,
stated that these difficulties are a result of instructions sent by the French we could not forego the opportunity
government to its consuls. The restrictions are in connection with the of taking advantage of your Excel-
: accusation of Painleve against individual Russians who wish to join the lency's visit to our hospitable shores
Michigan Paper Stock Co. Rifflan army of Abdul Krim in their fight against the French Moroccans. and to come here and say, God-speed
It was also stated that certain Russian Whites are acting as Abdul Krim's to this new undertaking in behalf of
sum. of AU RM. el
agents in Europe recruiting members of the former Czarist army for Abdul justice and brotherhood.
Krim. The result is, however, that those who suffer are Jews holding Rus- ' "For the sake of all the suffering
sian passpots. Similar difficulties have arisen for Russian passport holders I and sacrifices which the long and he-
1342 Brewster St.
roic struggle for Polish Independence
in the French summer resorts.
• • • •
Gallus 1708
Cedilla. 17011
entailed, for the sake of the untold
Further sensational developments occurred in the trial of the Jewish privations which have been endured
citizens in connection with the Steiger affair. The testimony offered by by all elements of the population, and
rorriorasonsoommorop Mikitin in court that the investigating judge Rutka and the protocolant Piot- for the sake of the growth and ad-
rowski terrorized them and compelled them to sign a testimony which they vancement of the Polish Republic,
had themselves dictated is supported by the evidence given by Kornhaber, which has our warmest good wishes,
and Glasermann, the three Jewish citizens accused. The Polish we earnestly hope and pray that
Granite and Marble
private detective Dwornicki also testified to this effect. The cross-examina- thanks to a new attitude of mind and
tion of all the accused has been concluded. The accused Glasermann de- I a new direction to public opinion
clared that the Lemberg police commandant Lukomski ignored communica- fresh encouragement and vigor will
tions throwing light as to who threw the bomb at the Polish president. Pri- be vouchsafed to the whole of your
564 Winder Street
vet Detective Dwornicki declared that the investigating judge Rutka exer- I citizenship to the end that all will be
Phone Cadillac 0048
enabled to work side by side for an
cised terror to obtain witnesses' signature to false evidence.
• • • •
The Only Jewish MONUMENT
ever more enlightened and happy Po-
Dealer la Detroit.
The Fourteenth Zionist Congress will take place in Vienna on Aug. 18, land. So, may our faith in democracy
justice and human brotherhood again
11011111WIRWORIIIIMWW114 according to au announcement issued by the Zionist Executive, after the be vindicated.
recent anti-Jewish disturbances in Vienna. The announcement of the
"And to your Excellency permit us
executive states that it had received a letter from the Austrian minister in
London containing the assurance that the Austrian government will take to extend expressions of our profound
steps to prevent any disturbances during the proceedings of the congress. esteem and good wishes for your per-
i Dr. Zevi Chajes, Chief Rabbi of Vienna, also declared before the Actions sonal health and well being."
Committee that no importance be attached to the Vienna reports which
I concern only • small group. Dr. Chajes added that the Austrian govern- PALESTINE PAVILION
, rnent will officially greet the Zionist Congress anw will hold an official recep-
tion for the Zionist Executive. Dr. Robert Stricker also expressed
DANZIG.—(J. T. A.) —A Palestine
I his confidence that no unpleasant Incidents will occur during the congress.
pavilion in the Danzig fair will be es-
' rom.
tablished at the initiative of the dic-
torate of the fair.
The authorities in charge of ar-
rangements have notified the Zionist
' g
in Palestine that they
Funeral Directors and Embalmers '
would be glad to give permanent space
pavilion in the forth-
7738 Jolts R. Street
T•iegilseee Empire 2114
coming fair which will take place here
.—W14. 1 ■ 801.11N- 1 1■ MMILWIL71 ■ 117101 111101101.101011,11 ■401■110■1■ 11M4

Palais de Dance

JULY 31, 1925




ax w is

So trim and businesslike in
appearance that frequently
it pays a substantial part
of its own way in advertis-
ing value alone.

PuorI Commercial Car $99.5, delivered


DYFRS T1101 S1\1)


Cbntmercial Artists ,g
and Engravers








Highland Park Motor Co., 16123 Woodward-Arles 3730
Merries Motes Sales & Service, 4426 Cherie_ _Mel. 6667
North Central Motor Co., 8517 Linwood ...Gar. 7139
Norwoodward Motor Co.. 9115 Woodward.Emp. 6980
Bucknell-Knoulson Co., 2445 Michigan. Glen 9888
Northeast Motor Co., 8564 Joe Campau _..Emp. 4083



Herzenroeder, Inc., 14615E. Jeffersca__FEck. 7600
Mt. Olivet Garage, 13831 Van Dyke
Lin. 6901
Hiles Auto Service, 12217 Twelfth
Hem. 4297
Midwest Motor Co., 9111 Grand River
Gar. 7100
Dix-Western Motor Co., 3950 Dix
West 1601
Gratiot Motor Co., 8226 Gratiot
Lin. 1172

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