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August 11, 1922 - Image 1

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The Detroit Jewish Chronicle, 1922-08-11

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Michigan's Only
Jewish Newspaper
Printed in English





VOL. XII. NO. 12


Provides for Autonomous Ad-
ministration of Cultural


Brilliant Hebrew
Writer Dies at 57

Passing of David Frischman
Causes Sorrow in World
Jewish Circles.

BERLIN.—David Frischman, one
of the greatest Hebrew and Jewish
writers of his day, died on Friday
iifternoon last at Professor Borc-
hardt's hospital. Frischman suffered
from cancer for a long period before
death and was treated by l'rofes-
sor Borchardt, one of the most noted
Washington Bureau Reports specialists in Europe, who advised
against an operation as dangerous.
Polish Troops Attacked
Frischman's death caused deep sor-
row in local literary circles, where
Radun Jews.
the writer was considered the lead-
ing figure. The German Zionists
KOWNO.—(J. T. A.)—Constitu- called upon the Berlin community to
tional clauses dealing with a national arrange for an impressive funeral in
autonomy of minority groups in honor of the man.
Lithuania forming a considerable
part of the population, "within the
LONDON.—The news of David
limits of future legislation," were
adopted on final reading by the Sejm. Frischman's death caused deep sor-
The first clause provides for the row in local Jewish circles. A me-
autonomous administration of all af- morial meeting is being arranged for.
fairs relating to national culture, Nahum Sokolov,' was deeply moved
education, charities and mutual aid. when he heard the news of the wri-
To this end members of the minority ter's death.
groups are entitled to elect "repre-
sentative organs" for the administra-
David Frischman was born in
tion of their affairs. The right to Zgerzh, Poland, on Dec. Ill, 1865. Ills
impose taxation upon their members parents, rich merchants, later moved
for the maintenance of educational to Lodz, where the future great
institutions is granted to the various writer received his education. Ile
groups, as is the right to apply for was given a good Jewish as well as
the benefit of the minority groups worldly education, and particularly
the proportionate sums granted by distinguished himself in the study of
the state for general educational re- foreign languages.
quirements insofar as these require-
Frischman began very early to
ments are not satisfied by the state
write both poetry and prose in Ile-
or municipal institutions.
periodicals and his style and the
Paragraphs relating to the estab-
originality of his views soon attracted
lishment of special ministries for the
He was assistant editor of
respective nationalities, and the right
Ha-Yom in St. Petersburg in 1886-7,
to make official use of their lan-
editor of the weekly
guages were excluded on the ground
that these rights are safeguarded in
Frischman has contributed a large
the declaration the Lithuanian dele-
gation gave during the i.'aris confer- number of poems, short stories and
ence. It was contended that it was articles to the Hebrew periodicals
unnecessary, therefore, to incorpor- during the last 40 years. His earlier
ate these guarantees in the constitu- writings are to be found in Ila-Boker
tion. They will be guaranteed, it was Or, Ila-Shahar, Ila-Asif, etc. His
works include the short story "Be-
assured, by a special act.
This incorporation of the national au- Yom Ila-Kipurim;" his successful
tonomy clauses in the Lithuanian translation of Aaron Bernstein's
constitution is said to set a prece- "Aus dem Rciche der Natur," under
dent. No other cosntitution includes the title "Yediot ha-Teba;" "Tohu vo-
Bohu," a scathing criticism of He-
such guarantees.
• • •
brew journalistic methods, in which
he criticized I. L. Lewin's translation
of Disraeli's "Tancred." He also
translated Julius Lippert's "Kultur-
WASHINGTON.—(J. T. A.)—The geschichte," under the title "Toledot
assault on Radun Jews was perpet- Ilashlamat ha-Adam." Several collec-
rated by Polish troops and not Lithu- tinos of his scattered articles and
anians, as was stated in a former re feuilletons were published in War-
port, the Lithuanian bureau, on a saw.
basis of a cable just received from
Frischman has also written consid-
Kowna, told the J. T. A. correspon-
erably for Yiddish periodicals. He
dent. The investigation instituted by
has done much to introduce Western
the Kowna authorities showed that
methods into Neu-Hebrew literature.
the attack was made by troops of the
As a Hebrew translator he was unex-
Polish regular army. The statement
given to your correspondent adds:
"Radun is in Lithuanian territory oc-
cupied by Polish forces and is 50
miles south of the neutral zone. The
Lithuanians who live there are sub-
ject to such oppression that to speak
of organized forces of 100 armed
horsement is an absurdity. The Po-
lish forces of occupation have pro-
hibited the inhabitants of that terri - L
Country Tem
ily Because
tory possessing any kind of fire-
d With Assassination by
arms." The statement concludes by
Group That Killed Rathenau.
saying: The Lithuanians have never
made pogroms against Jews nor de-
veloped any hatred towards them."
LEIPSIC.—Professor Albert Ein
• • •
stein, originator of the theory of ref
ativity, has fled from Germany tem
porarily because he was threatenei
WARSAW.—(J. T. A.) — Charg- with assassination by the group the
ing that the attack on the Jews of caused the murder of Dr. Waite
Radon was perpetrated by a Polish Rathenau, German Foreign Minister
cavalry detachment of the Twenty- according to a letter from Professo
third Battalion Grodno Uhlans con- Einstein cancelling an engagement t
sisting of 50 soldiers led by three address a meeting here.
officers, Deputy Mendelsohn submit-
Efforts to induce the noted scien
ted an interpellation in the Polish tist to return, in view of the govern
Diet inquiring whether the Minister ment's success in coping with the situ
of War knew the facts of this assault ation, are said to have so far proved
and whether he intends making an unavailing. Receipt of the letter was
effort to apprehend and punish the announced by the president of the
guilty. The deputy drew a vivid pic- German Physicists' Association, be-
ture of the assault, which took place fore which Dr. Einstein was to dis-
on July 8, corroborating the details cuss his relativity theory at the or-
given by the Jewish Telegraphic ganization's one hundredth anniver-
sary meeting. It was received soon
The cavalry detachment, he stated, after Dr. Rathenau's assassination
entered Radun ostensibly in search and stated that Dr. Einstein had
of men of military age. All males, learned that he also was listed to be
including aged and children, were killed and had therefore decided to
driven from the houses into the go abroad.
courtyard of the synagogue. The
It appears that Dr. Einstein's
military trained the canons on the friends and admirers had been more
town while a group of soldiers was concerned in keeping the scientist
beating and clubbing with the butt safe in this manner than he himself
of their rifles those Jews who had and were doing their utmost to pre-
been herded at the synagogue court. vent, or at least postpone, his return.
Those beaten included a 75-year-old
Considerable comment was caused
man, several boys at the age of 14 in Geneva early last week by the ab-
and also a few women, Mr. Mendel- sence of Dr. Einstein from the meet-
sohn asserted.
ing of the members of the intellec-
The Jews were compelled to run tual committee of the League of Na-
with their hands up, being beaten on tions to begin work of organization.
the way. They were then forced to He had been designated to represent
stand in the courtyard holding their Germany, but did not appear.
hands up. Shops and houses were
Dispatches from Germany soon af-
looted during the search. The 83- ter the Rathenau murder quoted po-
year old dignitary, Israel Meyer Ca- lice authorities there as accusing the
han, known as "Cheyfetz Chayim," notorius "Consul" organization with
was dragged from his sickbed and having marked 12 leading Jewish
was about to be taken to the court- politicians, editors and financiers for
yard when members of his family in- assassination.
terceded, succeeding in having the
old man left alone.
- Terror-stricken Jews huddled in
the courtyard meantime proceeded to FOR PERFECTION LODGE
recite the "Vidooy," or death-bed
prayer. It was fully six hours be-
fore superior officers arrived and,
upon inspecting the documents, or-
One of the biggest social events of
dered the prisoners released. The the season will he the annual moon-
detachment finally left Radun at 8 light given by Perfection Lodge No.
in the evening.
486, Free and Accepted Masons, on
Monday evening, Aug. 14, on the
s eamer Put-in-Bay. The committee
has spared no effort in making this
affair complete in every detail. A
special orchestra has been secured to
JERUSALEM. — (J. T. A.) — A furnish dance music, and a splendid
large number of Jewish children born program of entertainment and a radio
in Palestine during this month have concert have been arranged on the
had the name of Balfour given to third deck for those who do not par-
ke in dancing. Tickets can be se-
them as their first names in recogni
Lion of the Earl of Balfour, who • cured from members of the commit-
who are as follows: Harry Ja-
the author of the Zionist Declaratio
bearing his name and who is als' cobson, chairman; I. Lewis Zuiback,
credited with the approval of the Pal secretary; Charles Miller, Morris
estine mandate which secures the es Robinson, Charles K. Sandorf, Louis
tablishment of the Jewish Nationa ' Hirschfield, Shirley Weinberg, Na-
than D. Metzger.



Per Year, $3.00; Per Copy, 10 Cents

Role Played by Jewish People
Described in Article in

Jews Pioneers in
Educating of Deaf

New Hebrew School Headquarters

Now Being Constructed at Kirby and St. Antoine Streets

"Jewish Woman."

NEW YORK.—In an article con-
tributed to the Jewish Woman, the
periodical of the Council of Jewish
Women, Mrs. Sidney Si. Stern of
Philadelphia, national chairman of
the council', committee on deaf, de-
clares that the Jews have played a
very significant role in the develop-
ment of education for the deaf. Mrs.
Stern gives the following excellent
summary of the Jews' contribution.
"While a Spanish Monk was the
first to conceive the idea of teaching
deaf to speak and write, much of the
credit of the early attempts was due
to a French Jew named Jacob Pe-
reira. Through his efforts to teach
a deaf mute sister and another pupil
he was introduced to the royal court
and put in charge of a deaf boy of
high rank. The latter progressed so
rapidly that Mr. Pereira decided to
make teaching of the deaf his life
work, By the middle of the
eighteenth century the Abbe de
L'Eppe arose on the horizon with an
entirely new method that was the
foundation of modern progress, and
is therefore considered the greatest
benefactor of the deaf.

Work in United States.


The above is • drawing of the new building now being completed by the United Hebrew School. of Detroit
at the corner of Kirby and St. Antoine streets. The building will be two stories in height with • basement. It'
will have 12 classrooms, accommodating 1,500 children. In addition, there will be • number of clubrooms and •
large auditorium seating 2,000. The school library and offices will be on the first floor and • kitchen and check
room on the second. The new school will be among the largest Talmud Torahs in the country. I. M. Lewis is
the architect.


Outlines Purposes of "Orr" in
Address to Detroit Jew-
ish Audience.

In an address that lasted close to
three hours, delivered Wednesday
evening at the McCollester Hall, un-
der the auspices of the Michigan
Federation of Ukrainian Jews, Dr. A.
Singalowsky, representative of the
"Ort," criticized the Joint Distribu-
tion Committee's efforts in Russia.
Dr. Singalowsky made the charge
that the J. D. C. refuses to give its
funds for the reconstruction work
abroad and that it, instead, offers
charity in a way that makes beggars
of those receiving it.
The speaker outlined the purposes
of the organization he represented as
an association for the promotion of
trades and agriculture among Jews.
Ile said that the purpose was to pro-
pose plans for reconstruction among
European Jewry, not through relief
and charity, but rather through work
and agriculture.

Organization Activities.

The "Ort" organization was form-
ed in Petrograd, then St. Petersburg,
50 years ago, for the purpose of
bringing Jews to constructive work.
Dr. Singalowsky said that the pur-
pose of his organization was to make
the Jew love work and respect it.
"Ort" has built 40 workshops in
which thousands learned trades. Dr.
Singalowsky declared that a national
danger will be prevented by having
Jews learn trades and do productive
In addition to encouraging trades
among Jews, Dr. Singalowsky said
that his organization encourages and
supports agricultural activities and
furnishes technical and professional
training to the young generation.
"From the ruins of the war's de-
struction," Dr. Singalowsky declared,
"there is already blooming forth a
new life. That is the secret of Jew-
ish invincibility. No sooner does a ca-
tastrophe take place, we immedi-
ately begin action anew. We never
lose hope. In the present period of
reconstruction, we must also imme-
ditaely turn to practical efforts in
order to avert a national disaster.
By putting the Jews to productive
work, we will solve the problem in

Everybody Is Wrong.

In the course of his address, Dr.
Singalowsky criticized the Zionists
and claimed for his organization the
privileged position of being able to
stove the problem of Jewish recon-
struction. All leading Jewish move-
ments came in for criticism at his
hands and one got the impression
from his talk that only his Russian
movement was right. Everything
else was wrong.
More than half of Dr. Singalow-
sky's audience left before he con-
cluded his address, because of its
length. By 12 midnight, the doctor
was still talking and criticizing.
Dr. Singalowsky's address was pre-
ceded by an interesting literary end
musical program. Mr. and Mrs. Is-
rael Katz gave violin and piano solos
respectively. M. II. Finkel and At-
torney Rosenberg appeared in a Yid-

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transfer of the head office of the Jew-
ish National Fund from the Hague to
Jerusalem will take place around the
end of August. Fifteen officials of
the central office have been granted
visa. by the Palestine government,
and their arrival is expected soon.
The Palestine office of the Jewish
National Fund is now negotiating for
the purchase of new tracts of land.
The fund will receive 10 per cent of
the total dividends paid by the Pales-
tine Development Co., which at its an-
nual meeting decided to declare a 6
per cent dividend.

Sentiment For Movement is J. D. C. Spends $8,000,000 in
Strong in Press and
That Country Since Year
Among Masses.

NEW YORK.—The subject of
convening a World Jewish Congress
to deal with problems arising out of
the ratification of the Palestine man-
date, and with general Jewish prob-
lems as well, is now engaging the at-
tention of Jewish leaders and the
Jewish press. Sentiment among the
Jewish masses has long been in favor
of a World Jewish Congress. The
Jewish press, echoing this sentiment,
finds that the time is now opportune
for convening such a congress.
"The World Jewish Congress must
assume the task of building the home-
land" is the subject of an article in
the Jewish Daily News of July 27 by
J. L. Dalidansky. The writer takes
the position tha t such a congress
would be able to enlarge the circle
of workers that are now required for
Palestnie; that Palestine would thus
be brought to all the Jews instead
of a narrow circle of organized Zion-

For Zionist Effort.

An additional sum of $2,000,000
or relief work in Russia has just
een appropritaed by the Joint Dis-
ribution Committee mainly for
hild feeding. This new appropria-
ion makes the total spent by that
ody in Russia since 1921 approxi-
ately $8,000,000, and since the
outbreak of the war $10,000,000
The new appropriation, which ex-
hausts the balance of the budget for
Russian relief set up on the basis
of results obtained in the recent $14,-
000,000 campaign, was made in re-
sponse to urgent cables from Col.
Wm. R. Grove of the American Re-
lief Administration and Dr. Boris D.
Bogen, the directing heads of the
Ukrainian Relief Unit for increased
funds to feed and clothe the hun-
dreds of thousands of starving chil-
dren and also for reconstructive
work on a maximum scale.
Colonel Grove and Dr. Bogen re-
ported that 800,000 children were
being fed on July 15 and that the
number would be increased as rap-
idly as possible; 36 per cent of these
children are Jewish, but the feeding
program is being carried out on a
strictly non-sectarian basis, not even
districts where the Jewish popula-
tion is negligible being omitted.
The sums asked for by Dr. Bogen
as being urgently necessary exceed
the money available to the Joint Dis-
tribution Committee for Russian Re-
lief. In addition to funds for the
child feeding program, Dr. Bogen has
asked for money to assist local insti-
tutions, loans for artisans, instru-
ments, machinery and tools, subsi-
dies for trade schools. According to
Dr. Bogen's figures, the feeding pro-
gram alone will require another $1,-
'200,000 by Jan. 1 next.
The Joint Distribution Committee's
executive did not feel free to ap-
propriate more than this $2,300,000
at the present time and this sum has
been turned over to Lewis Strauss,
acting chairman of the Russian com-
mittee, to be spent according to the
best judgment of the Joint Distribu-
tion's representatives in Russia, but
primarily for the feeding of chil-
For the reconstructive work, as
proposed by Dr. Bogen, the Russian
committee will call upon the other
functional committees of the Joint
Distirbution Committee to make ap-

Mr. Dalidansky is also of the
opinion that the American Jewish
Congress should be called in to as-
sume a part of the Zionist work.
"The American Jewish Congress," he
says, "has behind it strong favorable
sentiment among the American Jews.
That woo evidenced at the recent
Philadelphia congress. With little
preparation, with practically no agi-
tation in the newspapers, there came
together the finest Jewish assemblage.
There were present the most promi-
nent Jewish communal workers of all
communities. The American Jewish
Congress is a living Jewish organiza-
tion from which much may be ex-
Similar sentiments with regard to
a World Jewish Congress are ex-
pressed by B. Shelvin in the Jewish
Morning Journal of July 31. Mr.
Shelvin thinks that the congress is
needed in order to organize the "Jew-
ish Agency" provided for in the Pal-
estine mandate. He considers this
method to be preferable to calling an
extraordinary Zionist Congress and
inviting thereto other Jewish organ-
izations. It may be true, the writer
argues, that certain elements will not
participate in the congress, but that
should not militate against the con-
vening of such a body. A congress
may rally certain important Jewish
groups that would not otherwise par-
ticipate in a strictly Zionist Congress,
whereas the elements that would not 1. 0. B. A. LODGE TO
come to a congress are in any case
implacable opponents of the Jewish
Independent Detroit Lodge
national interests and ought not to
No. 652, I. 0. B. A., a subordinate
be considered.
lodge of one of the largest Jewish
"Must Be Held."
orders in the United States, which
Jacob Fishman, managing editor consists of about 1 000 0006
mom ern, ,
of the Jewish Morning Journal, is will celebrate the opening of its new
pessimistic with regard to the success building at 682 East Warren avenue,
a World Jewish Congress may have, which shall be known as the I. 0. B.
but says that such a congress will A. Center, on Sunday, Aug. 13, at
have to be held, because Jewish pub- 2 p. m.
lic opinion is strongly for the idea.
The following are scheduled to
The matter of the congress is re- speak at the opening ceremony:
ceiving equal consideration abroad. Judge George G. Scott, Dr. William
The annual Zionist Conference at II. Gordon, Rabbi Tumin, Attorney
Carlsbad will take decisive action on William Kaufman and others. The
the subject, and it is known that Dr. officers of the lodge are: Benjamin
Weizmann and Mr. Sokolow are in Schwartz, president; I. Gross, vice-
favor of the congress idea. Ooinion president; A. Feldman, secretary;
in London would have it that Jeru- David Kaufman, treasurer.
salem is the proper scene for a
World Jewish Congress.


—Rabbi Haim Nahoum, former chief
rabbi of Turkey, will be appointed
representative to Washington, an an-
nouncement in the local press states.
The chief rabbi whose title under
the Sultan was "Hallam Daschi," has
just returned from a visit to the Uni-
ted States. He is proceeding from
here to Anatolia.


most significant thing about the ap-
proval of the Palestine Mandate is
the acknowledgement thus accorded
by the nations to the historic connec-
tion of the Jewish people with Pales-
tine, according to Ached Ha'am, the
ated Jewish thinker and writer.
"We have received only the external
possibility to work," Ached fla'am
writes. "Our position is exteremly
difficult. The whole world looks to us
to see if we are ready to sacrifice in
order to attain our national life."

"In the United States the first at-
tempt to educate the deaf was made
in Virginia, where a man named
Thorns, Bolling, a direct ancestor of
Mrs. Woodrow Wilson, had three deaf
children, and through a hearing son
two deaf grandchildren. Consequent-
ly the family used every effort to es-
tablish a school to teach these un-
"The first permanent school in the
United States was started in Hart-
ford, Conn., in 1817, and three years
later the Pennsylvania Institution for
the Deaf and Dumb in Philadelphia.
At first only the sign language,
known as the manual method, was
used; later the oral method was de-
veloped; then there is the combined
method, where both the manual and
oral systems are used, and lastly, the
auricular method, in which the educa-
tion of the semi-deaf is conducted
through the use of his speech and
touring together In all these schools
the pupil is taught how to write. The
majority of the large institutions use
the combined system, but nearly all
of the private and day schools use
the oral exclusively.

The Rothschild Home.


Anti-Semitism Takes Firm Root
in Danzig; Jew &ape-
Goat For All.


Blames Jews for Causing War;
Coming Election Is Anxious-
ly Watched.

Our Danzig Correspondent.

(Copyrighted, 1922, Jewish Cor-
respondence Bureau.)

Danzig has developed Immensely
within the last two or three years.
From a small, peaceful German pro-
vincial town it has suddenly become
transformed into a free city with a
free port which, In these troubled
times, possesses a remarkable attrac-
tion for Russian, Latvian, Lithuanian
and Polish merchants, whom the
events of the war have thrust out
of their homes.
Danzig has become the focus for
Polish trading and foreign policy
which for long has sought a port to
act as Poland's outlet to the sea. At
the same time, Danzig has become a
hotbed of German reaction, which
still refuses to accept the geography
of the Versailles treaty, and is striv-
ing to make of Danzig a bridge be-
tween the German empire and its lost
province of East Prussia.
Danzig has become a cauldron In
which are brewing Polish and Ger-
man intrigues and race hatred.

The Jew—the Scapegoat.

The sky is troubled. Ominous
signs are in the air. Everyone is
filled with apprehension. There is
a fear that there must be a cloud-
burst sooner or later. The Germans
are praying for the return of the
Hohenzollern, the Poles are full of
their own ambitions. Both Germans
and Poles are dissatisfied with things
as they are and both are seeking a
scapegoat on whom to vent their dis-
satisfaction. Of course they have
found—both of them—the Jew.
In the midst of these contending
Polish and German interests, the man
who feels the situation most acutely
is the East European. Jew, who be-
gan to settle in Danzig during the
last three or four years. He is de-
tested both by the Germans and the
Poles. The Germans look on him as
a Pole, the Poles know well that he
is not a Pole. And he Is ground be-
tween the upper and nether mill-
stones of Polish and German enmity.
Anti-Semitism has taken firm root
in Danzig. The Poles have estab-
lished a branch of the notorious
"Rozwoj" organization, which has
lately loomed prominent in the anti-
Jewish disturbances in Lodz and
Wilna. The Germans complain that
the only person to blame for the rise
in prices in Danzig is the Jewish
merchant, the "speculator," as they
call him. Of course, too, the Jew is
responsible for the fact that Danzig
has concluded an economic union
wills Poland.

"It is interesting to know that
many prominent Jews have been ac-
tively engaged In improvin• condi-
tions of the deaf. The Jews' Deaf
and Dumb Home in London was
founded in 1866 by the Baroness
Mayer de Rothschild and employed
the oral system. Dr. J. Deutsch
founded the Jewish School in Vienna
and David J. Seizes, a Portuguese
Jew of Philadelphia, founded the
Pennsylvania Institution for the
"Most of the institutions for the
deaf in the United States, if not all,
are under state charters and it is only
in very recent years that the city
school boards are awakening to the
necessity of opening day classes. New
York has one graded school for the
deaf and Philadelphia, through the
efforts of the committee on deaf of
the Council of Jewish Women, has
opened the doors of the public night
schools to the adult deaf, and this
Bring "Knuepfel Kunz."
winter started classes in the day
It is no longer enough to carry a
schools devoted to social work."
swastika in one's lapel to show one's
membership in the anti • Jewish
League. Jews walking in the streets
are accosted with the epithet, "Damn
Jew! Damn Pole!" The latest step
ZEDEK IN NORTH END has been to bring down to Danzig the
notorious agitator, "Knuepfel Kunze,"
from Berlin.
Leon S. Lang, senior student at
Kunze got his name by openly ad-
the Jewish Theological Seminary of vertising in the newspapers, "Rubber
America and secretary of the Society whips with which to thrash the Jews
for Advancement of Judaism, with out of Germany," and a police search
headquarters at New York City, will revealed in his house large stores of
officiate during the high Holy Days such whips.
at the supplementary services of Con-
It was said that "Knuepfel Kunze"
gregation Shaarey Zedek to be held was coming to Danzig to establish a
at the Westminster Community branch of the German National party.
building at Euclid and Hamilton The inauguration meeting was to
have been held in secret and "unde-
Mr. Lang is one of the prominent sirable elements" (which means
students at the Seminary, is a splen- Jews) were to be excluded. The
did speaker, a Blear thinker and a meeting was held in one of the largest
man of fine personality. Congrega- halls in Danzig. A policeman was at
tion Shaarey Zedek considers itself the door and practically no Jews
fortunate in securing a man of the managed to get in. But a large
type of Mr. Lang for these services. number of workmen got into the hall
Preparations for the Shaarey Ze- and when Kunze made use of excep-
dek excursion end picnic to Bob-I,o tionally objectionable language they
Aug. 28 are finished and all who at- attempted an interruption. Then •
tend this huge family affair will be curious fact disclosed itself. There
assured of a day of fun. Races, were distributed in various parts of
stunts, baseball games for all, danc- the hall ■ couple of hundred police-
ing, bathing and many special fea- men in plain clothes, sent into the
tures are promised, with prizes to hall by the Senate of the Free City
all winners of special events. Tickets to protect "Knuepfel Kunze," and
may be had from the Shaarey Zedek interrupters were well thrashed and
ejected from the hall.

Uses Foulest Language.


On Sunday, Aug. 27, the Women's
Auxiliary of Pisgah Lodge No. 34, I.

0. B. B., will give its first big charity

dance in the Graystone Million Dol-
lar Ballroom, nancing will be con-
tinuous from 3:30 p. m. to 1 a. m.
To make the dance unusually en-
joyable, the committee in charge,
headed by Mrs. Harry Fleishman,
president of the auxiliary, has ar-
ranged for many surprises and fea-
tures between dances.
Mrs. Fleishman, in issuing an ap-
peal for support of the organization,
pointed out that among the activities
of the auxiliary is relief for needy
families, assistance to the Pisgah
Lodge milk fund, employment for
those in need, as well as a regular
sewing circle.
"So far," Mrs. Fleishman said, "the
auxiliary has been able to carry on
this work with the money obtained
almost entirely from its own member-
ship. But now tt becomes necessary
either to cut down this work or se-
cure additional funds."

"Knuepfel Kunze" made use of the
foulest language imaginable. His de-
nunciation of the Jews went beyond
the limits of the most virulent mem-
bers of the "Rozwoj." Danzig has
never heard such language before.
Fire and brimstone were his words
whenever he mentioned the "accursed
East European Jews," whom he de-
nounced as poisoning the air of the
Free City. The German Social party,
he said, is in favor of the socializa-
tion of the soil and the great indus-
tries, but the Jewish "capitalists" had

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Chaluttim on Way to Palestine
Among Victims of Disaster.

RIGA.—(J. T. A.)—Two hundred
passengers perished when a five-car
train was burned between Kiev and
Sehepetowka, a report from Kiev
states. Included among the victims
were eight Zionist pioneers, six from
Elisawetgrad and two from Berdit-
chew, who were proceeding to join
their group on the way to Palestine.

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